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Pescodside Defense Alliance

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Group News

May 7th, 2010 - While the PDA has been inactive for a while now, we've been in the area keeping Pescodside safe and keeping the Inman Building up and running. We might be looking into a revival this summer.

January 9th, 2008 - We are currently in transition between leaders. Lemonhead7t7 stepped up as leader from the PDA to the postion of Leader of the DAC (which presides over all DA's) ARCtrooper224 went to start the GDA. Spooge and Chiya1 are now leaders and hope to make the PDA run just as smoothly as before, if not better.

November 24th, 2007 - Last week Team BSK was formed. Today marks the end of the first mission that was successful. A new alliance has been made with the Defenders of the Playground, thus making 4 allies on the PDA roster.

November 4th, 2007 - The PDA has lost Rawrzorz72000, Kongwolfzoids, and SinSpawn, but are still successfully running their buildings at near optimum efficiency.

November 2nd, 2007 - These past few weeks have been very stressful for the members of the PDA. On the 15th of October a PK'er named Thomi and his two alt's (opto and opto2) entered Pescodside. After many days of rev'ing teamates killed by him, recading, and going on surch and distroy missions. Things seem to finally have calmdown in our city again

August 1st, 2007 - Lemonhead7t7 and Jurai have decided not to retire, and will still be in charge. We have gained many new recruits and we lost MrNosebleed, Sin Spawn, xCoreax, and Wanda Live.

July 22nd, 2007 - The PDA has decided to leave the Dulston Alliance and is focusing more on Pescodside. Lemonhead7t7 amd Jurai are retiring August 7th, while Ottari and Killerwolfbot will be taking over leadership of the PDA.

July 6th, 2007 - Things have settled down since the war, and life in Pescodside is becoming much more peaceful. The PDA celebrates its aquisition of the Inman Building and pledges to defend and maintain it along with its other buildings.

In other news, Ottari and MrNosebleed have been ordered to make an awards section for the group, and when they are done the Awards Commitee will be appointed. This commitee will nominate, take in nominations, and vote on who gets awards.

Finally, the decoration contest's deadline is July 8th, and at that time the buildings will be tallied for the secret decoration. Who ever has the most of the secret decoration, that building moves on to round 2. Happy decorating!

June 18th, 2007 - It has been a while since there has been an update. Many apologies. The PDA has seen the begining and the end of the Farbrother War which was initiated by the St. Anastasius' Royal Guard (SARG). Officials from both sides met today at 9:45 EST to discuss a ceasefire. One was agreed upon, in which the Guard agreed to withdraw all active members from PDA buildings. Any members still in PDA buildings after the midnight on the 20th will be subject to pwnage, severe anal ravagings, and teabagging. It should be noted that the units still in the building are not really there out of ill will, but are simply inactive. But, for the sake of diplomacy, the ceasefire will provide them amnesty. A note to all those who want to jump the gun on the pwnage and teabagging: there is a 99% chance that the units arent going to move, so youll get your chance. So, here is a brief recap.

  • PDA buildings were evacuated as Guard units started to flood in.
  • Within 48 hours the PDA regrouped and formed an attack on the units occupying the Farbrother Building.
  • Very shortly thereafter Metal Fox, the Dulston Alliance, and Friends of the Featherstone Library agreed to aid the PDA.
  • Immediately before the raid started, the PDA suffered its first and only casualty. This casualty was, of course, 5th Officer MrNosebleed, who deliberately performed a swan dive off the roof of the Farbrother building. He is being considered as a candidate for a medal in recognition of his bravery.
  • The first kill of the raid was executed by yours truely, 1st Officer DJOokami. The next kill was performed by General Killerwolfbot.
  • The final body count of the raid was 25. The total number of hostiles in the building prior to the raid was 26. Do the math.
  • In the wake of the raid, the Guard recalled all units.
  • 1st Officer DJOokami and Leader TexasXdooM initiated peacetalks later that day and reached the ceasefire afore mentioned.

June 8th, 2007 - Today the PDA has news of three new potential recruits. This would raise the numbers up to 17.

June 3rd, 2007 - AOR has been officially relieved of duty.

May 19th, 2007 - Today, the PDA celebrates as members of the The Last Stand formally join with the PDA, raising the group's numbers to 16.

May 10th, 2007 - Today, the PDA acquired its 10th member and is now an officially recognized group! Congratulations to confirmation!

April 30th, 2007 - The PDA is starting to get back on its feet and today two new recruits will be welcomed into the Alliance. This is all thanks to help from the PDA's friends over at Metal Fox. The PDA has gladly welcomed Metal Fox to share in the Mermagen Street Revive Point. From now on members can expect 3 times the revive efficiency at that location.

