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I copied and pasted the hell outta my wrists with this one, please don't abuse the file. Just post comments about horrible grammatical or editting errors on the discussions. Sir Fred of Etruria 07:47, 25 January 2007 (UTC)

Prelude to a Lecture

Achernar said "I need an extension on my loan of Great Expectations. I would have finished by now but zombies keep interupting my reading time. I must find out what happens to poor Pip!"
Pfc Crud said "Firstly: the fact that you folks were at the balckmore when it was holding back what now looks to have been the vast majority of the meta-game zeds in the city... well lets just say that i'm suitibly impressed... I was in the area after it went belly up...first time I've ever seen a 200+ stack. Anyway kudos and down to bussiness. 6Zs in Eligius, 37Zs in the mall, 6Zs in the Rawlins PD, 14Zs in the Herbert I suppose they're denying access to spikes?"
Rockby Quickfoot said "Nope, the whole story is that I heard yous were in trouble and decided I could help. I don't have a gun, so if the 5th amounts to anything I'll be coming in after to heal people. So I figured I can help here until I see how the 5th goes. Probably longer. Scout Report- Hildebrand is taken. About 35 zombies in all corners total. The Herbert building (neighboring NT) has 14 zombies in it while Elgius Hospital houses 6. I'm assuming you guys don't want a generator hooked up? I have a few if you do, but I'm guessing you probably don't."
Doctor Fallout said "A preist AND the Pope? Now I've seen everything... Elgius is down to 3 Illiterates. Long Live Roftwood!"
darwins beagle said "Thanks to all that have shown up in the last few days!!! Has anyone seen SweetIrony? I'm scared it's been days and i cant seem to find her at Tynte or Giddings. State of the Burb Address : Hildebrand is still buried in corpses... Eligius, Dempsey, and the Herbert wax and wane... I've been concentrarting my efforts to the NE line to Tynte, there are some stand up folks there and it's an honest fight on it's own. Other than that, Mr. Quickfoot,... I love a good lamp or two when I'm trying to get something out of Josh Waitzkin's Attacking Chess. We had the lights on for almost a week and a half recently."
Rockby Quickfoot said "Then a lamp you shall get! Glad I can be of service. I don't have a radio transmitter though or I'd hook that up as well."
Marina said "Actually, I've got one of those. Don't ask why."
darwins beagle said "Woooohoo!!! Lights and a Radio!"
darwins beagle said "What a response from the crowd, the cades went to quite in the time it took me to type woohoo...."
Marina said "*rearran ges shelves such that the barricades go from 'flimsy' to 'secure'* Ah, you humans and your generators... The pros: the reading is easier, the place looks so charming and cozy lit up like this... The cons, it's like a giant Buffet Inside sign...."

Nov 16th

SweetIrony said "Dammit Nathan, you killed our first guest speaker! I'll try to get him back in here tomorrow I guess... please bear with him, Viruse is rather young, just a Kinder as his group says, and I believe his native language is Spanish."
SweetIrony said "So we should be in for a strange and fascinating talk!"
SweetIrony said "Hmm... *wanders off back to the large print annex*"
Just David said "Good day, fair scholars! I was invited by Mz Irony to deliver a lecture on a topic from the zombie perspective (dang release forms... trickery, I tell you!). Unfortunately I'm a little busy right now, so I'll prepare a speech and have it to you soon!"
Just David said "In the meantime, I hope you don't mind if I take one of your many fine volumes, curl up in a chair in the corner and relax a bit! I promise I'll be quiet."
Marina said "Zombie spy! Hahahah, really, a real live sighting of killing someone because they were a zombie spy! I feel like my experience as a human is growing richer and more interesting every day. *hops up and down excitedly*"
Marina said "*dusts off the podium for the Quartly Study Group's first-ever lecture on Zombie Spies from the Zombie Perspective*"
Marina said "Let us start with the name of your group: The Quartly Study Group. Dedicated to "retrieving all of the Quartly Library's overdue books by any means necessary," isn't that right?"
Marina said "Now, if I was looking to eat one of you, I would perhaps not start by breaking down the barricades over in Philpotts… That is just the nature of having a location-based group; no spy is needed to guess where you might be located."
Marina said "As a matter of fact, for the thoughtful zombie horde, "spies" are useless. Even with a rotted brain, you can make an educated guess as to where your dinner is."
Marina said "Break into a mall, you'll dine on trenchcoaters. Then you'll find a hospital is a delightful source of doctors and new meat. And of course the really good game holes up in places that look as if they have no value… train stations, office buildings."
Marina said "Such has always been the case. A spy could do nothing but put names to the guesses, and oh, it's not your names we care about."
Marina said "Now, let's go into the ethics and sensibility of executing suspected zombie spies..."
Marina said "First, how do you feel about the very high likelihood of error? A "zombie spy!!!" might just be some poor kid who happened to meet a zombie on his first day and spent some time with the undead before getting revived…"
Marina said " If he has not had a chance to be human, is it not cruel to send him back to the streets for his sins as a zombie?"
Marina said "Second, are those who have spent, and yes, enjoyed, their time as zombies so far gone as to be beyond redemption, in the eyes of humans? Is it inconceivable that one might sincerely want to try all that the world has to offer, with no ulterior motive?"
Marina said "Third, and finally, have you considered that by rejecting and killing the "zombie spy," you may be sealing the doom of another survivor? Many zombies find, upon first opening their eyes after revivification, that they're weak as kittens."
Marina said "I literally could not hit any of you now, even if I wanted to. But as a zombie, I could rip down barricades, call my fellows, feed the horde, and of course snack on brains. Where am I more dangerous?"
Marina said "So, in conclusion, in these times of deep trial, paranoia is good only for amusement. And believe you me, I -am- amused. Zombie spies indeed! Zombies laugh about "zombie spies," you should know. What a piece of survivor silliness."
Marina said "I should rather share a safehouse with a hundred suspected zombie spies than those who fancy themselves judge, jury and executioner, if not downright infallible."
Marina said "But… that may just be the bias of one who is, in turn, likely to be accused, killed and unceremoniously dumped onto the streets some day."
Marina said "*smiles slightly unsettlingly at the audience, bows slightly and returns to a quiet corner and her book*"
dickhole spy said "wel well well, good to see everybody again!"

Nov 17th

Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcom Just David, I hope you'll enjoy your stay ! And I'm glad we've been able to entertain, Marina. Thes zombie spy killings rarely happen in orange/red suburbs, we may actually be yellow/green ! Anyway, I'm taking the returns cart to the biography dept"
dickhole spy said "Sir fred, as leader of Unit 2, The rangers are hopefully on their way with alts"
sarah tonin said "*applause* thank you Marina..."
Scheffler said "I do not believe that any reasonably well-read individual would disagree regarding the horrific ethics involved in the killing of another human being. Self-defense is the only generally-defensible case,"
Scheffler said "and while it may be argued that the idea of killing 'zombie spies' falls under a doctrine of self-defense, this particular line of reasoning can be demonstrated to be wholly fallacious."
dickhole spy said "can we maybe get a genny in that PD so i can get some shells to buy shopping?"
Scheffler said "All of that aside, the kettle is on, and I was able to find some honey and a can of condensed milk, for those who care for milk and honey in their tea."
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the south.
Rockby Quickfoot said "Very nice speech Marina. Glad to have a nice change in schedule with these speeches. Anywho, guess I'll move out and inspect the revive point and what not. I'll make sure the mall is still standing up too."
Rockby Quickfoot said "Well Hildebrand is still a bit undermanned, but they'll probably make it since they don't seem to be under any attack. I look forward to listening to the next guest speaker!"
Nathan Wild said "Sorry about the gunslinging earlier...I suppose thats why Padre sent me here....to learn."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Speaking for my own killing of 'survivors,' I'll only kill those on the wanted list or those who have killed me personally. Back before we had so many good literate folks, we had to deal with many members of the now-missing A.Horde who routinely sent"
Dale McGillicuddy said "zombie spies (who on at least one occasion were claiming to be a member of QSG) to find where we were holed up for the night. We rarely slept in the library iteself as it was an obvious target. Only a few of you were here for the dark days."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Things were rough, ammo was hard to come by, and the fine folks of Blackmore were always there to stick us with a needle. Now the work on the Dewey to LOC can begin in earnest."
Dale McGillicuddy said "I've got a Genny and a Transmitter. Anybody want to nominate a safe house from which to transmit?"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the south.
SweetIrony said "Ahem. So there are no further misunderstandings, I'd better announce this. I just rev'd another speaker outside: http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=416363 So be nice to her! Also, she asked if we'd have refreshments... can we do anything about that?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Wow, sounds like somebody was really touched by our first Lecture on zombie emotions. Our next lecture should be 'Do zombies dream of undead sheep' but alas, the zombies pick the topics. Marina, may I rebroadcast your lecture with implied consent ? Sega,"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "McGinty, what were the books you returned ? And Mz.Irony is doing a great job as guest-speakers liason, how's the advertizing going ?"
SweetIrony said "The advertizing would be going a lot better if anybody would actually tell me their topic! Have you chosen yours yet, Mr David?"
Scheffler said "For refreshments, I've half a box of nilla biscuits, and a nice hot pot of tea. There's still some honey, and I havent' yet opened the can of condensed milk."
sarah tonin said "How are we to take notes of lecture with no lights on? I know problems have arisen (pun intended) in the past, but please, we're almost out of candles."
Rockby Quickfoot said "If the zombies aren't really interested in Scheffler's tea (and I'm not a very big tea fan myself) I've got a carton of chocolate milk in the fridge in the back. I could certainly share with them."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Just ran out to revivify our next zombie speaker, she wants us to pick the topic ! Anyone have a suggestion ? And there's a zombie on Turpin Crescent, anyone scan it ?"
dickhole spy said "hello all!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "But all the ways 'zombie spies' are used seems to simply waste one character's potential horrendously... Like having a level 1 zombie only patrol ... btw binoculars are found in sporting goods stores, kinda neato"
sarah tonin said "An interesting idea for a lecture would be the logistics of leveling up as a Z , being human one can always take the route of a trenchcoat or run the route of the FAK, i peronally sent an alt to the blackmore to farm the pile out side for DNA..."
sarah tonin said "kind of a copout but one can achive almost 200 XP a day doing it.... i understand that following the feeding groan for a easy kill with feeding drag is a technique but are there others?"
SweetIrony said "Good idea Mz Tonin, I've asked Viruse if he wouldn't mind speaking on that topic, since he himself is a low-level zed I think he's qualified. Is there any way we can drop the cades to VS for a while until he gets in here?"
SweetIrony said "Thanks for lining up the refreshments, Mr Scheffler and Mr Quickfoot. Does anyone know where we can get some BBQ sauce? If I know Ketchelbank or bust, when he gets here that's what he's going to want."
Lord Wulfgar said "Hello guys, thought I'd pop in and see how the QSG was doing, looks like things are going well here. Think I'll stick around and try to catch a guest speaker while I'm here."
Ropes McGurk said "hello members of the QSG I am the personal represenitive of the Irish Templars for Roftwood at your service"
Ropes McGurk said "Sega you are to go to ridleybank per Marks orders"
Sega McGinty said "The collections of conan arthur doyle, stephen kings the stand, and as always the good book"
Sega McGinty said "Yes sir I'm on my way"
LicketyFlick420 said "hey what up there Ropes. ohh sarah tonin I know you to. Hey"
LicketyFlick420 said "I need to go and shank some zombies."
LicketyFlick420 said "ok back again. I gots me a level up with me knife. Now i can shoot um. Ohh yeah upgrading."
Rockby Quickfoot said "I revived one of the templars at the revive point. There's only one zombie left down there."
sarah tonin said "Good show to whomever made the Zombie Lecture Series Wiki page,... i did notice that doughnut holes were missing from the refreshments list are we out?"
sarah tonin said "Thanks to Mr. Quickfoot for the warm outstreched needle to the Irish Templars"
diceydawg the zombie dragged Ropes McGurk out into the street.
Zombie Stomp said "Greetings and salutations good people of Quartly Library! If someone could kindly spare a FAK, I'd be much obliged. Oh, and don't kill me...I'm an invited guest."
Rockby Quickfoot said "There. I healed our Guest Speaker and Fred back from near brink of death and put the barricades back up. Now someone has to handle that zombie over there."
Hadrada said "Workin' on it. :) He won't be here much longer. Plenty of silver bullets for his slimey hide."
Hadrada killed a zombie.
SweetIrony said "I've tried to take the cades down a bit so that little Viruse can get inside, is that alright with everyone? If somebody wouldn't mind taking it the rest of the way to VS, that would be wonderful. I apologise for putting you all at risk."
Nathan Wild said "alright...hopefully my powering of this building will atone for my sins...lets get this place smokin..."
Nathan Wild said "Cades taken down a bit..."
Snarfo said "Harrah abbrabazzah. Ah ahm Znarrah ah ba Brazzah Zahmbahz. Ah ganna grabba znagz ahn razzah ah ganna gabba gabba ah za abba z!ng!ng ahn grahnzahn zahmbahz."
Snarfo said "Mmmmmm. Ah rag Nilla!"
Snarfo said "::stuffs 30 or 40 Nilla biscuits into her mouth at once, having retained all of her zombie manners::"
dickhole spy said "I'm guessing snarfo is s guest speaker?"
Rockby Quickfoot said "Just get Viruse to enter in the hospital two south and one west. I always enter in there after I check the revive point. It'd probably be easier than getting him in here the way it seems to be working :P"
Dale McGillicuddy broadcast "Attention all Librarians! Guest lectures at Quartly and" from here, on 28.34 MHz.
Dale McGillicuddy broadcast "simulcast on the QSG frequency! That is all. Viva Literacy!" from here, on 28.34 MHz.
Dale McGillicuddy said "Say, has anybody seen my pills? I think one of these dead folks may have taken them from my desk, along with my last issue of Zero-G Juggs"
Marina said "Ah! Znarhah, harrah. !z habbah harh!ng zha zambah zb!!zh agahn. !z mazh!gh tah mah zambah aharz..."
Marina said "*sigh* I'm not as fluent as I once was. In among the human literature I'm going soft. I can hardly produce the ! anymore..."
SweetIrony said "Yes, Viruse did go to the hospital, but he's going to have to get in here somehow to give his speech. Also, the hospital has a zombie inside and needs more cading!! Hello Snarfo, glad you're enjoying the refreshments."
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 1 block to the north.
sarah tonin said "Marina may we have a translation please... i'm not understanding it all..."
sarah tonin said "Back when i was giving speaches to the Apoc S.R.G. i came up with an argument on the topic of wounding but not killing zed... here goes..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'm very interested in hearing my next zombie topic, but a couple questions if you'd please... First, how did flailing gestures affect you as a zombie ? Second, zombie skill should younglings get second +claw or +move ? Third have any of you attacked the"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Nichols or Hildebrand malls, we'd been defending against you then !"
sarah tonin said "Bah zamb!z. Nah Bang Bang harmanz, bang harmanz. Nah harmanz ... nah hambargarz. Nah hambargarz ... hangr! zambaz."
sarah tonin said "oops Sir Fred got in there..."

