Quartly Lecture Group three

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Jan ?? Dates Unknown

Dale McGillicuddy said "What a dick, he killed out pet zombie."
Jarper said "Aw.."
sarah tonin said "nine days away and i see i've missed quite a bit..."
techjay said "Hey Melani - Wanna go to Henslowe and have a picnic with me?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Hey everybody, this is Jarper. I first met him when we were between a rock and a hungry horde. I'm kinda surprized to see him in this secure of a suburb. Oh, happy new year you macabre minded harmanz !"
Von Luthius said "Oooh! What's this! Techjay, hitting on my ex! It's the Trumpet for you! *BLARE!* lol. Hey Melani, hey babe! *wink*."
Von Luthius said "I am off to find Pink Unicorns and encourage her to come back in! At least I think it was a her. Okay:"
Von Luthius said "An alt of mine, the illustrious Ram Rockj Ed First, leader of The Gingerbread Men, has a pet zombie. The ONLY way to give us a good chance of keeping zombies alive in here is to spray paint up 'Do Not Kill Our Pet Zombies! Love the QSG' or something to"
Von Luthius said "that effect, so if we have guest speakers in here, then we need to do the proper advertising okay guys and gals? Also, can someone please pass on my thanks to Goolina and the RRF Gore Corps for being such entertaining guests whilst here, and they are most"
Flickman666 said "If any one is board some of us could go to the Nicholes Mall. I just found out that some of them are the apocalypse horde. Any takers?"
Von Luthius said "welcome again, especially if they wish to discuss the merits of instruments and what is the better one over a cup of hot chocolate, and yes, I discovered some in the vault."
Von Luthius said "Sorry Flickman666, I'm content here, especially as the people here are all likeminded and quite fascinating to talk to, but good luck, here take some hot chocolate mix with you!"
Flickman666 said "I mean the zombies in the mall. **shakes his head reailzing his mistake**"
Von Luthius said "As I was saying, I discovered that Quartly Library has an old Dungeon like Vault. the entrance was cunningly concealed under a box of unused beer steins...Hmmm, we must explore this further!"
Von Luthius said "Nah, Flickman666, I know what you mean. Take those fellows and make them break a leg for the entertainmenmt factor, in fact, encourage it, it could be well doccumented. But yes, To Victory!"
Flickman666 said "Thank you Von Luthius. I will take it with me in the morning. To low on ap to go anywhere right now. So I too can enjoy the people here."
Von Luthius said "Members of Quartly Study Group and Guests of the library, I located Pink Unicorns outside and spray painted a message to her to come back in when she had the chance. Melani, please block your ears for this next bit, it is rather shocking in the extreme!"
Von Luthius said "QSG, Tarantur, Pink Unicorns unjust and unlawful murder, was located by me, in the hospital to our south, and filled with retributive rage, I chastened him with a speech on how people do not murder our guest speakers."
Von Luthius said "I told him about the lovely zambah sex techniques and sex lives we were tolkd about recently and how Pink Unicorns was a musician exspressing herself to us as a guest speaker."
Von Luthius said "To make up for his unfair slaughter due to a biased opinion that her music sucked, I introduced him to the Trumpet Playing of myself (I may have beat him over the head with it a bit too for good mesure)."
Von Luthius said "Unfortunately, Tarantur, did not survive the performance, and for the benefit of humanity, I was forced to dump his zombified body outside, but I am filled with guilt despite the righteousness of my actions."
Von Luthius said "I gave up a life of vengence and violence unneccesary when I joined the group and have been studying since, but I have committed a foul act in many peoples books, and I leave it up to you all to discuss how I should be punished, if indeed I should
Von Luthius said "(or you could throw me a party in my honour for my truly inspiring sacrifice - I'm non plussed either way.)."
Von Luthius said "Infact, if you wish it of me, the supreme punishment of getting the rot would be accepted, though I will be back studying regardless in short order...I leave it to your judgement. Be kind Quartly."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "My how valiantly you would defend a zombie. I am impressed by such devotion to the cause of education and necromancy. I am torn, for above all I respect discussion and contribtions to the lecture (which VL have satisfied,) but I am not certain killing was"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "the only way to express your message. Next time, could you just beat him within an inch of his life ? I won't command you to get the rot, that's a serious devotion to the cause, but the only punishment I know of is One Night in Ridleybank No Barricades."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I think we will need a vote on it though, because had I woken earlier, I would've hunted the rat-bastard down and shot him just like VonLuthius..."
Marina said "I am impressed... but I suppose Pink Unicorns' killer believed himself to be saving us; poor hero, the road to the cold streets of Malton is paved with good intentions. Next time, agreed, we must have some graffiti up."
Marina said "Although I myself never liked the term pet zombie. It would seem that our visitor came of his own free will, after all..."
Melani said "I am quite flattered techjay. And I'm sorry I haven't been cordial. How bout that picnic some other time?"
techjay said "Melani - Okily-dokily. I'm off to revive!"
Jarper said "Heya, Sir Fred & all. (-:"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ghoulious you came back ! **gives ghoulious ceaser a big hug** Marina, GC here is about as close to a 'pet' zombie as we get around here."
Ghoulius Caesar said "What can I say? It's a nice place to stay when in human form. Good people, good conversation. I'm kind of perplexed by your attack on me though."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "That is actually a tradition I have only noticed in this ga... er... in this city, of Malton. Because of the inability to whisper to one person, everything spoken is shouted at everyone in the room. Add to this the '50 nearest people' that can hear you"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "when in crowds, and that only killshots (not wounds) are seen by others... the text 'Sir Fred hit you for 4 damage' is the most private type of communication in Malton. The attacking friends once and only once is just like a handshake or a hug..."
Ghoulius Caesar said "Ah, I see. Guess I learn something new every day."
Dale McGillicuddy said "I'm usually inclined to just give 'em a bit of the ols Hawaiian Punch, like this:"
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 2 blocks to the south.
sarah tonin said "A swift smack hello to all of our friends!!"
sarah tonin attacked you for 1 damage.
sarah tonin said "To all of you still at full health, it's not that we don't love it's that we don't know you that well..."
Father Leary healed you for 10 HP.
Flickman666 said "Welcome back Sarah. How was your trip?"
checkmyfish said "Nobody knows me that well, I'm out there man, living in the ether. Walking in the Alam al-Mythral. All HAIL DISCORDIA!"
checkmyfish said "Some call me....Tim? You know me, I hate everyone. Wish there was something real, wish there was something true."
booradley killed lozam.
booradley said "LOZAM killed for Pk'ing and generator killing"
sarah tonin said "... after weighing the pros and cons i give it a C+..."
asshole doctor said "geez. come on like who hasen't pked just once for the fun of it."
asshole doctor said "no killing in the library... were trying to study!"
asshole doctor said "fred my alt ran into the pope and gave him some first aid."
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 2 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the north.
Scheffler said "I good right cross to the jaw is a fair and sure greeting!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Two possible interpritations of that name... 'D. Jollie Balls' as in happy nuts or 'DJ Ollie Balls' as in this DiscJockey Jumps Over Nuts... I think both are keen. Thanks Mr.Doctor, the pope was stuck in a foreign suburb."
Charles Darwin said "Thanks Sarah, I was dozing off there, now I can finish this facinating book on worm procreation."
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred of Eturia, if that is your judgement, then so be it! A Night In Ridleybank! No Barricades for the murder of a random person who killed a guest speaker! Cool. Secret HQ Of The Gingerbread men here I come!"
Von Luthius said "GUYS!"
Von Luthius said "QSG!"
Von Luthius said "RRF GC!"
Von Luthius said "If you do not know who my alts are, let me introduce you to some very brief history:"
Von Luthius said "I am also The Illustrious Ram Rock Ed First, The Master Gingerbread Man."
Von Luthius said "On The 16th February 2005, The Gingerbread Men, consisting of 46 permenant and casual members barricaded Ridleybank, to EHB in a record of 10 minutes straight, after announcing to the RRF our imminent arrival. Our goal was to survive."
Von Luthius said "We succeeded, and 16 days later turned Gingerbraaains from boredom and repetitive barricading/reviving."
Von Luthius said "We alkso renamed the entire suburb as The Candyland (see the GBM wiki entry for a history there though it's a bit dated and needs updating for all the facts to be right)."
Von Luthius said "And thus the operation became known as The Candyland Operation."
Von Luthius said "Anyways, Malton Yours Inc. along with many other fantastically awesome and likeminded groups including the Gingerbread men are currently celebrating The 1st Anniversary of MTI's creation in this city, and I've decided along with the remaining Gingers that"
Von Luthius said "We need to follow suite and recreate the Candyland experience in a party celebrating Ridleybank, Candyland and the rich history that has developed there."
Von Luthius said "Thus, on The 16th of February, it is my plan to send The remaining members of The Gingerbread men, and all their best friends and groups we've met ingame into Ridleybank/Candyland, more then likely to The Secret HQ of the Gingerbread Men and spend as long"
Von Luthius said "as possible just partying away there. RRF most welcome to attend, GBM & Friends won't attack you if you don't attack us and enjoy the fun for a while (then well, you're gonna eat us cause we're made of gingerbread, but yay tasty fun!)."
Von Luthius said "No promises about any non-Gingerbread Men though, and no promises saying people won't try and recreate The Candyland Siege and rebarricade the entire suburb again."
Von Luthius said "What I would like to do is simple:"
Von Luthius said "Get the word out to as many groups as possible that on the 16th February, 2007, The Gingerbread Men will be hosting a 1st Year Anniversary of The Candyland Operation in The Secret HQ of The Gingerbread men inside of The Candyland - Ridleybank."
Von Luthius said "Any body or zombie (cause The GBM have a pet zombie these days!) is welcome to attend in cordial fun and excitment."
Von Luthius said "QSG, Malton Ranbgers, whoever else you know, please get the word out, because it will be great to see people inside having fun as we did 1 year ago, and simply survivng in the land of flowing candy and Barhah!"
Von Luthius said "Any comments you have, please post them up here, as this is the best means of communication I have nowadays outside of a restricted forum scene that is not mainstream at all. RRF members, your thoughts would be great especially."
Von Luthius said "Best thging is, we of the GBM are honouring our age old accord with the RRF to actually tell them where and when we'll be, and this time, I WILL be inside the Secret HQ of the GBM, even if no one else decides to stay there and to spread out so come party!"
Von Luthius said "By the way, I'll wait here to organise stuff for the Anniversary before carrying out my punishment Sir Fred."
sarah tonin said "Yay tasty fun!"
Ropes McGurk said "hello all"
A flare was fired 8 blocks to the south.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh well met VonLuthius ! I only advocate the 'punishment' in that I don't want any of the Quartly Librarians being baited onto the Rogues Gallery by some griefing tactics..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "We are an autonomous organization, as long as you defend the Quartly with honor we welcome you as a librarian. I'm just more peaceful and healing oriented, any violence in these walls disturbs me."
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the east and 5 blocks to the north. ...and again.
asshole doctor said "ahem. haha"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 2 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 7 blocks to the south.
MoreThanDork said "what...... the crap.... is going oin in here?"
MoreThanDork said "and a fond hello to you too sarah!"
checkmyfish said "I love candy!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "It is unfair of me to attempt to levy a punishment when I allow Ghoulius to sleep here... I feel I have offended VonLuthius if he feels he must bring up RamRock... I'll go sleep in Ridleybank instead."
Marina said "Oh...dear."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Habbah n!ah!ah!"
pink unicorns the zombie "Habbah n!ah hra!ah, brazahz!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Angz!ahz zambah haz nah hangrah"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zambah z!ngz angz!ahz zangz"
sarah tonin said "oooh a zombie friend..."
sarah tonin said "kudos to pink unicorns for no human skills, what an honor!"
Dale McGillicuddy said "That's our pet zombie now, I intend to try to tech it how to read... B is for Barah, can you say Barah?"
sarah tonin said "let me see if i have this right, where is Dr. Ransom when you need him..."
sarah tonin said "Barah mah zambah braahrd!"
sarah tonin said "Mah RNA grabbaz brandz arh nah bang bang zambaz."
sarah tonin said "Can you say 'late fees'?"
sarah tonin said "..."
sarah tonin said "*shakes pink unicorns*"
sarah tonin said "... damnit wake up"
sarah tonin said "..."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Barah?"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Barah!"
sarah tonin said "Yes! YES!! Barah!!! ... Now can you say 'Tao Teh Ching?"
sarah tonin said "'Thus, while the tangible has advantages, It is the intangible that makes it useful.'"
sarah tonin said "..."
sarah tonin said "'To recieve the dirt of a country is to be lord of it's soil-shrines.'"
sarah tonin said "'To bear the calamities of a country is to be the prince of the world.'"
sarah tonin said "..."
Ropes McGurk said "Thanks to marina for the heal"
Andreea said "oh boy, you're a pretty funky crowd."
Andreea said "I want to hang with you for a while, if you don't mind"
SweetIrony said "Welcome to Quartly, Andreea!"
SweetIrony said "Von Luthius, Sir Fred asked me to pass along a message. He says, 'I have acted un-classy in the library I find sacred and that he feels like a total schmuck for offering a penalty to someone who, in his own right, has experience to lead us.'"
SweetIrony said "Dang, I forgot it removes quotes... lemme try again... He says, 'I have acted un-classy in the library I find sacred' and that he feels 'like a total schmuck for offering a penalty to someone who, in his own right, has experience to lead us.'"

