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Feb 1st

Sir Fred of Etruria said "All this talking about combat really aggrivates me. I just want to discuss zombies and literature, but no... I have to tell people that we had two different minor break-ins in the past six hours, and one additional attempt."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'd rather discuss zombie words like banana and mammarahz but no, I have to remind everyone to announce the id#'s of zombie when extracting DNA, because we always get a rotter. Maybe it's PinkUnicorn or VonLuthius, they're members and rotters, but because"
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "people think we are a strategic organization, they want to eat our bra!nz. I miss Mr.Unicorns harp, and I miss his songs. The people who defend this library fight hard for neutral ground, and several enemies have met in these hallowed halls."
SweetIrony said "Ouch..."
SweetIrony said "Sir Fred... you had so better be saving what you just said, becuase I think I was outside for the beginning of it..."
One Angry Zed said "I'm going to try to run for some FAKs, any chance we can keep at VSB++ till then would be great... would hate to be trapped outside..."
One Angry Zed said "should just be a minute or so"
One Angry Zed said "phew! back... got five FAKs for about 20APs of searching... Sir Fred, right said... I'm just hoping I didn't miss Mr. Darwin's lecture on zombie evolution, though given circumstances, I expect it has been delayed"
Charles Darwin said "My lecture on zombie evolution was indeed delayed by these outrageous interruptions. While they supplied fresh specimins for observation, my notes have been spread to the four corners of the library and splattered with blood. I will clean them off..."
Charles Darwin said "...and continue my preparations. I hope Wallace doesn't beat me to the punch with a zombie evolution paper out of nowhere!!! Expect my lecture in the next day or two, given the proper quiet and peace."
xryanx1 healed you for 10 HP.
xryanx1 said "Could someone fuel my generator. I'd like some light in here, if it's not too much trouble."
Jarper said "Sorted."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mr.Darwin I was worried you'd get to the lectures too soon. For I had to use my very last box of notebooks to seal the barricades. Tomorrow I shall travel to the mall for some notes, and some fresh tea... peppermint and maybe chamomile, quite soothing."
Jarper said "Sir Fred, might want to loot a box of tissues in case Le Petit Morte breaks in again."
sarah tonin said "Charles, i just might see if i can get your boat to sail on through for the lecture, wouldn't that be special, you can do your speach off the starboard bow. Spectacular."
Leon Silverblood said "An entire annex for Large Print? No wonder this library takes up an entire block.. *knock knock*"
Shadowean said "I've not been around a few days due to being quite dead and repeatedly getting headshotted whilst awaiting revivication. But anyway, just thought I'd say I'm off. I have business in another 'burb."
Shadowean said "So yeah - I'd like to thank the QSG for putting me up recently. *bows and leaps out a window*"
MoreThanDork said "Dale, apparently you killed our friendly zombie Torreador yesterday. Please don't do that, ok?"
MoreThanDork said "wuh...wait...wait a second. She was right here. Went I went to bed, she wsa right HERE! Marte? Marte? NooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
MoreThanDork said "I brought a book over from the mall i found behind an overturned massage table. Thought the library might have some use for it... i, uh, can't read though. So I don't know what book it is."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "There are seven zombies on our doorstep, but the pile of corpses... **telepathic projection** There are 66 dead bodies here. Six of them smell strange. You recognise Von Luthius, Marte the Moocher, pink unicorns, Mawhrin Skel, toreador, GrumbleCake, Snarf"
fire cheez said "is this zombie nice?"
sarah tonin said "Even though the 80's taught us that tough love dosn't work, there still seems to be quite a bit of it that goes on around here."
ClarkClarkson revivified a zombie.
Bob the Angry Zombie said "Well, that was a strange little journey. Tell me, did I miss any fun while I was... ahem... away?"
Protomorph said "I am returning Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace Sorry, it's one day overdue."
One Angry Zed said "hmm... just three standing zombies outside... and many of the hostiles I used to recognize are gone (ol' Grumble is still there on the ground, though)... I also see Mr. Adept has departed... could this brief storm be over?"
One Angry Zed said "*settles in with a copy of the _Origin_, awaiting Mr. Darwin's lecture*"
donutron said "thank you for the heals"
One Angry Zed said "I should mention generally that I have a sack of FAKs, but as I cannot see anyone's health, let me know if you need a heal"
fire cheez said "cades guys, theyre coming down again."
chalkball died from an infection.
Vanderghast said "Angry Zed, at the moment, everyone is at full health. But I'll keep it in mind."
Karl Pilkington said "Hey! You still suck."
Charles Darwin said "*sits patiently studying his notes and keeping an eye out for his boat* I can begin the lecture whenever the group is ready. Jolly good."
