Puckard Park

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Puckard Park

Millen Hills [58, 17]

St. William's Church Horner Way wasteland
Urben Towers Puckard Park the Henning Arms
Wilks Road Ingham Avenue Poulet Grove

Basic Info:

  • This is an empty block, and cannot be barricaded.

Puckard Park




Perhaps the sole area of Millen Hills which retains its aesthetic beauty despite the onset of the restless dead, Puckard Park lays claim to another trait unique among Millen locations - its status as a drugs grow-house. Built in the last 19th century to accompany the nearby St. William's Church, it was for decades considered little more than a fine example of the Victorian obsession with the exotic, housing several species of tropical, yet still quite plain and boring, flora. This was to change in the late 1970s, however, when the growing drugs trade mediated by local street gangs RDD and The Rogues forced both groups to find new avenues from which to acquire their product. Realising that no one actually knew their arborea from their arseholes, Rogues leader Luther found that he could grow large amount of cannibis between the other plants, with the park's infrequent visitors none the wiser as to the purpose of these 'new arrivals'. So secretive was this source of supply that even to this day, after the fierce gang war that drove the few surviving Rogues out of Millen Hills, after the Malton Incident left the rule of law entirely absent in the area, none of the living have yet realised the reason why they keep returning to this oddly serene and calming glass house.

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