Nov 18th

Just David said "Ah ahm naah zhaar ah ahm annaarzaan!n mah zambah hran. Harman hambargarz arr barrah zazzah, ahn zambahz gabba haab zam arh zambahz arr hangr!."
Just David said "Zah, mabbah, zambahz grab Bang Bang harmanz bra!nz, bah nah harm Rabbahb Harmanz (RNA Rabbarz!). Zan, mannah bang bang bargarz, RNA rabbahz rabbahb Bang Bang zambahz, maar bang bang harmanz aga!n! Mannah bargarz!"
Just David said "The basic point I tried to make there was that, while eating all of the humans is bad because zombies will go hungry, we don't need to go easy on them. Instead, zombies should eat all the trenchcoaters and leave the revivers."
Just David said "That way, there will be an everlasting supply of tasty bra!nz on offer! Of course, harman barragahz arr nah barrah naaz, so harmanz with construction should be discouraged. If it works, it's like a self stocking fridge!"
Just David said "Tomorrow, I'll deliver a more eloquent speech about the role of sexual harrassment in ongoing seiges, especially between zombies and humans. Hopefully it will shed some light on the oft-misunderstood zombie courting rituals we often observe."
Rockby Quickfoot said "Ah, he doesn't have freerunning I forgot. I always just took that moving between buildings for granted and kind of forgot it was an actual skill . It's probably gonna be tricky to get him inside."
Snarfo said "::dropping cookie crumbs as she speaks::"
Snarfo said "Thanks for having me Sir Fred, and everyone here. Sir Fred, in answer to your first question, receiving Flailing Gesture was a seminal moment for the Broadway Zombies as a performing troupe. We really had a lot of trouble choreographing our dance"
Snarfo said "routines without it. Before Flailing Gesture we were limited to performance of Stomp! and Bring In 'Da Noise, Bring In 'Da Funk. After Flailing Gesture, we were able to perform more intricate numbers such as Stayin Alive and YMCA."
Snarfo said "However, I'm still looking forward to swaying and swinging, which will allow the performance of the seminal zombie dance number by Yvonne Rainier, Trio A"
Snarfo said "In response to your question about which skills younglings should acquire first, it really depends on the particular zombling's goals as a zombie. Performance zombies such as ourselves are always looking for any chance to see a show or perform as an extra"
Snarfo said "and so for us Lurching Gait is a must. We use it to get to performance locations quickly, where if we are so lucky to be cast as an extra, the vocalizations of Graagh and GRAAGH! are often sufficient. These appearances build up a budding performer's"
Snarfo said "reputation. But of course to really succeed as a performing zombie, one needs Death Rattle. The strategic zombie will actually delay acquisition of Lurching Gait in favor of an attack skill, so that she or he can level up more quickly as a result."
Snarfo said "Though it seems counter-intuitive to many zombies, it's more important to be efficient when you get to the location than to get to the location quickly."
Snarfo said "In response to your last question, the Broadway Zombies, being fully skilled zombies, don't generally attack malls or anyone, really. We might have a little snack while entertaining at a location (especially if someone is disrupting the show),"
Snarfo said "but it makes little sense for us to consume our audience, as that might generate hostility toward our group. However, being zombies, you must realize that we have little memory of who we ate to get to our present skill level, or where we ate them."
Snarfo said "::attempts to drink tea, spilling much of it on her ragged clothing::"
Snarfo said "Oh, I almost forgot. I found this when we were performing at the zoo."
Snarfo said "::removes a copy of Animal Farm from the pocket of her bathrobe::"
Marina said "*applauds* Thank you, Snarfo!"
sarah tonin said "*applauds wildly* wow thanks for the incredible speach Just David, bah nah harm Rabbahb Harmanz (RNA Rabbarz!) is an excellent line!!"
sarah tonin said "I guess i have noticed that more often than not when facing major seiges that are more for fun than blood the trenchcoaters are the first to die where as i would suspect the revivers the first to go in 'out for blood' attacks...."
sarah tonin said "Snarfo, i'm looking foreward to seeing a show put on outside of the library on some beautiful day, seeing a dancing Zed is only something i whitnessed at the Blackmore... but an entire troupe! it surly must be a sight"
sarah tonin healed you for 10 HP.
sarah tonin said "Is there any form of Zombie Religion? The only references i've heard refer to 'Zambah G-zaz' being an 'azzgrabbar'. Other than that most zombie appear to be atheist."
Marina said "Hm, very interesting question. I cannot speak for the other groups, but for a RRF member, perhaps the closest we get to a religious experience is a good rousing BARHAH! after a meal..."
Marina said "At some point I may give a talk on the word 'Barhah,' as for us the meaning goes very deep."
Marina said "However, in my opinion, the RRF in its heyday was more of a personality cult than a religious one. Though we did have Zombie Baby Jesus... I worked with him on propaganda at some point, actually."
Marina said "Though there is my good friend Critical Carl, who became obsessed with reviving the ancient warrior Ridlaegh; his experiments may interest you. http://forums.ridleybank.org/viewtopic.php?t=436"
Snarfo said "We in the Broadway Zombies are hedonists, which doesn't really qualify as a religion, but it's awfully fun. Marina, would you consider the camaraderie that comes with being part of a theatrical troupe a form of Barhah? I've always felt so."
Doctor Fallout said "So, has anyone contracted a zombie to give a lecture on the languages of the dead?"
Marina said "I've never been a theatrical type myself, but as I understand it, I certainly would... one meaning associated with Barhah is brotherhood, the esprit de corps... yes, I would certainly say I would consider that a form of Barhah."
SweetIrony said "Wow, great speeches everyone! Thanks for returning the book, Snarfo. Yes Doctor, I know a certain zombie linguist who would love to lecture on zombie language. Hopefully he can tone down the linguistic jargon though, keeps going on about alveolar stops."
SweetIrony said "Ok everyone, the cades are at VS+2, can we please leave them that way until Viruse gets inside?"
kip gillum the zombie destroyed the radio transmitter.
dickhole spy killed a zombie.
Canuhearmenow said "I heard there is a lecture here"
Zombie Stomp said "I'm the next guest speaker, and Sir Fred has been kind enough to send some questions to me already"
Zombie Stomp said "First question was: is it called Zombish or Zombese ?"
Zombie Stomp said "That's a good question. We prefer to call it death rattle where I come from. However, I've heard it refered to as either zombish or zombese. I guess it's the classic to-MAY-to/to-MAH-to debate"
Zombie Stomp said "Second question was: Do you translate Huzzah to Hazzah or Barhah ?"
Zombie Stomp said "Barhah! covers all bases and any contingency."
Zombie Stomp said "Third question was: Do you ever call us 'Ham bags' ?"
Zombie Stomp said "Actually this is the first time I'd ever heard that used, but I'll be using it in the future. Grab bagman an mag h!m ah ham bag! Harharhar! Ham bag ganna gaaahhh an zambah gannah bah habbah!"
Zombie Stomp said "Oh yeah, that has a nice ring to it..."
Zombie Stomp said "And now I shall open the floor for other questions regarding zambah linguistics"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "***applauds*** What a grand discourse on education of the younglings. ***claps some more*** Very interesting, as a survivor the most important skill is ankle grab, with free running openning up all the really interesting resources, like libraries, I had"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "simply assumed that for zombies travel would be most important. ***takes notes in spiral bound notebook*** Well, I'm impressed. I'm gonna look for Viruse and let him know to stop in. He/She should hear all this..."
sarah tonin said "I've seen references to 'manbag' and 'manbagz' is there a distinction? Also what seems to be the fascination with 'man azz' and the under appreciation for 'bra bagz'?"
sarah tonin said "Side note: Sir Fred, 's metcalf' was contacted and asked to stop by, i thought you would like to know."
sarah tonin said "Thanks for the Critical Carl link Marina, seems interesting..."
Snarfo said "Hmmmm, well, I've never referred to any human as a ham bag, as I keep kosher myself. Harmanbargarz seems to cover most situations for me."
Snarfo said "I would like to discuss your views on neologisms in the community. For example, Andrea recently coined the term azzbag, which refers to a seat cushion. Though some of our members were unsure what Grabba ahn azzbag meant, much of our audience"
Snarfo said "quite quickly figured out that we were asking them to take a seat for the performance. However, this is probably only understood in the performing zombie community; I doubt anyone outside of Malton City Zoo would even understand why we need such a term."
Snarfo said "This speaks to the highly specialized nature of zombie vocabulary. While Death Rattle is an evolving language, I do have my concerns that it may evolve to several different dialects to such a point that speakers of one dialect will not comprehend speakers"
Snarfo said "of another. While we all retain certain linguistic features and expressions such as BARHAH which are understood by all, the isolation of the modern zombie makes linguistic diversity a foregone conclusion."
Ropes McGurk said "hello all and thanks to my comrad flickalmighty666 for the revive"
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 14 blocks to the south.
wblab said "so what are you guys all about??? Teaching and stuff?"
sarah tonin said "http://tinyurl.com/sney6"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Fresh Necronet scan just in. Zero zed attacking mall, zero zed outside Necrotech, 9 zed outside the library. Seriously, wtf ? Sorry, that was off topic, we discuss misconceptions about zombies through a dialogue containing 26 letters..."
A flare was fired 6 blocks to the south. (10 hours and 30 minutes ago)

