Pitman Mansion

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[21,0] - [22,1] (bic) (statuses) (update)
Pitman Mansion
ruined & occupied by zombies
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Welcome to Pitman Mansion - Ad Vitam Aeternam

Mansions in Malton are all large buildings of 4 squares (2x2). Only 5 mansions exist in the whole of Malton. It is assumed that like their Real-life counterparts Mansions in Malton are large, very expenisve and grand houses owned by the super-rich or aristocracy. Seeing as two of the clothing items found in mansions are top hats and monocles it is safe to assume that mansions in Malton were also owned by the rich and famous. While they are not the most useful of buildings in terms of search rates their relative rarity does make them a target.

Pitman Mansion

Quarlesbank [21,0] [22,0] [21,1] [22,1]

Border Border Border Border
Burchill Alley Pitman Mansion
Pitman Mansion
Sibree Plaza
Duggan Auto Repair Pitman Mansion
(main hall)
Pitman Mansion
a warehouse
Ethelwyn Plaza Winters Place Stiby Boulevard Moudry Grove

Basic Info:

  • All Mansions are 2x2 squares, with interior descriptions representing several types of room (kitchens, lounge, billiard room, etc.). Tagging a Mansion earns 1 XP with the Tagging skill.

Welcome to the 'Infamous' Pitman Mansion

Please feel free to wander my glorious home's corridors, read the history of the house in the Library, find out who else lives here in the Study, dance the night away in the Ballroom and leave a note in the guestbook in the Main Hall. ~ Lord Pitman

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