Pole Mall Security

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Pole Mall Security
Abbreviation: PMS
Group Numbers: Unknown
Leadership: Julius Ivrig
Goals: To promote safety and stability throughout Malton
Recruitment Policy: All members must be fun loving and interested in promoting ass-kickery
Contact: Our group forum

Welcome to the Pole Mall Security, obviously dedicated to the security of Pole Mall.


Are you interested in joining Pole Mall Security?

  • Please Apply on our forums before putting "Pole Mall Security" in the group area of your profile. anyone seen with the group tag that hasn't applied on the forum will be denounced as a fraud. Please don't abbreviate or misspell. This makes it easier to provide revives and communications and track membership on the stats page.


Early History

In 2008 and 2009, the PMS (Amusing, we know) worked to protect Pole Mall. It was lead by Nuerotoxic2213, and later by Arthur Birling. Many great events took place, most notably the Mall Tour of 2009, during which Pole Mall was the mall which held out the longest to the assaulting zombie hordes.

However, as the year 2009 came to a close, the PMS began to falter. A few of the key members left, as well as the leader, Arthur. In the end, none remained.

The Reboot

That was, of course, until 2010, when the former PMS member Julius Ivrig, previously the commander of the PMS medical forces, decided that it was time to make a new start. And so, the new PMS was born.

Pole Mall Rules and Regulations

To make your shopping experience more pleasant, please adhere to the following rules and regulations during your stay at Pole Mall.

  1. No Smoking. There is a smoking area provided outside the Purt Walk Fire Station.
  2. No Shoplifting. Shoppers are encouraged to purchase the shopping skill.
  3. No Vandalism. Damaging barricades, generators, and radios is not permitted.
  4. No Loitering. Zombies are not allowed to "hang out" outside the mall. Additionally, anyone appearing on the PMS Security List or the Rogues Gallery will be asked to leave.
  5. No Littering. Do not leave dead bodies lying around! Please dump them in the nearest trash receptacle (or better yet, outside).
  6. Handicap Accessible Entrances. Purt Walk Fire Station and The Younghusband Arms are designated mall entry points. These doors are to remain unlocked during business hours. (Do not barricade past VSB+2)
  7. No Skateboarding. Skate or die, just not here.