Jan ?? More Dates Unknown

SweetIrony said "Hey all, I was worried about Sir Fred so I went to find him.... he, Marina, and I survived the night in Acourt, but he refused to leave before us, so I came back. Hopefully Marina will leave soon and they'll both get back safe...."
SweetIrony said "*worries*"
Marina said "It's good to be back... I think Sir Fred should be home soon, too. But it made me slightly nostalgic for home..."
Marina said "Ah, Pink Unicorns. Welcome back."
pink unicorns the zombie said "H! Marh!na"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zah bahhabh an Ghaghn!rh"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Z!gargh an Rag!n gah an Gn!ghaha!gh."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zzzanzz zzzanzz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**drops a pile of books on desk** Fresh from the Accourt Library in Ridleybank. Marina, SweetIrony, and Scheffler came to visit... they told me about our friend returning. **to pink unicorn** Hello zombie, I brought you some jerky treats. !"
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred of Eturia, I do apologise for any misunderstanding that we have had, and I fully respect your noble efforts to survive in Riddleybank, but please allow me to re-explain why I brought up Ram Rock Ed First:"
Von Luthius said "You see, I didn't mention Ram for the sake of anything PKing punishment related, I'll happily march off to Ridleybank and spend an entire week there if need be, if that is what is required for the atonement of a cold, heartless murder of the person who"
Von Luthius said "killed and dumped Pink Unicorns here, because yes, I actually feel a little, but only a little, guilty for my murderous deed, strange how it's the first time in all these long ass months, that. But here's the Reason I mentioned Ram:"
Von Luthius said "On the 16th February, 2007, A Year to the Day, The Gingerbread Men will be hosting a 1st Year Anniversary of The Candyland Operation in The Secret HQ of The Gingerbread Men inside of The Candyland - Ridleybank."
Von Luthius said "Allow me to repeat that for everyone:"
Von Luthius said "On the 16th February, 2007, A Year to the Day, The Gingerbread Men will be hosting a 1st Year Anniversary of The Candyland Operation in The Secret HQ of The Gingerbread Men inside of The Candyland - Ridleybank."
Von Luthius said "Now, basically, this is an excuse for not only a party, but for all those people who had said they truly wished to be a part of the GBM when we were around before our wiki entry was locked recently due to inactivity on the wiki."
Von Luthius said "The wiki page has been re-opened as the Gingerbread Men have been around for all this time, just in small numbers, because we did come back from the dead from being Gingerbraaains, and have held to that promise and have further hooked up with some pretty"
Von Luthius said "amazing groups in that time, including Malton Tours Inc, and The Night Ravers."
Von Luthius said "That said, I would like to take this opportunity to extend the invitation of The GBM's forthcoming party to all members of Quartly Study Group, and EVERYBODY you ever knew/know. We want it to be big, and hey, I know there are many Blackmore Bastards out"
Von Luthius said "there who would love to come back down for yet more candyland fun. That said, I don't post on any of the mainstream forums, but if somebody could help pass the word around that The GBM are hosting The Second Annual Candyland Survival Attempt in the form"
Von Luthius said "of a massive party, then that would be fantastic. A note on the wiki, the only reason it fell into inactivity was because none of s gingers left know how to use the damned thing! Is there a wiki how to guide somewhere we can read?"
Von Luthius said "So once again Sir Fred:"
Von Luthius said "On the 16th February, 2007, A Year to the Day, The Gingerbread Men will be hosting a 1st Year Anniversary of The Candyland Operation in The Secret HQ of The Gingerbread Men inside of The Candyland - Ridleybank."
Von Luthius said "RRF and Zombies are most welcome to attend, because it wouldn't be a Candyland operation without copious amounts of Zambahz clawing after our braaainz!"
Von Luthius said "And sorry for talking about Ram as if he is me - Von Luthius - it all gets so confusing sometimes it's easier to just talk as one and the same as it's all an extension of the same thing...kinda...You know whaty, I should play something on my Trumpet."
Von Luthius said "Any Requests for a nice Jazz session? Can anyone else here play? Go on Pink Unicorns, let's rock out!"
sarah tonin said "Zzzanzz zzzanzz, What does that mean? This is all so confusing, where are my notes..."
sarah tonin said "NIce to see you all made it back from Ridley in one piece, how is our home away from home anyway?"
sarah tonin said "Now i know coordination really isn't our thing, but is anyone up for a second run of the Mobile Book Tour? ... may-haps we could start in Ridleybank around the GBM party..."
Fred of Etruria said "Oh Mz.Tonin, 'Zzzanzz zzzanzz' means 'snores snores.' or 'goodnight'. And Von Luthius, I have passed your speach along, by word of mouth, to a person named Forum. But, I am having troubles with this dialect, Marina MoreThanD. can you help translate ?"
MrFredSmith said "A guest zombie? WTF?"
MrFredSmith said "Mr. zombie, aren't pink unicorns supposed to be invisible, not just undead?"
Marina said "I ... didn't entirely understand myself. Perhaps it's time for me to return to Ridleybank.."
Charles Darwin said "Huzzah! Von Luthius, myself and a few of my distinguished collegues in The Elite helped with the Candyland run! By gum, those were the days. Few of us around any more, but I'll pass the word along!"
Charles Darwin said "Now I must study the evolution of these zed creatures by studying this one up close..."
fire cheez said "Darwin, you are hilarious"
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 12 blocks to the south.
Von Luthius said "Charles Darwin, I don't remember your character personnally in the actual original barricade run itself, but once we were in the land of candy many more people came, but the Elite I remember well. That said, there are few Gingers left these days but we"
Von Luthius said "are hanging with likeminded people in the form of The Night ravers, and currently also with Malton Tours Inc. again."
Von Luthius said "stoopid comp fucking up and closing windows..."
Von Luthius said "Okay, I remember the Elite well, and so do a few of the GBM. It will be an honour to have as many Elite moving alongside us as possible."
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred, basically, a year ago on the 22nd of February, the GBM launched The Operation Candyland. This year, we've decided to do the same thing again but start out in our Secret HQ of the Gingerbread Men instead in the fabled Candyland."
Von Luthius said "Same date to launch, get as many people who want to participate firstly in a party in the building and then a wider branching out throughout Candyland - Ridleybank, as the days progress."
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the north.
Von Luthius said "Already have interest from a number of groups we've kept in contact with including Malton Tours Inc.; The Night Ravers and Bin Laden's Daughter; and The Zookeepers."
Von Luthius said "Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in, so spread the word. The Gingerbread Men are alive and kicking still despite a complete lack of wiki involvement (not posting on the wiki doesn't mean we aren't active!) and will be in Ridleybank"
Von Luthius said "on February the 22nd, for the 2nd Annual Candyland Party/Assault! It shall last many days."
Von Luthius said "Someone remind me to spend a night in Ridleybank in the library, I owe it still."
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the south.
robohomophobe said "we have a guest zombie?"
robohomophobe said "hey, pink unicorns"
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the north.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "VonLuthius, we will forgive this out of character speech. In the future, please take these discussions to the NMC forum, the link is now in the template:Qsg_dragon found on the wiki."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh Robohomophobe, welcome to the library. Our guests Fire Cheez and Pink Unicorns just arrived a couple days ago. You may be able to help us with the translation, our guest unicorn speaks a different dialect than I am familiar with."
sexualharrison said "hiya gents"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "It is getting a bit deadly in here. Mr.Harrison, Mr.Ceaser, Mr.Cheez... we welcome you all for an open discussion on playerkilling and/or bounty-hunting. I know barely anything about this topic, you can't PK anybody with a book..."
sexualharrison said "rangers don't PK unless provoked."
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, just what is the world comin to, I'm outside trying to prettify this town, and some jerk zombie comes up a'biting on me. I hads to give him a barahmaz present he won't soon forget."
Dale McGillicuddy said "No, offenze, pink unicorns"
robohomophobe said "not all zombies can show as much self restrain as your undead friend here. So like, are there any Maxim magazines in here?"
sarah tonin said "Sadly, the magazine area is lacking, we do have a few newspapers around though..."
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the east.
sarah tonin said "Now, Mr. Unicorns... back to our lessons..."
dickhole spy said "I dont like jesus!"
dickhole spy said "I do this in the name of harrison!"
sarah tonin said "While dancing, especially while shaking hips side to side, one should recite 'Mah barhar brangz ah za zamb!z ah za bazzar!'"
dickhole spy destroyed the tree.
sarah tonin said "Damn you DHS i swear to FUK i'll PK your ass!!!!"
sarah tonin said "Sorry, sorry,... i shouldn't have raised my voice,... but my statement stands. This incindent is not without precedence."
sarah tonin said "DHS is in Eligius Hospital, he's at 18 HP, by my hand... i asked him... well, politely to stop it..."
sarah tonin said "Hi DHS, have you come to say your sorry?"
dickhole spy said "I've come to apologize, yes. It was out of line, could I get a heal."
Harry S Organs said "Hi Sir Fred, the guest zed has me a little concerned"
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east and 8 blocks to the north.
dickhole spy said "Ladies and Gentlemen! Great to be here in roftwood! So, whats the deal with airline food? I mean really do the call that food. The other day my girlfriend and I were talking, well she was talking, am I right gentlemen? But seriously, I love you ladies."
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 12 blocks to the south.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "DHS, my fine pagan ancestors would bring the trees indoors to give the forest nymphs (which lived inside) a break from the cold !"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "the tradition of hanging ornaments/lights from a tree is from the initial tradition of placiong fruits and trees in the branches as gift for the winter faeries... but I see you feel comfortable being insensative to my ancestors."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Brazah agzgazah mah h!z nah agh!ghah."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Sorry, I mis-spoke, 'fruits and nuts' not 'and trees' that makes no sense... Pink Unicorns, I would be honored if you'd be willing to join the Quartly Study Group, we're a small but lovable troop of oddball literates !"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah zbab! Bhanagb!gz."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ahhh, mah brazah!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah hanarh."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I think you'd make a great Librarian, I always heard it as 'R!brar!an' how do you pronounce it ?"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah zaagz an razzarbrba zrbanah. Zambah an harman anzgrh!brb!anz."
pink unicorns the zombie said "R!brarh!an anrbaarb!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah an rbrarbagz!an magharb z!!gh."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!ah"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Sir Fred of Etruria. ...and again.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Rbrh!!h"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Nah rbrh!!h. RbHG gh!rrh h!rb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Barb RbHG! Barb!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "R!grbz."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the lights.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Gaarb Na!rb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zrh!!b gzarrh."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah haz rarb!n bhanarb!gz."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zrh!!b gzarrh."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh, my... R!brarh!an anrbaarb! ... yes, I would like to make you an honorary librarian, and yes we welcome all the fine singing and dancing, but I can only simulate the true grace of zombie dance steps." (16 minutes ago) ...and again.
sarah tonin said "Apology accepted DHS, i only have three FAK left i hope someone can pick up the slack. i think most people here can agree, that especially in this day and age, christmas trees have little or nothing to do with jebus."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Gharh.brh!.ba.b! Graab."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the north.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the east.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the south.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the west.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Gharh.brh!.ba.b! Graab."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Haa ghaarh rz.ba.b?!"
dickhole spy said "You got it sirfred, I'll join QSG"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Hmmm, bab.arh h!z Gharb.rh! B.ab.! Graab"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Hmmm, bab.arh h!z Gharb.rh! Zb.ab.! Graab"
sarah tonin said "Yes, i also agree PU should be a R!brar!an anrbaarb!"
MitchAllTogether said "Oh, man... I ran all the way from South Blytheville to return this copy of The Battle of Marathon. Do you guys mind if I just chill here with you? I'm kind of in need of new digs."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**gestures at himself** mah Z!r Hreb.."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah b!ngh an!garnz."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ah hanarh, Z!rh Hrab., ah hanarh"
fire cheez said "Sir Fred, dont worry. I am under the impression that you, Sir, are not a bounty hunter, else I'd be dead by now, and shortly thereafter you'd dead, too. I like it here, if you dont mind, I would like to stay as long as it is safe."
sarah tonin said "Good PU,... this is going well, can you say Zarah Nan!n. ... Ah am Zarah Nan!n."
sarah tonin said "You are B!ngh An!garnz. Also here is Zir Hreb, and our good friend Mar!na, Zah!!n!ranah is also a valued member..."
Mark Moriarty said "hello all"
fire cheez said "got some hunting to do...see y'all later."
fire cheez said "well, i found no one :-/"
fire cheez said "but if you dont mind me, ill stay here. nice place - it even has a pet zombie"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "VonLuthius, please visit the forum... people remember the Gingerbreadmen there... and b!ngh an!garnz, we welcom you **give jerky treat to zombie**"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah haz an baagh b.ah rab.arn" (yesterday)
pink unicorns the zombie said "Harhah hra!z Barhaz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ahhh. Harhah Ra!z Barhaz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhaghzbaarh Mamarh!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhaghzbaarz Mamarh!h"
JFK1 killed a zombie.
JFK1 said "Whoops! Only read the tag when I was done killing. Sorry"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Lets lower the barricades untill Pink Unicorn can return..."
Jarper said "Back again.. Just needed to punch DHS."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ack, I'm exhausted... all my efforts at lowering the cades for dear Pink Unicorns, only lowered them to heavily barricaded. Oh, my tired arms. I don't even have energy to go looking for P.Unicorns... could someone continue my efforts to reunite us ?"
Jarper said "How far down do we want 'em, SirFred? VS+2?"
sarah tonin said "Please jarper VS+2 would be dandy,... i'll go look for her..."
sarah tonin said "PU is outside still has yet to stand, sad really"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Well, less'n four hours without our zombie, and I slept through it, that's good news indeed."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Is 'Gharb.r! Zb.ab.! Graab' zombie for Quartly Study Group? Point to me if the answer is 'yes', pink."
Dale McGillicuddy said "I hate having to use books to build these barricades, but at least we have plenty of those 'Left Behind' novels to use."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Gaab. Agzn!ng rab.!az anb. Ganb.z"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Dale McGillicuddy.
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the west and 6 blocks to the south.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "VonLuthius, the MaltonRangers are asking how to contact you about your 'party.' Unfortunately the zombie-lecture series makes this a poor location to discuss secret matters. Please let me know how he can communicate with you descretely..."
fire cheez said "If you want me to look for and 'talk' to JFK,1, I'd be more than glad to help you..."
Stortebecker killed a zombie.
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the west and 14 blocks to the south.
Ghoulius Caesar said "...Stortebecker is so going on my hit list."
demondim said "DAMN!!! 2 people i wanna kill and no turns, erm please stay people i cant name :D"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'll change the graffiti, could someone get the cades lower or find Pink Unicorns ?"
demondim said "added but still dont have the AT... oh well :("
demondim said "and im out..."
fire cheez said "Stortebecker has ceased to exist, for now. i explained to him what he did wrong; i suggest we give him a break unless he kills the pet zombie again"
fire cheez said "anyone knows where that other guy, jfk1, is?"
fire cheez said "huh? I dunno about JFK, but Stortebecker just got a bullet into his temple"
robohomophobe said "I got the cades down to lightly barricaded"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhanghz harh zhah zahb.anab. Barraghab.az"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!b.z gharb. An zhah zb.rh!!b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah rh!ghah h!n harah"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Harm anb. Ghaz!"
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the south.
sarah tonin said "there is a Mr. logan kincade on the crest if anyone has enough AP and a needle..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Pink, believe it or not, but I've never seen so many different groups all working together to get you back in the Literacy. Mr.Cheez sprang into action, doing what he does best, robohomophobe (a malton ranger) lowered the cades for you... classy teamwork!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ma!b.! Ghrazz!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah b.!!bazb. Gzanghz"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
Jarper said "Pinky's back!"
Jarper said "Heya all."
demondim said "yo zed, if you want revivin just ask... for now i just go for the second target so ill be here a while"
demondim attacked you for 4 damage. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again.
Sir Fred of Etruria healed you for 10 HP.
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 9 blocks to the north.
mularkey healed you for 10 HP. ...and again. ...and again.
demondim said "hey!!.. oh well"
demondim said "damn brain rot"
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the west and 3 blocks to the south.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah rh!brarrh zmahrz ah. B.!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ahhh, aga!n. B.amn."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah gharb. H!n zhah zb.rh!!b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah rh!brarrh zmahrz ah. B.!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Barrh!ghab.az ara b.aan"
pink unicorns the zombie said "."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhab.z h.az maghz bab.arh"
MitchAllTogether said "Oh, man, I'm sorry... I fell asleep over in the Biographies. There was, like, this book on Akira Kurosawa, and it fell on me, man."
MitchAllTogether said "Does anyone mind if I just crash here? The people outside are just too weird for me."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh my oh my, MitchAllTogether... man I totally lost that book you meant to return from Blytheville... What was the title again ? Oh nice guest zombie **scratches zombie behind ear** I'm sorry the mean nasty bangbang man keeps kicking you out, please do"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "continue to sing and dance, right now I'm a little behind on translating your songs, do you think we could have a little dance... it helps me translate. **scratches chin, returns to notes** Now, 'zah' can mean 'the'... MTD how is your zombie-lingo ?"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Sir Fred of Etruria.
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!ah harh Zrrh H.ra hahh. Ab.rahrh!hra"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zgha!"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Hahrh za!rh!ng"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Grahnb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Graahnb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!az, graahnb."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Marina.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Rahh.arh! Rab.!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha!ghah"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Gzrh!! Rh!naz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H.!h.hra z!rabaz zah.an z!rabaz h.!h.hra z!rabaz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha!ghah"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah gharb. H!n zhah zb.rh!!b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah rh!brarrh zmahrz ah. B.!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Barrh!ghab.az ara b.aahn"
pink unicorns the zombie said "."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah gharb. H!n zhah zb.rh!!b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah rh!brarrh zmahrz ah. B.!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Barrh!ghab.az ara b.aahn"
pink unicorns the zombie said "."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I'm only getting bits and pieces, but I think I'm getting better. 'Zgha! ... Harh za!rh!ng' may be 'Shy ... also ceiling' excellent. So the h can be a variable for a vowel... **writes in notebook**"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the radio.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Rab.!ah"
Marina said "Why, Pink Unicorns, you've died 100 times. Congratulations! That's quite a milestone."
Marina said "I forget how often I've died... I'm tempted to find out. The streets of Ridleybank are calling to me.... Quick, Sir Fred, pass me another book before I answer..."
Sir Fred of Etruria attacked you for 1 damage.