Nov 19th

Just David said "Good afternoon everyone, I think I'll step up and give my guest lecture now! Today I'll be addressing the topic of zombie courtship and sexual harassment in Malton. These are two commonly misunderstood facets of zombiedom."
Just David said "Zombie courtship has come a long way since the start of the quarantine, as zombies obtained new skills to help them in their quest for booty. Initially, with zombie speech severely limited to a drop-down box, 'Brnhr.' was where the joy lay."
Just David said "Zombies proclaiming 'Brnhr' were amiably informing their fellow zombies that they were there, they were square, and they were ready to rock and roll. It's worthwhile noting at this point that zombie copulation is often fatal."
Just David said "As zombies writhe together in the throes of passion, claws and teeth often come into play, and the copulatee tends to end up taking a dirt nap. This is known as "arbarg!aah" in zombeze, a rough equivalent of 'afterglow'."
Just David said "Humans mistakenly referred to these intimate tangles as 'ZKing', failing to understand that one zombie was gaining experience and the other was avoiding a headshot. Back in the days where a headshot cost XP, this was quite a reward!"
Just David said "With the advent of death rattle, zombie courtship opened up to the human dimension. Brnhr remained a staple line between zombies, similar to 'Come here often?' in human terms. However, there were now infinite realms open to creative and amorous zombie"
Just David said "Basic words such as 'Azz, Manbagz and Bra Bagz' were quickly picked up on. However, as many humans simply failed to understand the connotations of such speech, increasingly eloquent and descriptive zombie sexual language was developed."
Just David said "As the letters 'D' and 'T' are almost impossible to translate to Zombese, standard words such as 'Date' were out of the question. The zombie speech range meant that, to voice appreciation of a potential partner's assets, coarse terms were un"
Just David said "'Aaah, Mz. Harman haz naaz bra bagz! Ah ahm ganna grab Mz. Harmanz azz ahn maag mah zambah banana ram Mz. Harmanz ham bagz! Mmm, naah, Mz. Harman gaab mah ah gabbah… nnrrnrnr… aaah… Zambahgazm!'"
Just David said "Such utterances were not directed as an offensive remark; the zombies were registering their interest as a willing sexual partner to the human in question, and in the absence of rejection, starting to 'talk dirty'."
Just David said "Tangling Grasp once again added to the confusion and hysteria surrounding zombies trying to take human partners. The implication was that the zombies were trying to kill the humans faster; in truth, they were simply hugging them tighter."
Just David said "Inevitably, however, the talk of 'zma!! Bra bagz' and grabbing humans wantonly caused severe legal repercussions, with some high-profile sexual harassment cases going down in Dulston, where citizens are notably conservative."
Just David said "Feeding Drag, while given the connotation of eating, is actually more closely related to having a threesome, or 'tag team', with a human who has demonstrated enough willingness to experiment that they've let a zombie bring them close to 'arbarg!aa"
Just David said "The latest dimension to zombie courtship came from Flailing Gesture. The motions closely resemble those used by males in nightclubs, with repetitive, basic arm movements combining with barely understandable words to convey a meaning."
Just David said "Education of humans on the finer points of zombie courtship should serve to clear up accusations of sexual harassment. If a zombie points out that a 'man haz nah manbagz arr banana annahmaar', then perhaps it's an insult."
Just David said "But zombies are sincere when it comes to coupling, and a zombie choosing a particular survivor to grab in a safehouse should be seen as a first date (dinner and a dirt nap), rather than a negative experience for the human party."
Just David said "Really what it comes down to is segregation. The humans view zombies as an inferior life form, and the zombies think the humans are far too serious and scream a lot. Zombie-human interaction should be encouraged wherever possible!"
Just David said "To that end, noble groups such as the Upper Left Corner, zombie performance groups and the QSG are reaching out the hand of friendship to the other side and promoting peaceful relations. I hope we can create a revolution, friends!"
Just David said "Until next time, when harmanz arr maagan barragahz, spare a thought for the baar zambahz ahn zah zraaghz! Nah haagz barh harmanz arr zambahz if there aar barragahz; only hate-talk and violence."
Just David said "Thank you for listening! Are there any questions? I'll be staying here for a few days, but I hear there's an excellent buffet in Shearbank waiting to be opened."
crook4evr said "Hey hows it going"
crook4evr said "hey whats up"
Rockby Quickfoot said "Remember people, DO NOT barricade the building any further. We need to try to get Viruse inside of here."
wblab said "I don't know how to sign up to set up giving a course of learning here, so I'll say what I may and you guys should either dismiss it or embrace it."
wblab said "*picks up a book off the shelf* Have you ever heard of Sun Tzu? Well his work has been published in chinese and converted into english, So go to your Public Library and check out Sun Tzu's work, or listen to me summerize"
wblab said "the main message I got from it was not to fight the forces of nature,and that nature has a balance."
wblab said "So if you apply that to our situation here... If you arbarg!aa(become more like the partner you had dinner with) then you should pick up their rituals and go do some arbarg!aas of your own."
wblab said "having a simple message of arbarg!aa(nap/kill) me if you want me to join you or revive me if you want me to join you, this is going with the flow of nature but now lets say 80percent were humans"
wblab said "the balance is clearly upset, and needs to be realigned, so go to your nearest high building and go bunjee jumping...cordless"
wblab said "Now lets say the zombies has finally overthrow the conservitive control of humans, you should bask in your glory and have arbarg!aa with your nearest fellow zombie, I'm sure theres no better reward than that"
wblab said "Now almost in another topic is people who kill other people cause they have little or no human skills, this is just wrong cause The flow of nature wanted them to be a zombie for a long time and it shows up in their skills"
wblab said "but they may reason wether or not its their nature to want that person to stay a zombie is another question but you should decide if you want to go bunjee jumping or dine with a zombie at your own leisure"
wblab said "I believe I covered everything I wanted to say, but end with this question Why do people decide to revive certain people?"
wblab said "Again my teaching come from Sun Tzu's Work and I follow SunTzu's Way, I'll be here reading a book in this library for maybe a day or two"
Doctor Fallout said "Greetings fellow Librarians and Literates, and a special thanks to those who've agreed to help expand the Flame of Knowledge. Viruse is at Elgius now and I've let him know we're open, I hope nobody has eaten his muffin basket. I've also invited"
sarah tonin said "**applause** **applause**"
Doctor Fallout said "Foobarosa of Survivor Security Zone fame to stop on by for a visit. I found him at Turpin awaiting an office visit. His insurance checked out, so I wrote him a prescription."
sarah tonin said "Sorry to interrupt Good Dr. but I just need extend my hand to Just David again for his wonderful speech."
sarah tonin said "Who knew i was snubbing foreward attempts at love when i shook off a tangling grasp..."
sarah tonin said "Where would one go to seek out said hot Zed action, food court at the mall? or perhaps a classy club or pub?"
Snarfo said "Just David, I have a complication to your theory. Like harmanz, zahmbahz have their own particular kinks and fetishes. Would you classify zahmbahz seeking harmanz as a fetish or mainstream desire?"
sarah tonin said "Perhaps the speechs on Zombie love and Sun-tzu are related, after all he did say To win without fighting is best, in short 'make afterglow not headshots'."
kip gillum destroyed the generator.
clydeoosky the zombie said "Graaaagh!"
Dale McGillicuddy said "clydeoosky, I sure as shoot hope you're hear for the lecture series. I'd hate to haffta open fire during this learning bonanza."
Canuhearmenow said "I have a question; How did you feel when you heard Caiger fell?"
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 11 blocks to the north.
Just David said "I was a little disappointed. Those Shacknews kids give Arbarg!aah ah bad name; I'm fairly sure that pack orgies only serve to foster the image of violence that most harmanz see when they contemplate the end stages of a Mall Seige. Still - about time!"
Just David said "Sarah, that's a very good question. The way most people would define a fetish is an unusual fixation on a typically non-sexual object or body part."
Just David said "I'd contend that, considering zombies and humans are effectively interchangeable at the drop of a syringe, that neither is outside the bounds of normal sexual attraction to the other."
Just David said "Also, most people would see fetish activity as that performed by a minority. In Malton, the vast majority of zombies are very attracted to harmanz. There is also a significant proportion who pursue 'Brnhr'; neither is unnatural."
Just David said "I think what we are really seeing is a great tragedy of unrequited love between Malton's zombie population and the survivors. One day, there will be a great work of literature written about this apocalyptic love story!"
Padre Romero said "*throws a copy of Thomas Pynchon's Gravities Rainbow*"
Padre Romero said "*onto the table*"
Padre Romero said "I'm not hear for long, eye have to face down some cheeky fellows in Pennville, but I do believe this library is home to a series of rare books by Athenasius Kircher...who nose? But I figured I should have a look."
Padre Romero said "for those of you who know not my name, don't worry about it, I'm just a wandering madman"
Padre Romero said "*walks away speaking in tounges*"
Just David said "Yes. Yes, you are mad."
dickhole spy said "hello friends, padre, good god i need a heal! Were gunna need to move to reinforce nichols mall."
Doctor Mengele said "lol youre a fucking nub DHS go get AID's and die"
Scottish Survivor said "So foul and fair a day I have not seen."
dickhole spy said "Mengele, this is dickhole guy's alt, Dickhole guy is pretty much the leader of the rangers now...Are you on the bords? thanks for the heal tho"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'm glad you Guests got to see that, Mr.Gillum went and destroyed our generator... Just so you see the full survivor experience, other survivors smash our radios too. Well, I looted this beer in the Mall... to thew generator, we barely knew yah **chugs**"
sarah tonin said "Now why would Mr. Gillum break the poor genny, noone can read in the dark. Also, Dr. Mengele please watch your language, this is a classy establishment and i will not tolerate crudeness."
sarah tonin said "As to Virus, they have been sleeping in the Eligius Hospital for days, I say raise the cades till they wake up or decide to play again. Let me get these lights back on and lets put todays ugliness behind us."
Canuhearmenow said "I have a good question! Which brings more woe to you; A headshot repeatedly, or finding no one in a barricade straffed EHB building?"
Zombie Stomp said "I have to say barricade strafing causes more woe to the zambah commuity. A headshot costs 6 AP with ankle grab, 15 AP without. I've found I can burn through 20-30 AP just tearing down cades."
Zombie Stomp said "It's like opening a nicely wrapped present, only to find nothing but stale air contained within."
wblab said "I actually like to hear more of Just David's lectures and also I've seen the Suggestions of changes to the game from Canuhearmenow"
wblab said "Canuhearmenow do you think you could help me with Suggestioning and stuff"
wblab said "ok I want to know how do you make a webpage on how to talk and write about these ideas"
Doctor Mengele said "By all means if you dont want me to ruin the mood of pseudo intellectualism then put your words into action, as i assume you value words as to be angrered by profanities then show youll back up the words of ejecting me"
Doctor Mengele said "then i can take my main, fangleader who happens to be bored in nichols, and bust this little ska band up. =)"
Marina said "Ooh, intra-human conflict *watches with interest*"
Doctor Mengele said "nah its just me being a dick as usual, But more importantly: Ren & Stimpy, Great show, or greatest show ever?"
kip gillum said "The entire world lied in the power of the wicked one."
Ropes McGurk said "Thanks to marina for the heal"
Ropes McGurk said "Why is that everytime a zombie comes in they attack me, I just don't get it."
sarah tonin said "...the Rangers aim to go wherever help is needed most and have begun to establish a reputation for being easy to work with and being willing to provide aid to places most others have already fled from."
sarah tonin said "Great Show."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Necronet scan reveals - zero zed outside herbert, zero undead outside the mall, and one zombie outside our walls... It's the zombie who was in here earlier, how can we arrange a brain rot revive ?"

