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Who We Are

Our group is a combination of two elements, new zombies and defecting survivors from the Legion of the Octopope. We are sworn to smash those drug peddlers who torment young zombies through Malton.

Our goal is to restore the natural balance by ensuring that young zombies get to enjoy the game and continue in their roles. Although this requires that survivors die, better true death than the grinding soul death of life as a bored survivor in a human-dominated city.

Drugs are bad.

If you are a survivor reading this, defect. Don't sit in your safe suburb, counting bullets and spraying on walls. Get your group to defect. You'll find that life is better on this side of the wire.

Why be one of a dozen survivor groups squabbling over who owns which building? Become your suburb's resident zombie group. Even if outnumbered ten to one, you can still win through. You will be able to look over the ruins of a suburb and say "I did that".

Why We Fight

After our defection, we travelled from all over Malton to gather in New Arkham. On the travels, we saw a vista of horror.

Suburb after suburb was lit and barricaded, survivors slept in the open. Few zombies were to be seen. The survivors revived and headshot the few that existed without fear of retaliation.

Stop shooting newbies.

The first week of the New Arkham campaign demonstrated why few baby zombies make it beyond their few days. Shot down in the streets for fun, unable to break in.Even when they make it inside a barricade, they are promptly jabbed full of drugs and dumped back into the street.

But we endured and swore to create a zone where baby zombies would have a chance to develop.

The Brave But Corrupt

At first, we were thrown back, time and again. They fought with bullets but more insideously, they fought us with their drugs. Despite a ferocious defence of the Mitchener NT, we were advancing. The fighting provided cover for baby zombies to feed and develop,unmolested by needle-jabbing maniacs. Slowly, our sector began to degrade to a blissful state of ruin.

With the suburb on a knife edge, we conducted repeated sweeps through the suburb's resource buildings. This broke the back of the resistance and the gathering zombies took full advantage.

Think of the children.

With their losses increasing, the dealers were forced to save their accursed drugs for themselves rather than harassing those who could not defend themselves. The ferals began to truly swarm and by the end of 2011, the suburb was finally ruined.

Cowards and Heroes

With New Arkham in ruins, we looked to bring the same freedom to nearby suburbs. Our attack into Foulkes Village found many buildings besieged by feral zombies, spreading north from the New Arkham safe zone.

We threw ourselves into the fight. Ten zombies working together can inflict mortal wounds on suburbs. Ten zombies working to support the feral population can kill a suburb. It took only five days to destroy every resource building and reduce most of the region to ruins. No resistance was met, those survivors who ran ahead of us never ran far enough and were killed in their holes.

Foulkes had fallen but Foulkes was lightly populated. We decided to test ourselves in Ruddlebank. Our first target provided some sport, the staff of Tikhon Medical made a real effort to defend their home and even after it had fallen, continued to fight on. After days of skirmishing in the surrounding area, slowly pushing them away from their home, we moved on. The Green Drive Irregulars were equally brave, fighting hard and falling in turn. Again, we respected their efforts and moved along. Sadly, the remainder of the suburb was the refuge of spiritless cowards. We smashed the resource buildings in the rest of Ruddlebank and western Lockettside without trying

Sheep in Shops

We were somewhat disgusted by the poor showing of the locals and chose a target that they would have to fight for. Tompson Mall had in the region of one hundred defenders behind its walls and in the adjoining Necrotech, hospital and police stations. They had vastly superior numbers and the full range of resources to draw on. Our horde, numbering less than a dozen zombies, should have found it impossible to made any headway.

The defenders responded to our arrival by gunning us down in the streets. We ignored their wasteful efforts and continued to haul at the barricades. As they collapsed, the enemy showed their foolishness by continuing to shoot us down rather than repair the breaches. In the course of one day, we took and ruined the mall.

Your new flag.

The constant switching between incredibly long periods of total boredom and brief, lethal attacks by mega-hordes has left the survivors with no concept of defence. Such is their decline that the wretches could not hold a mall against a force ten times smaller. They succumbed to panic as soon as the first zombie set foot inside the walls. The sheep fled to the surrounding buildings where they died in turn.

We soon tired of their feeble efforts and left for greener pastures. Why not join us? Defect, comrades, defect.