A flare was fired 5 blocks to the west and 5 blocks to the south.
ignoti said "GrumbleCake (556299) and Jujuvoodoo (750677) are todays Zambah guests."
Vanderghast said "Please do, mr. Darwin ! I've been looking forward to this reading - I'm so excited ! The father of modern evolutionary theory, RIGHT HERE. Gods. I mean, monkies."
Dathgale said "Who left the doors open? *shuts them*"
Dathgale said "Who let you two zombies in? Wait here while I get more ammo."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
Flickman666 said "Bad Zombie."
Flickman666 killed a zombie.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Flickman666 said "WuDi is bitting me. Little shit."
Flickman666 said "thanx for those heals. They were biting good."
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 12 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the east and 6 blocks to the north. ...and again.
xryanx1 killed a zombie.
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the east and 6 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the east.
Vanderghast said "You know, I figured the two zombies (now only one, thank you xryan) were here for mr. Darwin's lecture, and not because they forgot their lunch back home."
chazbot killed a zombie.
sarah tonin said "Charles R Darwin, pleased to make your acquaintance, please stop by the Quartly Library and meet charles darwin (117712) and darwins beagle (538484) for some witty banter..."
sarah tonin said "oopsie dooo, disregard that last statement... well save for Mr Darwin.... is seem to have run across your twin in a different burb." (7 hours and 10 minutes ago) Leon Silverblood said "Has anyone brought treats? This book on pastries is looking yummier by the minute..."
Dale McGillicuddy said "I apologize for having shot up the toreador... For some unknown reason, they were on my enemies list. That error has been rectified, and I owe 'em a needle and some FAK's."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Dammit, who used my desk to barricade the side entrance? How am I supposed to fill out my reports now? And don't tell me to use the tables in the large print annex, we all know what's been going on on them lately."
Leon Silverblood said "Wow. Thanks, Dale. That fills in some blanks for me."
Aquilus the zombie killed Ropes McGurk.
Leon Silverblood said "Hm. *looks down at Ropes's body* Mr Aquilus, why did you do that?"
Larz the Bastard said "howdy folks, just dropping by to return this copy of the gunslinger and see how the lectures are going. Anything new?"
Larz the Bastard said "Well well, howdy leon me old pal, fancy meetin you here. Lucky for you we meet on nuetral grounds. I gotta observe the no kill policy..."
Stella Artois said "Thanks for the heals everyone. I'm looking forward to the lecture!"
Stella Artois said "I'm off to the mall for some FAKs. Don't start without me!"
NekroStyle3 the zombie destroyed the generator.
NekroStyle3 the zombie destroyed the radio transmitter.
Stella Artois said "little bastard"
Stella Artois said "he fled before I could finish him off!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Protomorph, dear neighbor and Larz the Bastard you are both friends in literacy. **embraces them both** Haha, and come meet my newest librarian. **guides them to vanderghast** I just noticed QSG was taped onto his, um... nametag, methinks he's a"
Leon Silverblood said "LARZ!!!!! Larz you PKed me twice! I will be civil here, though. Expect retribution."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "representative of someother unit, an ambassador even. "
Leon Silverblood said "Aside from that, how goes it Larz? I must ask why someone would be a PKer. Explain to me the reasoning behind it all, please. And Sir Fred, may I keep a list of those whoscorn the sanctity of this place by GK/PKing, to be dealt with on sight, even here?"

Feb 2nd

Leon Silverblood said "Take that, Larz! I FAK you!"
Larz the Bastard said "~l~ thanks buddy, you're gonna make me rethink hunting you relentlessly if you keep this up."
Larz the Bastard said "thanks for the warm welcome Sir Fred, it's nice not to beshot at on sight once and then."
Charles Darwin said "Well Mr. the Bastard, your timing is impeccable, I am getting prepared to start a lecture on zombie evolution later today. I was waiting for my boat, but he doesn't seem to have made it. I'll give him another 12-15 hours then I must begin."
Larz the Bastard said "Well Leon, I've been surviving in the city for a number of months now and I've hunting zeds has begun to get a little boring for me. Theres just no real challange in it. When you Pk however, people start to remember your name, and hunt you in return."
Larz the Bastard said "I've found that to be a lot more fun. well, that and as you might gather from my name, I'm just not a very nice guy. don't feel too bad about being targeted tho. I only put you on my kill list becasue I was low on AP and you were low on life."
Larz the Bastard said "Nothing personal ya see. But I do welcome your retrebution, as long as you can find me outta this place. And thanx for the welcome charles I'm glad I could attend. I've been pretty busy with the murder bussiness lately but I've really missed this place."
