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Feb 13th

Jarper said "Huzzah!"
Jarper said "Happy Birthday!"
Jarper said "Greets, Sir Fred.. Am beginning to suspect I would like to join, now that you mention it. *grin*"
Protomorph said "Oh my... Horray!"
Jarper said "Does the library have a working card laminator?"
Jarper said "& Welcome back, SI. & Heya Protomorph."
Jarper said "Alright, my lunch break is sort of over. Back later for the late shift."
Jarper said "Um, obviously."
Gore Girl said "Pink Unicorns! Welcome back my zambah friend!"
Avram Harwood said "*snaps out of whatever trancelike not-quite-sleep he was in, and stretches, brightening to see a familiar face, and not much visibly disturbed by sharing a roof with a zombie, or having been nipped by one earlier*"
Avram Harwood said "Oh, it's good to see Darmoth made it intact... and deep asleep after an active day, as is his usual. Ahh, well."
Avram Harwood said "Ahem. I've read that this progressive establishment is often host to zombie guest speakers, both revived and otherwise, with and without translation avaliable."
Avram Harwood said "My efforts to learn the various zombie dialects have proven fruitless, unfortunately. I would, however, be interested in discussing a matter of psychology with such a guest if the language barrier can be broken."
Avram Harwood said "I've observed a behaviour pattern among zombies that I wish to understand."
Avram Harwood said "*takes a seat, looking at the present zombie curiously*"
Myles Standish killed a zombie.
fire cheez said "nooooooooo!"
Jarper said "Damn it."
MoreThanDork said "My friends, I am off again. I have uncovreed another Fortress stronghold and am dying to greet the young ones. If I return as a zombie, you know why."
Avram Harwood said "*shakes his head and sighs*"
Avram Harwood said "What is so difficult to understand about NO KILL ZONE, I wonder. There are no complex or compound words involved. The concept is simple enough. Perhaps that one's consumed grey matter was not completely restored by his last injection."
A flare was fired 6 blocks to the west and 10 blocks to the south.
Tom Deat said "...Disgusting behavior to be displayed to a Library such as this."
Larz the Bastard said "~Glass shatters and falls as our hero crashes through a second story window.~ Howdy to ya'll fellow literates. I'm just dropping by to return a book. Oh, and to say a happy birthday to Mr. Darwin. I can't stick around but I'm sure I'll be back soon."
Larz the Bastard said "No Silverblood...interesting...... ~Our hero climbs to the rooftop and leaps mightily to a neighboring building.~"
26.17 MHz: "Don't revive Aquanut (id=275905). He is reported PK"
26.17 MHz: "http://www.ud-malton.info/rg/i/275905"


A zombie said "Ah Zmazh Baraghagz...hagh ga gahg ahn...zahmahn rahz baraghagz bahz. Hah, mah nahm ahz Gahgarh ahn Magh! Ah ahm gahg zambah! Nah gahnz brahz!"
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie gestured to Quartly Library.
A zombie said "Ah nah zmazh! Ah gah zambah!"
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie gestured at you.
A zombie said "RrrN"
Tom Deat said "...I didn't know there was a channel nine news team. Well, I suppose I ought to watch more televison or listen the radio more."
Avram Harwood said "I'm sorry, I didn't get all of that. I think I understood a 'I smashed the barricades, had to get in, someone raise the barricades back. Hi, my name is...' and then it gets a bit muddled, and then from there 'I'm a good zombie,"
Avram Harwood said "I didn't smash up the building, I'm a good zombie', and I'm not sure what that last bit was. Is that close?"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Tom Deat said "Please, no groaning. Inside voices, only, my dear undead gent."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Darmoth said "*wakes up, looks around bleary-eyed and with a rather muddled expression on top* Man. I need t"
Darmoth said "t' start sleepin' better. *scratches back, then goes off to find some coffee*"
Vanderghast said "Agh, that zombie bit me. Hm. It appears to be infected ... I need some aid - could anyone spare the time and effort ?"
26.17 MHz: "The French Unit recrute des francais!!!"
26.17 MHz: "conatct zyll@hotmail.fr"
palito revivified a zombie.
Gore Girl said "Hi, Tucker1Mark. How are things?"
Gore Girl said "Who is our other zombie guest? Is he/she a friend or a foe?"
Gore Girl said "Who in the hell killed Pink Unicorns again? What's the matter with the people in Roftwood? Are they illiterate?"
Bob the Angry Zombie said "Thanks Jarper, that bite was starting to look funny."
Bob the Angry Zombie said "And the new Zombie is Malkor. I'd say he isn't friendly since he attacked me. I'll let it slide this time Malkor, since this is a NO KILL zone, but if you keep making an ass out of yourself, I'll be forced to lodge my axe in your thick skull."
Vanderghast said "Thank you, Tom. It helped a lot."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome to the library, Malkor (id=381101). You should know that mass infections is a 'siege tactic' just like a rotter on the revive point... please seek a legitimate revive so you can contribute to our knowledge of zombies."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh, and Tucker1Mark (id=434531) said 'I smash barricades, then I get in, humans raise barricades please. Hi I am Tucker One Mark. I am good zombie, no guns please.'"
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east.
Protomorph broadcast "And now, another classic from Quartly radio," from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "broadcasting live, as usual." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Now it looks as though they're here to stay" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Oh, I believe in yesterday" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "There's a shadow hanging over me." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Oh, I yesterday came suddenly" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday" from here, on 26.17 MHz. (
Protomorph broadcast "Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Now I need a place to hide away" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Oh, I believe in yesterday" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Why she had to go I don't know she wouldn't say" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday" from here, on 26.17
Protomorph broadcast "Yesterday, love was such an easy game to play" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Now I need a place to hide away" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Oh, I believe in yesterday" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "..." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Good morning, good day and good night, Malton. This was DJ" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Protomorph, broadcasting live from Quartly Library." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "The song, as many of you will recognize, was 'Yesterday' by" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Protomorph broadcast "Beatles. Thanks. See ya tomorrow." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Flickman666 said "Nice song Protomotph."
Trushalo said "It's wonderful to see a center of learning functioning properly in this fascinating city."
Trushalo said ""
Gore Girl said "Protomorph, do you take requests? If so, I want to hear Artificial Flowers by Bobby Darin."
26.17 MHz: "Free Bird!"
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the east and 8 blocks to the south.
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore report: 62 survivors inside. 123 zeds outside."
26.17 MHz: "You know Blackmore is where all the action is, baby."
Protomorph said "I'd love to, Gore Girl, but the song is just way too long. There is no way I am gonna fit it in 50 AP."
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore under attack, send reenforcements!!"
26.17 MHz: "LCD...I finally got here. Finally! Whoooo! What a rush..."
Liam McTaggert killed a zombie.
chazbot killed a zombie.
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the north.
26.17 MHz: "Well I was drunk"
26.17 MHz: "The night my momma"
26.17 MHz: "got outta prison"
sarah tonin said "Poor poor zombies"
Helgeist said "Thanks for the heal Sarah."
Gore Girl said "I just delivered a strongly-worded message to Chazbot about killing our invited guests. I don't anticipate his doing that again."
Gore Girl said "If he does, well...there's more where that came from."
Avram Harwood said "Thank you for the translation. I think I may wait here for awhile observing behavior and attempting to learn the dialect, in hope of eventually opening a direct dialog on the subject of which I wish to know more."
MoreThanDork said "Thanks Sir Fred! Well, I returned as a zombie, just as I expected, bu I didn't even get to kill any fortress members 'cause they killed me first!"
MoreThanDork said "Quite a show though, y'all should have been there. Ce la vi, I'll just try again tomorrow"
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the south.
Varez broadcast "Your radio show makes my ears bleed!" from here, on 26.17 MHz. (
Jarper said "GG, I left a handprint on Liam. I'm hoping one day someone will come back and politely ask why it happened."
Jarper said "Can't help but notice you've begun shaving, Protomorph.. Lemme patch you up there. *grin*"

Feb 14th

Tom Deat said "Ugh, people killing zombies in a place labeled NO KILL ZONE m akes me want to get those sweet, sweet combat skills even more. Bring death to the Ignorants and illiterates, while saying things like Praise Knowledge and Reading, you know, the works."
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 5 blocks to the north.
chalkball said "ahh palito, you have brought me back to the land of the living"
chalkball said "time to find a lofty window to fly from..."
Reimer said "Careful chaps, some zombie seems to be knocking on the door!"
Niruida Kyoujin said "Just so you know fire, I've stopped bounty-hunting. This kill is just for the times you've zombiefied me. No hard feelings m'kay?"
Niruida Kyoujin killed fire cheez.
A flare was fired 8 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the south.
ignoti said "I apologize in advance for any bloodshed that may result from my terminating Niruida Kyouji at the mall."
ignoti said "It probably was a bit rash of me. Though, in my defense, in her zeal to murder a guest, she put a bullet through the only copy of the Principia Mathematica."
ignoti said "The Russell Principia, not the Newton."
ignoti said "Anyway, I'm getting rather sleepy, I think I'll curl up with this Heinlein I just found in firecheez' nest."
ignoti said "Literacy!"
zombie crouch said "If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone, and so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them: 'Hold on!' Good night!"
Charles Darwin said "Reimer and other new guests, please know that we welcome calm zed visitors. You can read info about the QSG here: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Quartly_Study_Group"
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 1 block to the north.
Protomorph said "It seems that certain people don't like my Quartly Radio show. :"
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east.
A zombie said "Graaagh. Ah gahg zhag agahn. Zgahg zhagahn mah! Ah ahna ahhhrrrn! Ah ahm gahg zambah! Nah gahn zmazh!"
Daniel Defoe destroyed the generator.
Daniel Defoe destroyed the radio transmitter.
Darmoth said "Well, shate, there goes th"
Darmoth said "radio n' generator. Luckily, I 'appen t' have an extra in me hidden pocket."
Protomorph said "If you see Daniel Defoe, tell him he is an asshole."
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 3 blocks to the north.
Liam McTaggert said "Jarper, is there a reason that you attacked me? I'm new to Roftwood, and it seems I broke some rule here...Very sorry if that's the case, but I wasn't aware of it then, and I don't really understand it now...I'm in the NE corner of the mall, talk to me"
glen18 said "Evening all, it's nice to be back, while I was gone, I found a copy of A Sentimental Education for the library."
Sir Fred of Etruria broadcast "Sweet, kind, gentle people of Roftwood. The Quartly Library" on 26.17 MHz.
Sir Fred of Etruria broadcast "has a lecture archive available for public viewing" on 26.17 MHz.
Sir Fred of Etruria broadcast "from the hours of 9 am to 4 pm, weekdays, at http://tinyurl." on 26.17 MHz.
Sir Fred of Etruria broadcast "ahem... http://tinyurl.com/ywx43w" on 26.17 MHz.