Nov 20th

sarah tonin said "I asked our zombie friend clydeoosky outside to report to Herbert for a revive if he has interest, keep an eye out."
Ed Asner said "Doc, you done revived all your zombies away. Now you're really gonna be bored."
Graaaaaargh said "Thanks for the revive mengele"
Just David said "Thanks, wblab; if you've got a topic you'd like to hear a lecture on, feel free to suggest it. Doctor Mengele, I think Ren and Stimpy was rubbish."
Just David said "Especially the longer it went on. At first it was an amusing, mind-numbing diversion, then it became a little bit gross and very unappealing. It was good of you to tell us the name of your alt just in case we decide to eject you here, too!"
Doctor Mengele said "I i revived them all in good fun and because im really bored with the whole blackmore/nichols scene. ive been doing it since midaugust."
Andrea Doria said "Snarfo! Nice to smell you. What's going on?"
Just David said "Yes, Doc, it's all a bit old. I think the best thing about being in Malton is finding people interested in having fun - after all, what's the point of being quarantined in a city where you spend your days alternating between life and undeath if you can't"
Just David said "enjoy yourself? That's what all the zombies are doing - well, if they're not scratching away at barricades trying to get to their true loves."
Just David said "I think that most harmanz really just don't know what it's like to engage someone in the bliss of a good Tangling Grasp. I'm sure that one day we'll all get along!"
Dr Ransom said "Hello Quartly Library! I was told there was some interest in Zombie language here... I've been studying the subject and collecting data for months now, so I would love to be able to contribute my knowledge."
Dr Ransom said "Oh, Snarfo and Andrea! Good to see you here! You know, I'm not sure if I've ever seen you out of costume."
Dr Ransom said "You both look lovely. Hm is that a refreshment table? What's this... you have milk for the tea? Bless you, Quartly librarians!"
sarah tonin said "Dr. Ranson are you the zombie linguist promised by Sweetirony?"
sarah tonin said "Regardless, take the floor when ever you're ready..."
dickhole spy said "god damnit guys, blackmores in a bad way, and fang! how nice to see you! if your bored go back to blackmore, their in a bad way atm"
Scheffler said "The fellow called Viruse is sitting in the waiting room down in Elgius General hospital. I had gone down there because they've gotten the autclave running, and it's a sight better than doing one's own dishes."
Andrea Doria said "Ooops, sorry!"
Zombie Stomp said "Padre Romero, how fares thee? Goolina sends her kindest regards to you on this most pleasant day."
Snarfo said "Hey Doria, could you try *ahem* sealing your leaks? It's awfully cramped in here with all the smells you emanate."
Snarfo said "So, um, other than the cookies and tea, Just David gave a talk on zombie courtship and I answered a few questions that were on Sir Fred's mind."
Snarfo said "Good to squeeze ya again, Doc Ransom!"
Snarfo said "Yeah, I know, without our makeup on we look a fright. But the invite said Come as you are. And all that stage makeup is hard on the pores."
Game News: Significant new game features have been added since your last move. Read Game News
Dr Ransom said "Yes Sarah, I'm that zombie linguist. I'm not sure where to start, there's so much I could say about zombie language... I'll need some time to think. Unless anyone has anything in particular they'd like to know?"
Dr Ransom said "Oh, you don't look a fright at all, Snarfo. Quite the contrary, in fact."

Nov 21

Canuhearmenow said "yes wblab, I can help you, just make a page on the Wiki and contact me."
Canuhearmenow said "I have one final question, do you think zombies are underpowered, and if you don't think so, what are your views of the zombies that say they are underpowered?"
Hesh Applewhite said "Hey, this is Murray Jay (in alt form). Hanging out until the speaking engagement is on."
Zombie Stomp said "Can, may I address the issue? I think zombies are underpowered due to the fact that, unlike harmanz, they never need to sleep, eat or pee."
Zombie Stomp said "If the playing field was level, zombies would have more AP, because realistically speaking they never need to sleep, eat or pee. They don't get tired. They just keep coming at you."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "What a delight ! Thank you Doctor Mengele, thank you for having Graaaaaargh stop by for a visit... I met him months ago, a gentleman and a scholar."
Zombie Stomp said "If Kevan can give forts to the harmanz, he can give more AP to zombies. Why not? It already takes more AP to tear down cades than build them, and our max attack is 50%, compared to the 65% for harmanz...plus they can do more damage than we do."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mz.Stomp has very good points. The bangbang harmanz may come and stop your barhah with a headshot. But you never need help to stand up again... the bangbang man must hope for a speedy revive, the trenchcoater may be out of comission for hours."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "And the horrible monotony of searching and searching in a mall is a dire price to pay for a few headshots... You zambahz on the otherhand need no help to claw, no help to arise, you just need the Power of a Striketeam... Is there someone here who's"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "wielded the might of a Zambah striketeam ? I've only seen the other side of it... everyone gets dragged out into the street, you don't see them die, but you know it's what happens out in the street... ***wipes brow*** Human striketeams on the otherhand,"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "are seldom equipped properly, and aren't communicating with the basic efficiancy of flailing gestures and feeding groan... Skills designed for coordination but anti-spam... I'm horrible at death-rattle though..."
Marina said "*grins* You're getting there, Sir Fred, you're getting there.."
kip gillum destroyed the generator.
Doctor Mengele said "i think that was some random zombie i revived"
Adirna said "Why did Kip Gillum destroy the genny? What is wrong with you zed-heads anyway?"
Doctor Mengele said "18 zombies in blackmore. lets continue talking here"
darwins beagle said "[66, 50]"
Pfc Crud said "I don't recall whose comment it was, I have been away at school for about 12hrs since hearing it this morning, but I thought that the comment about 'false front' barricading being worse than a headshot in AP terms was very interesting. I have only ever"
Pfc Crud said "played zombies as feral, laying dead most of the time and responding to groans that were near enough in place and time to make the walk worthwhile; or attacking VS or lower cades in the hope of getting in, getting a little AP, and then groaning to give"
Pfc Crud said "other nearby ferals a chance at a higher XP:AP conversion. I pretty much avoided EH cades altogether. As a survivor I have also noted that while it is practically impossible to hold a suburb against a concerted meta game Zombie force, once the survivor"
Pfc Crud said "population has been decimated, in the coloquial rather than Roman usage ;), the remaning population can effectively hold off an overwhelmingly superior force by simply maintaining EH cades throughout. Effectively the strategy is to make the 'burb less"
Pfc Crud said "attractive than those surrounding it for the zombie horde in XP:AP terms. However, I have never been involved in either a large scale Zombie-attack or survivor defence. i would like to hear from some more experienced folks whether this strategy is"
Pfc Crud said "acctually useful, or whether the success with which I have seen it used is in fact an aberation? For instance: why would a group of full-level zombie care about XP over grand-strategy? What are some methods to counter such a strategy? What are the"
Pfc Crud said "counters to those counters? -your attentive student"
wblab said "From What I know ridleybank fellows the raw nature of numbers and attacking when you can, and shack news uses shall I say more dishonorable tactics, Pking alliances also have shacknews back from what I hear and read. I personally like Ridleybank Resistanc"
wblab said "I got problems of getting a website up and running, I got ideas I want to put there so I can refer to them when I make suggestions"
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the west and 13 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
Dr Ransom said "Wielded the might of a Zambah striketeam? I've managed to get a group of maybe 4 of my group members to attack a building full of delicious Fortressers at once. Let me tell you, by the time we were through with them they knew how much JP sucks!"
Dr Ransom said "Mmm... Fortress..... Ah, sorry, I probably shouldn't talk like that around the harmanz."
Scheffler said "I must apologize, esteemed compatriots, for leaving us in the dark for so long. No doubt the strain of reading by lamplight has been unpleasant."
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 12 blocks to the north.
Canuhearmenow said "well, wblab you just need to post them on the Urban Dead Wiki, in the meantime, I'll be at Wadham Library if you need any help, bye!"
kip gillum destroyed the generator.
kip gillum destroyed the radio transmitter.
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 5 blocks to the north.
Just David said "The zombie here is Clydeoosky; rotter; ID=620600. I'm thinking he's not friendly, but no-one is really injured; shall I remove him?"
Just David said "OK, he's at 5HP (no flak) but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt. After all, murder is a terrible thing! He might just be lonely. If you don't want a zombie in your library, then you can do the honours. Don't headshot him though, crazy liddle tacker!"
Just David said "Wielded the might of a zombie strike team, eh? Yes, well, I feel qualified on this one. My 'good friend' is a member of the GMT Breakfast Club strike team of the RRF."
Just David said "During the recent fall of Caiger, I was in charge of the team's operations. We ransacked 3 hospitals in Darvall Heights, contributed to the fall of Latrobe, then repeatedly ransacked and held 2 outlying NecroTech buildings."
Just David said "The main thing is that, with zombie co-ordination (we normally get about 5-6 zombies on the 'cades, and they come down inside a minute, then up to 15 zombies eat brains) the AP disadvantage of barricades is negated."
Just David said "Once the barricades are down, every zombie AP spent is attacking; no searches, nothing. We tend to average one kill per zombie who gets inside. That means that, even against superior numbers, we can do a lot of damage each and every day."
Just David said "Many humans will be demoralised and flee when they wake up and see 12 zombies inside their safehouse, so that works to the disadvantage of remaining defenders. Unless revives in the area are very fast (eg a green suburb), they normally can't..."
Just David said "get back inside to reinforce the building within a day, so we can whittle numbers down and ransack a building most of the time. For example our strike team reduced The Whatmore Building in Yagoton from 130 to 50 defenders in about a week, then we invited"
Just David said "another zombie group over for breakfast to finish off the rest in a big buffet! Pfc has a good point; for ferals, leading others to the buffet is the best route of harman killing."
Just David said "Against organised zombies, dummy barricading is much better than shooting them down. Ransack, of course, changed the paradigm; before it, strafers could run through a devastated suburb and zombies would wake up inside empty EHB buildings."
Just David said "For a strike team, everyone getting headshot (which is almost always the case when attacking a safehouse) means they have 42AP for the next strike; hitting a pile of EHB buildings without many brainz inside means lots and lots of wasted AP."
Just David said "Today, though, with ransack, zombies are much more able to present a powerful front where human-controlled territory in an area gets smaller and smaller as more buildings become ransacked. Systematic opening of remaining buildings assures a rout."
Just David said "The paradigm is reversed then, because rather than humans barricading for a 3:1 AP advantage over zombies, they must first kill the zombies, which (with searching and shooting) will take 20+AP per 6AP headshot (similar (opposite) ratio to cades vs claws)"
Just David said "I feel that this reversal of the 'defensive AP' part of the game contributed to Caiger's fall; so many humans were out spending their AP trying to reclaim ransacked buildings early in the seige that their resources to respond to strikes were weakened."
Just David said "A lack of co-ordination in which buildings to selectively 'save' from the zombies was also crucial. They tried to take Latrobe against 100 zombies; that's well over 1000 pistol shots worth of 'zombie barricade' inside. There were 5 other nearby NTs!"
Just David said "If a zombie horde was seiging Caiger and they saw Extremely super duper mega barricaded on one outlying building, they'd just say 'bugger it, try somewhere else first'. So the Ransack change forced a change how survivors needed to act."
Just David said "They didn't respond quickly enough, and the rest is history. So there you have it, a big lecture on zombies, barricades, ransack and other ramblings :)"
Dr Ransom said "Excellent, David. As your 'good friend' said... *pulls out solid state recorder and hits play* "
Dr Ransom said "'Hah! Zah harman ahz angrah! Zambahz zmazh zah barragahz, harm harmanz ahn ranzaag! Zan, bang bang man gaaz aaaah, zambahz ahn mah haam! Naaah! Ahn zan ranz. HAR HAR! BARHAH, brahz!'"
Doctor Mengele said "i healed the zombie"
Doctor Fallout said "If kip comes back, please shoot him. I strongly disapprove of his strange desire to fuck up our reading lights."
Snarfo said "Mmm, barbargah zaaarz!"
Snarfo said "Er....I mean, thanks for bringing condiments."
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 3 blocks to the south.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**applauds and hoots** ahem..as to the presence of this specific zombie, I am undecided. I am already surrounded by zombies... I won't shoot him, there are more zombies in here than outside the mall ! Can I get a Barhah ?"
Zombie Stomp said "Barhah! Sir Fred"
darwins beagle said "Barhah!!! i mean... wait, what do i mean? this Z seems fine, or maybe jsut outta AP, either way theyll be surprised to see all this banter when they wake up."
darwins beagle said "I also support the L.I.T.E.R.A.T.E. treatment of Kip Gillum...."
darwins beagle said "I'm sure it's what he wanted, but our dear GKer Kip Gillum met a quick demise at the business end of my pop gun in the Witherington Auto Repair. I'm NOT a PKer but, for him i'll make an exception."
Snarfo said "Maar barbargarh zaarz hranz."
Kaizer The Faust said "Oh fuck you, zed."
Kaizer The Faust killed a zombie.
wblab said "my friend was on the zombie side of Caiger he passed through killing 6 harmanz, he didn't stay for the fall though"
wblab said "Our Rotter friend hit the dirt, did he really fuck him afterwards?"
wblab said "that happened under my nose and Hes gone"
Doctor Mengele said "blackmore has fallen, my alt is waiting to score the ransack"
wblab said "I won't be able to get back in So I'm saying my good byes, oh And Just David keep dishing out the good stuff you should put it on radio or somin"
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north. ...and again.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "My this burb is getting dangerous. The necronet scan shows double zombie numbers already,Oh my, there's a horde of over two hundred zombie about 10 nw of here... they're just gonna peacefully disperse right ? *** tiptoes over to the Large print annex ***"
sarah tonin said "Only 200 at the blackmore this time, oh we'll be fine Sir Fred... *** starts stashing favorite books in ceiling tiles***... no need to go and scare everyone."
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the east and 14 blocks to the south.