Larz the Bastard said "On a side note, I've noticed a curious lack of zeds in almost all areas lately. The suburb map has far too many green 'burbs for my liking. I'm beginning to think that the game is heavily unbalanced which might lead to problems in the future.any comments?"
Leon Silverblood said "Make no mistake Larz, until we come to some agreement, the Whore Corps will murder you every time we see you. However, we are more focused on the World War, not the Civil War. Also, you seem a nice enough person. Do take me seriously when I ask you to"
Leon Silverblood said "tell us why you are a PKer. Or why anyone would be."
Leon Silverblood said "(didnt catch the speech before I refreshed. pardon me. Excellent and reasonable explanation) And to be honest, I did think the killing me was well-tempered. very humorous, really. Kudos, truly."
Leon Silverblood said "I'd take you off of my kill list for being so civil, but I think it's our bond Now where did that most appealing Sarah go?..."
sarah tonin said "Sarah is right here..."
SweetIrony said "Mr. Darwin, your boat is lying outside our doors. Perhaps he'll be coming in soon?"
SweetIrony said "Ha! Speak of the devil..."
SweetIrony said "Nice to see you again, Mr. Beagle."
SweetIrony said "MTD, I saw Marte lying outside some time ago... perhaps she's at the revive point... I'll go check for you."
darwins beagle said "devil con barnacles"
SweetIrony said "No, she wasn't there... sorry MTD, I guess she ran off again. :("
SweetIrony said "I'm rather sad that The Adept left without giving a longer speech... but at least he doesn't seem to be attacking anymore. It's also sad to have only 4 zombies outside to read poetry to, but nevertheless I shall read them Alexandrines later tonight."
fire cheez said "I just killed Johnnygunut. dont know if someone will come after me for that one. he killed me, claimed to be a bounty hunter didnt report the kill. i only have 8 on my head left, but phucktards like him never report and thus i cannot be bounty-free"
Larz the Bastard said "Dear Leon, I'd hate to be take off your kill list. That wouldn't be any fun at all! but who are the whore corps? And why name me to some kind of group? wouldn't it be a lot more satisfying to kill me yourself? I'm only one man, involving your group seems"
Larz the Bastard said "a bit unfair in this game... I've often thought it would be fun to play a game of tag with a number of other players. everyone puts everyone else one thier kill list, restrict movement to 4 blocks, and hunt each other calling"
Larz the Bastard said "TAG! whenever one makes a kill....sounds like a fun game...."
Leon Silverblood said "Larz, that sounds like a helluva game. However, The Whore Corps are my squadron of newbs. I recruit and train them to a particular level, whereupon they join the Malton Rangers main ranks. Hence, every WC member is interested in the XP, and yet, each is"
Leon Silverblood said "independently combat effectiive. Thus, each member is not equal to, say Sarah or Sir Fred, nor am I. My forte is- inconsequential. You will remain on the WC kill-list, if only for the XP of occasional damage. Cnosider it a rotarily-balanced challenge."
Leon Silverblood said "Glad to have hashed things out with you. I do hate true animosity. Now, Sarah, glad to have found you, and not in the Large Print Annex after alll. I'm looking for Romeo's Rosaline, or perhaps his Juliet; who can tell?"
Vanderghast said "NOW I get why everyone was talking about Darwin's Boat ... I figured it was some sorts ill-defined sexual preference on his part. Hm. And, yes, I'd like to make my joining the QSG public, insofar such things go. I do not have any official capacity, mind -"
Vanderghast said "I just am pertaining to both the Survivor Security Zone and the QSG - a fitting arrangement, since they overlap, and since it's been ages since I've had a good book and some peace and quiet and thoughtful discussion. Not to mention, meeting mr. Darwin."
SweetIrony said "Time for my nightly poetry reading outside... be right back folks. *grabs Lewis's Spirits in Bondage*"
SweetIrony said "Huh... there were only 2 zombies out there to hear Alexandrines... one of them was demondim, and he kept saying !!! so I thought he wanted a rev, so I gave it to him. The other zed was shot down before my eyes by another survivor..."
SweetIrony said "Yes that's right folks, as of right now... there are NO standing zombies outside the library! 51 bodies though. That was a rather quick switch, wasn't it? Hmm... maybe it was the poetry. I didn't even get to read them L'Apprenti Sorcier. :("
Jarper said "Sweet!"
Jarper said "I have two AP left! How should I spend my last one?"
Jarper said "What's that? You want me to reload my pistol?"
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 9 blocks to the north.
an octopus said ":: settles in to await Darwin's lecture. Opens a bag of popped shrimp ::"
Game News: Significant changes have been made since your last move. Read Game News
tedtheslicer the zombie said "Graaaagh!"
tedtheslicer the zombie said "Graagh."