Sir Fred of Etruria said "These newly updated archives (thanks to Mz.Irony's diligence) are now complete for January. I believe a good portion of our debates and Mr.Unicorns performances are contained therin."

Feb 15th

26.17 MHz: "Blackmore numbers falling, revives and backup needed ASAP."
26.17 MHz: "Sup guys, i'm new to the group, heading back from the mall." (
26.17 MHz: "OUt of town till sunday, see you then. :)"
sarah tonin said "Hey Tucker, let me get you an ashtray."
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the west and 7 blocks to the north.
Phucker died from an infection.
VecitViper killed a zombie.
VecitViper said "Flickman666 thanks for the heal"
26.17 MHz: "found o the dead in culling auto repair"
26.17 MHz: "saw him pk some one in the mall yesterday"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie destroyed the generator.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie said "Rh bananaz b hra n hra n hra z.. Bananaz gang bangaz"
Rippah revivified a zombie.
A zombie said "Harrah agahn! Ahm bahg!"
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie gestured to Quartly Library.
A zombie said "Ahm ah rahbrah!ahn nah!"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
A zombie dragged Melani out into the street.
ignoti said "I just shot up ZombieHolocaust, after he dragged infected me and dragged someone out into the street. He fled before I killed him, however. Leaving me time to repair the barricades."
ignoti said "I recognise Tucker1Mark, but I can't scan the other Zombah. Anyone have a clue as to his (or her) intent?"
Niruida Kyoujin said "Hey cheez, we're quits right?"
Bob the Angry Zombie said "The second zombie is Yassar Arafat. He wasn't the one who broke the generator last time so hopefully his intentions are benign."
Bob the Angry Zombie said "Ok, new genny set up and fueled, baricades fixed, welcome message given to the zombies outside... I think I deserve a rest now."
Bob the Angry Zombie said ":::goes looking for a copy of The Last Hurrah:::"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the north.
fire cheez said "i assumed so. although you did in fact kill the wrong cheez"
fire cheez said "i think, this here cheez hasnt killed any bounty hunters in a while...if I remember correctly...i may be mistaken, my mind gets confused sometimes..."
fire cheez said "are those zombies here nice?"
fire cheez said "i forgot to bring my dna scanner, and i carry too much shotguns in my hands already...damned things, why cant they make 'em smaller..."
booradley killed a zombie.
Psycopomp killed a zombie.
Gore Girl said "Psychopomp, are you illiterate?"
Gore Girl said "NO KILL ZONE."
Gore Girl said "You may have killed one of our invited guests. I have a good mind to shoot you and throw you out there with them. Thank God I'm civilized and literate. Next time I won't be so nice."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie dragged Bob the Angry Zombie out into the street.
A zombie dragged Psycopomp out into the street.
A zombie dragged Avram Harwood out into the street.
Rocky O'Neill said "sorry i couldn't help to much outside i ran out of AP"
Flickman666 said "Whoa the cades are a little to low for my liking. I'll fix that."
Flickman666 said "Well that was fun. Just revived Leon SilverBlood. He needs some healing outside. So does bob the Anrgy zombie. Yassar Arafat is outhere probably taking chunks out of both of them."
Flickman666 said "Ohh you made it in Leon. Good job."
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 2 blocks to the south.
Leon Silverblood said "*stares at leggy Bianca's Leggy Leggs, then remembers himself and says Eligius is at ehb, dempsey too. Lucky for me the library was low. Hello there, Darwin, Sir Fred, Gore Girl! Dear Flickman, who revived me just outside this minute! Again, many thanks"
Leon Silverblood said "See to Bob first, of course, since I'm snug as a bug in a large print book. And Couldn't have done it wouthout you Flickman, I've been wandering thru revives dead and getting knocked off for two days already. Saw you heal Bob and decided I'd be a Mrh-cow!"
Flickman666 said "It was nothing Leon. Nice to see you back. I've seen you outhere for a while now, I guess the timing was just right. *Pats Leon on the back*"
Leon Silverblood said "Ahhh, that's good stuff Darmoth. Oh I feel tired...I think I'll rest my face on this book. Goodnight, all. One more time, thanks Flickman, thx Darmoth. Hi ignoti, fire cheez, the ever-charming sarah, hello to you, too. Goodnight."
Jarper said "Awesome, Liam came back and politely asked why I smacked him. (-:"
Jarper said "Be right back, gotta explain myself."
Jarper said "I'm wondering if we should change the policy on the wall to No Attack Zone.."
Jarper said "It may cause some confusion if some interpret our undead friends as having been already killed and thus exempt."
Jarper said "Anyway, I just gave a spiel to Liam and another forty-nine or so in the mall."
Gore Girl said "Welcome back, Leon. Pink's hanging around outside. Think we should lower the cades to let him in?"
MoreThanDork said "Pink?!?! We GOTTA bring that beutiful zed in here."
xryanx1 said "stop raising the cades"
26.17 MHz: "Eligius General, you have 2 Zeds outside"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 9 blocks to the north. ...and again.
A flare was fired 1 block to the west and 2 blocks to the south. ...and again. ...and again.
26.17 MHz: "Took out a zombie and barricaded to VS +2, e"
26.17 MHz: "people need to get out of there tho, the zeds now its weak"
26.17 MHz: "Blackmoore is under attack right now...needs help!!"
26.17 MHz: "this was lockand1oad, broadcasting from Hildebrand Mall"
26.17 MHz: "zambahs are gonnah gangbang harmanburgers har har GRAAGH!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'll be outside with Bob, if anybody needs me..."
26.17 MHz: "Breakin in progress 6 zeds in blackmore"
26.17 MHz: "thefamily attempted to PK Son of Rippah in Hildebrand Mall."
26.17 MHz: "Shoot thefamily on sight please!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "That was a bust, the zombie LexusNexus (id=671348) killed Bob in front of me. I gave Mz.Nexus a talking to and a headshot. I hope she picks an honesst vendetta with me instead of harming my friends... such a cruel zed. **grabs a copy of Faust and sulks**"
Liam McTaggert said "Thanks for the explanation, Jarper. I'll be sure to tell my group not to make the same mistake I did...a lil advice, though...you should add some of the things you explained to me to the graffiti..I thought it was about PKing at first"
Gore Girl said "I'll just go ahead and say this. Anyone with the name LexusNexus deserves not only a headshot, but a rutabaga shoved up the backside."
Gore Girl said "There it is. Truer words have never been spoken."
Jarper said "It would be handy if we could spray the other three walls."
Tom Deat said "I've been looking at my lecture that I'm due to give tomorrow. I think it'll have to be in three parts. Its really long."
Gore Girl said "There's a lower-level zombie outside with all human skills. Can anyone spare a revive? id=767605"
Protomorph said "Revive'd."
Protomorph said "Since my radio show has been cancelled, I'll be gone for a long time. Cya."
sarah tonin said "Sweet bubbling water! We have a hot tub!?! Where is it and whens my turn?"
Ropes McGurk broadcast "Irish Templars please send in your locations." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Ropes McGurk broadcast "We have a new recruit. Our page will be updated tonight." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Ropes McGurk broadcast "Remember everyone The Irish Templars are still looking for" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Ropes McGurk broadcast "a few good humans to help fight the zombie hoard" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
A zombie said "Gzahgzahgzahgz"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Great to see you again Mr.Unicorns. (id=493936) **pats zombie on back**"

