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Peoples Republic of DB

Good afternoon, citizen. I would like make a proposition you won't reject. My name is Dub3 and I am the leader of the powerful group People's Republic of DB (PRDB). I would like to suggest you to become citizen of our great Republic. You are alone? You need a group? You want to chat with not absolutely normal people? You are not normal yourself? Than you have the only opportunity to join us. Visit People's Republic of DB and contact me immediately (advisable by the mobile phone). We will decide, are you crazy enough to join us, and tell you.

About us

Welcome to the People's Republic of DB. We are a small group of enthusiasts, who don't want to exist for combat but for getting fun from the game. We live and operate in Foulkes Village. People's Republic of DB is a peaceful organiztion and doesn't fight with groups of zombies or hostil survivors as long as they don't attack us. The foundation of our existance is humour and we are going laugh at any pretensions to us. If you are interested in joining the republic, all you have to do to is change your group to People's Republic of DB, and become a contact of Dub3.

The conclusion

People's Republic of DB is the best thing, this pathetic world can propose to you.

People's Republic of DBTM is Your Choice!

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