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Welcome to the pink farts: Feel free to fart at anytime

January the 2nd, 2008. Some NecroTech Lab employee called some willing-to-be-revived zombie "Monkey fart". Trough his clouded mind, an offended zombie took this reeeally badly, so he said to himself "Mhrm! This guy's gonna regrett it. Let there be FART!". And so are the things right now: he started to expand the FART all over Malton. The dustier plan ever known!

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Pink Farts Policy

Combat policy

We in the Pink Farts think that the best strategy to overtake survivors in the city is not to expand the zeds all over it, but concentrate and overtake building by building, ensuring they are never ever able to retake them. Thinking on that, there are some basics to respect.

About the barricades
Those should be no trouble to higher level zombies, and they are a waste of AP. So, if you find a barricade that it's not EHB (Extremely Heavily Barricated - you can see no way to enter) you should smash it down. But if the barricade doesn't block the survivors entrance, it will not block ours, so just let it be, maybe report of it to another member with the Life Remembrances skill, and we'll open it for you... and for us!
About the NecroTechs
As far as the NecroTech lab employees can revive other zombies and increase the amount of living, and due to the recent Combat Revive techniques, survivors with the NecroTech Lab Experience skill are first target, as well as NecroTech buildings. Also, try to infect those survivors, so that they move to hospitals... just where we will be waiting.
About the targets
First aim for a zombie is rise level. So, beat the crap out of everything you can see. There are two pieces of advise, though, you should really keep in mind:
1)Avoid attacking barricades: they are a waste of time if destroyed, (only give 1 AP per level) and they are a delicious trap for confident survivors if let untouched.
2)Try to get over NecroTechs and Hospitals as main target. That is to mean, get inside a Very Strongly Barricaded NecroTech building or Hospital, and get dirty with all survivors you can find in there. Give 'em the FART, baby!

Endogroup Policy

Endogroup, that's to say us. Now, there is a big point on being united against every other thing that moves or speaks (or even gestures. Man, just maul at everything smashable!), so let us fix some kind of behaviour rules.

Co-operate in combat: we will never take a serious raid at anything until we are at least twice the number needed for it. So, if you find someone mauling a survivor or somehow mauling things, become a dead helping hand and beat the victim into monkey crap together. WAIT A MINUTE: this does not mean that you should steal anyone's kill, allright? So, when you see the thing is getting low HP, stop it so that the other chap gets the 10XP, or whatever he may get.
Never kill a zombie: we know it's hard to get experience, but killing other zombies will end in a waste of units. Specially Pink Farts. No one will complain if a feral zombie is killed in our territory, see... but let zombie groups untouched, mainly because we can get really ass-kicked. Man, there are people real tough in Malton, and we're not at their side if we kill their fellows.
Safehouse policy: safehouse is bad words, now. Imagine a bunch of survivors together, gathering resources and restoring their much valuable HP's, resting and accumulating AP's to kill some of us. Give report of a safehous, let us send a bunch of us while they're resting, let's have fun when they realised they've been killed and there's no f. ing revive point in the whole suburb.
Skills policy: allright, that's the point we get a little bit serious. Nothing about Brain Rot, or Gesturing, or things like that. Get handy, man. Useful, for Kromm! Here is what we think could be a good start, right in the order you find it:
for the dead
-Death Grip
-Memories of life
-Lurching gait
-Tangling Grasp
-Rend Flesh
-Ankle Grab
-Note: only if you started survivor Brain Rot
for the alive
-Hand to hand combat or NecroTech employment (to get quicker experience, although HTHC could help a lot)
-Free Running
-Body Building (an advantage over only-zombie characters...)
-Knife or ake combat or NecroTech Lab Experience (Note: only revive ours, and if you think they could be more useful alive, and obviously if they ask for it.
Incomings: everyone who wants to join, will join under no exception. Just think of Spreading the Fart. Even survivor militaries (with a good reason, believe us) are accepted. The only demand is, do the jobs we do, we don't really mind if you do it dead or alive.

'Territory Policy

Mainly Rolt Heights, you can also get into Gibsonton, but it's safer to stay in Rolt Heights. We do know you'll get less experience in a zombie-crowded suburb, but there are still revive points in there... got it? The most relevant about territory: get to stablish a very little one: even one or two buildings, that's enough. But rightly settled. Find a strongly barricaded building, get in and kill survivors, wait for them to come back and try to retake it, keep killin' an report of your location. A bunch of us won't be late. But do keep the building on your possesion. We'll thank survivor revived players on our side to barricade buildings and report of their location, so we get a strong place, and then we can bringh them back to death if they wish, or they can keep moving and barricading more.

Propaganda Policy

If you are alive, just tag, and tag, and tag, and tag, and if you like, overtake a radio channel. But TAG, man, do tag. The tag contents are free, with the one and only condition that they contain at least once the word FART. And it is strongly recomended but not necessary to post our forums link (Note:
If you are dead, you can report of other non-fart tags so that we can fart them out. Also, it would be cool to keep telling 'harg! (fart!) at anyone you see or kill, if you feel like wasting AP's.

Members Status

Section removed, now check the farty forums for more info. Join the FART!!

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