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Pescodside Defense Alliance

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PDA Member Template

If you are a member of the Pescodside Defense Alliance, you are authorized to add this template to your user page:

PDa till the end.jpg PDA, 'till the end
This survivor is a member of the Pescodside Defense Alliance.

To add this to your user page, put {{PDA Member}} where you want it.

Template courtesy of Evildemon989 Talk · Help · W! · P! · SU! · TJ! · Hai!

PDA Membership

So soldier, I hear you want join the PDA? Well good for you! All you need to do is drop by the Inman Building in Pescodside and have a chat with Lemonhead7t7, Jurai, or Ottari. Alternately, you can visit the group forum and post a request to join. Once you've done that be sure to update your survivor's group affiliation to read: Pescodside Defense Alliance. It's as simple as that. The following is a list of all the soldiers who already fill the ranks of the PDA:

Member Name Rank Level Occupation
Lemonhead7t7 Leader (Founder) Lvl 41 Civilian
Jurai Active Lvl 36 Civilian
Ottari Active Lvl 43 Civilian
Acturus Active Lvl 43 Scientist
Tseng900 Active Lvl 42 Military
chiya1 Inactive Lvl 40 Civilian
KrnCuber Inactive Lvl 41 Military
DJOokami Inactive Lvl 41 Military
Osko751 Inactive Lvl 41 Military
Dawns Enigma Inactive Lvl 41 Civilian
Hubdra Inactive Lvl 35 Scientist
Freakshow2147 Inactive Lvl 16 Civilian
Grigori 24 Inactive Lvl 41 Civilian
Mokitty Inactive Lvl 13 Scientist
Sgt Spooge Inactive Lvl 41 Military
Mika Jolicueur Inactive Lvl 41 Civilian
Yuzuki03 Inactive Lvl 01 Military
Firamaster Inactive Lvl 14 Military
palsykillz Inactive Lvl 41 Civilian
dropkick13 Inactive Lvl 05 Military
Mr Tee Man Inactive Lvl 20 Military
Sgt Havenborn Inactive Lvl 41 Military
T G Geko Inactive Lvl 18 Military
Appleberry Inactive Lvl 27 Military
ihall4 Inactive Lvl 23 Civilian
Love April Inactive level 2 Military

Ranking System

The PDA's Leadership is based on an ICS system. Each building is operated by one leading officer. Supporting the officer will be any number of lower ranked individuals in the building.

Each one of those individuals will have a job to do. Each job will be according to the instructions of the Supervisor in charge. Along with each officer and lower ranked members in each building will be at least one trained NecroTech scientist, and a supervisor. The supervisor will make full reports on the status of each of the members inside. For every 5 members, there will be one supervisor. Once a month the supervisor will report back to Lemonhead7t7 in The Farbrother Building with a report on how well the members are fulfilling their duties. Each report will have the status of each individual, and the building as a whole. If the members inside are not fulfilling their duties, replacements will be put in. As a supervisor, your duties are to make sure the following are being completed:

  • Maintain barricade standards
  • Keep every member inside at 100% health
  • Clear your block of zombies at all times
  • Clear neighboring streets of zombies at all times (unless revive points)
  • Keep generator fueled and running
  • Keep radio transmitter running
  • Maintain radio frequency of 29.00 MHz
  • Maintain tags inside and outside of building
PDA new ranking.gif

The PDA's ranking system is very complex and detailed. Above is only a short description of the requirements for each rank. The following explains in detail each rank and its requirements:

Leadership Council

Rank                                                    Privileges
Leader                                          Full control, runs meetings
Co-Leader                                   Negotiations, controls large amount            
Grand Officer                       Controls small amount of members, Covert operations 
1st Officer                     Invitation to high ranking meetings, one personal bodyguard
2nd Officer                                 Major part in large scale missions
3rd Officer                        Taken to train with one of the high ranking officials
4th Officer                                       Fight in more missions
5th Officer                                      Fight in small missions
Private                                            Official recognition
Recruit                                              Fight for the PDA

Armed Forces

Rank                                                Privileges
General                            Control Commanders and command teams to attack
Commander                                  Control one or two strike teams
Internal Affairs                  Take care of recruitment, punishment and elections
Demolitioner                   Take down barricades and weaken numbers inside buildings
Scout                             Scouts an area and then reports back with numbers
Medic                                  Heal people and maintain Revive Points
Peon                                  Foot soldier. Take part in small attacks

Medical Services

Rank                                                    Privileges
Surgeon General                             Leader of entire medical division.
Surgeon                    Top Medical official assigned to a building, usually a hospital.
Mortician                                   Assigned to a revivification point.
Combat Medic                     Heals others and performs combat revives during attacks.
Doctor                              Heals other survivors within his assigned building.
Nurse                                       Basic medical position, heal others.

Team BSK

Team BSK is a new division for all members who require more activity than the standard divisions cand provide. This "Team" will be composed of one leader, and other members who wish to be in it. The team will live in PDA owned buildings, but will travel out and not be required to maintain a building. They will hunt zombies and pk'ers, and will have the full support of the PDA


The following list records all of the formal and informal alliances that the PDA has formed with other survivor groups in Malton. Allies are expected to watch our backs, and in return we watch theirs. That, along with a healthy dose of respect, is all that the PDA asks from its allies. Obviously most alliances, or at least the most effective ones, are with those groups who are in or near Pescodside.

Allied Group Established
Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad
January 8th, 2007
Metal Fox
April 22nd, 2007
May 1st, 2007
King Murek's Army
November 17th, 2007
Defenders of the Playground
November 24th, 2007
September 21st, 2008