Gore Girl said "Tedtheslicer, I'm assuming your plaintive cry means you want a revive. Am I correct? If so, please signify your desire with a mrh"
fire cheez said "so, what about that zombie? is izt being nice?"
Vanderghast said "Wow. I just found Oedipus Tyrannos ... I didn't even think they were in print anymore."
Larz the Bastard said "Actually Leon it sounds like fun. I look forward to meeting some of your guys." (30 minutes ago) ...and again.
Larz the Bastard said "More XP for zombies is cool, but it doesn't help balance the game, I think what zeds really need is a higher percentage to hit...I'm thinking 75%."
Larz the Bastard said "As a human I can take out 2 zeds a day, 3 often enough. As a zombie I'm lucky if I can get one. By the time I get to someone I've got just enough AP to kill, but then I still miss most of the time. Lucky to get them to half..."
Jarper said "42 bodies outside.. Hope they clear off soon so pink can get back inside."
Charles Darwin said "*clears throat* Well since my boat has failed to arrive, I will have to start my lecture with out him. The topic is Zombie Evolution."
Charles Darwin said "Since I have encountered the undead I have had to revise and rework a number of my most popular theories. The concepts of natural selection and the transmutation of the species are not overthrown by these new observations, but the must be reconsidered."
Charles Darwin said "First let me remind you that evolution is due to the unequal reproduction of individuals. Of course the undead do not reproduce in the normal sense of the word (but we shall not talk about what goes on in the Large Print Annex) but they can create new"
Charles Darwin said "members of their species through infectious bites. Therefore any traits or mutations that zombies have that allow them to 'create' more offspring are passed on at a higher frequency to the new generation of undead."
Charles Darwin said "We also know that selection is tied into survival, but in the case of the walking dead, survival is not an issue. Even after being brought back to death's door, the dead of Malton can once again rise to shamble again. So instead of the normal adaptation"
Charles Darwin said "of living organisms, I propose that cultural evolution is of more importance to the living dead. Culture? you may ask, In the living dead?!? But I posit that this is true in form. Since Malton's dead are in a sense immortal, it is the skills and traits"
Charles Darwin said "that they learn and pass on to others of their kind, that makes up their progression, or cultural evolution. A modern estreemed collegue of mine has labeled these packets of information 'memes', which I believe well describes these traits that zombies"
Charles Darwin said "can learn and teach each other to progress farther and farther along evolutions brancing tree. The undead of Malton are not the next step in a ladder of evolution, but they are a dead and twisted, yet scientifically fascinating, branch on our own"
Charles Darwin said "evolutionary tree. Thank you for your kind attention and thanks epscially to my hosts in the Quartly Study Group. I would now welcome any questions on the subject."
D Nuyen killed a zombie.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mr.Darwin, grand lecture... what 'memes' would you say contriubute most: the location of the horde or the location of food ?"
Jarper said "*under his breath* Direction of gunfire."
Vanderghast said "Well said, Mr. Darwin ! It warms me to see that we are not stuck in our advances of the natural sciences just because they've taken a, ah, detour. Also ... what are your thoughts on human-zombie relations ? Surely these memes could somehow exceed the .."
Vanderghast said "... boundaries of life and death, if you'll excuse my habit of over-dramatisation of things. Say, a zombie teaches a human a skill, and that this skill becomes popular in human culture - how would this affect us, the living, as a species, if we learned..."
Vanderghast said "... from the dead ?"
Vanderghast said "(By the way, I'm going to record these words and post them in the wiki - they're much too interesting for us to hoard like so many dragons with their wealth)."
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the east and 1 block to the north.
Gore Girl said "OAZ, you're revived and have mad XP to spend. Why don't you get some human skills for yourself? Bodybuilding, at the very least?"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Mr. Darwin, would you say that the zombies are a new species, evolved from humans?"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Some ass overbarricades St. Elsewhere and the Wotton Building, and I had to hike all the way to the Poultney St. Fire Station."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Wouldn't you know it?"
Dale McGillicuddy said "I just dropped my crowbar in favor of some FAKs."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "We've been contacted by RandonDead, he apologizes Mr.Darwin, and would like to give a speach"
28.34 MHz: "Nrrrgh... Muggy... nrrrrgh... am bookcar... finding..."
28.34 MHz: "muggynot... nrrrgh... nrrrgh... make bookcar go..."
28.34 MHz: "muggy... nrrgh... stay... nrrgh... send... bookmanses.."
Charles Darwin said "Excellent questions, and thank you for the kind words. I'm glad there are scholarly survivors who appreciate the scientific arts."
