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Petting Zoo


In fall 2009, several members of the Malton Zookeepers decided that the pleasure of animal company should be spread beyond the borders of Ketchelbank. To this end, the first Petting Zoo was opened in the Horsey Museum in Shackleville.

In a press converence held on the stairs of the former museum, a spokesman for the Zookeepers said:

The Boardmembers and I are proud to announce this new addition to the zoo, The Malton Zookeepers Petting Zoo (PZ). With so many resources nearby and the Woodroffe Mall just seven moves away, we'll be able to enjoy luxury as we never have been able to experience in Ketchelbank.

On the question whether this luxury was meant for the wellbeing of the Zookeepers or the animals, the spokesman declined to answer.


Petting Zoos are generally kept at high barricade levels, to prevent the gerbils from escaping. Because of this, actual petting is only possible for those visitors in possession of the Free Running skill. Visitors without this skill, as well as our undead brethern, can of course look at the animals from outside the cages. (Glass is cleaned daily, but please don't lick it).

Management will not accept responsibility for infections from bites or scratches obtained during your visit to the Petting Zoo, but our veterinary department will do its best to fix you up again.

Extended veterinary services

In an attempt to make life even better for all animals and citizens of Malton, the Zookeepers have started an `extended veterinary services' program. Essentially, this means that all buildings in the 3x3 block around the Petting Zoo are revive points, both inside and out. So if your brain is a bit addled by eating too much brains, you only have to shamble in our general direction.


In the fall of 2008, to great fanfare the first Petting Zoo opened within the city of Malton in Shackleville's The Horsey Museum:


The Horsey Museum
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In August 2013, the much delayed second Petting Zoo opened in Pescodside in the Keats Museum:


The Keats Museum
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