Feb 16th

MitchAllTogether said "Oh, hey, screenplays. I wrote a screenplay, once. I showed it to a friend of mine, and he said it was good, but I should re-write it. I said, Fuck that, I'll just make a copy."
Flickman666 said "Pink Unicorns!!! Very nice to see you again. Lets hope it is for a long while."
Jarper said "b.!ngh ahn!ghahrnz !z bagh!"
Jarper said "mah am zah hab.b.h!"
Jarper said "mah zhahzb. h.a.nb. b.ah a gh!na.za. rha.zb.aahranb. b.ah gha.ra.brab.a. gh!na.za. na.h. h!a.ar"
Jarper said "zha.ra. h.a.ra. b.h.aah b.angh!ng r!ahnz"
Jarper said "b.h.ah, nahb. b.h.aah"
Jarper said "zahrrh!"
Jarper said "mah a.nzhahh! bragh b.ahgraz zghahb.gh h.h!zghh! anb. ghahgha."
Jarper said "h.h!ghh magha.z zh!z a.gza.rgh!za. mahra. b.!h.h.!ghahrb. zhan !b. na.a.b.z b.ah ba."
Jarper said "hab.b.h! na.rb. h!a.ar"
Jarper said "mah! gahan h!ah zb.rahgha. h!z ba.arb. anb. br!ng h!ahah arr gahahb. h.ahrb.ahna."
Shadowan said "Hello everyone :D I have previously been here as my alt Shadowean. However, this particular alt is a survivor, through-and-through. A bored survivor. I'm not enjoying my time in the MCDU and I would like to join the QSG. Sir Fred? May I?"
Shadowan said "Oh and hello there Flick - good to see you."
Avram Harwood said "That was... very unpleasant. *rubs his temples, and shakes his head* To add insult to injury, I remember little from which to learn."
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the east and 8 blocks to the south.
ignoti said "*Thwacks Avram Harwood upside the head with the palm of his hand* Be healed, my child!"
26.17 MHz: "Were can I find the Irish Templars? I want to join"
26.17 MHz: "This is lockand1oad, by the way"
sarah tonin said "As long as you can keep the necrophilia to the Large Print Annex, i personally would be glad to have you as a member Shadowan."
sarah tonin said "So nice to finally be awake while you're here Pink."
sarah tonin said "! m!zz zha a.arrh! b.!ma.s h.ha.n harmanz anb. zambahz gahahrb. ra.ab. !n ba.agha."
sarah tonin said "Ouch, that hurt my jaw, i hope it came out right. *hugs Pink Unicorns*"
Reimer said "ummm.... I don't suppose anyone has seen my copy of Crime and Punishment??" (
A zombie said "Rna! Hrrh barrrarh arrh rra harh rh grh hrrrgh rmrrmrh..."
A zombie said "Rh hra, rrh anrnrh arrh hra rrrrrh? Rh rrm rh brh rn an rnrrrnarh arh."
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie gestured at the ceiling.
A zombie gestured down at the ground.
A zombie gestured at the survivors.
A zombie gestured at itself.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie said "Brh, rh rh rrh rrrrn. -"
A zombie dragged fire cheez out into the street.
A zombie said "BARHAH!"
A flare was fired in this block.
Ramboid revivified a zombie.
Ramboid said "Well, bob the Angry zombie, dunno if reviving you was the best decision, but based on the graffitti not to kill--welcome back to the living."
Ramboid said "I think I'll hang around here and see what happens. I'll be in the corner sippin a corona and cleaning my guns."
Flickman666 said "Well Hello Shadowan!! Nice to see you as well. I think it would be great to have you with the QSG. *Shakes Shadowan's hand*"
Flickman666 broadcast "You can Find the Irish Templars on the Wiki Page." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
26.17 MHz: "If anyone feels so inclined, Blackmore NT could use assist!"
McLung said "There are zombies here, in case anyone cares."
McLung said "As in, 'in this building.'"
Trushalo said "Sorry, I couldn't be more help when Fizur (id 103804) infected you all."
Trushalo said "I'm a pacifist, you see, and don't even hit mean zombies. I did however restore your fortress to its original state and heal as many of you as possible."
Flint McDoorknob killed a zombie. ...and another.
ignoti revivified a zombie.
ignoti said "I reved Flzur, because I didn't have enough AP to kill him for infecting everyone, but mostly because I thought it would be funny."
Tom Deat said "Good Evening, Afternoon, and Morning - not necessarily in that order - Ladies, Gentelmen, and Revived Zombie-Folk. This lecture, brought to you in part by the friendly people of Roftwood, and especially the good Librarians of the Quartly Library,"
Tom Deat said "is on the topic of: "Role-Playing, and how it Affects PKing, PKers, The PKed, and The Game"."
Tom Deat said "Part One: A lot of people dislike PKers - and so they should! After all, PKers kill you, dump you outside your Extremely Heavily Barricaded Building, and don't even offer you a scone and a revive. However, Pkers do what they do(kill other survivors)"
Tom Deat said "because, as Lord N of the Philosophe Knights says, "PKers are the games' natural balancing factor. When humans start doing well, the best way to get XP is to PK because there are not many zombies left [to] kill. This [process] creates more zombies and"
Tom Deat said "balances the game". Now, this isn't a purely selfish act, either. As S, also of the Philosophe Knights, explained, PKing is beneficial for the game experience. The inherent conflict between zombies and"
Tom Deat said "survivors is not wholly conducive to the creation of good player groups. Zombie hordes and survivor alliances are two dimensional. Greater depth can be attained through conflict between survivors, who make up the bulk of players. This is because to an"
Tom Deat said "individual player, other characters matter more than their role as zombie or human. A character's group begins to matter just as much, and this makes each players interactions or lack thereof with other characters more important (If one does not pay"
Tom Deat said "attention and sleeps in a room filled with PKers, that will matter to their game experience). However, know this: killing other Players is, at first, somewhat difficult. In this game, the primary combat objective was to kill zombies."
Tom Deat said "These zombies generally, unless encountered before and marked, are faceless, nameless members of the undead plague; just another mindless beastie out to get you. Killing a nameless creature whos main task is to devour you isn't difficult."
Tom Deat said "However, survivors have names. They move around, and tend not to kill you, but rather, see you as a potential ally, a fellow, and a friend. They speak in a language commonly understood without a translator(though there are those exceptions...), heal you,"
Tom Deat said "and repell the zombies while you're asleep. For many, killing another survivor, in stark contrast with objectified zombies, is a far more difficult matter. In addition to the concientious part of this killing, comes the added danger. Zombies tend to"
Tom Deat said "expect to be killed by harmanz, and are not especially angered or surprised when it happens. They do not seek to exact vengeance upon their executor(unless headshot, perhaps), ruthlessly tracking them down.Survivors, on the other hand, do. Survivors,"
Tom Deat said "in their rightous anger against these seemingly careless murderers, have constructed whole social networks devoted to the task of rubbing out offenders, tracking their movements, and bringing murderers to justice. Killing a survivor as another survivor is"
Tom Deat said " far more dangerous for the PKer than for the sea of possible victims out there. Of course, there are those desensitized individuals out there who do not find this a problem, for a variety of reasons, but I will get to those later."
Tom Deat said "And so, while the would-be PKer is wrestling over the issue of 'To Kill, or Not To Kill', the answer to the problem comes in the form of Role Playing. Let me explain: An experienced role-player, or, in fact, most novices, know that to role-play correc"
Tom Deat said "the actions that their character is doing, their character must have the appropriate mind-set. Any good Role-player will also tell you that to role-play well, one must whole-heartedly embrace that mindset while playing the character."
Tom Deat said " In the case of my group, The Philosophe Knights, that mindset is one of high-brow, arrogant, judgemental intellectuals, who in their meditations over the situation in Malton, have decided that foolish, ignorant survivors are a large hinderance"
Tom Deat said "to the success of the Survivors who elsewhere battle the Zombies with fully formed tactics, a mind filled with enlightened ideals, fore-thought, and the intelligence capable of pointing the business end of a shotgun towards undead masses."
Tom Deat said "This mindset is one of cold, calculating self-rightousness, as the scholars have entered into this figuring that while they execute the ignorants who would threaten the safety of other survivors by performing foolsih acts, the majority of survivors would"
Tom Deat said "do their part and cleanse the city of the infectious menace. This somewhat twisted, brutal logic can be seen on other groups, such as the Disciples of Zeko, or the Knights of the Temple of Shrike, and Preacher Boys who use fanatical religious beliefs to"
Tom Deat said "motivate and excuse their concience. However, the most popular use of roleplaying is that of insanity. Insanity is a wonderful excuse: laws of today can excuse murderers from prison by default of insanity. It can justify otherwise unthinkable acts,"
Tom Deat said "such as mass-slaughters, or random killing sprees. DT, for example has a neurosis which indirectly leads him to feel homicidal to Ignorants. Not only can the use of Insanity in role-playing Pking be used by individual PKers, but also by entire groups."
Tom Deat said "The infamous PK group, "Pathetic Bill", made up of numerous Pkers, all sporting variations of the name Pathetic Bill, which are designed to fool the games' text and show up like the same name, pose as the multiple personalities of one, single PKer,"
Tom Deat said " for whom they are named. These Pkers roleplay as a delusional murderer who has left the world of reality behind, as well as a part of his mind. This Role-Playing can be seen in one recorded incident, in an attack by at least three Bills upon a building"
Tom Deat said " in Rolt Heights, when The Philosophe Knights and Pathetic Bill had joined together to encourage the locals to seek shelter in Places of Learning, rather than the Zombie Targets that are Resource Buildings:"
Tom Deat said "P'B(1): "*listening to a voice only he can hear somewhere in his sick mind as if he gets his order from it. **""
Tom Deat said "P'B(2): "The Masked faces order me to kill, you are ignorant and disrespecting knowledge and wisdom they say. Only museums and libraries will give you asylum, the masked faces gave all other places to me.""
Tom Deat said "P'B(3): "*begins to torture his first victim, the screams are unbearable** Hush Puppy, it will be over soon." [The three Bills then proceed to kill at least five inhabitants in less than five minutes]"
Tom Deat said "As you can undoubtedly see, the role-play of the insane mind is clearly demonstrated by the Three Bills, and helps them murder these people, using both the insanity, as demonstrated by all three in different ways, and the policies of the PhilosopheKnights"
Tom Deat said "However, there is more to it than that. In the above example, Pathetic' Bill also helps his victims, by informing them as to where they may find safe havens: Libraries and Museums. This is an oft-ignored part of PKing, and one that has garnered more"
Tom Deat said "slander than praise, despite its obvious beneficial factors. The problem, apparently, is that this, as opposed to PKers who simply kill without saying a word, gives the PKer an aura of Pretentiousness - or, from the PKers view, a good reason to kill."
Tom Deat said "Despite this negative response, role-playing while PKing allows survivors to cease actions which offend the PKers, or move to places in which they will not be killed. If not for the Role Play, it is an unreasonable, unprovoked, and unpredictable act which"
Tom Deat said "is controlled by the Pker alone, cutting out any enjoyable interaction between the PKer and other players, and deprives the game of potentially valuable Role-Play opportunities."
Tom Deat said "...Part one of this lecture is over. Tomorrow, I will give part two: How Role-PKing helps the game itself. If you wish to field questions about part one, please do, I'll answer them after Part Two is complete."

