Pitman Pitbulls

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Pitman Pitbulls
Abbreviation: Pitbulls
Group Numbers: A few survivors
Leadership: All of us and none of us
Goals: To survive in Pitman Mansion
Recruitment Policy: If you're alive, in the Mansion and with us, you're one of us
Contact: Find a Pitbull and talk

The Pitbulls were born so to speak in Pitman Mansion, Quarlesbank. Having broken in there one night seeking shelter Drathe Blue took to it as home. Soon others came and before long the Mansion was barricaded and secured, little did they know it was also the birthplace of the infamous Lord Pitman and his Pitman Terror Squad

Over the testing times people came and went, but the rag tag few who had made it home such as The Red Joey, Cambell Soup, Archer44, Godamsmack and Hagrd15 formed friendships. Nights were spent drinking under candlelight, telling tales of each of their former lives. They were a rag tag bunch, each one hardening to the chores of killing rotting meat to live.

Murals and tags of pitbulls chewing zombies and the like were appearing on the walls around the mansion. It was one night over a warm fire and empty bottles that Leon Burdy coined the motley crew as; The Pitman Pitbulls, taking a bite out of the zombie menace. It stuck.

Pitman Mansion having been the birthplace of both the Pitbulls and the Pitman Terror Squad, plays host to each at any one give time. It’s sought after ground for both groups who for their own reasons lay claim to its crumbling exterior. One tiny corner of the city, two groups from either side of requiem. Fighting to control four corners of their derelict birthplace.


A grafitied wall on the outside of Pitman Mansion

Pitbulls chalkboard


Pictures of lost loved ones, scribbled notes and posters fill the space on the wall out side of Pitman Mansion. Spray paint, chalk and pen messages to those lost and still alive are clear to be seen. A small postbox wall safe is hidden uner it all.

The post box safe and poster wall

Meet the Pitbulls


Aristeaus - Samantha Jones

Maleficus X - Elvis Thomp

Leon Burdy - Brian Fantana

Godamsmack - Hagrd15

Drathe Blue - George Donetme

The Red Joey - Cambell Soup

Buddy Love - Judge Supreme

Jafo - Benny O'Shea - Mike Killian

Doc Groucho - a decorative armor

Friends of the Pitbulls

Popsy Bubbles



The Clash Angel

Recent Pitbulls News


Pitbull News Archive

  • January 17th, 2012 - The +70 guests from The Fortress left after the New Year party, leaving the remaining Pitbulls to deal with the garden zombies. Unfortunately, tinsel and fir trees don't make for great barricades.
  • July 26th, 2007 - Damn, that was a hell of a party. Gin soaked cheesy puffs get us everytime. The mansion has been in Pitbull paws for over six months. And we have acquired quite a collection of art and antiquities. Come visit us.
  • December 19th, 2006 - Pitbulls prepare to throw the biggest holiday bash to hit Malton! Head to the Mansion, all are welcome.
  • October 8th, 2006 - Mansion is now all Pitbull!
  • October 9th, 2006 - The party was short lived, no sooner had Barry Manilow been put on the stereo the Zombies came. Come to think of it maybe that was a good thing. The dead dance to the whize of bullets and Barry as the alive few make it out before sunrise.
  • October 12th, 2006 - The group has worked really hard, securing (once again) its assets and other important places. Though clashes have been brutal between the dead and the dogs both seem to have an eager appetite for the mansion.
  • October 20th, 2006 - The smell of cheesy poofs and nachos lay heavy in the air as Pitbulls lay sleeping in the Mansion. A knock at the door? Not it WAS the door smashed once more from its makeshift hinges, Lord Pitman and his motley crew spewed fourth to feast upon the dogs. It was not without losses for both sides and sacrifice that the Pitbulls held off the attack. The doors been put back on its hinges with a sign that reads. ‘No cold callers.’

Pitbull Diaries


Drathe Blue's Diary

Leon Burdy's Diary

Brian Fantana's Diary

Benny's Journal

Pitbulls Code

"We're standing, we're strong. No longer will the helpless cower in fear of the undead wrong. For the Pitbulls with mission clear say let no man die by undead or murderous hands. Zombies die on sight, by gun or might. Bullets speak faster than words." - Pitbull Code

The Zombie Scenario Survivor Test

Take the test and see if your fit enough to be a Pitbull