Jan 8th

There is a lone zombie here. It's pink unicorns.
Since your last turn:
sarah tonin attacked you for 1 damage.
MitchAllTogether said "I like the way you guys talk, man. I think I'm just gonna throw in with you, since the people outside aren't really big talkers. And... Pink Unicorn, dude. I think you need to lay off the junk for a bit. You look like death, man."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zahba.rh za!z mah"
Flickman666 said "Hello everyone! I'm back, someone over barricaded the hospital and I got stuck out side. Thank you C.4.N.T. one of them revived me."
Flickman666 said "Pink unicorns your still here. Very nice to see you again."
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 2 blocks to the south.
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred of Eturia, you can contact me on our GBM Forums, I'll give you access to the Operation GBM Forums via Text message, as Forum time is short for me. Will have a look at your forums in a minute. Will register as Von Luthius there as opposed to Ram."
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred, on our Forums, can you please register as:"
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred of Eturia"
Von Luthius said "We use our ingame character names for ease of reference, it works wonders when there are 50+ people all talking and you know exactly who they are. That said, I am Ram Rock Ed First on those forums."
Von Luthius said "Forum Address is:"
Von Luthius said "http://z14.invisionfree.com/Urbandead_l2k/index.php?"
Von Luthius said "Anyone else want to talk/ask questions of the GBM, there is a public forum there. It's now the GBM forums exclusively as the CMS have moved on to a separate forum."
Von Luthius said "Fuck! No signal."
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred, register on our forums, my PM box is full still, cause I haven't emptied it yet, and start a thread in the GBM Ridleybank Public Forum once you are registered. I'll PM you the password for the relevant forum after you've posted there. Thanks a b"
Von Luthius said "Pink Unicorns, can you say: Barbarians? Here I'll teach you:"
Von Luthius said "BARBARH!ANZ"
Von Luthius said "Gingerbread:"
Von Luthius said "G!ngarbrarl)"
Von Luthius said "Humans:"
Von Luthius said "Harmanz"
Von Luthius said "Gingerbread Man:"
Von Luthius said "G!NGARBRARl) MAN."
Von Luthius said "Oh Oh! Can you sing Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys? I haven't heard that sung by a talented zombie since I ran in to Tascha Yar in the early outbreaks!"
demondim said "ok ok wierd *adds luthius and fred to list*"
demondim said "DAMNIT i suck at this :'("
Von Luthius said "demondim, I'd add you, but am maxed on contacts. Sorry dude, will get around to trimming contacts later on perhaps, but will add other QSG members shortly. Sir Fred, I am on the NMC Forums in the QSG forums as vonluthius, have posted an intro in the"
Von Luthius said "http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=585583 "
Von Luthius said "Wait there the fucker is now!"
Von Luthius said "You're bloody lucky I don't carry many guns on me currently, else you'd be dead right now. Someone, can you deal with this unhappy chappy who interrupted my language lesson with Pink Unicorns/talk with Sir Fred? Thanking you all kindly."
fire cheez said "von luthius, if you like, i will see if i can shoot some reason into demondim"
fire cheez said "ya know, we all do what we're good at ;-)"
fire cheez said "ah, there you go"
fire cheez killed demondim.
Von Luthius said "Whooo! Thanks a bunch Fire Chez, greatly appreciated. I'm now on the QSG, NMC Forums. Will post something more there shortly then off to bed as it's awfully late. Thanks again Fire Chez."
Von Luthius said "Well 2 more books finished in amongst all that talking and tuition! Sir Fred, I am running low on Books! Please direct me to Ridleybank for a night or 5 in the Library there to liberate some of the lost tomes in that cheery place! Thanks! Hey Pink Unicorn"
fire cheez said "no problem. i am probably pretty high on the wanted list anyways..."
fire cheez said "i was just about to go out and look for the guy, when he suddenly appeared here. i saw you where pretty low on HP, so I figured he was going to finish his job...good thing i am stocked up on shotguns :-D"
fire cheez said "not so much on FAK's, but I see that has been taken care of also"
a happy scientist healed you for 10 HP.
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome Mitch, it will be a pleasure to discuss music and poetry. It always take my mind off of the zombie apocalypse."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "VonLuthius I will contact you on one/both of the forums, just be really carfeul with the NMC the zombies have spies everywhere..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Fire Cheez, maybe you and Ghoulius Caeser could collaberate on a lecture. I love to hear about the devious side of Malton. Oh, pkers are the outlaws of malton. Like a rebel with a cause..."
Since your last turn:
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the west and 12 blocks to the south.
SweetIrony said "fire cheez, thanks for killing demondim... he had attacked me yesterday, too. =("
SweetIrony said "Pink unicorns, does a b with a period after it (b.) mean a d sound? Point to me if the answer is yes... that seemed to work for Mr. McGillicuddy."
sexualharrison said "ghoulius you bastid. whats up guys."
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at SweetIrony.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zh.!!b. Hra!rahn!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zh.!!b. Ha!rahnrh"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zh.!!b. Ha!rahn!"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at SweetIrony.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zh.!!b. Ha!rahn!"
Padre Romero said "My my, two priests in this communion...what a coincidence"
dickhole spy said "Harrison and Robo and D-shep, I thought you guys were in Nichols?"
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the north.
sexualharrison said "taking a breather. sup padre."
fire cheez said "I'd be prefer to refer to myself not as a pker, as I dont just kill random people."
fire cheez said "I exclusivly kill those who attack me or my friends and who kill disguised as bounty hunters...self proclaimed killers, doing a job no one asked them to do..."
fire cheez said "it was them in fact, who attack me first, mistaking me for someone else. their actions created me and made me become what i am today..."
fire cheez said "i still remember his name, fatman pilsbury, it was him to killed me, turning me into a zombie...i had never done anything wrong to that date, but he wrongly accused me of being a zombie spy..."
fire cheez said "a ridiculous claim, as i never ever worked together with anyone..."
fire cheez said "the gun on my side is my only friend in this unholy city"
fire cheez said "i'll be right back...gotta talk to stortebecker, make sure he understood"
fire cheez said "no, i didnt kill him this time...just made sure he got the message...then healed him some"
robohomophobe said "man I haven't fired a shot in a while, I keep missing out on all the bounties"
robohomophobe said "well not bounties, but everytime some douche kills someone and runs away, I always log back on to later find out that someone gothim :("
Jarper said "Hi Padre!"
Ghoulius Caesar said "Rebel with a cause is a good way to put it. Much like Cheez, my kills aren't random. They pretty much all come in the heat of battle while trying to clear a building so it can be ransacked or chase someone off who is working on getting the cades back up."
Ghoulius Caesar said "A bit of a feud does pop up every now and then. For example, with harrison, who's with us right now. It was during the second Blackmore battle and I needed a place to hide. I checked the profiles and his group at the time was looking out for us."
Ghoulius Caesar said "I've AP'd out plenty of times in buildings with enemies and when I came to, I was dead. Revives aren't easy to come by when you're a known PKer. It seemed like a kill or be killed situation, I was just looking out for myself."
Ghoulius Caesar said "I've got no problem putting people down who like to call me and fellow Gore Corps out, yet don't want to take care of us themselves. Have some balls, you know? And don't get all butthurt when we kill someone who was setting us up to be killed themselves."
sexualharrison said "oh i know it's all in good fun. i saw the profile and didn't even think about it. now I know better. at least in here we all can sleep fairly unmolested"

