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Pescodside Defense Alliance

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This is a Pk'er list where citizens of Pescodside who commit crimes will be listed and punished.

UD Profile Wiki Profile Crime Known Locations Level Punisment
Jersey Postal Worker N/A Murder 14 counts N/A 32 Execution x
HookaJava N/A Murder 2 counts N/A 36 Execution x
SeruOmen N/A Murder 1 count N/A 34 Execution x
Thomi N/A Murder 17 counts Spitter Walk Railway Station 41 Execution 6x
Lucias T N/A Murder 1 count Pedrum Police Department 22 Execution x
The Doppelganger N/A Murder 1 count Muirhead Avenue Railway Station 41 Execution x
Smot Poker N/A Murder 1 count Groser Crescent Police Department 41 Execution x

For UD profile please use:  [ Name] 

For Wiki profile please use:  [[User:NAME|NAME]]

For Crime please use: Murder, Assault, Vandalism(tagging over our buildings), 
Generator Destroying, Reviving PK'er. Please add x amount of counts of each offense as well.

For Known Locations please use: Coordinates (xx,xx) only include up to 3 sets of coordinates

For Level please use: Level (XX)

For Punishment please use: Execution, Revive Denial, and add an X (if more than 1, use 2x, 3x)
next to it if carried out. One Punishment per offense.

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