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On the Media

Pridmore Way School. At first glance, it appears to be a typical abandoned school building. But could Pridmore Way School actually be the end of the universe? That decision will be left for the reader to make.

The following is an account from a feral zombie eyewitness, translated from Zombese.

"From the beginning of time, Man has looked at the heavens, and firmly believed that the universe ends out in space. Well, that's not true. I have seen the end of the universe. It happens to be right here in Malton, and oddly enough, it's in Old Arkham. I know, I know. I was shocked too. Imagine my surprise, when roaming the streets of Old Arkham, I happened to turn southwest, and I saw it. On one street corner, there was Pridmore Way School. And just two blocks away from that school, in the exact same latitude as that Pridmore Way School... there was a Pridmore Way School. I looked back and forth, thinking the sun was playing tricks with my rotten eyes, but no. There was a Pridmore Way School across from a Pridmore Way School. And that, my fleshy friends... is the end of the universe."


When asked how he knew this, the zombie replied as follows:

"Go there! Stand between the two Pridmore Way Schools. Look at your watch. Time... stands still. And if you turn this way [gesturing east] and look at just the one Pridmore Way school, you immediately think, When I turn around... there can't possibly be a Pridmore Way School behind me. Nobody could be that stupid. And if there was a just and loving Zombie Jesus, he wouldn't allow this kind of thing to happen! So you turn slowly, thinking you'll see an auto repair shop, or a junkyard, or a wasteland... BUT THERE'S A PRIDMORE WAY SCHOOL!"

The eyewitness then proceeded to claw and bite the interviewer, who promptly fled to a nearby hospital, received first aid, and prepared the article you have just read about the mysterious pair of Pridmore Way Schools, and the eccentric zombie who discovered them.

(He may have just been paraphrasing comedian Lewis Black, but this has not been confirmed)


There are two buildings with the name Pridmore Way School.

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