Piegsa Place Police Department

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Current Status


Piegsa Place Police Department
Lightly caded, unlit
Danger Updater MDUDC 17:07, 20 January 2019 (UTC)
As you can tell, the station is based on Australian design with a flair for the modern. Please ignore the zombies.

Piegsa Place Police Department

West Becktown [14,34]

Goldsworthy Avenue Uppill Library
Creese Way
Freeguard Walk Piegsa Place Police Department Boon Crescent
Enright Boulevard the Gotch Museum
(Phone Mast)
the Gass Monument

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Unlike it's bigger brother, Piegsa Place Police Department has very few, small holding cells and its weapons cache consists mostly of sniper and silenced type weaponry, though the standard issue shotguns and shells, six-shooter pistols and clips and flak jackets are available. Post-breakout, Piegsa was incorporated into the Justice Inc complex. Piegsa is recommended at Very Strongly Barricaded. See Uppill Precinct for more information.


Twin Police stations are a rare thing in this world, but Piegsa Place and Curle Steet managed to bring it about. Piegsa is the slightly younger of the two, having its opening 24 hours after Curle Street Police Department. Once set up, Piegsa was dubbed the reconnaissance twin and equipped with the highest in surveillance technology and training. The finest prototype police equipment was tested out at Piegsa before Z Day. Undercover agents found their locker rooms in this cop shop's delicate white wallpaper and sturdy open steel bollards and columns. The windows are small and tinted, making it rare that natural light will get through untouched in Piegsa. The police and operatives inside like their privacy.

The Piegsa Place Police Department is pledged to be maintained by the DHPD to remove the precinct of zombies for survivor habitation. It is part of the Uppill Police Precinct which also includes the Curle Street PD; The police station continues to trade hands, between being survivor held and zombie ransacked on a constant basis.

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