  1. Sir Fred of Etruria said "I am so glad you two can put aside the vendetta for a moment to discuss warfare. Mr.Ceaser and Mr.Harrison, you to make me smile..." (23 hours and 47 minutes ago)
  2. Sir Fred of Etruria said "And Mr.Cheez, a member of our group 'a terrible infection' is constantly being PKed over his similarity to 'a sense of unease' or 'a very smelly fart.' Even though the one or two people behind the real apocalypse horde have been afk for months." (23 hours and 44 minutes ago)
  3. Sir Fred of Etruria said "And yes kind Mr.Zombie Unicorns. That's how you say SweetIrony, 'Zh.!!b. Ha!rahn!.' Now how do you say Ghoulius Ceaser ? It'll be a dtretch more difficult than Marina, I'd suspect." (23 hours and 42 minutes ago)

demondim said "OK OK!!! ill be good just DONT KILL ME please its as annoying as hell... *pats zed*"
demondim said "and fred, your on the green list now so if we meet in the future ill probibly help you :D"
Jarper said "demondim, we've got Ghoulius' eye on you!"
Dale McGillicuddy said "I still have a hell of a time figgering out what that zombie is saying, but I'm trying at least. It's nice to know that there's hope for our future; when meatbag and zack can coexist in peace ::sniff:: makes an old man kinda teary eyed..."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Dammit ::wipes eyes:: I've been remiss in my duties as host... Welcome to all the folks who've not spent time in this fine institution of learnin' afore. Please remember the rules, mostly just don't be killing anybody, even for a bounty."
Dale McGillicuddy said "In all fairness, one only gets a bounty placed on their heads if somebody complains to the folks who run the bounty lists, so somebody *is* asking them to do the job. When I've looked into it, though, not all the complaints are first hand, and that"
Dale McGillicuddy said "strikes me as kinda dumb. I feel that only the victim should be able to issue the bounty, but I'm a little old-fashioned that way."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah g!h.hra.z ha ghahb hahh. B.!! B.ah Bh!rh"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Hey, it's nice to see the good Doctor back from Nichols, maybe he (or one of you other nice folk) can enlighten us on the situation there, and I'm glad to finally mee the famous Padre Romero, Pope Corpse speaks highly of you. Now, I ain't no bead swinger"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.rh!ngh hanb. Ga.b. Zb.rahng"
Dale McGillicuddy said "But anybody that's okay with the Pope is okay with me..."
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!z gahahb. B.ah z!! Hahman hanb. Zahmb! Brazha.rz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah g!h.hra.z Ghahrh!ahz Z!zarh ha ghahgh!"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Okay, so I'm totally lost here with this zombie speechifying, I found some handwritten notes somebody dropped in the night box and some other ones that have been left since the Lecture Series, but I can't figure out this'uns accent... It doesn't seem to"
Dale McGillicuddy said "be zamgrh, zombese, or zombish... Maybe one o' you college types can help me a bit... I dropped out of high school to kill commies, and I just work here now..."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah g!h.z Za.gzaharh Harrh!zahn ha b!zghah!b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.arah"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.argh h.!zh mah"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Dale McGillicuddy.
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.hra!rh"
Dale McGillicuddy said "I'm sorry pink, I'm just not getting this... ::feeds zombie some bacon::"
Dale McGillicuddy said "At least that weirdo mummy guy can say whole words between his crap about abbott and grunting."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Marina, you spent a bunch of time eatin' on people, can you understand this?"
demondim said "are we alowed to give out MSN adresses"
demondim said "damn refresh, waste my frigging AP... remember dont kill me"
MoreThanDork said "Did I read all that dialogue right or am I on drugs... Did Dickhole Spy just become a member of QSG???"
MoreThanDork said "No disrespect to the marvelous and friendly QSG but if I'm awake and dhg is here, I'm shooting him in the face."
MoreThanDork said "So, somebody please tell me I heard wrong."
sexualharrison said "try to reframe from shooting in the library. just kick him the nuts a few times no killing."
sexualharrison said "what happend to you that was quick Ghoulius Caesar"
Ghoulius Caesar said "I was asked to deal with one of the Ridleybank ZKers. A feral got me while I was taking care of him... damn ferals."
Marina said "Oh, Dale, don't remind me... I'm not so fluent in Death Rattle as I used to be, and this dialect is unfamiliar to me... That . sound is just beyond anything my poor undead lips ever made. Perhaps it's been too long..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**OOC warning**I hope that MTD has a huge text file, please send emails to QuartlyStudyGroup@gmail.com/ **OOC over**"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ah marina, grand to be huggled aga!n. The '.' sound we run into seems to be a syllable break, otherwise it would produce a letter in the translators dale referred to..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh MoreThanDork, you saw me inviting PinkUnicorns to become a member of the QSG, and dickhole-spy responding instead. It seems the witty and urbane Mr.Unicorns has joined the Ghaharb.r! Zb.ab.! Grahb."
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the south.
pink unicorns the zombie said ". H!z B.!aghrh!b.!gh"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Well, as a grim and proper librarian I have done some research in these 'linguistics.' Every corner I could search, ever casette I could listen to, every codex I could scan... and I've learned one thing. Nobody can properly translate Mr.Unicorns because"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.!aghrh!b.!ghz hanb. Bhahna.b.!ghz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.!aghrh!b.!ghz hanb. H.ahna.b.!ghz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Azgh mah"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Hra.gzba.rh!manb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha.gzba.rh!manb."
pink unicorns the zombie said "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ahan"
pink unicorns the zombie said "!!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "he is a non-affiliated or feral zombie. The language only resembles Zombese, there is a marked preference to phoenetic similarity over consistancy in spelling. As was seen in 'zgha!' versus the zombish 'zbmra.' This zombie talk itself..."
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.ah"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "like no other zombie. A truly unique and individual, perhaps endangered language."
pink unicorns the zombie said "H.ahna.b.!ghz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zgha! Hanb. Zb.arz"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zgha! Hanb. Zb.arz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "!!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhrh!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "!!!!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H.ahrh"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "It's like poetry at times... I actually heard 'Sky and stars'"
pink unicorns the zombie said "!!!!!"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Sir Fred of Etruria.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
pink unicorns the zombie said "!!hra.zzz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zgha! Hanb. Zb.arz"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Beautiful, and now as an unexpected fruit of my research. 'Im Bringing Sexy Back.'"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "hna-znaanzz!zbzzn?zbzzn?aaz?n.-m-naanznnn-zhaa"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "mmzan.znaaz--azan.z!aanzz--nz?aan,z-zza--aaazhzzz--haazaz--haa-az-aannn--aaa"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "hnaa-azazbzzzhaa-nz--ba-z!n.aaz?z,n.n-zbnnzmaa-hzann-az?aanzn.zazbzzn,aa-nz--bz!aanznnn-zhaa"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha.gzgha.ra.nb."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**gestures at sky**"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "mhz-aa-a-bz!zzaannz!z--bzzn,aannzzn,aazba-zmzmaaz,zbn-zhaa-bz,aa-azan.aaz?zmnnn-zhbgaa"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "mmnnzhn.aan.zna-aa-az-aa-azan.aanzz!zbn,n?n.aa"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**gestures to the ground**"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ghrab Ghrab Ghrab"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the east.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the west.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
Marina said "Sir Fred, I hope you're taking notes...."
sarah tonin said "R!brar!an Z!r Hreb, zah r!brar!an anrbaarb! b!ngh an!garnz !z ma Zmahrz !n Zambah gab gab."
sarah tonin said "i am..."
Flickman666 said "I beat you to it Sarah."
sarah tonin said "Not enough revives to go around, we should call Stanbury Village."
MitchAllTogether said "Man, I'm just glad to be here. This is seriously cooler than being outside with those weird people. I'm just gonna curl up over here with this Pablo Neruda book and groove on some poetry, right?"
Mark Moriarty said "hello all"
Mark Moriarty said "I feel like rumplestilskin"
Mark Moriarty said "i've lost 3 days"
Mark Moriarty said "thanks again to marina for the heals"
Mark Moriarty said "well goodnight all I'm out of ap see you tommorow"
UnderCow killed a zombie.
fire cheez said "Dale McGillicuddy, yes, you are correct about everything. second hand complaints, as well as first hand complaint. but let me tell you, you are fucked up when you kill a member of a bounty hunter group because he pked you. which was the case with me..."
fire cheez said "oh well, it doesnt matter these days anyway...but all of you here are safe, I wont hurt a soul in here"
fire cheez said "now, underco, who killed our pet, is a different story. but then again, he is apparently new to the game, maybe he didnt read the tag? i'll go look form him later, but i dont think he meant any harm...then again, he didnt drop the body..."
fire cheez said "not nice, if he really tried to save us from he zombie he shouldve dropped it"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I appreciate all your efforts to protect our zombie Mr.Cheez, but I'd anticipated Mr.Ceaser would step up... Alas, he seems to be 'strategically' motivated... And I appreciate all the promises of security from PKers/zombies. It lets us know we"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "really did accomplish something with our study group."
fire cheez said "ok, whatever you wish. why'd he be strategically motivated? well, if i can do anything, let me know"
sexualharrison said "well fred your zombie haikus are getting better"

Jan 9th

sexualharrison said "thats pink laying on floor isn't it? well i guess i won't dump him than."
sexualharrison said "Jarper and who are you on the NMC?"
Dick Mizgala said "Hey everybody, did you notice that Ghoulius Caesar of the RRF Gore Corps is camped here? Guess not, oh well..."
fire cheez said "i guess we will have to lower the cades...i'll start right away"
Von Luthius said "Where's Pink Unicorns go? I am so tempted to turn a bit zombie for a bit to help in my undersatnding..."
Von Luthius said "Pink Unicorns is outside. Deaded again...what a sad day. No music!"
sexualharrison said "why is i see soo many people in with BBB as a group? we were never a group. we were MANY GROUPS"
fire cheez said "someone dumped pink, so we have to get the cades down. i already said this before ;-)"
Ghoulius Caesar said "I've got no problem stepping up to Pink's defense. I gave Undercow's profile a look when I logged in last night, seemed like he was new to the game. Nonetheless, my AP was low so I couldn't track him down."
Ghoulius Caesar said "QSG have always been great hosts, I've got no problems taking care of anyone who breaks the rules 'round here or kills off guest speakers."
sexualharrison said "ditto."
fire cheez said "yeah that"
fire cheez said "i suggest we spray a broader tag - make this a no kill zone to include zombies and humans. also, am i the only one trying to get the cades down to get pink unicorn back in?"
Ghoulius Caesar said "I brought them down a bit earlier. Looks like someone jacked them up a bit since then. Probably passing through?"
Jarper said "Heya sexualharrison.. Do you mean who am I on the forum? If so.. Jarper. (-:"
Flickman666 said "Pink Unicorns....Pink Unicorns.... NOOOOO!!!!! She is laying outside.That bastard killed our pet. **Shakes his fist in anger!**"
sexualharrison said "jarper, my bad.. mistaked you for someone else. nice haiku BTW"
demondim said "hey you picking up the crap on the radio?"
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the west and 8 blocks to the south.
SweetIrony said "Padre! Good to see you again! Would you like to do a guest lecture?"
SweetIrony said "As for pink unicorns, I agree with Sir Fred, this might be an endangered language we're dealing with. I've been reading Dr Ransom's field notes which he seems to have left for safekeeping, along with some recordings, and our zombie friend's speech"
SweetIrony said "doesn't seem to resemble that of any other speakers he'd encountered. The . seems to be a diacritic, combining with the sound before it to represent a different sound. Hence b. = d"
Charles Darwin said "Well there you go blokes, the cades are down to VSB. That was an exhausting piece of work I can tell you, what ho! And now my gout is acting up again, blast and thunder."
Charles Darwin said "I do hope our little undead friend (and scientific specimen) can get back inside."
Charles Darwin said "*flops into a comfy chair with a large snifter of brandy*"
Doctor Fallout said "It's a delight to see you again as well, Mr. McGillicuddy, and I see you've made some incredible progress on refiling the books using the wonderful Library of Congress Classification system. As of yesterday, Nichols had fallen, but Mr Mum Muggy passed"
Doctor Fallout said "by , and he seemed to be on the trail of the BookMobile™"
Doctor Fallout said "ooh, Brandy, I do believe I'll have a glass. I must be going though, give my regards to the zombie you're all trying to open a line of communication with. Godspeed, friends."
MoreThanDork said "Sir Fred, was that a request I email the QSG?"
Stortebecker said "pet zombie? what's the deal with that? do you share your cookies?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh I would so enjoy beginning a correspondance MoreThanDork. An unadulterated record of our dialogues would help our archives **cough, wiki cough** and you do seem to get it. Our friend Mr.Unicorns is still asleep outside, alas..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I miss the beautiful singing and dancing. **sings** mee,mee,me,meeee... mah r!brarh!anz arh zazz! ..."
fuzz said "i'm here as a representative from pancakes!. we received a request on our wiki."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome to you Fuzz, we are waiting for our guest zombie to claw back through the barricades. http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=493936"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "The library should be a safeplace for all. Even the RRF can hold back from smiting the Rangers in here. I salute their dedication to the truce and the spreading of literacy and class !"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhangh h!ah mah h.ra.nb.z"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "mah zambah brazzah gamma zahm zangan anh danzan"
Since your last turn:
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah ham bra.barh!ng ha za.rh!z hah. Baha.b.rh! Ra.ghb.ahra.z"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Bab. Zhab. H!z h.ahrh rab.hra.rh h!n zhah manzh"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.ahb.hra! Ra.b.z zrng"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!hra.zb.hra.rb.hra.! Hahrh mah b.rabrz z!!mb. Zah h.arh hah.hra!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zzaanzaz azz zzaz zazzaz z!zaaz zaz!z"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Nah. H!b. Rahahghz haz zhrah zha.!rh h!arh b.ah zb.hra.! Ahh mah ba.rh!h. H!n h!hra.zb.hra.rb.hra!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zazz z!z zaaaazzz az zzzaz zaz z!zzaz zaz zzaz aaazzz az! Zaz!z z!z z!azzazza!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ah mah ba.rh!h. H!n h!hra.zb.hra.rb.hra!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zazza zazaz!nggg"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the east.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the west.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Marina. ...and again.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the south.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the west.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the east.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at Marina. ...and again.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhanghz"
demondim said "hahaha sick barracade"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**applauds and cheers** wonderful dancing **cheers** You've proven to be the zombie singer. You should form the Quartly Opera ! **applauds**"
sarah tonin said "Woo good show!!"
sarah tonin said "Nothing like waking to a dancing zombie!"
sarah tonin said "Quite a mix of people in here tonight..."
Padre Romero said "I'm waiting for a good friend of mine to show up, someone I haven't seen in near an age"
Padre Romero said "But while I'm here, I'd love to give a guest lecture, something from a more survivalist perspective."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Of course, Padre. We welcome any sermons which the holy spirit chooses to rouse from thine earthly form. We only pray that the spirit doesn't cause you to say anything overly hurtful towards the well behaved zombies within this room. They're honorable."
sexualharrison said "and vice versa fred. don't forget that."
Charles Darwin said "Ahh, my scientific subject is back, I mean our little undead friend."
Charles Darwin said "Tell me Mr. Unicorn, does it hurt when I rap you lightly on your cranium thusly? Remember, this is in the name of science!"
Charles Darwin said "How does that make you feel?"