Feb 17th

Scott Segal said "Greetings and salutations! I have come as the leader of the local crime syndicate to offer you my services, what ever they might be... (fyi this is Magatsu Taitos alt, Hi sir Fred, Hi Gore Girl!)"
Scott Segal said "Oh, hello Leon, didn't see you over there.. How are things going for everybody?"
Tom Deat said "Scott, you just arrived in time...to miss my Lecture. Sorry mate, if I'd known you'd have arrived but a hour later, I'd have waited..."
Lockand1oad said "well, Shadowman told me that someone has an Irish Templars Alt...so, anyone here?"
Ropes McGurk said "Hello Lockand1oad Your membership has been accepted for the Irish Templars. Welcome and feel free to visit with me or flickman666 who can also discuss Irish Templar matters with you."
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the west and 6 blocks to the south.
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore 55,47 need assistance ASAP. 19z inside"
Leon Silverblood said "Well, I'm off to Stickling. Good analysis, Tom. See you all soon!"
26.17 MHz: "Help Blackmore Cades getting down all the time"
Vanderghast said "It's been nice, this period of rest, learning and hitchhiking in the galaxy. oh, how I miss you, mr. Adams. But for now, I must be off. Matters in the SSZ require attention from all hands, and I've got things to do - 'till next time, everyone,"
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore under heavy attack, we need backup now. 17 zeds"
26.17 MHz: "inside and breakins are becoming more frequent and our"
26.17 MHz: "numbers are below 50. Bring FAKs and needles, we need help"
26.17 MHz: "or Blackmore is lost."
sarah tonin said "**stands and claps hands** Bravo!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Amazing ! Amazing presentation, Mr.Deat. It really opened my eyes to the true history of the higher-learning sacred-ground policies. I am overjoyed at the presentation and hope of an equally stimulating presentation tomorrow..."
sarah tonin said "Thank you Mr. Deat great lecture."
sarah tonin said "Hey Sir Fred, fancy you being awake at this hour..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mz.Tonin, have you met Mr.Segal here... he's involved in a secret underground organization **wink wink** he's a local representative of a 'family' if you get my drift. **pats scott on the back** Welcome to the Library, pal."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Truly a good neighbor to have, but we have matters of urgency with Shadowan our newest litereate."
sarah tonin said "This is true..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "We would be glad to have you amongst our Literacy, Shadowan. I'll contct you through passenger pigeon with our secret information... Please change your affiliation, and remember to respect culture, class, and literature... they seperate us from the beasts"
sarah tonin said "Welcome Shadowan, welcome."
sarah tonin attacked you for 1 damage.
sarah tonin said "I swift hello to everyone!"
sarah tonin said "** starts singing 'Love Hurts'**"
Flickman666 said "Welcome to the QSG! If you ever need a gunner or a heal let me know. And you to Sarah."
Flickman666 said "Well look at that you need a heal Sarah. There you go. **Continues to sing 'Love Hurts'**"
Flickman666 said "Bravo on the speach Tom Deat. I can't wait until the next one."
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore could use some assistance if anyone is looking for"
26.17 MHz: "a good fight"
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore update: 130 zeds outside. 57 survivors inside."
26.17 MHz: "Nichols, Hildebrand, Tynte: Can you spare some strike teams?"
26.17 MHz: "The French Unit recrute des francais!!!" ...and again. ...and again.
26.17 MHz: "conatct zyll@hotmail.fr" ...and again. ...and again.
Scott Segal said "Nice seeing you all, i gotta run now though. Going down to Scarletwood and help the Angels. But I'll drop by sometime soon, unless someone makes me sleep with the fishes that is..."
Shadowan said "First off, I'd like to say that was an excellent lecture Mr. Deat. I couldn't agree with you more, on all points raised."
Shadowan said "Secondly, thank you to Sir Fred, Sarah, Flick and all the rest of the QSG for accepting me. I promise to uphold the values that make this group so worthy of respect."
Shadowan said "Finally, I have a few questions regarding my membership and I was wondering where I might have them addressed. For example, where might I find a roster of my fellow defenders of literacy? I would like to add them to my UDTool list."
Shadowan said "Also, do you happen to have a copy of Catch 22? Its a volume I am particularly fond of. Unfortunately I appear to have misplaced my copy during the last fall of Caiger not too long ago. I believe one of the zombies that ate me was also a fan of the novel."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Fine and literate words, indeed. I feel too much of our internal discussion would alienate our guests. **bows to the audience** But if you use this http://preview.tinyurl.com/2m5sb4 ... we will have direct discrete contact... Did you see zombie Yosarian ?"
Shadowan said "Wonderful. That is quite helpful, thank you Sir Fred. Unfortunately I did not see Yossarian. Is he still around? I should rather like to shake him by the hand and compliment his fine taste in literature."
Shadowan said "I just realised I've been here as all 3 of my alts. Here I am now, joining the QSG as Shadowan. As Shadowean I took refuge here for a number of days, enjoying the lectures. As Shadean I danced with my fellow RRFers before embarking on our great excursion."
Shadowan said "'Tis truly a wonderful place to have drawn me back here so many times, in all my guises."
Ramboid said "I'm returning *Angela's Ashes* to the Library. I think it's late. How much do I owe?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh Ramboid, I'd ask for currency but the banks are all looted. What we really need is a good cleaning of the biographies archives, but our feather duster was lost in the last ransack."
A flare was fired 5 blocks to the west and 9 blocks to the south.
gerbil1 said "gragh mahnan mah harman brazzaz an zazzaz."
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 11 blocks to the north.
Kalvin Lyle healed you for 10 HP.
Bob the Angry Zombie killed a zombie.
Bob the Angry Zombie said "Ooops. My axe just slipped. I'm sorry guys - I know how much you enjoy GrumbleCake's winning personality."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Hey Bob, please welcome our newest Librarian, Shadowan..."
Tom Deat said "Bob, Im glad you're here. I'm about to begin the Second part of my Lecture."
Tom Deat said "Part Two of "Role-Playing, and how it Affects PKing, PKers, The PKed, and The Game"."
Tom Deat said "Role-Pking, in all its gory glory, helps the game as well as its victims and perpetrators. A Zombie Apocolypse is a concept in which the living are pitted against those who ought to be dead, and the atmosphere is that of unescapable danger."
Tom Deat said "When the zombies fail to provide such an atmosphere, as many players suggest, the game loses an entire aspect that appeals to many people. As Zombies begin to lose interest in scratching away at barricades that keep being restored, and the survivors begin"
Tom Deat said "to relax, put their feet up, and take up hobbies, such as knitting or carving, the real danger becomes the loss of real gameplay. And that's where the Player Killing steps in to save the day."
Tom Deat said "Player killers are not daunted by barricades, and use free-running to reach their prey. They enter safehouses and malls, pull out shotguns and fire axes, and spill blood all over the inhabitants newly knitted socks and chop up that freshy whittled penny"
Tom Deat said "whistle. They provide that sense of unescapable danger that keeps the game alive. One never knows is that fireman who just they found asleep in their safehouse is a PKer or just an exhausted zombie-chopper. In Addition, PKers provide players with"
Tom Deat said "more necessities. Instead of the old routine of Barricading, Healing, Killing Zombies, and searching for medical supplies and ammunition, the daily chores become far more complicated with PKers in the area, and give newer players badly needed experience."
Tom Deat said "How do they do this? Simple."
Tom Deat said "Once the large hordes have shambled off to Caiger or the Blackmore Building, all that's left in the Suburb are the ferals. Once there are only ferals in the area, low-level survivors are safe enough to venture out and level. But wait!"
Tom Deat said "What if that low-level is but a simple scientist? If there are only a few ferals in the area, the amount of break-ins occuring is sure to be low. The less break-ins there are, the less wounded and dead there are. The less wounded and dead there are,"
Tom Deat said " the less opportunites there are to gain experience and levels for those lowbies(becuase goodness knows, reviving dedicated zombies is NOT a good idea!). Once again, enter the PKer. S/he pulls the trigger, and people die. S/he swings the axe, and people"
Tom Deat said "are left grievously wounded. Once PKers enter the scene, all sorts of opportunities are opened up for the Low-levels. Suddenly, there are people to heal all over the place. Suddenly, the revive points have a steady stream of swaying bodies waiting for the"
26.17 MHz: "Can we get a generator in the Herbert Building?"
26.17 MHz: "It helps us find needles more quickly."
Tom Deat said "opportunity to breath again. And those low-levels who used up action points searching for wounded, and competed with one another for the opportunity to inject the few unlucky ones who ended up in the cemetary, suddenly find a land of milk and honey,"
26.17 MHz: "I need my fix."
Tom Deat said " and level up fairly quickly. The deaths of those who would otherwise be barricading buildings gives those ferals a bit of a chance to crack the safehouses and profit from the flesh of those inside, balancing out the amount of experience gained between"
Tom Deat said "survivors and zombies. Of course, most people don't see these benefits from PKing, and come up with counter-measures, giving them a break from the boring old routine. They now patrol the surrounding buildings, sniffing out PKers, and exacting retributio"
Tom Deat said " upon them. They graffitti buildings with warnings, cooperate with other survivors in efforts to be rid of the killers. Groups have been formed on the basis of wiping out PKers, and many Zombie Hunters have become Bounty Hunters, cutting down recorded"
Tom Deat said "PKers. A new dimension is added to the game, and new possibilities and doors are opened through the act of Pking."
Tom Deat said "This gives that extra boost of life and vitality to the game, and helps keep it afloat."
Tom Deat said "So, you see, PKing is not all bad, though they may splatter blood on your copy of The Catcher In The Rye, and leave the Adult Fiction section in a mess, just remember, PKers are not all evil minded killers, but rather, they put their lives on the line to"
Tom Deat said "make the game more enjoyable for all, keep the game in check, and keep the game alive."
Tom Deat said "Thank you, and good night."
Tom Deat said "I will now answer any questions you might have, sign any autographs you may want and dispense of these ten or so crucifixes I somehow attained from god knows where."
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the south.
A zombie said "H.hra.rrh, brh!ng!ng b.aahn zhah barh!ghab.hra.z h!z harb. H.ahrgh"
A zombie said "Ha.bb! N!ah h!hra.arh, Gzarba.rh"
A zombie said "Gahahb. B.ah z!! H!ah, m!zz b.ahn!n"
A zombie said "Mah m!zz mahrh b!zh.ahrh b.hra!mz, b.ahah"
A zombie said "Zhah ma.zza.nga.rh h.rahm ba.!ahnb. Zhah gra.!b. H.ahra.zb. H!n zhah zaahzh haz ara!b."
A zombie said "H!h. Mah. Ga.b. Zam b!zh.ahrh ra.zba!b., mah ghan rh! H.rahm zhah bahahgh h! Brahb."
Avram Harwood said "Oh my, now that's a dialect the like of which I've never even heard in passing. Yet, an eagerly talkative spec -- er, individual is quite useful. Are there any records available of attempts to translate this dialect?"
Avram Harwood said "If I could learn to speak with a talkative individual directly, and understand the responses, it would be helpful, and save waiting for a revived guest speaker on the other side of things to question."
You say "B.!ngh Ahn!ghahrnz ... h.a.rghahm bagh . Mah nah zab. br!ng!ng zah barr!ghab.z rahh. !z nah Z!mb.r, zhangh h.ahr ghahm!ng bagh ma! r!brar!an zambah"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Zahmbab.!! zhahrb. g!h. m!sb.a.r Harh.ahb. hra ghahb. ahh. B!!, Ah.ram rahghz zahrb.r!zeb. ba! zh!z nahnza.nz."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "M!zb.a.r Ahnighahrnz, mah m!zza.b. zahr harb. mahzigh... ghan h!ah b.ra! h.ahr mah ?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mr.Deat thank you for the delightful discussion... I am just so overwhelmed to see Mr.Unicorns again. So delightful, he used a lot of AP getting in here, maybe he'll delight us with his harp later."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I am intrigued by this 'balancing factor' theory of PKers, would there be an equivelant when the zombie population gets too high ? And, do you have any rules about newbies? For example I seldom grief people less than level ten."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Could you also address the differences you perceive between combat revived assassins and a playerkiller. I'm more interested in your appraisal of kamikaze tecniques geared towards helping zombies versus tactics used to make more zombies..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "This nice survivor is an invited guest, and should he be harmed I would personally invoke vendetta. But I need some FAKs first..."