Charles Darwin said "Sir Fred, I believe the most adaptive memes I have studied in the undead have been the ability too keenly smell wounded humans, the attract fellow zeds, and to drag their victims out into the streets. The location of hordes is not a meme, but the ability"
Charles Darwin said "To locate a horde, and then to moan and gesture to communicate are all learned and shared cultural traits which would qualify. And what exactly is RandonDead apologizing for?"
Charles Darwin said "Professor Vanderghast also raises a fascinating question, about human-zombie trans-species integration of memetic themes. I believe the idea of humans learning from the undead is intriguing, but we still lack strong evidence."
Charles Darwin said "And I thank Scholar McGillicuddy for raising an important issue of nomenclature. Are zombies a seperate species from Homo sapiens? Or simply a subspecies? We share 100% of our genome with them, but there are prezygotic barriers to reproduction"
Charles Darwin said "(as far as science knows, perhaps a half-human/half-zombie child will be found!)"
Charles Darwin said "With our current state of understanding I have taken it upon myself to name this incipient species Homo necromortis! *bows and acknowledges applause*"
Charles Darwin said "Now since I find my strengh waning, I would gladly welcome some brandy, snuff, and a large comfortable leather chair. Once restrored I would be happy to continue this engaging line of questioning."
Charles Darwin said "And I must say it is wonderful to see my beagle in the audience. A fine vessel indeed, how kind of you to visit."
Protomorph said "Now, where did I put that book... Ah, here it is. Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky."
Protomorph said "Gotta finish the book before I leave... Duty calls."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha.rrah, h.hra.rrahah rh!brarh!anz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah h.!ahra.nz z!!m b.ah ha.h. B!!n abab.hra.b."
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah ah.hra!b.z zhah ra.ghb.ahra. Ahn zhah ma.n! Hahrb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Nah gh!rrh zahna."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Brh!z"
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the south.
xryanx1 said "Can anyone translate that? And perhaps give me a tip on how understand him properly?"
DeadOhio said "sry didnt read graffit my bad zombie"
darwins beagle said "...made it just in time for the speech Charles, Bravo. In my travels around this great city i've acquired a few things of interest for you,"
darwins beagle said "from the finest of Brandies to the most decorative of light strings you've ever seen..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said You say "M!zb.a.r Ahn!ghahrnz mah hah. m!zza.b. h!ah **scratches Mr.unicorns behind the ear** ( link info http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Q-zombie )"
darwins beagle said "Mr. Unicorns, Hello, i've heard much about you."

Feb 3rd

Leon Silverblood said "Mr. Darwin, when you feel up to answering, I have to ask, what of the speculation that zombie infection is viral? There are viruses known to affect their hosts actions, such as the one that makes an ant hang upside down from a leaf to be eaten by a new" (6 hours and 48 minutes ago) Leon Silverblood said "host. or that which drives mice to eat cat feces, thus being eaten by a cat, and spreading the virus to the cat. virus actions have been shown to be nearly intelligent. If zombie infection is viral, perhaps this is behind the memes, perhaps it transfers"
Leon Silverblood said "the knowledge you spoke of. it might even be perceived to control the actions of zombies to spread the disease by infectious bites, by imbuing in them the desire to eat brains. I know you are tired, answer at your leisure.. I'm going to take a peek into"
Leon Silverblood said "the Large Print Annex. I've heard there's......satisfying reading to be had."
Charles Darwin said "You are too kind, my dearest beagle. *settles down to quaff his drink and admire the lights* I will ponder your very interesting idea Mr. Silverblood. Viruses you say...hmmmm..."
SweetIrony said "Mr. Darwin, Randomdead (53399) was apologizing for eating your bra!nz earlier... though he claims he did learn a lot in the process."
Flickman666 said "Ohh I only found a few gas cans. I still didnt find enough for our experiment"
an octopus said ":: takes notes ::"
fire cheez said "got the cades up a little - and a suggestion for a new topic: are bounty hunters who refuse to claim the bounty worth *anything*?"
demondim said "*growls* i suicide then get revived, then suicide then revived then suicide THEN REVIVED AGAIN!!! (btw thankyou sweetirony for the revial ^_^)... oh and pinks back"
Svetlana76 killed a zombie.
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the south.
Vanderghast said "Lots of medikits. if anyone feels a bit under the weather, just give me a shout."
A flare was fired 6 blocks to the east and 5 blocks to the south.
One Angry Zed said "Mr. Darwin, that was indeed one of the most remarkable lectures I've yet heard here at the Quartly--I was saving this... *hands Mr. Darwin a snifter of Germain-Robin Fine Alambic Brandy Select Barrel XO*"
One Angry Zed said "Dale.. the St. Elsewhere comment floored me... is it common knowledge to call it so around these parts? If I had my druthers, I'd get FAKs from Boston General, but it seems to lie well outside the quarantined area that is Malton."
