Public Security Section Nine

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Public Security Section Nine
Abbreviation Section Nine/S9
Group Numbers We're on the Stats Page
Leadership Constantine, TheFireChief, and Hellalame
Goals To keep Malton safe, secure, and free of terrorism
Recruitment Policy Submit your Membership Application on our Forum Here
Contact Send us a message in game or contact us on the Section Nine Main Forums
Radio Channel 26.32 MHz

Neutral Point of View

Public Security Section Nine is a specially trained group of survivors stationed in Malton. Their objective is to exterminate all PKers and other criminals, and protect the commonwealth of Malton from attack; they see said criminals as a threat to Public Security, outweighing even the current outbreak. They also provide support to Malton's Citizens and other groups.

End of Neutral Point of View

About Section Nine

No one is sure when or where Public Security Section Nine was formed, but after the Outbreak and resulting quarantine, Section Nine set up shop almost overnight. Little is known about this agency other than its goals and what it accomplishes. Section Nine is supposedly run by an elite unit of ex-military and civilian agents. These operatives are a highly trained bunch, able to avoid detection and slip through the most heavily guarded areas to achieve their missions.

From the little information that has surfaced, it is known that S9 is skilled but secretive. Agents appear without warning, eliminate terrorists and provide assistance to civilians, then just as quickly disappear. Rest assured though, if PKers are causing trouble in your suburb, Section Nine isn't far behind, ready to protect the Citizens of Malton and ensure that Public Security remains intact.

For such a demanding position, not all qualify. Any person wishing to join will be subject to a scrutinizing background search, and known criminals added to the S9 Offender Database immediately. Once accepted, the recruit will be subject to the toughest of training programs, as well as instructed in Section Nine Operational Procedures, Rules, etc. Additional training may include instruction in special techniques and tips relating to Special Operations Agents. Once Training is completed, the recruit will be a skilled Agent ready to join in the ranks of Section Nine and protect Malton from all forms of terrorism. So what are you waiting for?! Submit your completed Registration Application at our Recruitment Office to begin the process!

Recruitment Policy

So, you think you have what it takes to join Section Nine? Well, we'll see about that. If you meet the following initial guidelines, head over to our forum and Submit your Registration Application.

Basic Member Guidelines:

  • We don't accept PKers, GKers, RKers, or Zergers.
  • You must play mostly as a survivor(except when killed).
  • You must post often on the forum.

Meet these guidelines? Then we'll be happy to have you join Section Nine!


While Section Nine's primary objective is to stop criminals and ensure Public Security, we also perform other services for Malton Citizens. The following objectives will be followed by all Section Nine personnel unless any emergency situation dictates otherwise.

Primary Objectives

1. Prevent all zombies, Pkers, Gkers, Rkers, and other Criminals from roaming the streets.
2. Protect all malls, forts, etc. and keep them secured and free of criminals.
3. Administer heals, revives, and help to Malton citizens and other groups.
4. Keep all buildings powered and all radio transmitters tuned in.

Secondary Objectives

1. Barricade all buildings in Malton to established UBP standards.
2. Kill all zombies on sight, except at revive points.

Current News and Events

-June 18th- Public Security Section Nine was formed after members of the MDD decided it was time to switch direction. Section Nine is a direct expansion of the MDD's highly successful National Security Agency, with the other divisions falling in.

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"Section Nine Motto Here"

-- Public Security Section Nine

The Public Security Section Nine Main Forums.

Policies supported by Section Nine

Group Structure
Member ranking and general information.

A list of all known threats to Public Security in Malton.

Friends, adversaries, and other remarkables.

Information on current and past operations.

All discussion should be kept on the discussion page of the main page or on the forum.

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