People of Malton

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People of Malton
People of malton Image.jpg
Abbreviation: POM
Group Numbers: 2 Members
Leadership: A position I hope will be filled by an inspirational dedicated survivor with lots of influence
Goals: To unite all the humans of Malton
Recruitment Policy: You can join officially by posting your characters name and a link to their stat page under the recruitment section or you can just join unofficially. The main idea is that we just all unite together. We accept survivors,Zkers, and sometimes bounty hunters
Contact: To contact me (The creator of this group) go to my user page [1]

Lions, Tigers and Bears

--Lapin Noir 23:39, 8 July 2008 (BST)

What we are about

Sorry this group is still under construction will be done soon. If you wanted to join please wait a little longer

POM is an awesome group that you should join its group radio frequency is 26.95 and its headquarters are Buckly Mall


Here our our policys representing all things in UD Character Types we support


  • Survivors
  • Bounty Hunters
  • PKTRers


  • ZKers
  • Zombie Spys


Our base of operations is now in Buckley mall, in my mind the most easily defend able and resource laden mall ever. Don't believe me cheak it out, heres the building layoutPeople of Malton/Headquarters

People of malton small Image.jpg
know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 26.94 MHz MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: Around Buckly Mall


Since I know not everybody can Join this group People of Malton proudly excepts alliances between groups or even singular characters. Below is a list of these groups and people that share the belief of uniting Malton's humans. if you want to use a template to show that you are allied with POM just use the template

{{POM} }

without the space between the two parenthesis thingys. it looks like this

Template POM pic.jpg People of Malton
This Group/Character is allied with the group People of Malton.

Allied Groups

Allied Characters

  • Bob the Human[2]
  • Aguacommander[3]



If you like what you see and you want to join heres the link to the Wiki page where you can post you're application to join. Please post your Characters Name, a link to their stat page and about how often your on. Also at this time we are not accepting members below level 3 but we will consider you an allied Character until you get there. Thanks for applying and good luck.

Link to Recruitment PagePeople of Malton/Recruit

Recruitment Ad

People of Malton/Ad

Buckley-mall-2.jpg Buckley Mall Is Defended By People of Malton Cause Its their Home Base
Buckley Mall will never fall as long as People of Malton is standing.

Buckley-mall-3.jpg People of Malton have the D on Buckley Mall
People of Malton Are defending Buckley Mall, want to help out? Join today!