One Angry Zed said "Gore Girl, most kind of you to take such notice of me re: XP/skills. *blushes greenishly* You are correct, I could indeed buy many useful human skills with my XP. If no-one objects, I would certainly share a brief lecture to explain my, erm, abstinence."
Charles Darwin said "In that case I will accept the apology of Randomdead. I'm very glad he learned something, what? I too have learned from him, so perhaps we are viewing a mutualism between Homo sapiens and Homo necromortis, and I believe we have this"
Charles Darwin said "grand house of knowledge to thank for it! And great thanks to One Angry Zed, very sporting of you old chap. I will enjoy this immensely!" (
Charles Darwin said "Mr. Silverblood, I have thought long and hard about your virus idea and I believe you have proposed a very worthy hypothesis! I had always assumed it was a bacterium that led to the rotting of the subjects in question, but with the evidence I have been"
Charles Darwin said "gathering a virus might make a better match between theory and observation. In fact I have been reading in the library about a new concept that might also be of some major importance!"
Charles Darwin said "I ask you sir, and the other scholars in residence, have you heard about these marvelous proteins called prions?!? Fascinating stuff, what? By god, the times we live in (and don't live in, if you catch my meaning)."
Vanderghast said "Prions ... hm ... can't say I have. Do explain more ! If they've anything to do with the subject at barricade, I'm sure their understanding light on many things. ... maybe the library has some books on it ?"
SweetIrony said "GrumbleCake is the only zombie outside... in an effort to get him to stop griefing us, I invited him to give a lecture... *giggles*"
demondim said "nice human pecimism, we finally find a way to live forever with zombis and revivals and where trying to kill it.last time i checks killing somthing a)unkillable and b)benificial isnt the best thing for a species to do"
A flare was fired 1 block to the west and 4 blocks to the north.
demondim said "... i need to kill somthing"
Vanderghast said "As demonstrated perfectly by the last 1.500 years of human culture, we often act rather contrary to what may in hindsight seem like a very good idea. Take Jesus, for example; religion aside, most he did was tell people to be nice to one another, and..."
Vanderghast said "... what did he get ? He got crucified."
Dale McGillicuddy attacked you for 12 damage.
Dale McGillicuddy healed you for 10 HP. ...and again.
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, maybe one of the more science-y types can answer me this: If you give a zombie a FAK, does it cure any infection they may have?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Yes, it is actual tactic to infect zombies at a RP... don't ask how I know. **Winks** Mr.Darwin, the only prions I am familiar with are those behind BSE... may this be related ?"
There is a lone zombie here. It's Lexus Nexus.
Since your last turn:


A zombie said "G NAGH!"
A zombie said "BRAGNZ ANAHBAHZA?"
A zombie gestured at Charles Darwin.
A zombie said "NAAZ BRAGNZ!"
A zombie dragged Split6 out into the street.
Bob the Angry Zombie said "Squiggledorf and Lexus Nexus, this is a no kill zone. Please be respectful of that."
Charles Darwin said "Yes Sir Fred, those are the prions I was referring to, the same kind that cause 'mad cow disease'. They can also alter the behaviours of an individual. They are proteins, but ones folded in the wrong way."
Charles Darwin said "When proteins are folded in the wrong way, they can thus induce other proteins to also change their configuration. It's a dreadful runaway disease that is communicable by eating infected neural tissue, sound familiar?!?"
A zombie said "BRrANZ? ZAM AZ BRAGNZ?"
darwins beagle said "** Boat Sways Heavily**"
Jarper killed a zombie.
Leon Silverblood said "*staggers in from a FAK run, mumbling as he falls facefirst to the floor *I figured he'd fight, I'd heal, but the zeds wanted my head instead. Sorry for the blood on the carpet *FWUMP*"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
A zombie said "AR ZAR RhGZHAZ Gh!NG hN ZhZ N!GHh?"
A zombie said "Ah HAB Zh!"
A zombie said "BAH HAMBhG hZh!"
A zombie said "BAH BAH BRAGGZH!B"

Feb 4th

Leon Silverblood said "*Opens his eyes and stares at the ceiling* Who am I? Where am I? Oh, right, Malton....crap. Leon stands slowly and goes to an internet ready computer* Do these still work? Hey, Thanks for the heals, glen and xyranx."
You spray No Kills: Lecture Series - QSG here.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome back LexusNexus (zomb id=671348) I am quite releaved to see you've returned. I'm having a little trouble distinguishing your accent, are you a native of Barhahville, perhaps ?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Melani, grea to have you back... can you contact VonLuthius ? He seems to have gotten lost away from the Library..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "And there's a couple of you folks who've been guest of the lecture series, and helping out: glen18 and Mr.AngryZombie you aren't affiliated... **nudges you with elbow** "
Tailleur killed a zombie.