April 22nd, 2007 - The Pesocodside Defense Alliance is back. After prolonged inactivity caused by unforseen problems, Lemonhead7t7 has finally resumed his active duties and is working to restore the PDA's power base in Pescodside.

February 10th, 2007 - Recent news have reported co-ordinated zombie activity in the southeast area of Pescodside. These reports seem to be circulating rumors of a zombie attack on the northeastern suburbs of Malton. Where these may be only speculations at the moment, the PDA will not be taking any chances. AOR reported that the PDA is currently on "Red Alert". Until this zombie offensive passes this alert will not subside.

February 9th 2007 - Ottari reported that Mall Tour '07 might be making a stop near the PDA quite soon. They are currently at Stickling Mall in Shearbank, and if their last two sieges are any indication, they are headed east. Once they finish the siege there, they'll likely head to Dowdney Mall in Santlerville. Otari would continue to observe their movements, but advised that they might pass through Pescodside sometime within the next month as they make their way to Treweeke Mall. Furthermore, this year's tour includes a contingent of murders. He doesn't doubt they'll kill all in their path. Be advised this is only speculation, as their specific plans have not been announced. Their current numbers are around 120 at last count, although it sounds like they are having trouble maintaining this level.

January 31st, 2007 - AOR has claimed the Wyld Towers for the Pescodside Defense Alliance. In this recent aquisition he hopes to secure the seemingly flooded eastside of Pescodside. Acturus will not be joining him in this positive expansion of the PDA, but will instead remain in the Youl Avenue Railway Station.

January 28th, 2007 - Bob Saturd has recently joined the PDA and will be stationed at Club Godfry.

January 24th, 2007 - Acturus extended a warning to all zombie members in the Pescodside area. Where he supports the revivification of zombies, AOR does not seem to share in his philosophy. So a word to the wise: All zombies should stick to revive points. AOR's had recently decided to go on a zombie hunting spree, and he was locked and loaded.

January 17th, 2007 - Lemonhead7t7 returned from his mission and will be working with the DITPS to form a more permanant alliance between the two groups.

January 8th, 2007 - A new alliance was made with the Dulston Infection Treatment and Prevention Squad (DITPS). They will be sending in a couple of members for a while to help the PDA maintain Mermagen Street for a while.

January 7th, 2007 - The suburb is safe and the PDA would like to think that it helped a little to secure the NE Corner. Of course, the PDA also thanks its allies, such as the Friends of the Featherstone Library, The Burchell Arms Regulars, The Last Stand, and of course, the Dulston Alliance. Lemonhead7t7 will be on an important mission for the next few months, all details of which are CLASSIFIED and only the PDA leadership will know his true location.

December 30th, 2006 - Advisory: The PDA is now on "Yellow Alert". All members are asked to still be cautious. The PDA hopes its members all have a wonderful new year.

December 28th, 2006 - Advisory: The PDA is for the time being on "Red Alert". Radio messages have warned of increased zombie activity. This Red Alert Advisory will be considered in effect until the alert has been declared cancelled. All PDA buildings are to be maintained at Extremely Heavily barricaded and all members are advised to be extra cautious when patrolling the streets. All non-PDA personnel are advised to take refuge in heavily barricaded buildings for the time being.

December 26th, 2006 - All is quiet on the Malton Front. Limited zombie activity, but the PDA advisory has not be removed. All members of the PDA and citizens of Pescodside are to be on high alert and to report anything strange or unusual to your neighborhood friendly PDA. On a lighter note, the PDA hopes its members all had a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

December 23rd, 2006 - Today the Burchell Arms Regulars refused our preposition for an alliance. This does not make us enemies, but rather more neutral. The broadcasted PDA radio show has been coming along quite nicely and Lemonhead7t7 has almost completed the current short story, "There will come soft rains" by Ray Bradbury.

December 20th, 2006 - Status Report on Pescodside: The PDA has recently heard the saddening news of the fall of Giddings Mall. For all those who lost their lives defending, the PDA salutes you. In other news, the PDA has deemed the suburb of Pescodside safe for the time being, but is issuing an advisory to be watching for any splinter zombie factions. AOR would also like to call to mind that Acturus is the PDA's only standing reviver, so revivifications will be strict. Please be sure to be in Mermagen Street if you wish to be revived. All other places may get you hunted and killed.

December 17th, 2006 - Today we made a new alliance with a small group of survivors calling themselves "Bubba's Raiders". More information will be posted as the PDA learns more about them.

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