Jan 10th

Von Luthius said "Pink Unicorns! As you may have noticed we of the QSG love having you around, especially as we are having so much fun trying to interpret what you are actually saying half the time. However, I believe there is an easier way to find out. What would you say"
Von Luthius said "Pink Unicorns, if you got revived, came back and explained the complexcities of your zombeese dialect to us all then went back to being undead and awesome once more? Then perhaps we could communicate better?"
Von Luthius said "Okay, the easiest way to clarify this is if you 'Mrh?' THREE Times in a row, to say that YES you'd love a quick revive to explain to us all your dialect and how to interpret it, then we can organise a revive here, or send you up to Rotters' Relief in the"
Von Luthius said "Gretorix Building inside of Houldenbank where that building is always open for business to revive rotters! If not, Please kill me now so as I can join in and help interpret your speech from a much more personnal level in the name of science and linguistic"
Von Luthius said "professionals everywhere! And most especially for Quartly Study Group and friends! Heck, kill me anyways and let the fun begin!"
demondim said ".. hey pink, ill kill him if you want :D"
MiffedLapsang said "Sorry, didn't see it was a guest zombie"
MiffedLapsang said "Healed the guest zombie..."
MiffedLapsang said "Have a nice day and so forth"
sarah tonin said "That was nice of MiffedLapsang to heal up PU again... i can only imagine that using a FAK on a zed is something new for most people."
demondim said "wow does that work?"
Charles Darwin said "It's a fascinating subject, healing the dead. You can't simply improve their vital signs, because they have none!"
Charles Darwin said "You need to patch any obvious cuts and openings, and sometimes it even helps to replace the sludge-like ichor which runs through their decaying veins."
fire cheez said "the zombie is already at full health. - ironic, isnt it"
Marina said "Yes, it always gave me such a warm fuzzy feeling being healed as a zom...."
Marina said "*gawks*"
Marina said "My goodness. A real live Vengabean. Now I've seen it all."
Chutney Vengabean said "I think I'm it, though. Can't seem to raise my loutish siblings on these newfangled mobile phone contraptions."
Chutney Vengabean said "You wouldn't happen to have any Courvoisier, would you, by chance?"
Chutney Vengabean said "And why do you have a pet zombie?"
fire cheez said "just checked the rogues gallery, i am harmless after all...but i found out that another character of mine is actually in the top 20....kinda makes me feel like riverdancing"
MoreThanDork said "Man, ive been human for so long im getting a little stir crazy. think iæm gonna go and let off a little steam. be back in a jiff."
Karl Pilkington said "Ghoulius Caeser, this is for PKing me and several others in your group seige of the mall following the Fort Creedy rebuild. You Suck."
Karl Pilkington killed Ghoulius Caesar.
Karl Pilkington said "Out you go."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "No ! He was my world ! ** falls to knees, pounds floor **"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome to the Quartly Study Group's ongoing zombie lecture series. We've invited several career zombies to lecture and/or discuss zombies. The Guest Zombie has been smashing through the cades and singing to us. With the consensus being that Mr.Unicorns"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "was one of the finest zombie orators we'd met... we welcomed him with open arms. From what I've learned, he's here for the fine tea ' b.!! '"
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 6 blocks to the south.
Son of Rippah said "Zerg Hunters Unlimited are PKers in Disguise!"
demondim said "finaly someone died AH BLOOD :D"
Mark Moriarty said "I thought this was a kill free zone"
Mark Moriarty said "it's not cool to kill people in here even if they are pkers. this is a kill free zone damb it"
Mark Moriarty said "oops that wasn't a fak"
Gina Moriarty said "hello just want to stay here for the night and read"
Gina Moriarty said "well my husband nice to see you finally"
Gina Moriarty said "how's the Stephen King selection"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "gahr g!rr anb. m!b.zh arrb.ahga.zha.r ara. ma.mberz !n b.ha. Ghaharb.r! Zb.ab.I Grahb."
Gina Moriarty said "finally The Stand a perfect book don't you think"
Gina Moriarty said "don't speak much zombie here"
Gina Moriarty said "going to read a little bit now"
Gina Moriarty said "nice to see you though sir fred"
Gina Moriarty said "quit moving Mark I want to pay you back for all the lonely nights damb it"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.!ahrh H.ahn Rahb.!az mah ghan nahb. B! Rh!h.hra!h."
Ropes McGurk said "hello all"
Sega McGinty said "thanks ropes for the fak I almost died again"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah b!!n b.hra. H.ahrh magh b.ahah rahng"
Sega McGinty said "anybody awake in here"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H!n mah hahman!ahzh zhah Gahb.z h.hra.ra. Zb!rh rahahm!ng zhah h.ahrrh"
Sega McGinty said "Hello Pink Unicorns I have heard alot about you"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah Gahb.z arh gahn bab. Mah h.az ra.h.b. Ba.h!n b.ah zb!gh ahh. Za.!rh grahrh!ahz b.!!b.z"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha.rrah Za.ga"
Karl Pilkington broadcast "Before I was angry, now I am focused." from here, on 28.34 MHz.
Sega McGinty said "I really do need to work on my zombie dialects"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ah Z!rh H.ra.b.!ahrh rangahaga.!z mahgh!mbrahh.b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zahma.bahb.! Brh!z g!h. Za.ga ah ghab ahh. B.!!"
Sega McGinty said "well I'm out of ap in 5 more turns so I will have to talk to you guys more tommorrow"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H! H!z h.ahrn aahb."
Sega McGinty said "I promise to learn more zombie so I can actually comunicate better with you"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah ha.h. B.hra!m"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.ahah magh b.arm"
sarah tonin said "Mitch! you're QSG proper, welcome. Who's in charge of the graf, Dale? Can this be a total no kill zone, Zed and Survivor alike? ... Zarr! b!ngh an!garnz, nah mah brnhr harmanz."
Sega McGinty said "thanks Marina for the heal. you are always good to us."
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.ahah magh b.hra!m"
Sega McGinty said "hello sarah sorry your comming in as I am fading out must sleep now"
Sega McGinty said "good night all"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah zh.hra!z h!n ah ghaha!hra.b. Ghahrna.rh h.ahrh zhah na!b."
pink unicorns the zombie said "H.!zh ah ghab. Ahh. B!! H!n ahan hanb. Anb. Zhah harb h!n zhah azhahrh"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zzzz!!!zzzng zzzaaazzzng zzzazzz!zzzng"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Gahahb. Na!b. Mah h.rh!hra.nb.z"
sarah tonin said "Mah Gharbr! Zbab! Graab zambah !z mah zmarz zan ah zah bangbang manz !n zah an!barz."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Gahahb. Na!b. Mah h.rh!hra.nb. --- mah ga.nb.rr anb. gh!nb. h.r!a.nb."
The Lurker7 said "Hello... I am the Lurker7 of the RRF's Gore Corps. I would like to restate the fact that we are NOT zambah spies, or Zergers, merely death cultists working with the Ridleybank Resistance Front"
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 11 blocks to the north.

Jan 11: The Padre's speech

Von Luthius said "TheLurker7, good to see you again! Welcome to this Neutral Territory that is Quartly Library, where ALL are welcome in peace. And Death Cultists are awesome, have you ever co-ordinated a zombie attack whilst you were alive with fellows, from the inside,"
Von Luthius said "crowbarring the cades to get your mates inside, then acting all cool when people wake up and go on about zombie breaches and who the fuck is healing the zombies? Healing your fellow zombie friends in that situation is awesome cause you can turn around and"
Von Luthius said "yell at the offending defenders and state boldly, No One in their right mind is healing these zombies, they have the bite skill, they bite you and gain HP Fool! The only reason I'm not dead is because I'm healing myself with my entire store of 35 FAK's"
Von Luthius said "against these persistant bastards! Die Zombie Scum! Die! *All whilst healing your zombie compatriots!"
o m g killed a zombie.
Von Luthius said "Ummmmm....Not that I'VE Ever doen that with a group of friends...Oh No Sirs!"
Von Luthius said "Profile Number of:"
Von Luthius said "http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=739819 "
Von Luthius said "You sir, o m g, are FUCKED. This is Neutral Territory, read the bloody graffitti. Do you realise that half these people are zombie death cultists or PKers or friends of the library, a neutral place of joy and happiness and NO VIOLENCE?"
Von Luthius said "36 AP and No Guns...Lets see If I can get a Scalp with my axe!"
fire cheez killed o m g.
fire cheez said "fucking idiot"
fire cheez said "not you, luthius ;-)"
Von Luthius said "Fire Chez, well doen with dumping that book shelf on him, kudos for the finishing move, Time to crowbar our cades again."
fire cheez said "well, i am going to stock up on ammo"
fire cheez said "uh, it seems we were both blasting away at him...sorry for taking your kill, but hey, no bounty on your heads"
fire cheez said "ok, later"
fire cheez said "dont type anthing, i wont be able to read it :-/"
Von Luthius said "Nope, doesn't bother me, graffitti was there, plus an awesome array of guests and people/death cultists, heck, everyone needs to kill something sometime..."
Von Luthius said "crap, typed stuff..."
fire cheez said "ok, i am back w/ guns and ammo. now we need to get the cades down...I think we should leave em at VS anyway, this wont be the last time our pink unicorn gets killed"
Von Luthius said "Can someone tell Fire Chez when he gets back to add me to his contacts as I was able to cull one other to fit him in for mobile contacts etc."
Von Luthius said "Yeah, hey dude, good to see you back. Could our esteemed RRF Guests please pass on to the RRF as a whole that Quartly has become holky and neutral ground and we would love to see a host of zombie speakers come in and share some wisdom about what it's like"
Von Luthius said "to be a zombie in Malton etc? I reckon it'd be fantastic to have 20+ zombies in here debating the various aspects of life etc. Hey demondim, how are you? You just missed Pink Unicorns get murdered and Fire Chez and my fiery redemptive revenge kill...Decad"
Von Luthius said "Stupid Cades, I'm going to grafitti talk to Pink Unicorns."
demondim said "damn!!! dibs killing him if he comes back, bot alot of pistols and ammo"
fire cheez said "hum, sorry, I have no clue what the RRF is, nor do I participate in any message boards. working on my own, and i am pretty sure that one day i will wake up here with a bullet in my head...should that happen, dont worry about it, I can take care of that..."
fire cheez said "else than that, I will respect the No kill zone in here and for all QSG members, as long as this works vice versa."
Ronald'McDonald killed lozam.
Ronald'McDonald said "lozam is GK. He must die."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh, the ItishTemplars have assembled their striketeam. Good, the RRF is making an advance into the suburb. Would you all aid in securing local NTs and the mall ?"
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the east and 7 blocks to the south.
fire cheez said "Sir Fred, care to explain in normal words what is happening?"
Heiki said "Urgh... I'm infected... D: I'm just going to crawl into a corner and die now..."
Rockby Quickfoot said "Padre! Long time no see. And Jarper too! And everyone else of the QSG. Glad to see so many folks around from the good ole times. Looks like we lost Stanbury, but that's why we need to hold out here :D"
fire cheez said "what about pink unicorns? do you guys want him back in here? should we do something about the barricades? I"
Jarper said "Heya Rockby! (-:"
Jarper said "Hm.. lot of bloodshed here in the last 24 hours."
Jarper said "Gotta let the cades down for our zed friends to re-enter."
sgtrice763 said "Rockby, I thought you were with us again"
Padre Romero said "Well, I've been invited to lecture, and I shall, as Fred tells me you haven't heard much from the perspective of an RP serious survivor"
Padre Romero said "and as a special treat, I'll be doing it out of character, which is something I never do..."
Padre Romero said "Right so, I've been playing Padre since about march of last year,"
Padre Romero said "I dabble in quite a few MMORPG's, none of which I enjoy very much (Cept this), but I have a longstanding tradition of only playing characters that appear in my novels and movies (Yes, I'm an author), as a means of testing them in the field..."
Padre Romero said "and placing previews for what I hope to someday be fans"
Padre Romero said "close observers will notice I speak almost entirely in puns, alliterations, or verse, its a hobby...righty...from my perspective, I suppose:"
Padre Romero said "the fact that this game is so beautifully simple offers a kind of open endedness you don't find in many other games"
Padre Romero said "naturally, I think the Malton's Angels have utilized this to the fullest, could just be an irrational bias. I also enjoy the closeness that this game affords, being quite sociable, I find this game affords an excellent oppertunity for"
Padre Romero said "person-to-person interaction and the like. In my humble opinion, this aspect of the game is best experienced as a survivor and a zombie...most PKers, and GKers don't seem to form cohesive groups (Red Rum being the definite exception)"
Padre Romero said "You may notice that I have a pet peeve for PKers and various other griefers...not so much that I'll verbally bash them, but you must understand that from an RP perspective, slews of PKers are hardly in theme with the story, and after a while, become"
Padre Romero said "mind numbingly cliche...there are naturally some exceptions, but on the whole, I find them to be an bother. Regardless, I've adopted an Anti-bounty hunting stance, as it really seems to encourage them."
Padre Romero said "In the future, what I'd like to see in UD: Primarily a means of making coordination count a little more. I'd like to see game mechanics that encourage greater group cohesiveness. Also, more ways to interact with the world"
Padre Romero said "I don't see the future for this game as bleakly as some. Obviously, the game is tilted in favor of survivors at the moment, and at some point in the future, there may not be any more zombies left in Malton, but the very fact that this may be allowed"
Padre Romero said "to happen circumvents one of my big pet peeves with other games, namely that the individual player has no long term effect on the environment."
Padre Romero said "World-altering manuvers like the mall tour and the stand at the blackmore building ring hollow in other games, but Urban Dead has a definite goal, either to survive, and someday triumph over the undead menace"
Padre Romero said "or to kill off the entire city"
Padre Romero said "Really, UD is a unique game in a certain respect, there is a different way of defining your character"
Padre Romero said "In quite a few single player RPG's, such as Oblivion or Balders Gate, it's what you HAVE that defines your character"
Padre Romero said "in others, like World of Warcraft or Nexus War, it's what you ARE that defines your character"
Padre Romero said "but in UD, every ability and item is open to every character, from the casual 15 mintues a day player to the guy who throws quite a bit of time into it..."
Padre Romero said "weather you live, die, fade into obscurity, or rise to the top of a major faction depends entirely on what you DO, and that is what defines you"
Padre Romero said "With the exception of a few zombie skills, there is absolutely no difference between, say, me and Rockby...but we are radically different characters, simply because of what we say and do..."
Padre Romero said "in short, for a very small niche market of RP players, this game is heaven."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**cheers and hoots** Yes, yes ! You said it Padre ! **woohoo** Thank you, I'd been contemplating how similar my skill set is to any in this library..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Of course we still want pink unicorns, but a horde is moving into Roftwood so I'm asking the Templars (the group) to take point to the west... I'm running revive runs again..."
sgtrice763 said "I don't think you need to worry, blackmore is actually secure again"
demondim said ":o it is... ah well i think ill go kill some of these raids, see if i cant find your pet :P"
demondim said "erm... where ar they, i went looking and only found some newbies and 2 at a revive point"
fuzz said "Thank you for the warm welcome, Fred. If there's ever any need for pancakes!'s assistance, please let us know."
Rockby Quickfoot said "Pity Padre is gone already. Been quite some time since I've heard one of the nice speeches out of the Quartly. Been away in Stanbury and other parts of the city too long. As for the Rangers sgtrice, I go where I please. Don't have time nor will to run"
Rockby Quickfoot said "that group he wants me to make, nor do I feel like gallivanting around the Caiger area. I like this place much better."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "The cades... lower them to VSB++ for Mr.Unicorns"
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the west and 13 blocks to the south.