Flickman666 said "Von Luthius is outside so is pink unicorns. I saw Marina in a pile of people outside of Eligus. It was nice to see Marina.* Nudges at Sir Fred*"
demondim said "... anyone play sgws?"
booradley said "3 zeds outside"
an octopus said ":: having enjoyed his time at the QSG enormously, the octopus seems a little sorrowful as he prepares to return to the Zoo ::"
an octopus said ":: hands Darwin a thank-you armful of sand ghost shrimp, then eyes up the Beagle's hold. Perhaps there is food within? No, no, no time. The octopus scurries out of a window and off into the night ::"
Ali Muslim said "Big thanks, comrade."
Vanderghast said "Not a problem at all. I consider the privilege of poking around in others' wounds a, well, privilege !"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie destroyed the radio transmitter.
A zombie destroyed the generator.
A zombie said "AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! BRArNZZ!!! BRAArrNNNZZ!!!! RrH MrA!"
Svetlana76 killed a zombie.
Svetlana76 said "Zombie eliminated and dumped out the window..."
MoreThanDork said "Fred, oh good, you made it back. I saw you out in front of the hosptial and I wasn't sure if you needed help or not. Glad you're okay."
Vanderghast said "*comes back from a short stint to Philpotts tower, carrying his bincoulars and a notepad* I can only see a few active zombies around - two or three north of us, two at the Elsewhere Hospital, otherwise nilch ... not counting bodies, of course."
Vanderghast broadcast "This is Quartly Library, reporting v. small Z activity" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Vanderghast broadcast "Hildebrand ZD, be advised, Eligius Hospital is under attack" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Vanderghast broadcast "All clear otherwise, over." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Vanderghast said "Ah ... I do so love this place. The peace and quiet; the excellent literature; the educated conversations and, not to forget, always a zombie to take out fustrations on."
ignoti said "It seems unlikely that the infection could be viral in nature - consider that first aid kits are all that is necessary to cure an infection."
ignoti said "Antiviral medication is expensive, and difficult to obtain, it seems highly unlikely that we'd be so lucky as to find some in every first aid kit in our fair city."
ignoti said "Therefore, we must assume then - that the infection is bacterial in nature, though the notion that it could be twisted prions does also have some merit."
ignoti said "I think we can discount that, however, as only a single bite from a homo necromortis is necessary to infect even the most hardy of survivors."
ignoti said "Without access to better laboratories than currently held by survivors, we cannot be sure - but can we really presume that a single bite (discounting bites the the skull) would be enough to permit a prion to pass the blood-brain barrier?"
ignoti said "A more simple hypothesis, is that the mental degradation is caused by the necrosis of the cells, and the subsequent reanimation as caused by this hypothetical bacterium."
ignoti said "I believe this hypothesis is bolstered by the Necrotech Syringes. If the homo necromortis infection is bacterial in nature, then the Necrotech Syringes are just powerful antibiotics. Their prevalence in the city seems to imply that."
ignoti said "Stepping back to the prion hypothesis, we have to consider that prior to the rise of homo necromortis in the city of Malton, modern science had not developed a means of curing prion damaged brains."
ignoti said "Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy was always quarantined and the animals in question euthanized and their carcasses destroyed after further testing."
ignoti said "With that in mind, the existence of the Necrotech Revival Syringes should prove that the homo necromortis infection cannot be prion in nature. Even beyond the blood-brain barrier argument."
Vanderghast said "Ignoti - your arguments have merits, BUT you forget that ANY death results in zombification (what, you have a better word for it ?), not just being bashed to death by a zombie. Thus, one can assume that the PROCESS of becoming a homo necromortis is caused"
Vanderghast said "by a virus, but the means of death are different."
Vanderghast said "That is, the infection is a mundane bacteria (explainig their ease of infection and subsequent cure) but the necromortis transformation is virus-based."
ignoti said "Vanderghast, why couldn't it be bacterial in nature?"
ignoti said "Oh but of course! You're implying then, that the bacterium in question (perhaps some variation of streptococcus?) is but a carrier for a virus responsible for the mental degradation and subsequent reanimation?"
Vanderghast said "Close, but no. I'm arguing that this hypothetical virus, which is the central CAUSE of reanimation, is something we all carry, for whatever reason, but that it does not become active in living flesh. Only post-mortem does it do it's work, and cause us our"
ignoti said "Perhaps if we could get a volunteer from our homo necromortis colleagues we could take a sample and examine it at the nearest Necrotech lab."
Vanderghast said "our restless death."
ignoti said "If we all carried the virus, then why would it not have reanimated us prior to the current outbreaks?"
