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Welcome, to the Pole Mall Security's list of known PKers, GKers, RKers, zombie spies and saboteurs that have been operating around Pole Mall and, partially, our allie, Buckley Mall. This list exist in order to protect our loyal mall patrons from harm, by detecting and getting rid of criminals. Sadly, the list isn't complete, so please help the PMS by adding names and profiles. All vandalism will be reverted. If any profile isn't working, then contact the PMS management trough this page's talk page.

Note: Most of this list were taken from the PMS forum, and may be outdated. Some of the criminals may have changed their affiliations and ways, although the last option is highly unlikely.

Members of the AMSC

Members of the Browncoats

Members of the Columbine Kids

Members of the Malton PETA

Membes of Mostly Harmless

Members of Sgt Tony's Lonely Hearts Club Gang

Members of the Red Rum

Members of Suburban Ed's Peasant Militia

Members of Lord Curton's Gentlemen's Hunting Club

Members of the Creedy Guerilla Raiders

Members of DORIS

Members of the Shadows of Hell

Members of the Philosophe Knights

Members of Dementia

Members of the Flowers of Disease

Members of Murder Death Kill

Members of brainROT RUM

Members of the Renegades of funk

Members of the 4SKN

Members of the Legends of Darkness

Members of the Mall Tour 2009

Independent/Freelance/Misc/Members of Minor Groups