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People's Republic of DB

People's News

"People's News" were created on 13.05.2009 and started telling people the latest news about the Republican life. But too much news on the main page would look silly, so we created the archives and now you can read about all the events, happened since the 13.05.2009. The information is golden!

31.05.2009 Citizen minister Dela The Hooda was promoted to the rank of Rear-Admiral of the Green for great contribution of the development of People's affairs with neighbours
29.05.2009 The new sub-decree has been offered and confirmed by Citizen Chairman
28.05.2009 Today some major changes were added in the "Our Structure" paragraph: short descriptions of the ranks and ranks insignia were replced the ranks' names. A new award - medal of Valour was instituted.
13.05.2009 Contacting with the ministry cabinet became much easier: the Ministry Cabinet e-mail adress is now. Feel free to contact us.
13.05.2009 People's News were added to the page: now you can see any recent changes easily.