Vanderghast said "Bywe all, I mean we, the citizens of Malton, not the whole world ... then again, we've no way of knowing if, indeed, we are the only ones - for all we know, there could be several dozen hotspots around the world, and we'd be none the wiser."
Vanderghast said "Alternatively, someone *knew* it was going to happen, and had Malton sealed off before it actually did ... but such is conspiracy theory, and not really part of my arguments here." (11 hours and 30 minutes ago) ...and again.
ignoti said "Wow, this vigorous discussion has nearly exhausted me. I think I'll go sit in a corner and read more on necrotizing fasciitis and group A streptococcus GAS. Perhaps we can prevent the horrific decomposition of our homo necrotmortis cousins"
ignoti said "with nothing more than an anti-bacterial ointment!"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the south.
darwins beagle said "Sorry to change the subject, but with the lack of Zed in the area can we get those cades back down?"
Charles Darwin said "Good thinking beagle, I'll take care of it. I leaned a few handy tricks in my voyage in you around the world! *hefts axe*"
26.17 MHz: "PLEASE remember to GIVE COORDINATES when requesting help!"
26.17 MHz: "CQD Factory/61,64/under attack, probably breached by now"
26.17 MHz: "Let's go folks. Eligius under serious attack."
demondim said "the infection is a bacterial/viral symbiosis. once the bacteria get into you system it starts producing the virus. the revival sysringes simply kill off the bacteria and since the virus is so weak (it can even stand long periods of time in the body on its"
demondim said "own, and the bodies imune system can eaisily destroy it) it goes too. As for maltron, i think its just one big petri dish for some government weapons testers (wich is sad concidering, like i said before, theyv pretty much found the cure for death here).:P"
26.17 MHz: "Eligious hospital could use some help they are under attack."
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the west and 8 blocks to the south.
Jarper said "At least six confirmed hostiles amongst the pile of thirty-odd bodies outside.. May not be safe to open doors just yet."
Jarper said "Brace yourselves for some PK action."
26.17 MHz: "Only three zeds left standing in Blackmore, survivors!"
26.17 MHz: "A secure Blackmore building is within our grasp!"
26.17 MHz: "Eligius Hospital Clear, VSB"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie said "Rrh brh"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
26.17 MHz: "Blackmore clear, EHB +2."
26.17 MHz: "Help needed at Eligius."
Vanderghast said "My aid is required at Elsewhere hospital, as is my duty to the Zone. I shall, Bohr willing, return shortly."
Vanderghast broadcast "Eligius H. reports all clear - VSB, survivors at health." from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Vanderghast broadcast "May still need help to deter further Z attack. [65, 54]" from here, on 26.17 MHz.
Vanderghast said "Now, then ... *settles down into chair, resumes reading The Shot by Pushkin*"
Vanderghast said "*falls asleep eventually, snoring quietly*"
A zombie dragged One Angry Zed out into the street.
One Angry Zed said "Why thank you Gore Girl... seems I was dragged outside by a most unkind visitor..."
Gore Girl killed a zombie.
Gore Girl said "The standing zambah is a rotter. Friend or foe?"
One Angry Zed said "Many thanks for the heals, Vanderghast--just saved me from bleeding all over that copy of Darwin's letters I had in hand before I was dragged out..."
26.17 MHz: "Sly Place P.D. is SAFE"
Lucius Rooney killed a zombie.
Phillip Thunderpants said "I'd advise people here to stay away from the hospital, zombies broke in 3 times today"
Vanderghast said "Zzz .... zz ... zz ... mmrh ... zzz .."
A zombie said "Grrrrng rrrrrh hrman!!! Rh rmrh rh rnrh hrh rman rh hrh rarh rh Grrrh. Rh am rrh rnrrrrh rn rrrh brg rrrrrh brarn....."
A zombie said "Rh mrh rrh hrh rrrh, rh rrrh hrh rrrrh...."
A zombie said "Rrh harh hra rrh rmrrrrh rrrrn rh brrh hrrrh...."
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie gestured to Quartly Library.
A zombie said "Rh rrh rn mrn rm grrng rh hra rrh hra brh...."
A zombie gestured at the survivors.
A zombie said "Rh rrh rn mrn m arng rh, rrh hra arrh hra rnrh rrrng brnh."
Lucky Les said "I'm new here, so I apologize if this is a breach of protocol..."
Lucky Les said "Oh, it's a rotter."
26.17 MHz: "are you lost? join the game at www.lost.eu/1944e"
Lucky Les killed a zombie.
Lucky Les said "That's a rotter, too..."
Lucky Les killed a zombie.
Lucky Les said "Let's keep the 'cades up, eh?"


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