Jan 12th

Since your last turn:
sarah tonin said "Pity indeed that Padre is gone already also Mr. Quickfoot, quite the speech though..."
sarah tonin said "...i stuck zoutroi on the crest and told a very zombified Mr. Raith Imastad to break in if he wants a revive as i was low on AP but not needles, so play nice everyone if you see him"
sarah tonin said "i'm worried about Scheffler, he's about to go idle..."
MrFredSmith said "No more resident zombie?"
sexualharrison said "who broke the truce in here?"
MitchAllTogether said "Hey, man... what happened to that Pink Unicorns guy who smelled like cabbage?"
demondim said "some ass killed him"
demondim said "i love shopping, means i can now shoot the crap out of somthing, patch it up and read it a bed time story :p"
Zajebywator said "The Lurker7, id=556880, is RRF spy! Killthe bastard!"
Heiki said "And do you think we give a shit? I should PK you, but I'm in a no PKing zone. -points to Spraypaint-"
Heiki said "And if your so concerned, then why don't you kill him yourself. It'd allow the Gore Corps to PK you, if you PKed first."
Heiki said "And he's a PKed/Death Cultist, not a friggin Zombie Spy. Get your info right."
Consumer Horse said "anyone need healing?"
FlickAlmighty666 said "I will go to the west and help revive and kill off the bastards. I will probably be a meat sheild as well. You better be looking for me Fred."
FlickAlmighty666 said "LicketyFlick needs some im all out of FAK's."
fire cheez said "Padre, you could view pkers as the guys you dont want to meet in a dark alley...come to think about it, pretty much every utopia about zombie invasions, locked down cities probably had more murderers than harmless people"
fire cheez said "cades are at QS, lets see if pink unicorns can get back in now"
FlickAlmighty666 said "There I had to cover that crap about the PKing group with the right message."
FlickAlmighty666 said "yeah sounds good."
demondim said "to the west aye..."
Charles Darwin said "There you go Mr/Ms Flick420. All patched up and right as rain. I leaned First Aid in a book!"
Scheffler said "That little fellow o m g has been revived and is just next door in the Maiden Garage."
Mr Garth the zombie destroyed the generator.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again. ...and again.
Mr Garth the zombie destroyed the radio transmitter.
TankmanCR the zombie gestured at itself.
Zajebywator said "Dont worry, i will find some bullets for you two, RRFers."
Zajebywator killed a zombie.
Karl Pilkington said "I seek a forum with this establishment. I feel justified in having corrected wrongs against me and others by one of your group. I will remain and wait for your answer that I may show honor to this group. Attack me in this time and you will be haunted."