Feb 18th

A zombie said "Hrrh"
A zombie said "Rh rmrrnrh rrrrh mrh rarh?"
A zombie said "Rrrh abrrh hrh barrrarh..."
Lockand1oad killed a zombie.
Klan revivified a zombie.
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east.
Randomdead said "Yes it has been several months since I have been alive. It feels strange having this warm blood pump through me."
Randomdead said "I figured I would give the rest of my tale in human form. I got tired of being kicked out when I was a zombie."
Randomdead said "Anyways here is a few interesting facts about the many that were almost lost to the sands of time. The first staging area was inside Garnsey Cinema [54, 18] - Millen Hills. There is a horde of 35 other zombies here"
Randomdead said "That is awesome to see. It was a glorious sight, the first true zed group to be called a horde. Even though the game was completely stacked against the zombies, on that day we realized the true potential of an organized zombie horde."
Randomdead said "I find it interesting that Retallick Walk PD, Millen Hills was not the primaray target that night. The PD had only 20 humans in it, the Markes hotel 1 block north had 35 humans including 25 members of OO (Octopus Overlords). The combined attack wiped ..."
Randomdead said "out the intire group and ended any orgainzed resistance in the vicinity of shearbank. Whats sad is that none of the OO bothered trying to get revives, since you could get eaten as soon as you were revived. Some hard times back then. Losing all your ..."
Randomdead said "experience after getting headshot as a zed was pretty awful. Losing 300-400 experience before getting to level 8 makes life really tough for zombies just starting out."
Randomdead said "You know I found out something funny about The Many. They were a pet project, not really taken seriously, due to how weak zombies were. DARIS got the most attention and I would say at their peak had 700 members in Shearbank. I mean when was the last ..."
Randomdead said "time a survivor group held out against other humands and zombies? They had Shearbank for a good week before getting wiped out."
Randomdead said "I just hope nobody PK's me here. I went through alot of trouble to get this revive, hopefully I last longer than a week."
gerbil1 said "graaaagh"
Avram Harwood said "*He pulls a small notebook and pen from a pocket, and takes a seat. His expression is curious and more than a little uneasy*"
Avram Harwood said "Thank you for the story, Mr... Randomdead, is it? I'd like to ask you something that relates to your story, though loosely and tangentally."
Avram Harwood said "You spoke of your awe and glory at the formation of the first horde. You go on to mention sadness at the behaviour of the Octopus Overlords. You make a passing remark on amusement at the pet project status of The Many."
Avram Harwood said "Yet, during my observations I've noticed specim-- sorry, individuals such as yourself, while in metabolically nonfunctional forms, tend to display flattened affect and lack of emotive responses. Even those that are obviously"
Avram Harwood said "self-aware, and capable of speech in less vital forms, the trend of lack of emotional expression continues. Empathy is unseen, regret is not evident, displays of joy and sorrow and the entire emotional spectrum are"
Avram Harwood said "absent or seem to be half-hearted mimicry when they do appear. Most of the metabolically inactive individuals I've observed have shown little more than base predatory behaviour, less of course survival instinct as this is unnecessary."
Avram Harwood said "Now, I myself have entered a metabolically nonfunctional, active state three times, each for a very brief period. While I'm aware that these incidents have occured, I am unable to remember details of the incidents..."
Avram Harwood said "*His hand begins to tremble, and his voice momentarily cracks. He licks his dry lips and continues*"
Avram Harwood said "...This creates great difficulty for me in... understanding the psychology of the situation from the other side of things. My question, Mr. Randomdead, is fivefold."
Avram Harwood said "First - Would you say that metabolically nonfunctional individuals experience no actual emotions, and merely echo their living experiences, 'going through the motions' out of habit, if you will?"
Avram Harwood said "Second - If metabolically nonfunctional individuals do, in fact, experience emotional stimuli and reactions, do you believe this is universal among your kind - that is to say, do all individuals experience this, or only some?"
Avram Harwood said "Third - Assuming metabolically nonfunctional individuals do experience emotional reactions, and that this is not universal, how can one distinguish between a numbed individual and one that simply has difficulty expressing him or herself?"
Avram Harwood said "Fourth - Do you believe emotive reactions to one state of existance or the other can encourage or discourage integration of memories and experiences into a single, whole mind common to both states?"
Avram Harwood said "Finally - How do you believe the social pressure of these emotional stimuli, habits, memories or what have you affect the formation and dissolution of packs and, in some cases hordes, of metabolically nonfunctional individuals?"
Avram Harwood said "*He sits forward and looks up at the revived speaker expectantly. His faint tremor continues, haphazardly scrawling a crude image of a woman's face in the margin of his paper, he seems not to notice what he's doing*"
MoreThanDork said "HI! Everybody! Fortress killed me again! That's ok, though. i don't mind. all in good fun."
MoreThanDork said "so. how're things holdin up around here?"
MoreThanDork said "still a huge pile of bodies outside. 18 actually. who's our friend on the inside? i don't recognize him. does he speak?"
MoreThanDork said "Hello little zombie! WHAT...IS....YOUR.......NAME?"
MoreThanDork said "**makes excessive and absurd hand gestures to the zombie in an attempt to communicate**"
MoreThanDork said "ARE....YOU....FRIENDLY? Hm? Uhhh... YOU....ZAMBAH.....uhh...HABBAH? uhhhh...ZAMBAH NAHZ?"
MoreThanDork said "Hellooooo? **waves hand in front of zombie's face, ignorantly** ...I think he's asleep."
Niruida Kyoujin said "*claps hands for Mr.Deat*"
Niruida Kyoujin said "Very nice talk you had there. I very much agree with your speech, being a PKer myself, I found it very informative. I'll be staying here for a while, I never thought the Library could be so nice. I'll be back, just gonna look for some fresh meat. Cheers!"
Svea Smiles killed a zombie.
26.17 MHz: "blackmore update: 142 zeds outside, 83 humans inside"
26.17 MHz: "We are powered and broadcasting for the moment."
26.17 MHz: "This seige seems to be lasting a long time."
26.17 MHz: "The Zs are not giving up. Please, send reinforcements ASAP!"
Shadowan said "Excellent speach from Mr. Deat, again. And once again, I couldn't agree with you more."
Shadowan said "As for RandonDead's history lesson, I am very pleased to have heard it. I know little of the early days of Malton. I believe I spent much of that time holed up in a bunker... Till my supplies ran out and I had to venture forth into the chaos of the city."
Shadowan said "I believe I know something of what Mr. harwood enquires about. I have a... uh... brother... Yes, a brother... Who has given himself up to the was of the shambling dead. I can honestly tell you from, uh, conversations with him during the times he has spent"
Shadowan said "breathing that as a 'metabolically inactive' individual he has indeed felt real emotion. The cry of BARHAH is often met with a surge of the upmost joy. Joy at the presence of his zombie brethren united in a single cause, joy at the thrill of the hunt and"
Shadowan said "joy at the prospect of a fine meal of brainz in the near future. Apparently he has found mention of something called a 'banana gangbang' - whatever THAT is - highly amusing too. Though he does agree that in many cases his emotions are somewhat suppressed"
Shadowan said "in other cases whilst in a state of unlife."