Nov 22

Ropes McGurk said "could someone give me a heal the zombie clydeoosky keeps attacking me everytime he comes in"
Pfc Crud said "Just David would you say that complete anihilation actions, i.e. rooting out those last few dozen dummy barricading survivors from an overrun suburb, is something that strike teams and other organized groups take the time to do? What I mean is that given"
Pfc Crud said "the kind of XP returns that you mentioned, 130 dead survivors inside of a week, it seems that ripping down dummy 'cades would be beneath such units attention or perhaps patience. I agree that ransack does prove a particularly useful tool in denial of"
Pfc Crud said "resource buildings, but in my experience, a small and patient survivor group can essentially 'bore' a larger more organized zombie group out of an area by denying them sufficient 'return on investment'. Your idea of ransacked buildings with large zombie"
Pfc Crud said "populations as massive XP sinks is also particularly interesting. Do you think that this will lead to more sophisticated survivor group strategies? From what several people said it sounds like the problem faced is one of 'lines of supply' where the"
Pfc Crud said "retaking of resource buildings leaves no AP for cading, searching, reviving and offensive manoevers. I can think of variations of the same strategy to confront this. The first would involve a 'professionalization' or division of labour, where units would"
Pfc Crud said "spend time outside of the combat zone rearming, and revive ques would be located at some distance near secondary NT buildings, basically a difused support system, enlarging the 'battle space'. the other version would basically use alts (zergs perhaps) to"
Pfc Crud said "do the same thing. They would be in different neighborhoods, but working toward the same goal. Any thoughts on the feasibility of such an expanded conflict. Given that survivor groups seem to have trouble cooperating over much smaller distances, do you"
Pfc Crud said "think this is even posible. Any thoughts on the 'survivor security zone' as an answer to the issues you raised earlier? http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Survivor_Security_Zone"
Just David said "*Gets out notepad and jots down Pfc Crud's main points*"
Just David said "Well, your first point about rooting out the last few survivors is an interesting one. The smartest survivors are often the ones who are alive at the end, and killing them will nail home the victory and slow rehabilitation of the area."
Just David said "However, most of the time when zombies are doing the 'rolling ball of death' horde tactic, every building will be opened, by strike teams or ferals, and the clever survivors try to stay in front of/to the sides of the horde, ducking in to help out."
Just David said "With ransack, dummy barricading is much harder as I explained, so the best course of action is simply to wait for them to move on. Don't give zombies targets, and they'll go looking for them."
Just David said "It's a different story, however, when zombies and survivors both really want to hold the same ground (eg Ridleybank, the Malls, the Forts). Previously, eg. in the Gingerbread Men's barricade run of Ridleybank, proper co-ordination of a relatively small"
Just David said "number of survivors could completely transform a whole suburb; now, taking more than a few buildings at a time is difficult without large numbers (eg 5th of november)."
Just David said "Often, it comes down to dedication on the Zombie's part. In Ridleybank, there are lots of zombies and they want to keep the turf. No matter how often they get shot, they will stand up and hammer on the 'cades, and eventually eat the people."
Just David said "It would take either a lot of organisation or very large numbers to counter this, and if that's the case, the zombies can move and inflict massive casualties elsewhere."
Just David said "Your next point was about survivor organisation. I think you hit the nail on the head, that if survivors are now to hold territory, they must have dedicated role and better co-ordination than before (if they're facing a strong zombie horde that is)"
Just David said "For something like the Blackmore Building, obviously keeping zombies out was paramount. However, keeping a source of FAKs and ammo was critical, and Nichols was providing that."
Just David said "What the Survivors needed to do was hold those auxiliary buildings as strongly as they were holding the main one. Obviously much less pressure was exerted on them (eg the hospitals and PDs) so it SHOULD have been simpler to keep them in survivor hands."
Just David said "When humans are acting individually, however, countering a ransack even by 3-5 zombies is impossible, so there has to be at least some co-ordination to step in, kill the zombies, rebarricade, and keep the 'cades up."
Just David said "If there ISN'T that, then the building will stay ransacked, and it makes it much harder to stay supplied."
Just David said "So what you're proposing about specific action teams is totally true. There should be groups with the role of Secure resource building X, Get FAKs, Get syringes and revive, etc."
Just David said "Obviously if there's a breach in the main building, it should be attended to, but having a specific aim and sticking to it will ensure the success of the operation in the long term."
Just David said "At Caiger, the Eastonwood Ferals, Feral Undead and GMT Breakfast Club helped Shacknews by holding down every single NT building in the area, and striking at other non-mall buildings. Survivors acting individually would shoot up a couple of zombies"
Just David said "in a ransacked building (one of dozens in the area), but no-one would finish the job and clear the building, so the 'defending' zombies would just stand up again. That drained AP away from useful defensive measures."
Just David said "To get the adequate survivor co-ordination would be very difficult, but I think a group of 20+ could get some very effective operations happening if they tried, and were strongly disciplined. I'm not sure if it'll happen though ;)"
Flickman666 said "said I must say listening to all these speaches has taught me alot. As he enjoys his refreshments in the dark."
Just David said "I'll check out the Survivor Security zone a bit later, my 'friend' is about to have some tasty Breakfast."
SirensDiscord said "Wow, there's a lot of smart people in here. I'm just gonna leave, because you make my head hurt. Bye! Don't get eaten!"
darwins beagle said "Can someone please revive Mr. Luthius on turpin crest he's a stand up guy and it's sad to see him just swaying there...."
Scheffler said "I just revived Mr. Luthius. He should be joining us shortly."
Hesh Applewhite said "Hey, I'll be back on in about 2 hours for my speaking engagement. I'll also be fielding questions, if anyone has any."
clydeoosky the zombie destroyed the generator.
A zombie attacked you for 4 damage.
The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.)
Rockby Quickfoot said "Well folks, I don't know where I'm going yet, but I think I'm going to be moving out soon. I need some action and there's all sorts of people to help with these 40 FAKs of mine. Come tomorrow, I think Medic Quickfoot will be moving out somewhere. It's"
Rockby Quickfoot said "been real good in here. Glad I could finally fullfill that promise where I said I'd stop by Fred. You guys should write a book about the rest of these speeches so I can drop in and pick it up someday. Anywho, hopefully there will be another speech soon :D"
Hesh Applewhite said "Sorry I'm late. I got sidetracked by something else. I'll begin speaking in just a moment."
Hesh Applewhite said "Zombie media and propaganda -- Urban Dead's great irony, by Murray Jay Suskind"
Hesh Applewhite said "One of the great ironies of urban dead has always been how zombies are required to have a high level of organization. Without a high amount of metagaming, most zombie sieges would be far too disfunctional to be effective."
Hesh Applewhite said "And without media and propaganda efforts, most zombie groups would not even exist."
Hesh Applewhite said "While RRF propaganda efforts have been around since well before I've played the game, they are perhaps the most legendary propaganda campaigns ever seen in UrbanDead. The zombie Uncle Sam was something I had a good chuckle at well before I even joined"
Hesh Applewhite said "this esteemed organization."
Hesh Applewhite said "A little over a month ago, Papa Patrucio came around looking for new zombies to start up the Malton Herald & Sun again. He felt that RRF outreach efforts had waned and needed a shot in the arm with some fresh blood. I, already having a small bit of"
Hesh Applewhite said "experience making propaganda from my days in Auxunit 10, stepped forward."
Hesh Applewhite said "Restarting the Malton Herald & Sun was a big task, but one of the funnest things I've ever done. With some help from Marina, actually, I looked over some of the RRF's historical propaganda works, and with the work of a dedicated staff, especially poster"
Hesh Applewhite said "maestro Talunex, I had plenty of support in my efforts."
Hesh Applewhite said "Often times, I am consumed now by figuring out new and funny ways to glorify the RRF and make fun of the harmanz. Again, Talunex had the great idea of putting classified ads in the MH&S, which is one of the most simple yet brilliant propaganda ideas I've"
Hesh Applewhite said "ever seen. The news in brief segments often times contain our best work, explaining what's actually going on in Malton and adding a pithy one-liner or two."
Hesh Applewhite said "And then, there's the Better Know a Strike Team / Enemy / Ally (the last one should be coming soon). While I'm the first one to concede that this whole idea is a rip-off of Stephen Colbert, these interviews have truly been a blast. I get to meet new"
Hesh Applewhite said "zombahz and harmanz, get their thoughts on things that people want to know about. And joke around with them. One of the truly remarkable interviews I did was with Ron Burgundy about a week and a half ago. I was interviewing this person that who is"
Hesh Applewhite said "ostensibly my enemy, and yet by the end of the interview, I felt a genuine camaraderie with him."
Hesh Applewhite said "And I suppose that's why the people who play UrbanDead have gone forward with this ironic concept of Zombie media and propaganda. The is a bond that forms with the people who help you create something. The creative process is used to bring people"
Hesh Applewhite said "together, even if it is to eat their brainz."
Hesh Applewhite said "That is all for my comments, I will now things to the floor for questions, as it looks like a few of you are active right now (didn't get sick of waiting an extra hour for me, I feel honored.)"
Marina said "Barhah, Murray Jay! As former RRF Propaganda Corps leader, I can't start to tell you how pleased I am to see new life given to it. You guys are awesome."
Hesh Applewhite said "Thank you. I actually did spend an entire evening going over the old Malton Herald & Sun articles (I really enjoyed your one about barricade strafers holding onto buildings for minutes at a time) as well as the old posters. I've been meaning to"
Hesh Applewhite said "resurrect a few, but I keep getting excellent new work from the staff."
Hesh Applewhite said "You're a bit of an RRF legend in your own right, so I'm happy to see you here."
Marina said "*blushes* thanks! I'm nothing compared to Dangermouse, though... You know, I bet I might even be able to get him to come here and give a speech. I'm going to give it a shot, actually..."
Hesh Applewhite said "Hmm... I'll remain active for a few more minutes. I'll also be hanging out through Barhahgiving, so if anyone has any questions who isn't active, feel free to leave them with me."
Hesh Applewhite said "That's a great idea. I've never actually been in contact with him, so I'd probably pop my head back in for his speech."
Marina said "He's active in NW, he still does some stuff for NW RRF and also for another faction... Oh God, the witch trials... hah, he's still as sharp as ever, and a pleasure to work with..."
Hesh Applewhite said "Cool. I actually got inactive in NW really fast because of the whole 5th of November thing / new strike team taking up all my metagaming time. But I should put forward the few minutes it takes to play NW each day."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "***applauds for Murray Jay** What a terrific speech ! Amazing, zombie media, what a fun and ironic concept ! What form of propoganda/media do you feel would help the QSG most ?"
Marina said "*giggles* I hadn't even thought about that particular article in a long time. I think I was mad when I wrote that first sentence. perverting the sacred ground of Ridleybank into a staging ground for their narcissistic exhibitionism indeed."
Marina said "I wasn't PC leader for very long compared to DM, but oh God, good times, good times..."
Hesh Applewhite said "Well, if you have someone who's familiar with photoshop or a bit of freeware called The Gimp posters are the most effective single thing. However, being literates, you guys may want to try a news letter. Leave it in the food court of malls and see who"
Hesh Applewhite said "picks it up."
Hesh Applewhite said "Marina: yeah, it's pretty much true that 'cade strafers are more annoying than anything else, but your article was true. In the weeks before the 5th of November, we kept busting into empty buildings. It's like the strafers take pride in being griefers."
Hesh Applewhite said "*shakes fist*"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Newsletter does sound like a librarians style, thanks for the advice. And do you think humor is a valuable tool ? I've noticed people getting roused by the selfpromotional C4NT, is that mainly the humor value ? Or is that just the need to belong ?"
Hesh Applewhite said "I think it's mainly humor value. There's probably some need to belong. I mean, let's face it, this is an online game, there are some lonely people playing it. However, the groups that truly flourish tend to be the ones that have the most fun with"
Hesh Applewhite said "things. And what's more fun than being funny?"
Rockby Quickfoot said "Even I like the job you do on the Sun & Herald. I'm a dedicated medicinal supplier and I always read the Herald whenever you make a post for a new issue on the C4NT board. Just got to like good ole propaganda. All those pictures you guys make are nifty as"
Hesh Applewhite said "Thank you. Again, my objective is to have fun in the game, and I see no reason why survivors should be excluded (unless they find brain eating not to be fun)."
Rockby Quickfoot said "well. Keeps me occupied for a bit reading the humour. In short, keep up the good work on it and keep telling us about new issues on the forums so I can go read it. Just ignore anyone who gets riled up about it."
Marina said "Yeah -- when I was playing, that's what they were doing with Ridleybank... and pretty much nothing else. I'd break into the Spring Building, my old home, and there'd be nothing there but some poor level 1 who thought it was safe..."
Marina said "and it wasn't even fun to eat their poor little brains..."
Hesh Applewhite said "Anyway, I'm gonna get going now. If anyone else has some questions, feel free to leave them here. I'll be back sometime tomorrow to answer them. Barhah!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Good night my fellow survivors, a barhah to the guest undead, and to the literates..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "So wise so young, they say do never live long."
dickhole spy said "DHG and co have made it safely down to for perryn. If ever you guys are in need of refuge, we'll set up a library in the fort for you"
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, by all appearances, we'll be in for some serious barhah action in the next couple days. I've saved a couple reviving shots to help clean up afterwards. Librarians, shall we regroup at the usual safehouse, or set a new'un?"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Heh... I checked out Creedy a bit yesterday. Just how defensible are the forts? Can the Illiterate types get in through the gatehouses?"
dickhole spy said "not unless they break it., the forts are quite defensible actually. eventually the zombies will want to leave"
darwins beagle said "**applause** **applause**"
darwins beagle said "For anyone that missed it i just made a word pad doc out of the last days speeches.... four pages, wow, four pages..."
Ropes McGurk said "Thanks for the heals guys"
Ropes McGurk said "goodnight all"
Flickman666 said "said Hi sir Fred nice to see you too. And what a honor to be healed by marina thank you. I have really been enjoying these speaches."