Jan ?? Exact dates unknown

DeadHorn killed a zombie.
robohomophobe said "what happened to pink unicorns?"
LicketyFlick420 said "It's Mr. Charles but thank you for all the heals. So books are still very useful in this chaos."
Protomorph said "Heiki, if it wasnt for QSG, I would kill you right now. M'kay. See ya later."
sexualharrison said "well at least the dumb russkies can read."
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west.
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 4 blocks to the south.
Dale McGillicuddy said "First, I'd like to extend a welcome to the young folks who've stepped in while the barricades were lowered. Thee Biochemist and Consumer Horse, please take the time to read the posted on the bulletin board here:"
Dale McGillicuddy said "http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Quartly_Library Please pay close attention to #2-No discharging of firearms. (Unless absolutely necessary)"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Second, to address Mr. Pilkington: There's a procedure for acceptable PKing, and you, sir, failed to follow it. You violated our safehouse policy to take 'revenge' on a guest and freind of the library. If you are unaware of the usual procedure on how"
Dale McGillicuddy said "to report a PK, then I suggest that you read this: http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/PKer#PK_Reporting"
Dale McGillicuddy said "That said, this remains an establishment of Learning, and I am it's security guard. You will note that I did not kill you after your brutal murder of our guest. We're here to acquire and preserve Knowledge, and you simply made a baseless allegation and"
Dale McGillicuddy said "shot up our Library, ruining several volumes of the rare 1945 version of the Encyclopædia Britannica. I for one will not abide by your continued presence, although as a civilized man, I will let the crowd decide. Any who agree with me, simply say 'Aye'"
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, on a less annoying note, we're starting to see som 'fugees at Turpin from the asswhuppin' that nichols took. I needled one of 'em, but I'm a little tired after trying to hunt up some gas in the auto shop. But, least we've got light to read by now."
Charles Darwin said "Aye Dale, let's get rid of this troublemaker! This is a place of learning, not violence! *hefts a very heavy copy of Lyell's Geological Evidences of the Antiquity of Man menacingly*"
robohomophobe said "you guyz, where is pink unicorns?"
Von Luthius said "Anyone threatening our good guests in here will get pushed out of the window by a mysterious bookshelf falling on them...Hey Heiki! How are you?"
Von Luthius said "pink unicorns was murdered and thrown outside yesterday!"
Von Luthius said "Oh No! I'm outta Books! Someone remind me to venture to Accourt Library in Ridleybank. I'll get some ammo first though."
zoutroi said "hello kind friends of the QSG, i would like to thank sarah tonin for allowing me to breath once again and i hpe that i won't be expelled too quickly"
Von Luthius said "Right goyt some guns and some FAK's, still got these 12 Rev's I've had for several months now, should get rid of most of em and stock up on FAK's!"
Heiki said "Yo, Von. :D"
Heiki said "Hmm... Lurker, we may want to move. =/ Seems some people are going after us, regardless of the policy here."
sarah tonin said "Oh zoutroi, you're welcome. We were actually just going over the [ 'rules of conduct' (?) ] we're shooting for a type of no kill zone here, even for zed... or untill you crack that is."
sarah tonin said "Please don't go Heiki, we're going for a proof of concept here."
sarah tonin said "...and our dancing through the flowers montage scheduled for tomarrow."
Heiki said "Flower Montage? I must stay then. :D"
sarah tonin said "Excellent, i'll freshen up my dress!"
zoutroi said "i could do with a good read, i believe i was part way through Sun Tzu's 'art of war' when i last visited..."
Heiki said "I should check the shelves anyway... I haven't had a good read since this war started."
sarah tonin said "If you've never read the Hagakuri, keeps with the genre also..."
zoutroi said "i haven't read the hagikuri yet, im struggling with a strange translation of sun tzu's work at the moment, having 3 interpretations of one statement on the same page is a bad idea..."
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 14 blocks to the south.
Stephan Colette said "Has anyone seen one Padre Romero? I was told he'd be in the area..."
sgtrice763 said "Padre's long gone. Heiki, who's shooting, we enforce the no shooting policiy"
Jarper said "Stephan, he was indeed here a couple of days ago.. The Padre does tend to wander, though."
Jarper said "Stephan, I just sent him a message. He may swing back this way."
A flare was fired 14 blocks to the east. (3 hours and 49 minutes ago) ...and again.
Lockand1oad said "damn you pk'ers"
Heiki said "I'm not shooting anybody!"
demondim said "thanks sarah... wow i screwed that up"
sarah tonin said "Who keeps putting the cades to EHB? Untill there are actually zed attacking i say no cades, doors closed. If every zed in the burb crashed through the doors at once tonight we'd still outnumber them 5 to 1... and i miss pink unicorns."
Karl Pilkington said "Dale, you are a bag of hot air. Anyone here can see it when you tell me that my assault was 'revenge' and your assoult on me was just. I know how PK'ing and Bounty Hunting work. No signeage warned me not to attack Ghoulius Ceaser, I don't need an image"
Karl Pilkington said "I was there when they, soutroi and many others organized an attack on many innocents in the mall after Fort Creedy. I haven't killed zoutroi yet because of the good faith pact I have with this organization whilst I remain here."
Karl Pilkington said "If the edict of this house is no attacks, then say so and shut up. No need to be a pompous prig and prattle on about how you're 'security' I have come here and offered to meet in the middle with the QSG in order that you explain harboring known PKers."
Karl Pilkington said "That said, I have been here long enough to realize this is sacred ground and, unless attacked first I will harm no one here. zoutroi, you are a scumbag. defend your organized attack on survivors in a mall or ..."
Karl Pilkington said "agree to meet me away from this location that I may brain thee and return thee to the land of undead where scum like you belong."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Thanks to everyone for showing restraint. I am quite concerned that our guest PinkUnicorns hasn't returned to finish the poetry recital... I guess we must lower the cades..."
sexualharrison said "can we punch each other a little for fun?"
sarah tonin said "yes sexualharrison, saying hello is encouraged..."
Heiki said "Can I PK Karl? D: Goolina said I could, if I saw him."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Instead of starting a bloodbath, could you help me lower the barricades so that our kind zombie guest, Mr.Unicorns, could rejoin us ? I was just starting to understand the discourse on a significant level..."
demondim said "ill help, but i dont think we should, i was only a few spaces west when i got an ES caded building got snaped by 11 zeds (and i havnt seen PU anywhere near)"
SweetIrony said "Ok, got the cades down pretty far for Pink, who is standing outside at the moment. Nobody rebarricade until he's in!"
SweetIrony said "Also, anyone who is wondering what Pink is and has been saying, or who wants to learn how to understand him, should visit the forum http://c4nt.proboards104.com/index.cgi?board=quartlystudygroup , where we have made some really significant progress."
jeff shockmatic said "hi von luthius."
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the west and 14 blocks to the south.
fire cheez said "hum, Karl, you are on my KOS list... I think it was you who killed our zombie last time, but since you seem to be behaving now, I'll let this slide away..."
Foobarosa said "This place stinks of the RRF."
Foobarosa killed The Lurker7.
Foobarosa said "zoutroi and Heiki are RRF members, too."
Foobarosa said "I can't stand the smell. How do you guys put up with it?"
Rockby Quickfoot said "Hm. That Foobarosa fellow is one of those stinkers from Vere Cinema that liked to sit around a lot I believe. Isn't too nice of him to be killing people in here. Either way, I'll be out and about to see what's going on. Be back if I have the AP."
Marina said "Hm, I remember Foobarosa, I tried to have a dialogue with him on his blog. He turned out to be a most uninteresting fellow."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mah R!bra!r!anz arh zmartah zhan zah tra.nzhghahtahz !n zah Marr.... H!a.z zha.! ghan ahb.zmahb. zah Rahzz!anz !n zah hahzb.! anb. zah zambahz !n zah na.!bahbahd."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Fahhhbrahza za.a.mz b.ah ba. a b.ra.!h!a.r b.a.b.!ghab.a.b. d.ah b.a.rr!ng ahz hah d.ah sahrh.!h.a."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mar!na !z ahn ah. zah h.!rzb. zambah ga.zd.z.... Zha. !z a.ghzb.a.r!a.za.b. r!b.a.rab. anb. ga.n.ah.rahz..."
sexualharrison said "i don;t see what the big deal is. if rangers/rff can abide by a truce anyone can."
sexualharrison said "don;t see it's truely the safest place to rest and recover AP. this is how the rest of malton should be."
fire cheez said "i am going to look for foobarosa. see you guys later"
fire cheez said " Zajebywator, youd be better of respecting that this is a no kill zone"
fire cheez said "foobarosa is no longer with us. his errors lead to his death. i hope he doenst disrespect a no kill zone ever again"
Zajebywator said "Oooh,Heiki!Tell me,why RRF-goretex band (like you) sleep with living? You, zeds in disguise, are pitiful."
Zajebywator said "fire cheez, what are you talking about?"
sexualharrison said "listen it's simple.. in here do on to others, as you would have them do on to you. fuck I healed goolina afew weeks ago becuase she got injured saveing the rare books section from some dumb noobie zed."
Zajebywator said "I only scorn the RRF bastards and zombie crapeater-spies."
Zajebywator said "I was eaten by them at BlackMore, at Nichols, at Caiger Mall. There's mercy for braineaters."
Karl Pilkington said "Ben Franklin said that if you lay down with dogs you rise up with fleas. Hosting any parties regardless is noble, but offering sanctuary to known pkers is called being an accessory."
Karl Pilkington said "Before I decide on the fate of this institution I would like someone to clarify this groups policy on harboring known criminals."
Karl Pilkington said "*to fire cheez* I didn't kill a zombie here, I assassinated Ghoulius Ceaser. You need to watch your mouth spreading rumors like a school groud kiss-ass will only leave you facing the big kids after the bell rings, dig?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Karl, what do you recommend. I drop my syringes and FAKs to go loot for ammo and then Kill someone who has never wronged me ? Karl, I do revives, I don't kill. But your pointless bitching has caused the 'zombies' to leave. Good work you wet blanket."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I invited TheLurker7, GhouliusCeaser, and PinkUnicorns to give a speach for the guests of my fine library. Now instead of teaching us, their corpses lie before these sacred halls. Their corpses are marks on me. **falls to floor sobbing**"
Karl Pilkington said "Oh, cool. I didn't realize, Sir Fred. Whose next on the lecture list? Hitler, maybe ghengis Khan? Oh wait, I know Rasputin. Rasputin speaks on how to dismantle a weak nation, next time at Quitely, yay!"
Karl Pilkington said "Oh, but we seek knowledge, you say. We wan't understanding, you say. Yet I stand here and humble myself before these hallowed halls of knowledge and you can only cast stones at me and accuse me of spoiling your fun. Fun cannot be spoiled, only mischeif."
Karl Pilkington said "Your house is safe from me for now, but history proves that the pompous and the proud always succumb to their own arrogance. Harboring the UD equivalent of serial murderers will bring trouble far greater than this one man could bring."
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 14 blocks to the south.
Padre Romero said "Ah, Stephan, I wondered when you'd show"
Padre Romero said "So, how are things underground...found what you're looking for yet?"
Consumer Horse said "Dale thanks for the welcome, sounds like rules for a fine establishment"
Marina said "Quite a charmer, that Karl. Well, at least he's not pompous or proud or arrogant or anything..."
robohomophobe said "Wow, blaming the Quartly Library for harboring known PK'ers. This guy talks like Bush"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ok, just so everybody gets the point. You are some classy inhabitants of Malton. That is the only thing I care about... thanks for respecting the library. Mr.Cheez, I believe Karl invoked vendetta, mightn't we help our friend by scouting Karls location ?"
Stephan Colette said "Hey Padre! Took a while to track you down. I was wondering if you or anyone you know might be interested in joining up with us. We're different in a few sorts of ways, and we've heard your the sort who might be interested."
robohomophobe said "dude, Padre has his own group. He's not gonna abandon leadership of the Malton Angels and the NMC for some other group"
robohomophobe said "no offense or anything, but the malton underground doesn't even have a wiki"
robohomophobe said "and its not even listed on the game stats"
robohomophobe said "I'm just saying"
sexualharrison said "robo you got and geni's yet? get some for monday."
demondim said "hey hey hey i wanna kill sweetirony cause she smacked me raound the head outside blackmore a while back so SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ABIDE BY THE TRUCE!!!"
dickhole spy said "allright mossad!"
dickhole spy said "finally found you guys"
sexualharrison said "idiot thanks for blowing our cover."
demondim said "well, bye guys"
Padre Romero said "Stephan, regrettably, I stand by my angles...however, I'll keep an eye on you guys"
Foobarosa said "fire cheez: you're either with the survivors, or you're with the zeds"
Foobarosa said "You are actively *protecting* zed spies, you sympathizer."
Ghoulius Caesar said "Thanks for the revive xeose."
Ghoulius Caesar said "I'm scratching my head over the kill, though. I've never even been to Fort Creedy."
sarah tonin said "...so many words so little being said today..."
sarah tonin said "HI Ghoulius!, seeing you brightens my day!"
Heiki said "Ah, wonderful Fort Creedy... :D Itakura saw it fall. Silly harmanz. They got given a building to hold, and they lost it to the zombies."
Heiki said "-cheers- I PKed Protomorph! :D Time for a round of DANCING!"
xeose said "I'll bake a cake! Paarrtaaay!"
Heiki said "-drunk- i lurves u DIS mush... and i would liek to make a tosh to Goolina, fer lettin' meh into teh Gore Corps... -faints- (Out of AP!)"
zoutroi said "well done heiki, i think karl likes me :p wonder how many times i've killed him..."
Captain Redeker said "Some people...you really gotta pity the folks that take things so seriously, ya know? Compare RRF members to Hitler? For shame..."
SweetIrony said "Smacked demondim around the head outside the Blackmore? I don't remember doing that... Anyway friends, I'm going to go up and pay a visit to our friends in Dalley and see how they are... I'll be back, don't worry. ;)"
Artaxerxes said "Padre Romero, sir, the ULC all left me behind in Blesley so I came to find you... to ask what I should do with this..."
Artaxerxes said "*holds up a small object, protectively but as if he fears it might bite him*"
Artaxerxes said "What Mr. Scotty said was, 'Pass it on to someone you find worthy of it, and if you ever see the good Padre, tell him I said hi.'"
Ghoulius Caesar said "Hm, go figure. Regardless, thanks for the heal. Much better than 30 HP."
Ghoulius Caesar said "You're damn right I forgot the bagels, jelly donuts are where it's at!"
sexualharrison said "man we could have some metrix shoot out in here with the line up of rangers and rff. good thing there is a truce."
sexualharrison said "in here."
sgtrice763 said "Bang bang bang bang, Ha, take that ghoulious, I just matrixed your ass"
robohomophobe said "I wanna punch someone"
fire cheez said "Sir Fred, well, I dunno about Karl. I mean, at least he respected the no kill policy. Wouldnt look good if I went after him and killed him now - not that I would mind putting an end to his miserable life, but I doubt it would do this Library any good."
fire cheez said "and who is that foobarosa guy? does anyone know him?"
fire cheez said "well, i'll be looking for some guns and ammo, be right back"
FlickAlmighty666 said "Ohh Ghoulius Cesar very nice to see you again. Thanks for the warning at Nichols but I died any way."
fire cheez said "back, stoked up and happy. gona read a book new. i havent learned anything new lately though, its a shame."
fire cheez said "i see foobar is broadcasting that some rrf members (whatever that is, no one explained it to me *yet*) are hiding here, Heiki and others. He is accusing me of protecting zeds spies, too. Likely, because I am allegdly protecting people in here...."
fire cheez said "I believe he fails to see the bigger picture, I am not protecting anyone, just lending a helpful gun to make sure this stays a no kill zone"
fire cheez said "seems contradictionary, but then again, it is kinda working, too."
fire cheez said "what about pink unicorns? will he/she be back? lower the cades?"
Jarper said "Heya all."
Jarper said "I struggle to understand why these idiots come to a library when they clearly can't read. *points to the wall*"
Jarper said "Bringing cades down again."
Ghoulius Caesar said "What's Pink Unicorn's user ID, maybe someone could revive them so they could get in, talk about whatever form of death rattle PU's speaking and get back to the undead (if they so desire)."
Jarper said "Good call.. I might poke PU so they can get in a little easier."
Jarper said ".. except PU is on the deck. I need some sleep. (-:"
Jarper said "Alright, let's see how many minutes that lasts."
Ghoulius Caesar said "There's no one outside right now, if anyone's got a spraycan to add to the tag, just to let PU in before getting the cades full blown again... might be a good idea. And thanks for the heal."
Jarper said "No probs. I'd rather spite the PKers in here. Trying to fit everything in the tag's a challenge though."
Jarper said "We a"
Jarper said "Ahem."
Jarper said "We have four walls, for goodness' sakes!"
Scheffler said "My, the posturing has gotten thick in here, hasn't it?"
Scheffler said "It is perhaps worth reminding everyone currently present, and many who no longer are, that this, dear fellows, is a *LIBRARY*. It isn't a revolutionary headquarters, it isn't the den of a conspiratorial agency,"
Scheffler said "It is a haven for literacy, literature and literati. The corollary to this, of course, is that those who would abuse this haven, in order to use it as a place from which to strike, either to burn books or to hunt those who do,"
Scheffler said "should no longer consider themselves to be entirely welcome. Moreover, those individuals who judge a library by the nature of those who read in it are just as foolish as those wou would judge a book by its cover."
Scheffler said "We associate ourselves together freely, for the purpose of inculcating a sense of responsibility for the continued erudition of the people of Malton, and to safeguard and transmit to posterity the knowledge and facilities to harbor such erudition."
Scheffler said "To learn from eachother as well as from books, and to demonstrate through our ideals and example that such a thing is right and necessary."
Scheffler said "Testosterone-flooded brains are not useful for this purpose. Marina may be able to tell us whether or not tey're tastier; I've no idea. The point is that machismo and posturing and PK'ing as well as revenge for PK'ing are simply not welcome here."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Of course, Scheffler. I can't allow myself to forget for one moment, that this library is a stronghold of Civilization in this ragged world. It is not merely a haven to me, but a symbol of Education's camaraderie."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I did give implied consent to Mr.Cheez, that's something a classy literate wouldn't do. I am opposed to murder, that's why I'm always running out of syringes. Oh, almost forgot. VonLuthius, I'm running low, can you do revives at Turp Crescent for a few ?"
sexualharrison said "this place is as a haven. why can't people just repect that. zombies and humans working togther for a nice quit place to read and open forum to discuss anything. stupid noobs."
Padre Romero said "*Takes the mysterious object from Art*"
Padre Romero said "interesting...I think this trinket should be returned to it's rightful owner...who is, naturally, dead as a doornail."
Padre Romero said "Still, it should only be a small detour en route to my next destination"
Padre Romero said "Tell me Art, how do you feel about retaking perryn?"
Protomorph said "Eat lead, Heiki... Oh, and QSG, sorry about this mess, but Heiki had to pay."
Protomorph killed Heiki.
Protomorph said "Again, sorry about breaking your NO KILL rule. It won't happen again."
Protomorph said "Oh. and to clarify even further. Heiki used this library as a hideout after he PK some of the USSR members."
fire cheez said "Scheffler, you want me to leave, speak up. Else I'll stay :-)"
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured at itself.
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Barghagz!"
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Rhaz Barghagz Nah!"
sarah tonin said "Hi Tucker1Mark !! welcome to our library... Zah Gharbr! Zbab! Graab !z ah nah bangbang bahhb!ng."
sarah tonin said "Can you say 'B.ahgar ahn Bahrg' thats you **pats zombie on the head** ; say it with me ' B.ahgar ahn Bahrg'..."
sarah tonin said "Wait wait wait thats all wrong, i forget you do have a M... i miss pink unicorns. What we're going for here is 'B.arghr ahn Marg', now that makes more sense. Say it with me 'B.arghr ahn Marg'... good, good zombie."
Protomorph said "Ok, gotta go... If any of the librarians still have concerns about Heiki's murder, please use my wiki talk page. Thank you."
Goolina said "Wow, it's a regular RRF and Malton Rangers reunion in here! *hugs Sexual Harrison and DHS*"
Goolina said "I'd like to thank the USSR for the revive, courtesy of one of their n00bs. Silly n00b! I may have to poke some fun on their wiki over it."
Goolina said "Wow, everyone is here. It's like the prom but without the ugly dresses. Well, DHS's ensemble not included. If the RRF hadn't made plans to find that tanning bed, I'd be inclined to stay around for a while and shoot the breeze - and some ferals - with you."
Goolina said "Thank you, Marina."
xeose said "Perhaps the revive was an apology for the slaying of Heiki in a 'NO KILL ZONE' - hah!"
FlickAlmighty666 said "Hi there Goolina. My wounds from Nichols mall have healed. You do have one Hellva bite.**Rubs his neck where he appeared to be hurt.**"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "You've been doing well about the no killing each-other. Good work Rangers and GoreCorps. I think we need to worry about protecting our Zombie Guests. Would anyone care to touch up the graffiti ?"
Jarper said "Greets all."
Stephan Colette said "Well, thanks for the time Padre. I'm sure I'll see you around."
sexualharrison said "aww."
sexualharrison said "you guys at least laffed right?"
sarah tonin said "Wow, i was away for a few hours and no one was PK'ed, it's like all of the people in the library can read."
sarah tonin said "Has anyone seen G. Ceaser lately?"
sarah tonin said "Oh, haha there you are, hiding in the corner..."
sarah tonin said "So what's this i hear about Wed? Big time fun-for-all?"
Tim Henson said "Dear leader DHG has sent me to let you all know the rest of the rangers are coming"
Ghoulius Caesar said "Yeah, I haven't been online much lately. So it took me a couple days to get back on my feet and here."
zoutroi said "why'd the cades go back up again i thought that they were supposed to be down to allow zombies inside? oh yeah anyone want me to revie the zombie we do have in here, i have a needle sitting in my inventory..."
Dale McGillicuddy said "No, that's our pet zombie, and letting it in is why the cades were lowered."
Ghoulius Caesar said "The zombie inside right now is Tucker1Mark, not Pink Unicorns."
Ghoulius Caesar said "Ah, guest zombie's', didn't see the S on the tag."
Goolina said "Yes indeed, Wednesday will be our going-away extravanganza for the library. It's our salute to literacy and to your hospitality. And no, those words do not hide a secret threat in the syle of Al-Qaeda. We love you guys."
Heiki said "-wakes up- Argh... what a night... I had to sleep in the streets... that Protomorph bastard needs to die... Perminantly... -faints again-"
Goolina said "StrayZombie's swaying at Turpin Crescent. Can someone shoot him a revive? We want to visit the large print annex one more time. ;) id=594056. Thanks!"
Sgt Spooge said "Sup zeds, what's happening in here?"
sarah tonin said "Well, that's sad. i do hope it's an extraordinarly extravagant extravaganza though, you know pie and everything."
Tim Henson said "Goolina, Dear Leader DHG plans to fuck you hard, so much so that he told me to have an FAK ready for you, Dear leader Likes it rough"
Marina said "*slaps Tim* Were you born in a barn or something?"
Ben Wergin killed a zombie.
sexualharrison said "oh crap the rangers... and that was not classy tim. swift kick in the balls to you and DHG. really now."
Ghoulius Caesar said "The tension before war... Things are getting exciting again. Glad to see, it's been a while."
sexualharrison said "not need to be rude. i'd rather just pop you in the head with a shot gun.. why waste words. nother place, nother time"
MitchAllTogether said "The Greenhowe Building has, like... all these really lame guys swarming over it, groaning about hamburgers or something. I think they were Jehovah's Witnesses."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Thanks for the intell Mr.AllTogether, I'd lost track of our neighbors to the West. Looking for Hambargahz, were they lloking for harman hambargahz perchance ?"
sexualharrison said "damm we could such a amazing shoot out in here right now."
Goolina said "But we wouldn't do that in here, Sexual Harrison. We're all friends. *hands SH a Coke and sings the first few lines of We Are The World*"
sarah tonin said "With all this tension in the stacks the last few days, anyone care to comment on the differences of personal griefs/ group affiliations? Seriously now why do the rangers specifically want after the RRF and vice-versa."
sarah tonin said "Which once holds the strongest allegiance? What personal greif would transcend a group affilliation?"
sarah tonin said "As official keeper of the reference desk, i broke the moral bond of the PK shooting DHSpy full of holes for messing up the librarys generator and christman tree, i guess that was my beaking point, All-be-it an in character breaking point."
Goolina said "I think a lot of the Rangers have homoerotic tendencies, excluding Padre, Wulfgar and some others. They want to have the sex with the RRF, but since they can't have the sex, they want to kill the RRF."
Goolina said "Look at DHG's insistence on wanting to have the sex with me, for example. He's also engaged in watersports with the dead, so you have that necrophiliac issue as well. It seems to be just a lot of sexual frustration. Nothing a good castration can't fix."
sarah tonin said "i see... **trail off writing something down** ..."
Lord Wulfgar said "DHG could use a good castration, might calm his ass down a bit. I think your just the woman for the job Goolina."
sgtrice763 said "You'll be able to ask him yourself tomarrow"
The One Moose said "Fire cheez is a PKer. http://ud-malton.info/PK_list.cgi?State=Reports&id=473779 - Insert typical cool bounty hunter line here."
The One Moose killed fire cheez.
FlickAlmighty666 said "All these stupid people who cant read a simple tag.**shakes his head in disgust.**"
Von Luthius said "That Karl Guy was a bit of a tard! If we could find Hitler and Stalin again, we'd invite them down here! Heck, even Emperor Palpatine would be a laugh to have lecturing in! As to the RRF/Malton Rangers thing, can somebody please give me a bit of history"
Von Luthius said "on their relationship? I know the BBB consisted of members of the MR's, but what kind of terms are you on outside? I'm curious, because as the second of two major groups (The Gingerbread Men the other) to actually achieve a lasting survival in Ridleybank"
Von Luthius said "there seems to be a hell of alot of bad feelings being generated, and not because your leader promised something that went out of his control and people weren't where they were supposed to be for a good honest slaughter! Q: Are the Malton rangers"
Von Luthius said "Considered Honoured Foes of the RRF?"
Von Luthius said "Also, seeing as QSG are making this a neutral place of NO KILLING no matter what, I propose to the members of the RRF here that they seriously ask their friends in the RRF Hierarchy if Accourt Library, 55, 46, in Ridleybank, can be made a Sister Library,"
Von Luthius said "To Quartly Library here in Roftwood, except hosted by the minions of the Undead Librarians instead? Open house, I'd love to be a guest speaker or even become the resident Fleshbag Librarian of Ridleybank! In fact, I'm all out of books and am headed that"
Von Luthius said "way now to stay the night in penitence of an old murder here in the library. I shall endeavour to borrow a few novels as well, mainly Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter s. Tompson, as that is the most awesome piece of Wacked up Coolness imaginable."
Von Luthius said "Say, Heiki, care to escort me or play host to me whilst over there? I'm sure you know the intricacies of that library better then I do anyways, and I've heard there's an observatory set up in the supposedly unaccessible West Wing Tower...Hmmm, I'll see"
Von Luthius said "you over in The Accourt Library anyone coming with me, oh and send Fire Chez My way as he really is quite a spiffy and cool bloke to have around, and shouldn't leave regardless of who says he should. One last thing:"
Von Luthius said "If anybody see's Jeff Shockmatic pass through here again, please get him to stick around as I've not seen the happy chap in an age, and being a fellow Original CoL Member it is always nice to see them, and besides he is a fantastic bloke, especially in a"
Von Luthius said "Fire fight. I must be off, so toodley pips and see you all soon in a potential Sister Library of Sacred Ground, in Ridleybank - Accourt Library."
fire cheez said "ah, he shouldnt have dont that. nothing good will come from this."
fire cheez said "glad to see y'all, folks."
fire cheez said "oh, did pink unicorns get killed again?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**door slams waking Sir Fred up** What the ... where in the... VonLuthius did what ? To Ridleybank ? Oh snap, does anybody have relatives they could phone back home to check on VonLuthius ? Is anyone from the GoreCorps rising to his challenge ? I have to"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "stay here to act as scribe. Oh hey welcome back Mr.Cheez. But if anyone can et word from the Accourt Library, I'd love to hear about VL... Yes, both of our guest zombies got killed. Could someone lower the cades to VSB++ ?"

