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Q-zombie is an obscure dialect of the zombie language. The only known native speaker of this dialect was one Pink Unicorns. Entering Quartly Library one day in January 2007, this zombie began to speak to the librarians and their guests, however for some time no one understood a word he said, having never been exposed to this zombie dialect before. After much bewilderment and long hours of concentration and agony, the structure of Q-zombie was finally worked out. For a time the dialect has several more speakers, as some of Quartly's survivors began to pick it up. This undead language has since become simply a dead language.

Features of the Dialect


 Q-zombie      English
 b               b p
 b.              t d
 g               g
 gh              k ch
 h               h
 h!              y
 h.              f v w
 m               m
 n               n
 r               r l
 z               z s
 zh              sh th


 Q-zombie      English
 a               a
 ah              o u
 a.              e
 !               i
 !!              ee


 Q-zombie      English
 a.!             ei


 Q-zombie      English
 Mah             I, me, my

It is worth noting that Mah is a cognate with the Zamgrh Mah and Mah zambah.


 These sequences:
 .hra.  !hra.  .hra!  !hra! 
 must be converted to:
 .a.    !a.    .a!    !a!
 before they can be translated.


There is another variety of Q-zombie which Pink Unicorns has sometimes been heard to speak. It is very similar to the variety outlined above, except that h replaces all instances of ..

In this variety there is no need to worry about "hra," however it does lead to a very confusing number of hs.

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