Nov 23

Pfc Crud said "Wow, awsome commentary Just David. I've been playing this game for almost a year now and this is by far the most fun i have had. i love the fact that a simple, on the surface, online game like this can be so tactically and strategically deep, and at the"
Pfc Crud said "same time can hold such unplumbable depths of culture and community. The progression that Just David was talking about is one from chaotic anarchy through progressively more complex levels of organization into something else... a 'disciplined' structure"
Pfc Crud said "similar to the pseudo military organization of the larger zombie hordes. I think Hesh, Marina and Sir Freds conversation about 'Zombie media and propaganda' was a perfect addition to that point in that it indicates the depths of both organization and"
Pfc Crud said "comeraderie that are produced in responding to the increasingly complex problem of surviving and thriving as both 'sides' of the zombie-human conflict adapt to each other and to new rule sets. Just as in the creation of a real world society out of"
Pfc Crud said "anarchic freedom, the gains secured by greater organization don't spring from nothingness, but are made in response to some perceived obsticle or enemy. As Marina said, when she sat down and had a lengthy discussion with her 'enemy' she found that she had"
Just David said "Nice speech, Murray! I love your work on the MH&S - I'm part of the GMT Breakfast club (in alt form, clearly), and your 'get to know a strike team' article on us was good fun :)"
Pfc Crud said "a great deal in common with him. Yet both of their organizations find their reason for existance in the opposition to the other. similarly as Hesh said. the best part of the game isn't in 'trenchcoating' but in sharing a laugh with familiar folks."
Pfc Crud said "And that's the rough beginings of a community out of anarchy. maybe this is only surprising to me because of a previous lack of mmorpg experience, but it's the kind of thing I have read about many times as a history student, and it seems both odd and"
Pfc Crud said "remarkable to find it here, trimmed of all its physical trappings... in short, I love this game :) P.S. To all you RRF'ers I have never directly seen you in action, your reputation far preceeds you: more than a month ago an alt of mine in the far SE of"
Pfc Crud said "the city was in a building that was attacked by several random zombies and one RRF member. The attack was beaten back with only a few losses, but the RRF zombie was identified and someone raised the alarm. When i woke up the previously packed building was"
Pfc Crud said "almost empty as everyone tried to flee the area before the hammer blow fell. It turned out to just be a straggler, or maybe a small group, because no large assault followed. But in that first panic the RRF essentially won without fighting... Your"
Pfc Crud said "reputation precedes you. :)"
Rockby Quickfoot said "OK folks. I'll be heading ot now. Glad I could visit this place in it's prime. I'm going to Shearbank to see how things go if Shacknews attacks. I still think this is our one big chance to hit em hard. Those stupid forts are worthless."
Marina healed you for 10 HP.
Dr Ransom said "Wow, a lot of great speeches and discussion! You guys are some tough acts to follow. I'm going to speak in greater detail later today, but I did want to address one point now, just introducing a point of terminology."
Dr Ransom said "The terms Zombish and Zombese refer to two different codes some zombies use. They are not languages; it would be like a harman going around speaking in Morse code. Now, the real zombie language, the one everyone actually uses, has been called"
Dr Ransom said "Zamgrh or kiZombie in one article. However, I find that article to be flawed in many ways. First of all, it is prescriptive rather than descriptive; that is, instead of describing the way zombies actually speak, it tells them how they should speak."
Dr Ransom said "This means that only those zombies who have read that article can speak the form of zombie language outlined within it. Yet how many zombies read linguistic articles? Er... apart from myself, I mean? The other problem is that its author does some"
Dr Ransom said "strange things like parsing hambargarz and somehow coming up with a verb 'barg,' which I have never heard any zombie using. When I originally read the article, I was unsatisfied and decided to study the zombie language myself, hoping eventually to write"
Dr Ransom said "a descriptive analysis of the zombie language as actually spoken by zombies. I found it a little difficult to get close enough to make field recordings however, without becoming one of them... so that was how I came to join the ranks of the undead."
Dr Ransom said "But I digress. After months of study and analysis, I have come to the conclusion that the language spoken by the Zombies of Malton is a pidgin language, with English as its lexifier and an unknown true zombie language as its substrate. And so I have"
Dr Ransom said "come to call it Zombie Pidgin English, or ZPE. Later on I will give support for classifying the language as a pidgin (or possibly creole), speculate as to the nature of the unknown substrate, discuss language variation in ZPE, and outline briefly some of"
Dr Ransom said "the phonological and grammatical features of the language. I can also answer questions if anyone has any."
Game News: Contact lists now include the colour-coding of friends and enemies, and allow you to block dialogue from players you don't want to listen to. Read Game News

Snarfo said "Happy Brainsgiving to all my American listeners!"

Snarfo said "::wanders around in search of turkey and cranberry sauce::"
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the west and 12 blocks to the south.
sarah tonin said "Sonny Corleone has been revived outside Eligius Hospital in the hopes of giving a speech..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "** brushes spongecake and nillawafer crumbs from podium** Ahem... We at the QSG often break valuable rules of survival. Like letting everyone know where we are and sleeping in a resource building. When one of us finally joins your corpselike army, what"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "rules for avoiding headshots and translating feeding groan would you suggest ? Being in the eye of the storm, as it were, we may all very soon need to know how to be the best undead."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I saw Ghoulius Caesar in the mall and invited him, this 'Gore corps' is new since I fought the RRF last... ***throws extra DNA scanners at you**"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Goodnight all, Happy Pie day everybody **tip toes off to the indo-european linguistics archive with a good biography***"

Nov 24

Hesh Applewhite said "Hmm... I'd love to see Sonny or Ghoulius speak, but this harman alt of mine is in a group (albeit a small one) so I must be going. Thanks for having me. I may have to make my way back here sometime because this has been a lot of fun. Barhah!"
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
Just David said "I must also take my leave, unfortunately; RRF operations bring my alt within dangerous proximity (you might want to flee) and I don't want to proximity-zerg."
Just David said "Oh, and it looks like Pfc isn't here anymore to hear my thoughts about the Survivor Security zone. Personally I think the idea is a good one, but getting survivors to work together in the manner necessary is like herding cats."
Just David said "Also, while it would provide a very defensible area, the only way survivors can really hold ground in the face of a true zombie wrecking ball (Shacknews, Big Bash in prime, Mall Tour) is critical mass in a single building, ala Caiger II."
Just David said "So while it would provide a defensible area, it wouldn't be an area that could 'hold' per se. It'd be hard for any zombie group to flatten the whole area at once if survivors played to their advantages, free running around etc, but... they don't."
Just David said "And considering it's right near Ridleybank, there's automatically an area which will be hard to continually colonise, and survivors trying to claim ground is like a red rag to a bull. I'll be interested to see how it progresses!"
Just David said "I wish the QSG every success in their intellectual endeavours, and thank you all for the hospitality! I'm sure I'll stop by again in the future, though I'm not sure which side of the battle I'll be on - remember to follow the Arbarg!ah!"
sarah tonin said "I just took a little walk down to Eligius and after my pistol and cade spree there are still four inside and three knockin'.... Sonny is nowhere in sight..."
Pfc Crud said "Wow... that Fort is really insane... no freerunning inside means all the buildings are VSB, or else people can't move between them. It's a zombie feeding frenzy. Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there :P"
Dale McGillicuddy said "The fort would be nice, if'n there were something worth takin, but there's nothing you can get there that you can't from a mall, and a mall is more defensible. Oh, well. Maybe someday the army will airdrop in some rifles or something."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Um... if two RRF Gore Corps troops haven't shown up for the lecture series, then they seem to be here for business."
sarah tonin said "Oh c'mon... most of the people in the mall have more zed than harman skills, i'm sure we're fine..."
sarah tonin said "oh wait that's right.... reading sarcasm is difficult..."
Goolina said "I'm here for the lecture series, on here for business/RRF-related purposes. When your next speaker is done, I'd be happy to present on the subject of Death Cultists and You."
Goolina said "Gah, I meant to say NOT on here for business/RRF-related purposes! No, that was not a Freudian slip."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh dear Goolina, or may I just call you Gooli ?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Gooli, there's zombie business to the north and to the south of us, getting the RRF involved too would just tickle me pink !"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'm having contacting other hordes, who do you think is the most pun-able... The Minions or the Shining Ones ?"
Goolina said "I'd suggest contacting Keith Moon of the Minions of the Apocalypse. He's quite an affable fellow."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Our next guest, pyromonkey, is at Turpin Crescent, I'm too exhausted from sandpapering this paint off the podium... Gooli, you have the science skills, can you get Pyro ? ***giggles nervously***"
Half and Half said "Ah there you are Doc! Thanks for the revive!"
Half and Half said "Zancz! Ahh mah ga! Zambaz ar brabang an rahrang! Arh!!!! Mrh?"
Half and Half said "So the discussions are in Survivor speak, correct? (We hope...) So what letters should be added by Kevan to zombie speak?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Yes, please consider your discussion in survivor speak. We have learned a valuable term or two in the zombie languages, but for the sake of everyone's sanity we feel"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "that it will be much easier to communicate this way. I've tried speaking with zombies before, it was all grr and mrh... This is much more informative, hopefully the two guests from the Gore Corps will teach us about the strike teams !"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Here, we've got biscuits... ***offers nilla wafers to the Gore Corps***"
Ropes McGurk said "thanks Marina for the heal. The Templars are always greatful to those who give us help in any form"
Ropes McGurk said "thanks sarah for the tap yes I am almost done with the book. I will return it before I go"
Ropes McGurk said "I'll be back later (as he puts copy of Necroscope on the returns desk)"

