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The official shoulder strap of the Peregrin Faction.

Peregrin Faction

The Peregrin Faction is group, wich has stuck in Malton after the outbreak. The members are from Hungary, as they were on a Necrotech study and lecture course here. They were selected specialists of their country, to come here and study the Necrotech achievments. The faction's name comes from the peregrin falcon, wich is the symbol of protection and deffense in their country (the mythical peregrin falcon called "turul" protected the nomadic founders of the Hungarians through their wanderings).


The Faction's members are not known, as they maintain complete secrecy through their operations. Their not so well known mother language works as an operational language on their actions.


This group was scattered around the suburbs of Malton, but they look forward to meet each other again. For this reason they somtimes broadcast radio messages to get the attention of their fellow survivors.


This is a group of survivors, doing covert operations against zombie hordes. They strike the sideskirts of the zombie hordes, doing some kind of guerilla warfare. This means that you won't often see these people defending in great sieges.


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This user group is dedicated for Hungarian players of Urban Dead. If you're a Hungarian player, and you wish to join our community in the never ending fight in Malton, you shall be vigilant and listen to our radio broadcasts all over Malton. You can also send a message to me. -- Kastore Talk

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