Shadowan said "Hmmm... Why do I recognise that name 'Niruida Kyoujin'... Pray tell, do I know you, m'lady?"
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the south.
Celtibero said "Hello, good evening"
Celtibero said "Reading is a pleasure as sweet as kill pkers"
Melani said "Anyone Got a spare FAK?"
Darmoth said "Ye gods, ye people talk fer AGES. I mean, I've barely 'ad ta sleep fer yer constant chatterin'. Avram, I'm out t' see if I can find a quieter place ta sleep. Use th' radio, freq 26.17, if yer plannin' on goin' anywher, okay ?"
Vanderghast said "Ah ... *takes a deep breath and smiles* This is truly home. It's kind of like Sam's Bar, only I don't get drunk, we don't have anyone named after a bird and the average level of literacy is not below the shoesize. Ah, how I love this place."
Vanderghast said "Now, then. Am I in time for mr. Deat's lecture on ... *flips through notes* the effects of hunting humans ?"
Trushalo said "I'm afraid you just missed the lecture... it was quite a doozy, too."
Trushalo said "Say, would the library be willing to take a donation of a few dozen Ecology tomes?"
Trushalo said "I've been carrying the most important parts of my personal collection with me, and would like a safe place to keep them."
26.17 MHz: "12 zeds inside Blackmoore...help out!!"
sarah tonin said "I've just the place for them, Thank You Trushalo."
Gore Girl said "Hello Toreador. How's life...er I mean unlife?"
Gore Girl said "There's a USSR member at the RP. Can someone get him? id=733012"
Gore Girl said "Is ZombieGoshin a friend or a foe?"
Gore Girl said "I see that he's revived, so I'm going to assume the best."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Hmm... Randomdead, sir, could you explain something. It sounds like at first the game was more about survivor combat ( Daris seemed to have been the biggest force) where the zombie communication skills underappreciated or where they more recent additions?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Was the addition of 'scent-trail' anything near as earth-shattering as 'flailing gestures'... I didn't realize how important the skill was till I witnessed feral-undead gesturing at the barricades, and then the inevitable feeding-groan. Simple groans to"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "call zombies to help. So superior to a flare-gun... "
Sir Fred of Etruria said "ZombieGoshin, welcome to the Library. We haven't had the luck of a presentation from a FU member as of yet... Ah there's Toreador ! **gingerly hugs the zombie** I hope you're here to delight us with zombie dancing or a lecture ? **hopeful look in eyes**"
ZombieGoshin said "Zuhrarhu? Harmans?"
26.17 MHz: "Could use some health. Got raped by a zed at the revive ."
26.17 MHz: "Sveinbjorn is my friend."
26.17 MHz: "8 zombies in Blackmore. HB, but 'cades falling."
A flare was fired 1 block to the west and 12 blocks to the north.
Klan revivified a zombie.
Vanderghast said "Damn. I always miss the interesting things. I don't suppose anyone could point me towards a recording of it, on the library's storage network, perhaps ?"
Randomdead said "Well communication wasnt a a big deal back in late 2005. It was more the fact that you lost experience AND Ap when you got a headshot. It took till December 05 to get it anywhere near balanced when kevan took the XP killer away."
Randomdead said "Scent trail was a nice afterthought, but not really useful if you could not communicate to other zeds by feading groans when you tracked down the survivor that messed around with you. Zombies were pretty underpowered in those days"
Randomdead said "Zombies never really appreciated the skills given to them till headshot was fixed. It was beyond annoying to get 90 XP and lose it all to one headshot. Not to mention the 10 Ap it still took to stand up."
ZombieGoshin said "Harmans?"
private bubbles said "i claim this bounty on Fire Cheez"
private bubbles said "... as soon as he leaves the building"
private bubbles said "cheerio mates!"
Niruida Kyoujin said "Sir Shadowan, I believe I have met your alt. character, which I also believe I have PKed, or perhaps the other way around."
Niruida Kyoujin said "And why are we at EHB? Lemme fix that."
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 5 blocks to the north.
Shadowan said "Ah, I believe I recall now. I've checked my lists of such things and I believe we PKed eachother. You then me or me then you... Are you in a PKer group? If not, I can strongly recommend membership of Red Rum."
Bob the Angry Zombie said ":::claps hands::: Tom, Random, thank you for sharing."
toreador said "Well, here I am, back among the living."
toreador said "I think one of the most challanging parts of this game is trying to remain a zombie, everyone keeps reviving me..."
26.17 MHz: "2 zeds inside Blackmore, needs help with cades too."
Tom Deat said "Your first question, Sir Fred: There is an equivalent balancing factor. First, ZKers. For obvious reasons, ZKers are to zombies as PKers are to survivors - something I'm sure that Bob, or your one-time visitor, One Angry Zed, could tell you. However,"
Trushalo said "Thank you Sara, I'm sure this will be a good home for my babies..."
Tom Deat said "ZKers are perhaps not enough, and that is where the tactic of Combat Reviving comes in. This is best used far away from your safehouse, perhaps outside a group of EHB buildings. This reduces the amount of zombies, and causes zombies to waste AP in order"
Tom Deat said "to kill themselves. As for your second question, Killing Newbies is not prohibited in any group that I know of. However, I would advise against it, as it simply is less satisfying to kill off low level people, and it also makes you look bad. The only good"
Tom Deat said "reason to kill a newbie is if they attacked you first, or spammed radio channels incesently(I can't abide radio spammers). Your third question, Sir fred, is an interesting one. Combat Reviving often angers zombies to the point of homocide, and thus, the"
Tom Deat said "form of PKing is one that is perhaps the MOST justified in any form of Role play. Obviously, in order to even go about PKing they have had to stand up, using ten AP, then enter the building through an entry point, and then attack. These zombie players"
Tom Deat said "tend to see revives as an opportunity to bypass a barricade and get in their kills before the rest do, and be killed by the inhabitants so as to rejoin their fellows outside. Normal PKers, however, will often enter a building(a crowded mall, for example),"
Tom Deat said " murder a bunch of people, then allow the zombies to finish whatever is left. They won't actually directly help the zombies, and have been observed to actually headshot zombie hordes who fail to break through barricades after the human population inside"
Tom Deat said "is reduced considerably, as a sign of disgust or contempt. I hope I answered your questions thoroughly, Sir Fred, as I'm afriad I must be going. However, if any of you have any further questions, or simply wish to chat, drop me a line at my wiki page,"
Tom Deat said "which can be found at User:DT."
Tom Deat said "Good day to all of you. I've enjoyed my time here immensely. I shall recommend this library to my colleagues as a prime R&R spot."
26.17 MHz: "Just to let everyone know, mall tour '07 is 2 burbs NW of"
26.17 MHz: "Tynte mall/north SSZ area, and might head to tynte be ready"
ZombieGoshin said "mumrguynm"
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the west and 4 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 5 blocks to the north.
26.17 MHz: "9 zeds inside blackmore aout 155 outside,"
26.17 MHz: "why exactly are we fighting them there?"
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the north.
26.17 MHz: "http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Blackmore"
26.17 MHz: "to answer your question"
fire cheez said "if the bubbly private comes by, tell him i am next door so he can collect his bounty and get over with it...least he had the decency to respect the no kill rule"
fire cheez said "see you guys later"