Nov 25

MoreThanDork said "Heeeeeeeeeeeeey! Look! I'm a real live boy!!!"
Snarfo said "Hey, MoreThanDork, good to see another JPS member visiting. Whenever we need hyena extras, we'll definitely be calling on y'all."
Snarfo said "Half and Half, I've long been wanting the letter W as a zombie. I find it difficult to express my desires, having to rely on zanna to communicate something close to wanna. I think W would also be useful for sad zombies."
MoreThanDork said "So, um... Who's the librarian in charge of booking the speekers? Who's a revivde zed gotta talk to to get a gig?"
Snarfo said "We are able to express joy by HAR HAR HARing or saying that we are HABBAH ZAHMBAHZ. But when we are sad, what is there for us to say? I would like to be able to share my feelings in times of sadness, and WAAAAAA seems like the appropriate zombie"
Snarfo said "expression of sorrow or longing."
MoreThanDork said "Hey Snarfo! Good to see you again! Andrea too! You know JPS is willing to HAR HAR HAR any time you need us."
Half and Half said "Snarfo, I would like the letter T myself. Maybe have the guy undead able to use the letter T and girl undead use the letter W."
Half and Half said "As a side not, I got a ton of revives. Anyone needing a revive just give a hollar!"
Half and Half said "How is an undead male supposed to talk like the unwashed, unkempt, icky guy he is without the letter T? The letter B can work at times but there is a strange tone when the average undead guy talks about Bananas and Azz. Hopefully the Ladies present will"
Half and Half said "forgive my vulgar words, but we are talking of bettering our fellow undead, male and female. ;) BTW, anyone have a sitrep on the suburb? Will I wake up dead anytime soon?"
Snarfo said "Hmmm, now we're approaching dangerous territory, with the assumption that male zombies never feel sad. Perhaps the reason that male zombies never cry is not their lack of sadness, but their lack of the appropriate consonant to express such sadness."
Snarfo said "And W is useful for other emotions, such as desire. A more polite zombie society would say Ah WANNA grabba zah azz, thereby asking permission, instead of stating Ah GANNA grabba zah azz, which does not allow the target of azz-grabbing to politely refuse."
Snarfo said "When we look at the problem of zombie sexual harrassment, as Just David discussed with us recently, we find that it really is necessary to make our intentions as zombies clear. And though saying WANNA opens us up to refusal, with the recent survivor rape"
Snarfo said "controversy, it's really the way to go, I think, so that we can avoid offending others."
Snarfo said "I'm intrigued, however. What expressions would be added to zombie speech with the letter T? And what happened to Dr Ransom? I think she would be interested in this discussion."
Snarfo said "Hey, I was just in the restroom and someone left this here. I don't know if you want it, though, seeing as it was in the restroom."
Snarfo said "::hands over a seemingly unharmed copy of James Joyce's Dubliners::"
Goolina said "I'm here to speak on the subject of Death Cultists and you. I know there's been a lot of consternation over the Gore Corps and some of our ways."
Goolina said "One thing we do not do is spy for the RRF. Yep, it's true! We're not RRF spies. In fact, the RRF takes a very dim view of spying, and will publicly chastise members who have spied."
Goolina said "Our main goal is to share the gift of barhah with you harmanz. Sometimes we have to act like Santa and come down the chimney, metaphorically speaking, to give you this gift."
Goolina said "In a siege situation, we like to think we level the playing field for our zethren. We strike from the inside - sort of like you harmanz sneak out of a building and XP farm off of sleeping zambahz."
Goolina said "Unethical? I don't think so. Some would disagree, but to them I have to respond with: All is fair in love and war. I love my zambah zethren, and I want to share that love with you harmanz during times of war."
Goolina said "I'm certainly not sneaky. I think it's safe to say that a lot of people already know Goolina's name and know who the RRF and the Gore Corps are. It makes my job a little more of a challenge!"
Goolina said "But it's certainly good for a laugh when I'm attacking harmanz, and other harmanz are healing me at the same time. The PTT has been very helpful with healing and revives, even though I'm on their list of known PKers."
Goolina said "Now, I'd like to open the floor to questions from the audience. Anyone?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ok, now we're getting somewhere. Gooli, what size of operation does the Gore Corps usually crack into ? MoreThanD if you are wikiliterate just inform us there, otherwise just declare your lecture topic and get started. Gooli is discussing death cults."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "And does the Gore Corps prefer PKing or using crowbars on barricades ? I'd prefer the hunt, but crowbars help younglings... but then you can't feeding groan, so you can't call the younglings then..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "btw brainrotters are blocking turpin crescent... that means we will need the speakers profiles. And Pyro, are you still planning on educating us tomorrow ?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh no, I can't ask you to clear the RP, its the Minions of Apocalypse, you've fought with them right ?"
Goolina said "The Gore Corps works with different branches of the RRF, so we occupy ourselves with anything from simple NTs to malls. I've found that one or two of us in one corner, while the zambahz are working their magic, can be very effective."
Goolina said "Personally, I prefer PKing. Swinging a crowbar isn't as effective as a shotgun blast on an active barricader."
Goolina said "Also, when we work with different strike teams, all the members have a heads-up on who we are and they have our profiles, so they (usually) know not to attack us. We coordinate our efforts for maximum barhah."
Goolina said "Sometimes though, even our zethren get a little too enthusiastic, and they can't help but give one of us a hug when they see us in a building. At that point, we have to remind them who we are."
Goolina said "Ala, it also notifies other harmanz that the Gore Corps is in the house. Then it's like OMG teh RRF spiez & PKers!!1eleven"
Goolina said "But you know, we have ways of dealing with getting PKed ourselves. We don't take it personally, since many of us have full NT skills and can easily get re-revived. We're basically an unstoppable killing machine."
Half and Half said "I think that GRAAHHH!!! pretty much covers any sad ground that a male undead might need to emote. We are talking about men after all ;)! Your statements are very concise and enjoyable, Snafo. Perhaps in the '60s when the zombiefied Beatles singing"
Half and Half said "'Ah wanna grab ar Han' but in today's undead world 'Grab' would be a better word. I'm not sure about the recent controversy since this is my only dedicated human. Being undead is must simpler but a bit frustrating trying to speak."
Half and Half said "The letter T can be used for many of the same uses as the letter G but T is more masculine then G. Remember this is for male undead. The more ways guys can drink beer out of a can, the happier they are."
Half and Half said "I think the good Doctor is feeling a bit under the weather and also has a few term papers to complete. I'm sure that I can safely say that our prayers are with 'him'. Sorry about the more then usual disjointed talk. I was going back and forth btween alts."
Half and Half said "BTW, St Matheos's Hospital in Crooketon is cracked. Anyone with an alt there, please report. Goolina, would you like to share your views on the fall of Caiger? I do apologize if this was covered before. I managed to send my human up there to see the fall."
Half and Half said "Just ducked out to check the AO. 28 undead massed at the Eligius General Hospital. 4 undead at the Dempsey Grove Police Dept. I warned the people sleeping at the hospital. Revived the solitary soul at Turpin. Any thoughts on the 28 undead?"
Half and Half said "If that was the only hospital in a mall less suburb, it would make some sense. Wow, alot of revived dead here. (Yes, I am slow) Is that a requirement to blather? You guys get CRed? Sorry about rambling. Just gettiing my fix. ;)"
Snarfo said "Half and Half, I could use some examples of the distinctions you make between G and T. I'm not sure I agree that they can be substituted for one another...and the idea that one is more masculine than the other, well, I just don't know on that one."
Snarfo said "I may have to die soon. I feel like dancing. For all their vowels and consonants, harmanz don't have Flailing Gesture."
Snarfo said "::begins doing the Robocop, Roger Rabbit, and other strange dances from the 80s and 90s::"
Goolina said "Dang it, StrayZombie got a revive, but doesn't have free running so he can't get in here. He's RRF Gore Corps and wanted to attend the lecture too. Can we knock the cades down a bit? I'll build them back up right away."
Marina said "I've barricaded back up to very strongly... from lightly, I should add. Take care, everyone ;)"
StrayZombie said "I'm StrayZombie, also with the RRF Gore Corps, and I'm here for the lecture series. Thanks for having me."
StrayZombie said "there are 8 zombies trying to get in, let's keep an eye on the cades"
Marina said "*grins at StrayZombie* Kinda fun to see it from the other side. I get twitchy now when I see them at lightly..."

Nov 26th and 27th (Not sure where to break it up)

Sir Fred of Etruria said "***cheers and claps*** This is getting to be an enthusiastic discussion. I would love to take a more active role in leading the discussion, but I cannot ask my zombie guests to revive/barricade. I'm honored you came to chat, I'm cleaning Turpin cresc."
Goolina said "Zoutroi! Glad you made it. I've been speaking on Death Cultists and You, and I know you've seen the transcripts on the Gore Corps board. Is there anything you'd like to share with our hosts on the topic?"
sarah tonin said "Has anyone lost a copy of 'Flatland'? I found it lying outside of the Guilford..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Barhah ! Don't delay, you may be on the other side of the cades tomorrow ! Let us know about the day you got feeding drag ! Or the day you got ransack ! I haven't seen a new harman skill..."
Tom A Hawk healed you for 10 HP.
MoreThanDork said "in between lectures i've been sneaking down to rawlings PD in search of flak jackets. but its generator is out of fuel. Where does one find such a thing? i've never ran into a gas station before..."
Doctor Fallout said "Fuel can be found in Factoies and Auto Repair Shops"
Goolina said "Sir Fred, let me know which zambah guest speaker you'd like me to revive, and I'll be more than happy to do it."
FreshZombieMeat said "Cheer! YAY! quartly library!"
MoreThanDork said "Oh maaaan! Who took all my booze? ::looks at FreshZombieMeat and scowls::"
You heard a loud and distant groaning 3 blocks to the west and 1 block to the north.
You heard a loud and distant groaning 1 block to the west and 2 blocks to the south. ...and again.
FreshZombieMeat said "Where do i return my books?"
Dale McGillicuddy said "You can use the night drop, or just leave it at the returns desk."
Marina said "Barricaded back up from loosely. Your, er, zombie buffet alert is doing its job nicely. *stares at generator* *twitches* I'd be doing you guys a favor, really I would... *twitches some more, snaps out of it and finds a new book*"
Fred of Etruria said "**Dusts off podium, lacking a gavel he bangs a coffee cup** Well, I seem to have a couple generations of RRF members in here... as well as the mysterious FreshZombieMeat (today's birthday) I think he is George Bush's Alt. And Pyromonkey was going to"
Doctor Fallout said "We *do* need the light to read by."
Doctor Fallout said "I could be wrong, but I believe that the fresshzombiemeat is also known as one Mr. Dobbs"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "discuss the Papa's he'd served under. I don't want to touch that topic, rude to my guest, but I do want to discuss the different RRFs that I've heard of and seen in game. The RRF speaks of its history, and the strike ! Now you've smited another harman"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "incurssion into Ridleybank, can you tell me how the ransack feels ?"
Pyromonkey said "Ok I’m not that good at giving speech's considering most of the time I only have death rattle to work with, but I’ll give this a shot anyway, first I’d like to state that with the exception of roughly a month over the summer I have been a member"
Pyromonkey said "of the RRF since mid May of 2006."
Pyromonkey said "Because of this fact I have had the privilege of serving under all three of our leaders which are referred to in the RRF as “Papa’s”; Some people think it a bit odd that we have had three of these so called “Papa’s”"
Pyromonkey said "I find that it just ment we have had three different styles of leadership and guidance."
Pyromonkey said "From my experience with Petrosjko it seemed to me that his method of leadership was giving orders to the leaders of the strike teams which at the time of his leadership consisted of The BARHAHville Constabulary The Night Owls, The Party Crashers,"
Pyromonkey said "Squaredancing Squad and the GMT breakfast club. But he seemed to have more of a “Pick a suburb and destroy it” method of attack."
Pyromonkey said "This was a devastating method of attack which I have experience first hand as part of the BiTS tour last spring. This method of attack consisted mostly of targeting resource buildings of a suburb first and then just smashing everything else in the suburb"
Pyromonkey said "Our second leader and the one that I experianced the least of was Sonny. The reason for this is the time that I spent away from UD and the RRF consisted of most of his leadership"
Pyromonkey said ", From what I saw though he was more involved in the strike teams the Petro but not as much as our Current leader patrucio."
Pyromonkey said "It seem’s to me that patrucio has been utilizing the strike teams more then any of the previous leaders have people use this as an argument that he merely sits in the backround pulling the strings of the RRF while contributing little to the assults."
Pyromonkey said "That statement could not be futher from the truth. Not only is patrucio a leader of the RRF he also is head of the strike team “The packers” and recently I saw him at the ransacking of nicholes mall in stanbury village."
Pyromonkey said "If any one has a question about the RRF's leadership then I wil now answer them."
Pyromonkey said "It sorry jaws still a little loose"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Woohoo **applauds** striketeams, leadership, and Barhah !"
You heard a loud and distant groaning 3 blocks to the west and 1 block to the north.
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
sarah tonin said "Good Show Pyromonkey **applauds**"
sarah tonin said "Sorry to stray from the topics at hand, but i felt like putting up a generator in the Philpotts as i was sick of tripping down the stairs when i go to look at Turpin Crest, what say you about 'dummy generators'?"
sarah tonin said "Hey Flick!!!"
LicketyFlick420 said "hey thanks for the healing. there is another templar at turpin wow there is a hell of a lot of zombies at the hosptial"
LicketyFlick420 said "i bet i missed alot of speaches. To bad"
You heard a loud and distant groaning 1 block to the east and 3 blocks to the south.
You heard a loud and distant groaning 1 block to the west and 2 blocks to the south.
You heard a loud and distant groaning 1 block to the east and 3 blocks to the south. ...and again. ...and again.
You heard a loud and distant groaning 1 block to the west and 2 blocks to the south.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Well goodnight everybody, anybody who wants to see a zombie horde at work should visit eligius hospital... Goodnight, see you tomorrow **grabs biography and heads to the cthonian and troglodytes department**"

