Prouse Avenue School

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Prouse Avenue School
EHB, unlit
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Prouse Avenue School

Millen Hills [55, 19]

Garnsey Cinema Donnan Drive Bayley Lane
the Hawksley Building Prouse Avenue School a carpark
Nulty Lane
Dunham Way
Holroyd Bank

Basic Info:

  • Among the internal descriptions found in Schools:
    • "Half-finished work is scattered across the floor."
  • This building can be barricaded normally

Prouse Avenue School




Built in the early 60s to help cope with the influx of new pupils as a result of the post-war baby boom, Prouse Avenue Comprehensive School has never exactly had a stellar reputation. From unrest in the 1970s to protest British involvement in the Vietnam War, to full-scale student riots in the mid-to-late 1980s due to the dual touchpapers of the Falklands War and Thatcher's poll tax, Prouse has seen more than its fair share of bloodshed - indeed, during the 1990 poll tax riots, one student protest grew to such proportions that riot police, already embittered from the full-scale riots in London and the surrounding areas, were eventually found guilty and prosecuted for the manslaughter of two Year 14 pupils whose skulls were found to have been fractured by improperly-used rubber bullets.

However, beneath this veneer of political activism lay the true heart of Prouse's violent background - it was a breeding ground for the gang activity which blighted much of Millen Hills, and for years was home to the Micromaster Set, a youth wing of the more merciless street gang RDD. Aspiring Micromasters, a slang term used by the larger gang to denote its younger 'tryout' members, were frequently instructed to incite violence as part of their initiation rites, and many of the rallies which Prouse's pupil took place in later descended into violence directly as a result - the activism merely an excuse for civil disobedience on a large scale. Often these events would be smokescreens allowing Micromaster gang members to raid the school's chemistry department for supplies to aid the aspiring narcotics labs of The Arch Building, or simply to loot petty cash from the school offices. This cycle of violence kept the school as a last resort for most families, with only the lowest dregs of society brave or apathetic enough to enroll their children in "the Weekday Borstal", as it came to be known. This only helped to feed the cycle, providing a constant flow of like-minded individuals to keep the ranks of the Micromaster Set, and its parent gang, RDD, inflated.

After the outbreak, however, Prouse is no longer the melting pot of rebelliousness and nascent criminal enterprise it once was. Instead it serves as little more than a temporary shelter, its PE halls barricaded, its library ransacked, its sole computer thrown from a window in an act of petty defiance against the shambling lifeless. Only one of its past pupils continues to visit its dingy walls, one Skull Grin, who takes the time to reflect on how the school shaped him into the man he became, and the flesh-tearing beast he constantly yearns to become.

Barricade Policy

VSB+2, in accordance with the Millen Hills Barricade Plan.

Current Status

1 zombie inside and 4 humans EXB no fuel

HB, generator without fuel, radio offline. --Harrison Hatchet 21:16, 27 September 2009 (BST)

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