Feb 19th to 21st

toreador said "With apologies to Jimmy Buffett"
toreador said "Reading a good book, It's gotta a good hook,"
toreador said "All those zombies eating fresh brains"
toreador said "Sounds somewhat familiar, I know its peculiar"
toreador said "But I'm getting hungry reading those lines"
toreador said "Wasting away again in Quartly library"
toreador said "Searching for some stories and a gun"
toreador said "Some people claim that its the Zombies to blame"
toreador said "But I know, I'm just having fun"
toreador said "I don't know if it's right, I'm singing here all night"
toreador said "with nothing to show but some new bite marks"
toreador said "This ones really gruesome, They treat me like bubble gum"
toreador said "and got me back for all my remarks"
toreador said "Wastin away again in Quartly library"
toreador said "Searching for some stories and a pun"
toreador said "Some people claim that its the Zombies to blame"
toreador said "Now I think, It's not all that fun"
toreador said "I gunned down the GK, Got hit by a PK"
toreador said "Dumped my poor body out on the street"
toreador said "But the hordes are so tender, They all love to render"
toreador said "Those barricades that lead to the meat"
toreador said "Wastin away outside of Quartly library"
toreador said "Searching for some harmanz to bite"
toreador said "Some people claim that its the Zombies to blame"
toreador said "Now I know, they might just be right."
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore Powered and Online, for the moment"
26.17 MHz: "139 Zeds outside blackmore, killed 1 and they started bitin'"
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 6 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the east and 7 blocks to the south.
ZombieGoshin said "harmans?"
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 7 blocks to the north.
Celtibero said "toreador deja de decir gilipolleces de una vez, me aburren tus monsergas"
Celtibero said "MI hacha hizo tu culo, mi espada hizo tu ojal"
Celtibero said "what's happenend with the templars, no signals of activity here?"
SweetIrony said "Have we really gone close to a full day without anybody speaking, or did I go deaf when I idled out?? Hello? Somebody speak to me!!!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh my dear Mz.Irony, you were simply too exhausted to hear us. II tried to wake you, but you where face down in acopy of B.Russell's 'Problems of Philosophy' and I just hate to interupt a mind at work..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "But I'm wrestling with something the sage Randomdead mentioned in an offhand manner. The zombie societies and hordes we've come to appreciate were a gradual evolution. At first it was a huge threat to make someone a zombie, then they could come &"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "headshot your experience away. I can't really picture that existance, how long did you exhist 'pre-headshot tune' and how did you level ?"
sarah tonin said "i met TheZombieFlanders 431580 outside, hopefully he's come for a lecture."
Randomdead said "Well Sir Fred, at first there were not too many people that had headshot yet. I got to level 3 before having some 80 odd experience taken in one day. For the most part leveling was pretty easy. The Many breakins were coordinated over IRC so pretty much .."
Randomdead said "everybody attacked at the same time. I remebered getting 5 kills at Fennessy Place PD and 4 kills at Marshment Place PD. So eact time i would get about 140-170 XP a raid with the many. It wasnt till we hit Pitneybank that the headshots started hurting."
Randomdead said "They had time to prepeare and knew we were coming. Since it only takes 3-4 weeks to get 10 levels as a human, there were many more zombie hunters once we got to Giddings. The amount of headshots I got there was obscene. I would say its the whole reason .."
Randomdead said "I quit for half a year. I waited till the zeds were about even with the humans. I pretty much started playing again when The Big Bash turned most of Malton red. Since headshots got fixed, the zombie dream could be truly realized. I mean cmon, zombies ..."
Randomdead said "lose XP while humans dont, how is that for game balance."
Randomdead said "I guess thats why The Many had a such a huge impact on Malton. Prior to their rise, feral zombies were as dangerous as stuffed animals. The Many showed survivors that zombies were to be feared and it pissed off alot of people used to the survivor.."
Randomdead said "domination. I found it ironic that some people thought were were breaking the game by flexing our zombie muscles, however small. Its a zombie apocalypse game, you are supposed to be afraid of the zombies."
Niruida Kyoujin said "*claps once more* Yes, I even think that the zombies should be buffed enough that the humans really are overpowered. Zombies are supposed to be the immortal killing machine, something to be really feared."
Vanderghast said "*claps for Toreador, somewhat hesitantly pats him on the back* Bravo !"
Vanderghast said "As for this being a zombocalypse, well, I find it to be well functioning - albeit, my own, active time can easily be measured by counting weeks. Further, we should remember that, first, we are in the SSZ; security's a real concern here, and second,"
Vanderghast said "the QSG really has a degree of ... personal organisation I've yet to see in many other places. You can really tell that the people in here care about what happens to the other people (and the occasional zombie) in here, as opposed to the majority of"
Vanderghast said "survivors' live and let die attittude to safehouse maintainence."
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 9 blocks to the north.
toreador said "Celtibero, Chupa mi! That's all the spanish I know. Oh, and una cervesa fria pro favor. That ones important."
26.17 MHz: "Elginis general (65,54) is breached, 4 zeds"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 1 block to the north.
26.17 MHz: "Zerg Hunters Unlimited are PKers in Disguise!!!"
26.17 MHz: "2 Zombies in Elgius ..."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie destroyed the generator.
A flare was fired in this block.
A zombie dragged Sir Fred of Etruria out into the street.
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
26.17 MHz: "Stop barricading the Whale Building to EHB."
26.17 MHz: "It's been an entry point since long before you got here."
MoreThanDork killed a zombie.
MoreThanDork said "i killed grumblecake. he sure is annoying"
Gore Girl said "If this zombie so much as looks at anyone sideways, kill him. And would someone keep an eye out for Sir Fred? He's in need of a revive."
domor said "well finally ive found a group of interesting people, I think i shall stay here a while."
domor said "provided you dont mind of course"
Jarper said "Keep an eye on Flzur (id=103804) too. They have a history of misbehaviour here."
ignoti said "Tarin: I hope that helps."
ignoti said "There's a zed here by the name of Dwayne Wade Davis ( 295385 ). I don't know who he is, but I have him marked red, which usually means one can't read."
Flickman666 said "Yeah Celtibero, Ropes McGurk's player need's to log in some more. And I also wonder why LockandLoad1 would kill Sir Fred. Thats just plain rude."
26.17 MHz: "Warehouse next door(89,43) is always VSB, use that please."
ignoti killed a zombie.
ignoti said "Well, that zed took a bite out of me, so I guess that answered that question."
sarah tonin said "No need to bring the cades up to EHB folks, if you're afraid of a little ol' PK or Zed friend, this isn't the lecture series for you."
sarah tonin said "Let's try to keep a level head shall we."
sarah tonin said "Perhaps i can recomend a book on the subject.... lets see here... ..."
sarah tonin said "Ahh yes, one Mr. Mackay 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds', if one freaks out, throws up the cades and graffs nonsense, many are bound to follow suit blindly."
26.17 MHz: "twothreeone is a pker pretending to be a bounty hunter."
26.17 MHz: "Cheap Revives at Anstruther Alley."
26.17 MHz: "hagen von gibichung wanted for pking"
26.17 MHz: "Your spinal fluids replaced in 10 minutes of less-"
26.17 MHz: "plus FREE headshots for the rotters!"
26.17 MHz: "And on Wed and Sun, seniors and children get a special treat"
26.17 MHz: "Now, lets just keep Whale at her usual VS+2"
26.17 MHz: "And keep Nichols strong!"
26.17 MHz: "The key to a good mall is as simple as your ABC's!!"
26.17 MHz: "Always Be Cading!"
26.17 MHz: "Combine your ABC's with a few well-patrolled revive points"
26.17 MHz: "like Anstruther.. and a well-maintained entry point nearby"
26.17 MHz: "And you get the perfect, secure Mall enviornment!"
26.17 MHz: "This is IhateMayonnaise.. signing off"
26.17 MHz: "Nichols, watch the 'cade. 3 zombies inside!"
Randomdead said "Does anyone mind if I throw up some old graffiti from The Many? Im pretty sure most people know in this burb that this is a no kill zone. I dont care how long it stays up, could be 2 minutes for all I care."
Gore Girl said "Sir Fed, I'm glad you're back. *hugs*"
Randomdead said "You know I never figured out what the big deal was with dying anyways. I guess the duality of life and death in this game reflects our own nature as humans. Death is not permanent, but a mere transition from one life to the next. What is there to fear?"
Randomdead said "Hey Fred, I guess the zeds got to you while you were reading outside huh?"
Randomdead said "Haha and my tag stayed up for 13 minutes, much longer than I could ever hope for."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "So nice of you to visit me while reading outside in the topiary. I was halfway through Russells 'the Principles of Mathematics' when the zombie Lockand1oad(id=584295) clawed me to death. He destroyed appendix 'A'logical and arithmetical doctrine of Frege."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Cursed vain Lockand1oad has completely destoryed my hopes of being able to tell the difference between a class of many-to-one relations and their converse domain contained in propositions. Why must they destroy before I can transcribe ? **falls to knees**"
28.01 MHz: "Walk Police attacked. Two zeds. Need help with barricades."
Vanderghast said "Oh, my dearest Fred, 'tis the hard burden of many a librarian throughout the ages - ours is the task of keeping these vaults of wisdom safe, from those who think a cookbook is a sidedish to a meat and potatoes-course."
Vanderghast said "Plus, they really get on my nerves."
Vanderghast said "Oh, hey, it's Charles Darwin ! *heartily greets him* I'm sorry if you've been here for a while, or, indeed, if you never left, but I was just so excited at your previous lecture ! Dare I hope for another ?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "My oh my, maybe one of our resident experts could help me out... theorhetically speaking, if I had a zombie in a suburb with no NT and no Mall do I need to block up the RP ? Anyone in a group can organize a revie, should I just scent death instead ?"
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore needs a generator, otherwise its secure for now."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Because these other... er... imaginary mrh-cows are low level or in tiny groups, and they are just plain unlikely to ever get a revive..."
Vanderghast said "Theoretically speaking, I suppose you'd want to move away, and find another suburb with a more functioning RP. You could also just stand around by yourself, really. Odds are, someone's bound to come along and do stuff to you."
Charles Darwin said "Well hello Mr. Vanderghast. It is nice to see you again as well. I have been on a few jaunts since my lecture."
Charles Darwin said "I travelled to Malvern for Dr. Gilly's homeopathic water cure and then visited my dear friend Joseph Hooker. I also saw the most marvelous Sumatran Orangutan in Stanbury Village! A magnificent specimen!"
Charles Darwin said "I have been mulling over some new ideas concerning the natural theology of our current plague of undead, however I'm not sure if it's enough for a full lecture. How about a round table discussion?"
Randomdead said "I like the sound of that."
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 9 blocks to the north.
Shandalzare said "Uhm, we're under attack guys."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
A zombie destroyed the generator.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome to the library TracyMarx(id=401753) and Snotmonster(id=285889). Mz.Marx I haven't witnessed you attack anyone, unless you hurt this youngin Mr.Scolex, but that seems unlikely. This is the first visit from a Shining One, and I am unfamiliar with y "
Shadowan said "Snotmonster is a bad boy. He got me down to 27 HP..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "ahem... your tactics. I just hope you didn't break in to kill a level one fireman. Although Mr.Monster (id=285889) here did destroy the generator, I am loathe to shove him outside as he is the first 'guest' (maybe) that the Turban Dead have sent to our "
Sir Fred of Etruria said "fine and jolly literacy.... Oh, sure thing shadowan..."
Shadowan said "There, patched up Mr. Scolex. Now don't go being a naughty zombie anymore Mr. Monster. Its just plain rude."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**throwing bullets and shotgun shells at Snotty** Well, that seems to be all my ammo... He's down to one fourth health, you should be able to hatchett him from this point."
toreador killed a zombie. (3 hours and 47 minutes ago) toreador said "Bad Zombie!! We need the generator to read by." (3 hours and 47 minutes ago) HolyLarry killed a zombie. (3 hours and 41 minutes ago) toreador said "What we have here is a lack of communicaiton. Some people, like HolyLarry, just can't read. Perhaps that's the problem with the QSG." (3 hours and 36 minutes ago) toreador said "You assume everyone idiot who strolls through here can at least read the spraypaint, whether or not they choose to follow it." (3 hours and 36 minutes ago) A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 11 blocks to the north. (3 hours and 34 minutes ago) Bob the Angry Zombie said "And Bob said let there be light." (2 hours and 51 minutes ago) Bob the Angry Zombie said "It seems GrumbleCake has taken a personal dislike for me. I feel so loved." (2 hours and 49 minutes ago) ignoti said "It's times like those that I wish that I'd remembered to pack my zippo. It is very difficult lighting a pipe with a bit of baling wine and some flint."
ignoti said "Not to mention, that the library has a large collection of Seventeen magazines... we could keep lit and warm for weeks."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie dragged Anne Hathaway out into the street.
toreador said "Whoops, sorry."
A zombie destroyed the generator.
A zombie said "HA HA HA HA!"