Bloody Nov 28th

Pyromonkey said "Im running to the PD south of here if you have a question for me wait til I anounce that Im back"
Pyromonkey said "Ok im back now"
sarah tonin said "Just in NecroNet Scan: Eligius22, Quartly7, Rawlins Row6... Sleep well... cades at EHB... ... ... i'll keep the lights on for you sweet Malton."
Half and Half said "Cades at hospital at VS. Still have 28 undead outside of Hospital. Also put the library cades at EH+4. Pardon the interuption, please continue."
Snarfo said "Well, as Andrea's been oddly quiet, and hasn't hit me in days, I thought I'd speak a little about the life of a performing zombie."
Snarfo said "You may not know that the Broadway Zombies' home theatre is at Broadway Drive in Darkside. Our original theatre was destroyed during the outbreak, of course. We'd always wanted to go to Broadway, however, and go to Broadway we did! When we got there,"
Snarfo said "a revive point had been set up, and we spent a few days constantly getting revived until we finally just grabbed some spray paint and moved the revive point a block southwest. Well-meaning harmanz, having never seen a zombie performing troupe before,"
Snarfo said "were constantly trying to make us either alive or really dead. As a result, we decided that it was best to go on tour for a while and drum up a fan base. Get our name out there."
Snarfo said "During the summer of this year, we toured Malton, sometimes shambling for days to any venue that would have us."
Snarfo said "As we've toured, we've developed our performance style and gained new members. Zombie communication being what it is, we don't really know where everyone is. Once in a while one of us runs into a Broadway Zombie we haven't met before!"
Snarfo said "Our first performances were more on the musical revue sort of things. WE"
Snarfo said "::turns down the microphone:: We'd pick a show and and belt out a song or two when the mood struck us. This was great fun! Being zombies, this haphazard performance style came naturally to us."
Snarfo said "After a time, however, we began to feel the need to grow as performers. Taking over an abandoned (well, partially abandoned) Auto Repair, we staged Grease! in August."
Snarfo said "Grease! was notable primarily because it featured the first human-zombie duet in theatre history. Shortly after Grease!, Flailing Gesture was introduced to Malton."
Snarfo said "Being a dancer myself, this was a great thrill. We'd previously been restricted to attempting to speak our movements, meaning all we really had was BANG and RAH! While this made for a rousing performance of Stomp!, it did make the Greased Lightning number"
Snarfo said "rather difficult to stage. It was extremely fortunate that we were near Club Cocker and able to try out Flailing Gesture to all the ABBA a zombie could want."
Snarfo said "Our final performance of the season was at the Malton Zoo, a highly publicized production of the Lion King. We had to pull in our friends from JPS to play the hyenas. Our first command performance featured specially made costumes and tasty snacks."
Snarfo said "After a long, hard summer of shambling all over Malton, it was truly gratifying to be welcomed so graciously by MTI and the Zoo. Honestly, they made us feel like celebrities! Being on tour is a lot of hard work - lines to memorize, uncomfortable seats on"
Snarfo said "the tour bus, too many meals at McZed's, and the occasional heckler. There was one day that Lurch didn't have any clean tube socks and I've got to tell you - you only let that happen once!"
Snarfo said "However, we and the head of Alfredo Garcia survived it all, and returned in September to our Performance Space. We've mostly been sipping Brainya Coladas and hanging out by the pool, but we're considering a brief winter tour for the holidays."
Snarfo said "As much work as it entails, the life of a performing zombie is never dull! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have while I drink this barbargar zaarz. ::GLUG::"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. (3 hours and 16 minutes ago) ...and again.
Vanilla Ice the zombie killed Dr Ransom.
Shaun the Dead the zombie killed Dale McGillicuddy.
Shaun the Dead the zombie attacked you for 4 damage.
The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.)
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
hamidou the zombie destroyed the generator.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
Shiakou the zombie killed Andrea Doria.
SpiroAgnew the zombie dragged Adrian Lucien out into the street.
Intrepidman3 the zombie dragged Doctor Fallout out into the street.
Intrepidman3 the zombie dragged Garth Holliday out into the street.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Hadrada killed a zombie.
Goolina said "Dumbasses, why are you attacking RRF members?"
Ghoulius Caesar killed a zombie.
Ghoulius Caesar said "That's for infecting me, you asshole! I'm RRF!"

      • combat happens sorry, we were all involved no good shot***

Harry Balzac said "I loved your story Snarfo."
Dr Ransom the zombie gestured at itself.
Dr Ransom the zombie said "Mrh?? Mrh??? Ah nah ranna harm zah rh!brarh!anz, ah ranna bah ah harman aga!n. Mrh?"
Marina said "Poor zambah. My goodness, I've never been into the whole revive pushing thing before... this feels remarkably transgressive."
Marina said "*looks at the strange-smelling body with an odd look on her face* I almost can't believe I just did that. *shivers*"
sarah tonin said "Mummy !! Mummy!! six! six! six kills in a row WOW! what a show!"
Darrien Creek said "H-h-hows it going, Q-q-quartly Study Group? Anything this YRC field a-a-agent can do while he's h-h-h-here?"
FlickAlmighty666 said "said There is a whole lotta zeds outside. there is 14 i got through 2 dna scans then got attacked. ** wipes his brow and starts to itch his beard.**"
Snarfo said "zzzzzzzzharm harm harm harzzzzzzz harm harm...wha-huh? I slept through all the action! Thanks for the boo-boo kit Sir Fred!"
Dr Ransom said "Phew, thanks Marina. That was strange for me too, I don't think I've ever asked for a revive before."
Dr Ransom said "I know I promised some time ago to speak soon, but ah... my notes are more disorganized than I realized, and I need a little more time to prepare. If it is alright with our hosts and if we're still here by that time, I will speak this Friday (in 2 days)"
Dr Ransom said "Glad you made it, MTD! And... Darrien Creek? Didn't I see you... ahem... at Caiger?"
MoreThanDork said "I got stuck in a dangerous place 'cause, i dunno, the website went down or something. And I got murdered. But now I'm back! Hey Doc! Crazy seeing you in the flesh like this, if ya know what I mean. I gotta sleep now, but i'll see y'all tomorrow."

Nov 30

sarah tonin said "I'm a sucker for overhead light... but if 'yall want to keep a low profile i'll abide...."
sarah tonin said "*cough* apparently i need a brush up on my slang spelling... ... y'all"
sarah tonin said "...i couldn't help myself, so i lit the Kirkby Building. Hopefully the glow of the nearby buildings through the cades will be enough to see footnotes...."
FlickAlmighty666 said "said Wow there are so many zambahz over at the hospital. 3 inside and about 20 out side. One of them bitt me but i'm ok. **Brushes off labcoat then scratches beard**"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
clydeoosky the zombie attacked you for 4 damage.
The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.)
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Marina healed you for 10 HP.
Marina said "You know, unnamed zombie, if you have any interesting topics you want to give a lecture on, you're quite welcome to join us..."
Half and Half said "Thick skinned bugger. Clydeoosky is Level 16 Brain rotted Zombie. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=620600 Wow, I remeber the big hoopla about UD cracking 500,000 characters. Time flys. MTD, in another undead life, do I know you? FAK on Clyde!"
Half and Half said "There you go Clyde. Doesn't look like Clyde has the mouth full of marbles skill. 40XP short. You can chew on me to get the XP, just be gentle and don't kill me too much. Gonna check outside first."
MoreThanDork said "i don't think so... are you rrf?"
Half and Half said "7 undead outside. One dead in hospital. And I forgot to save the first page, so could everyone please repeat their presentations? :)"
Half and Half said "Long time ago. Before Petro left."
MoreThanDork said "oh, youre bbb? i'm sure we've run into each other at blackmore :)"
Half and Half said "I was BBB but this is my only human alt. I tend to move about. I thought you were talking to me when you said 'Doc'. I forgot about our good Doctor here. Hey Doc, hows the finals coming?"
MoreThanDork said "and now you joined the blackmore brigade??? or am i thinking of the wrong abbrev? I joined under Sonny's ruling. Between you and me and the Doc (the rest of you, pretend not to listen) i'm glad sonny's gone"
MoreThanDork said "yeah. doc ransom and I have done our share of biting together. we're kinky."
Half and Half said "Shh, shh! I have killed a few DORIS types. Surprised I'm not on a list somewhere. So am I going to wake up dead? And I forgot what was the discussion about. Being in this dark library is making me more confused then normal. The library index is now comput"
Half and Half said "instead of cards. Do we need power for that? I have to admit that I probed the good Doctor once. But it was a special occasion. Caiger had just fell. Special times...(wipes tear)"
MoreThanDork said "yes, i cried too. tears of joy... and blood. It was delicious."
MoreThanDork said "I still don't know what I should lecture on. Does anyone have any requests? Something they've been waiting to hear about? If so, do let me know. I'm open to any and all suggestions."
Darrien Creek said "Er, yeah...in one s-s-s-state or another. Research into undead neocortical research shows that s-s-some people are more prone to revert to an agressive feral state than o-o-others, which may be tied to issues of...er, satiation."
Darrien Creek said "Oh, right, y-yo-you-re hold that meet and greet."
Darrien Creek said "Morth Babid t-t-told me about that before Blackmore f-f-fell."
clydeoosky the zombie said "Brnhr."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Dale McGillicuddy killed a zombie.


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