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Pitman Mansion
Pitman Mansion is safe and powered.
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Pitman Mansion - The Library

Welcome to the Pitman family library. Here you can read about the mansions history and the Pitman family.

The Library


Known to locals as the ancestral home to the Pitman family; for centuries it employed the locals of Quarlesbank in its service. It had been rumored that the current Lord Pitman had dabbled in the occult and slowly stories of employees disappearing started to be heard. Some say that the zombie plague originated from this place, but no one can be sure.

The current whereabouts of Lord Pitman are unknown which has led to many stories that, if they are to be believed, he willingly gave himself over to the horde that he supposedly commanded.

  • Originally built on the site of an ancient stone circle known locally as 'Malz Henge' (Possibly the origin of the city's name).
  • Built during the late 19th century for the Pitman family, the mansion has stood guardian to the northern part of Malton, when first constructed it was a marvel of the then modern age. Designed by the noted architech Hugh Wadsamonee who later helped plan the expansion of the then small town of Malton.
  • Scene of many a grand ball throughout the buildings lifetime, most notably the infamous 'Mortuus Ball'.

Survivor Tales

It is rumoured that deep in the Pitman Mansion, there is a grand door on which are etched the words Incunabula Proprii (birthplace of the Special One). It is hard to know whether or not there is any truth to this rumour for not many have walked the zombie-infested halls of the Mansion. It is, however, thought to be true by a number of groups within Malton.

Among them are those that believe that Lord Pitman now haunts the Mansion as a type of super zombie. Others believe that this is the final proof that Lord Pitman was indeed the creator of the zombie menace and that the birthplace of the Special One refers to laboratories that created the zombies that now roam the streets of Malton.

In this deserted and ravaged city, it is perhaps not surprising that rumors that would be thought laughable in this day and age survive here. The sights of our brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers living in undeath and tearing each other limb from limb would challenge even the harshest skeptic.

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