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Public Security Section Nine
Recently, the number of rogue players in Malton has more than tripled. These criminals, which include PKers, GKers, and the like, are hellbent on wreaking havoc in Malton and disrupting the efforts of other survivors to reclaim the city from the zombies. Unless kept in check, such terrorists could effectively lead to the total downfall of survivors in Malton and the rise of the undead. That's where Section Nine comes into play. Leave the zeds to noobs; the mission of S9 is far more important. We combat PKers and other criminals and ensure Public Security in Malton remains intact.

For such an important mission, not all qualify. Players looking to join must be ready to work in a mobile unit, subject to frequent firefights and extended battles, and take on multiple roles such as medic, scout, and engineer. Read the full recruitment policy here. All new recruits will go through an extensive training program to learn techniques necessary to effectively combat criminals.

Ready to take your stay in Malton to the next level? Join Section Nine and help stop the force that aims to be more deadly than even the undead, PKers. Visit our wiki here and sign up at our Forum here. Join today and protect Malton before it's too late!!!

Remember, anyone can fight zombies, but only the best can take the latest threat to Public Security, Pkers.


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