Pooll Crescent Police Department

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Pooll Crescent Police Department
Soccerfan667 (talk) 12:09, 30 August 2021 (UTC)
Pooll Crescent Police Dept

Eastonwood [35, 25]

the Nettleton Building Postlethwaite Drive Hugo Walk
the Hosken Building Pooll Crescent Police Dept Cottrell Alley
Masey Drive the Harold Building Matcham Walk

Basic Info:

  • Police Stations can be barricaded normally.


Pooll Crescent Police Dept.jpg

Pooll Crescent is a multi-level Police Department in Eastonwood that features the suburb's criminology lab, a drug-enforcement planning center, a shooting range, a mid-sized holding facility for criminals, the Eastonwood coroner's office, and the morgue.

Inside Description - Zombie Control

You are inside Pooll Crescent Police Dept. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded

Barricade Policy

This is how we like the place and this is how we intend to keep it.

A brass sign near the entrance informs you about the houserules. The letters on it seem to have been engraved with the crude steel bolt that lies next to it. The material undoubtedly is out of the nearby factory complexes.

Follow each of these guidelines for the greater good that is !zanbah

  • Keep the PD open for easy entry at all times, barricades must not be built there.
  • Keep it empty of the defiling presence of the living.
  • Keep it ransacked and all supplies that could aid the breathers must either be destroyed or kept hidden.
  • Keep forces stationed at all times. Defend the PD only if possible. When being overwhelmed report to the council immediately.

Zombie Tactics - Surrounding Locations

The neighbouring locations, the Harold, Hosken and Nettleton Buildings, are all places of interest and should be checked regularly.

If possible:
  • Keep open and ransacked at all times.
  • Kill all harmanz present.

To man them permanently is not necessary as it would drain too many resources.

Current Status

Will be the site of April 8th speach of the Zombicratic Party candidate for the upcoming Mayor of Malton elections, Huey Pierce Long, Jr. Also it currently houses an exhibition of antique vases and terracotta statues founded by the Eastonwood cultural commitee.


Pre-Outbreak History

Built in 1982 when the Timewell Drive Police Department was no longer adaquate for satisfying the crime enforcement needs of the Eastonwood area. The pre-existing Coroner's office was refurbished and the multi-level structure that became the Pooll Crescent Police station emerged. The Pooll Crescent facaility was designed to not only house officers who would do daily patrols through the suburb, but also would serve as one of the major police headquarters in the region.

In its heyday, the building was home to a drug enforcement task force that worked on trying to stem the flow of narcotics through Malton. The task force made several major busts, toppled four drug rings, a crime family, and many major catches of drug shipments. The police commissioner at the time, Walter Saunders, lauded the efforts of the detectives assigned to the task force, and quoted as saying:

“Malton owes a debt to these brave men and women who risk their lives each day to keep our schools and streets free of drugs.”

Unfortuantely, in 2004, a major expose uncovered that several of the detectives in the task force were taking bribes, not reporting some of the seizures and selling the drugs themselves, committed numerous murders (including two police officers and one reporter), and were even linked to one of the major Maltonian crime families. The Pooll Crescent Police department lost a large amount of its funding and fell out of favor with the local populace, and slipped into obscurity until the outbreak came.


Post-Outbreak History

The morgue was quickly one of the centers of the outbreak for Eastonwood, fortunately, the trained police officers of the Pooll Crescent Police Department were able to clear the building. The police station was considered a safe place for survivors. Over time, it was considered to be the Headquarters of the Warseers and usually had 40 to 60 survivors defending it at all times. This did not mean that the building was impregnible. The large front windows meant for ascetics, proved to be a huge detriment for the defenders and during sieges, they would be one of the first locations overrunn.

The Church of the Resurrection and the RRF were two of the prominent forces that overran the station at some point, but thanks to the surrounding six necrotech facilities and Caiger Mall the defenders could recover quickly. In March of 2006, the Eastonwood Ferals took the police department from the Warseers stationed there and started a bloody battle for the building. Due to attrition and the ever-increasing strength of the horde lurking in the now ransacked station, the Warseers abanonded the building in late May '06 and EF Guardians have held it (more or less) ever since.

In the times of absolute zombie control in all of Eastonwood it serves double as Headquarters to the !zanbah Honours Guard, the custodians of the peace in the Zombiefied Republic of !zanbah (ZRO!) and the parliament of said republic. It only stood to reason to make the heart of Eastonwood, the heart of the zombie nation as well.

!zanbah Barhah.png

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