toreador killed a zombie.
Randomdead said "Man Grumblecake sure is annoying. I will take his head off the next time I see him."
Bob the Angry Zombie said "It seems that GrumbleCake tends to be active around 12pm estern. Looks like I'll have to shift my log in habbits and gank him while he's trying to tear down the cades."
Ramboid the zombie said "Mrh?"
Ramboid the zombie gestured at itself.
Ramboid the zombie said "Mrh?"
Ramboid the zombie gestured at itself.
Ramboid the zombie gestured at Leggy Bianca.
Ramboid the zombie said "Mrh?"
Ramboid the zombie gestured at max b.
Ramboid the zombie said "Mrh?"
Ramboid the zombie gestured at dr nutty.
Ramboid the zombie gestured at Tarin the Terrible.
Ramboid the zombie said "Mrh?"
toreador said "OKey, Dokey"
toreador revivified a zombie.
Flickman666 said "2 zeds outside, one rotter. Maybe they want to give some lectures."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Senor Misterioso the zombie destroyed the generator.
Senor Misterioso the zombie destroyed the radio transmitter.
Senor Misterioso the zombie dragged Leggy Bianca out into the street.
Flickman666 said "Got the cades back up."
Ramboid said "*whispering so as not to disturb other library patrons*, Thanks, toreador for the revive, it's hard to browse through books with black ooze draining from my eye onto the pages."
Ramboid said "*whispering in zombese* -azannzzzhaa-nz--baan!z-z!aa-azan.aahmmaaaz!nnzzn ,z-znn,n.nnn, (Thank you for the HP Randomdead.)"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "hhz!nnzzn,aa-nz--baaz?z,n.nnzhaam!z-znnzn.z?n.bgaag.z!z--bzzn,aazan.z!n.aa-hn.aaz?z,n.nnzhaambaa-zz-znnzzbn."
Sir fred of Etruria said "Oh look who came back, Ali Muslim. Wasn't he dragged outside by a zombie just the other day ? Welcome back, I hope the local zombies don't have a hankering for seconds. "
Budd Dwyer killed domor.
Budd Dwyer said "That was supposed to be an FAK. Sorry."
Randomdead said "Uhh he was at 50hp when I last saw him. Cant you read the sign?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Randomdead, that fellow 'Budd Dwyer' has a KOS bounty on Rogue's Gallery... a vain attempt to protect ourselves from playerkillers, the Rogues gallery..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**rubs eyes in disbelief** Is that you, Hadrada ? It's been so long... so much has happened and we have new literates. **guides hadrada to the peaceful biographies department, whispering something you can't make out**"
Gore Corper said "hi all... *wave*"
sarah tonin said "Trushalo, thanks for the handful of FAKs outside last night. Can you believe i was headshot twice by the USSR outside of my own library in one night?"
sarah tonin said "A member of the Lime Brigade, to what do we owe the honor?"
Gore Corper said "lol... not much honour.. just got bored and i knew this was the place to hang"
Gore Corper said "i have a rrf gore corps alt... but this is a non pker full human alt. ;)"
Gore Corper said "so i hear ussr are being annoying again... i got 11 shotty's to use"
Gore Corper said "but ofcourse i would have to step outside these fascinating walls."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ha, you are so lucky I'm outta ammo. I feel like yelling zomg zombie spy!!eleven!! and shooting you all over the place. Come now Mz.Tonin, we can't expect the USSR to dna-scan zombies in front of safehouses... but that would explain Mr.Unicorns absence."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I did forget to mention, that after a long day of monitoring the reference desk, Mz.Tonin sacrificed herself, and with her last breath before fainting from exhaustion, she performed the arts of revivification upon me. Thanks dear. **hugs Mz.Tonin**"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "That's a Quartly Hello, Doctor... oh, and I'm just curious, I won't claim any bounties, who here would describe themselves as a 'playerkiller' ?"
Vanderghast said "I must admit, I've been tempted several times - albeit more by outright stupidity than actual malice. It's so tempting to, shall we say, adjust the genepool a little."
Vanderghast said "In other words ... I was just outside for a pop, and I noticed one mr. Darmoth standing there - I think he regarded me as lunch. I do not, however, possess revivification training, unfortunately. I might be mistaken, but I do remember him and mr. Harwood"
Vanderghast said "talking."

Feb 22nd

Niruida Kyoujin said "I, Sir Fred, am very much a player killer. I've got 21 murders on my hands as of now. Much done due to sheer boredom."
Shadowan said "I am often tempted to. My... uh... Brother, Shadowean, he has more fun than either myself or my other 'brother'. But I have decided that I shall be a respectable citizen and so I shall not."
Shadowan said "However, Shadowean has this message to Niruida Kyoujin: Na na na ne na na *pokes out tongue* I have more kills than you :P The poor boy is just terribly immature, I'm afraid ;)"
Shadowan said "PKing is probably the most entertaining walk of life in this game, IMO. Particularly when involved with such things as the St. Valentine's Cherubs Bale Mall Massacre. That was rather impressive, by all accounts."
Celtibero said "Here, it's a boring place, if you want a real quest come with me towards Cager Mall in Darval Heights, fun and zeds for everybody"
Celtibero said "What's about the templars? are you enought good to fight with me and help the Caiger resistance?"
ignoti said "Wow, Celtibero is going to lead us to the promised land! *snerk*"
Celtibero said "Here there's no fun"
Celtibero said "only cowards"
ignoti said "Not cowards, scholars. The Quartly Library is here for the study of pretty much anything, though lately they (we?) have been tending toward studying zombie cultural evolution... and pants."
ignoti said "Speaking of pants, Celtiboro... have you considered them? I'm sure there's some in your size at Hildebrand."
Darmoth said "THAT was more trouble than it was well worth ... I take one single nap in th' outside, and I become some moron's lunch ! This town's lost all it's manners ... present company excluded, o' course."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Shadowan said "Now that's just plain rude Celtibero. Do not scorn our way of life. We are proud of what we do. If it wasn't for my adopted pacifism this would be a 'pistols at dawn' moment... I do not take insult lightly."
Shadowan said "Godammit. Out of AP. Grumble cake took down the cades again. Got the lil bugger down to 28hp but I'm out. Someone else will have to finish the job."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.

 (minor zombie name gap:) A zombie dragged Shadowan out into the street. 

You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
Melani said "I set up the genny and fuel. The Radio will have to be handled by someoneelse... I don't have one"
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 2 blocks to the north.
Gore Girl said "Senor, you shouldn't have killed my literate friend. All he wanted was to read in peace and quiet."
Gore Girl killed a zombie.
Gore Girl said "Our idiot friend GrumbleCake is outside, clawing away at the cades again. Does anyone have a copy of Gone With The Wind that I can use to break open her festering skull?"
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the north. (3 hours and 49 minutes ago)
Flickman666 said "Celtibero you should check the Irish Templars Wiki page there is an update to the templars mission."
Flickman666 said "It sounds fun."
Flickman666 said "I Do Know Licketyflick is on his way there now."
dr nutty said "Thank you, Jarper"
Cyanure said "5 zombies outsides - Good hunting !!"
Darmoth said "Radio is ready fer airwavin' ... stuff. I donnae. I'm not a technician."
T0xa said "There were 5 zeds outside, but I'm so tired of fighting. Killed 2 of them."
Trushalo said "There's probably better hunting in the hospital SSW, two zombies exaughsted themselves trying to eat me while I was active."
Lexus Nexus the zombie said "BRAAAAGGGGNNNZZZZZ!!!!"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Ropes McGurk said "celtibero Lickety flick will be leading the team for now. I am unable to affectively lead at this time due to some issues at the moment. He is leading a plan to do some work down in miltown, check out our wiki page for all the updates." (22 hours and 37 minutes ago) Ropes McGurk said "Welcome to the quartly Library Lexus Nexus" (22 hours and 35 minutes ago) A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 5 blocks to the north. (22 hours and 32 minutes ago) Sir Fred of Etruria said "A couple of announcements for the kind guests and literates..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Lexus Nexus, you've been hanging out for a while now. I appreciate that devotion, if you don't smash the radio, I will broadcast whatever you say... In honor of Protomorph's Zombie Radio"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "And my survivor friends, I had a polite chat with Mr.Misterioso (id=85018) and asked if he could come inside and give a proper presentation. I had asked him to stop speaking in claws and bites and to instead speak in a proper zombie dialect."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "And to the scholar Randomdead, I have only experienced the implimentation of Ransack, are there other zombie skills that turned the city into a hellpit like that ?"
Ropes McGurk said "hey sir fred"
Niruida Kyoujin said "It seems some of our zombie friends may not be friends at all. Sir Shadowan was swept out, and it's seems I can't find him among the dead. And please, cowards we are not. Some go here for study, some for solace. It's good to know that we have a safe spot."
Niruida Kyoujin said "Someplace where we can have no worries of dying, but I think that doesn't seem to be working out. Don't worry though, I'll be sure to send a bullet through your head if you don't get it. Outside, ofcourse."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Anybody know if this zombie is here for the learning?"
26.17 MHz: "zombie has breached whale...need assistance"
Konan killed a zombie.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Report from Turpin Crescent -- There are fifteen dead bodies here. Eleven of them smell strange. You recognise Shadowan amongst them."
Gore Girl said "Dale, it's LexusNexus, id=671348, so my guess is no. I don't know why all these zombtards keep stopping by if they're not going to contribute anything worthwhile."
Gore Girl said "Heh, never mind, someone killed and dumped her while I was typing."
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 6 blocks to the north.
Gore Corper said "hmmm gore girl... i sense a resemblance? could we be twins?"
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the south.
ignoti said "Gore Corper: She's a lot softer on the eyes than you are. ;)"
Gore Corper said "i dunno... if i take of these here pants..."
Gore Corper said "i am infected... darn that zombie...fak anyone?"
Dr Lancelot said "I was sent by Protomorph to mind the radio station. What up with the Zombie Radio?"
Gore Corper said "protomorph... now theres one worth pking... :P"
Dr Lancelot said "Yay. He is over at Blackmore. Go get him."


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