Peppardville Defense Force

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The Peppardville Defense Force
Abbreviation: PDF
Group Numbers: 5+
Leadership: Matt Spencer & Vamp X
Goals: Defending Peppardville from Zombies and PKers
Recruitment Policy: Open for membership
Contact: inquisitorjonson at hotmail dot com (via e-mail or MSN)

The Peppardville Defense Force was a group of survivors dedicated to the survival and protection of the suburb of Peppardville. They generally didn't leave Peppardville, under the assumption that trouble may start at any time.

The PDF merged with the CDF in August 2006.


The PDF was founded by a small group of friendly survivors who found themselves a safehouse and shelter within the Peppardville district. After several days defending the Marks Building to the best of their ability they grew rather attached, and made it their personal quest to ensure that no harm came to the surrounding area. Tom Mannering, the survivor who had brought them together, declared the group's intentions, and the Peppardville Defense Force was born.

Since then the team has grown and flourished. Though some members of the team were lost, they have managed to maintain a solid group of core members that consists of all aspects of society, including a strong military arm, a science core and even a civilian presence.

In March 2006 Tom declared that he was retiring as leader of the PDF, and Matt Spencer & Vamp X took over command of the group. Although these two technically shared the position of joint commander, the group functioned more like a committee, with the few remaining core members (Tom, Matt, Vamp, burkyb and Zelenka) all getting a say in any important group decisions.

In August 2006 the group officially joined with the CDF, losing all semblance of indendence and becoming part of the CDF's Peppardville Homeland Defense Force.


Creedy Defense Force

The Peppardville Defense Force formed a close friendship and alliance with the Creedy Defense Force shortly after the PDF's creation, and they now assist the CDF in a joint effort to eliminate the threats posed by zombies and PKers, assist other survivors, and keep some form of law and order in the Peppardville area.

Alliance of Giddings

More recently the PDF has also declared that it has joined the Alliance of Giddings.

Civil Defense Squadron

On February 11th the PDF allied with the Civil Defense Squadron following their request for aid, advice, and an offer of assistance.


On May 25th the PDF allied with the Web of Survivors.



As part of their alliance with the CDF, the PDF are proud to help provide delicious and healthy McZeds products to the populace of Peppardville at the Club Minchinton branch.


Uniform Barricading Policy

In order to provide safehouses for both veteran Zombie Hunters and newcomers alike, the PDF supports the Uniform Barricading Policy.

Sacred Ground Policy

To better facilitate the revivification of as many people as possible the PDF supports the Sacred Ground Policy, and in doing so acknowledges that all cemeteries in the city of Malton are considered revivification points.


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