Pirrie Park

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Pirrie Park

Darvall Heights [25, 24]

the Hallett Building St. Eutychian's Hospital Wheelhouse Auto Repair
Clissold Road Pirrie Park St. Pius's Hospital
Silley Park the Nurcombe Building a carpark

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Pirrie Park


A large, sprawling park with lots of grassland and walkways laid out in a deliberately large-scale design.


Originally a wasteland for industrial slurry from Darvall Height's factory area, Pirrie Park was cleared as part of the civic "Citizen Health" project enacted by the Malton council in 1922. Considered to be a forward-thinking area in terms of public health and institutional responsibility for citizen wellbeing, Darval Heights council planned to use Pirrie Park as a model park of the future, for all cities to use as a template.

Unfortunately, a series of late-night murders began occurring in Pirrie Park and the surrounding parks, Silley and Piers. A total of 18 murders were committed between 1929 and 1932, with a majority being committed at Pirrie. The murders remained ongoing for that period, it is believed because the public weren't aware of the danger of the area because police were initially hesitant to release all the information surrounding the incidents.

Eventually, the Chief of Police brought the murders to the public's attention and Pirrie became an extremely unpopular park to visit. It was often referred to as "Darvall's Second Graveyard" in the paper, as there was only one graveyard in Darvall Heights and Pirrie had earned the reputation as an uncharacteristically deathly place in the city.

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