Jan 15th

sarah tonin said "Why do the cades ever get raised over 'Doors secured' seriously, there hasn't been a serious zed population here for weeks."
sarah tonin said "And frankly with all the pent up rangers we have in here, a break in would be a welcome release."
fire cheez said "Keeping them at VS sounds like a good idea to me. I am gonna spend some AP getting them down as much as I can."
fire cheez said "ok, *that* was not very succesfull. i spent 20 something AP and dismanteled four pieces. :-/"
Dickhole guy said "god damn its good to see everybody even you goolina, wait who am ai cikking, especially goolina"
xeose said "Whew! The hospital is a mess! I had to dispose of 2 USSR and I got myself shot at in the process!"
Sgt Spooge said "Wait a minute, we can't touch these guys, even though xeose here just killed someone in the hospital...?"
Dickhole guy said "All non mossad rangers, move to quartly as per new orders"
xeose said "I did nothing of the sort! You are mistaken sir! I was simply escorting some folks to the other side!" (10 hours and 36 minutes ago) pink unicorns the zombie said "B!z, mah h.rh!hra.nb.z"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah magh!ng ah rh!b.ra. Rh!za.rgh ahn zba.rh!ng h!zaha.z"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ah brahba.rh ghahmahn!ghab.!ahn h.hra.h!ghra. Mazb. Ha.h.hra. Hra h.!ah ghrh!arh brh!ngh!bra.z, bab. Arzah b! Ahna.rzb.anb.abra. H.!b.aahb. Zba.gh!arh b.ra!n!ng"
pink unicorns the zombie said "B.ah zhab. Hra.gzb.hra.nb. Mah b.hra.h.hra.rahba.b. Ah rangahaga. Baza.b. Ahn h.ahna.b.!ghz anb. B.!aghrh!b.!ghz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "H.anna.b.!ghz an B.!aghrh!b.!ghz"
Goolina said "Pink Unicorns! Good to see you! I've heard quite a bit about you from the NMC boards. To the QSG, I caded back up to VSB. It's nice to see all my Ranger friends and foes in here as well."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zhah h.ahna.b.!ghz barb. H.ahrghz h.hra!n, haaha.h.hra.rh zhah b.!aghrh!b.!ghz barb. Z!!mz b.ah ghra.ab.hra. B.!h.!ghahrb.!hra.z"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Ha.rah Gahahrh!na"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah hah.hra. Bahnb.hra.rh!ng h!ahz!ng h h!nzb.hra.ab. Ahh. B.ahb.z b.ah margh zaan mahb.ahrab.ahrz, ahrh b.!aghrh!b.!ghz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zh!z h.!rh arzah ra.b.ahgha. Zhah h!nb.hra.rh.hra.ra.ngha. H.rahm zhah Gha.h.an b.ranzrab.ahrh"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Anb. Arzah h!nghrh!z zhah mahz!gharh!b.!,,, Mah h.!rh brahh.!b.hra. Zam hra.gzambra.z ra!hra.rh h!n zhah b.hra.!, naah mah ran!ng aahb. Ahh. Aghb.!ahn bah!nn.z,,, hra.rrrh mah am h.hra.rh! B.!ra."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Mah am h.hra.rh! B.hra!ra.b., mah gah!ng b.ah mah ghahrna.rh h.ahrh ah ghab ah b.!!"
Thee Biochemist said "If this is a safe house and Pink Unicorns is a Pet Zed, how come he has a nasty bite??"
Dickhole guy said "Grabah Mah Mahn Banana! Banana Banana Banana! Goolinah! Grahbbah Mah Banana Manbagz Brnhr"
Dickhole guy said "Deep sockets, that is a warning. Continue to attack, and every ranger in here will text rape your deep sockets. Get it? got it? good. *whips out 32 in shlong, unleashes a stream of warm urine onto the face of deep sockets* Iv been holding that 4 awhile"
Dickhole guy said "Gaah, sorry sniedek, Bring Gmters to nicholsI'm moving out tonight. Anyway, lets start my wicked awesome lecture. People often ask me why I deposed vito and took control of the rangers. The answer is simple, I saw firsthand at blackmore II how effectiv"
Dickhole guy said "Organized groups of players can be (Ie, RRF strike teams). I knew Vito Couldn't put something together Like that, so I deposed him. After that, I wanted to take a page from the RRF playbook and create squads. Three guys stood out: harrison, Jleggitt,"
Dickhole guy said "and Sniedek. Thus the squads were born. I often catch flak for being undiplomatic (as my predessor was the epitome of diplomacy), but with the group the size it is, and the achievements it has made, that we command respect of smaller groups with lesser"
Dickhole guy said "achievements, and if they Don't show us due respect, then I feel we owe them squat for respect in return. I get that I've become arrogant, and it may be true, but I think the successes we have had speak for themselves. this ends my minilect-*falls asleep*"
sgtrice763 said "Dear leader will take questions when he wakes up. Anyway, sniedek, did you bring the tea and crumpets?"
Sniedek said "why yes, they're right here: free tea and crumpets everyone!"
StrayZombie said "Hey Goolina, let's go to the Large Print Annex, she's only gonna grag one big banana, and it's mine"
StrayZombie said "Can someone give me a heal, I'm infected and don't want to pass it on to Goolina, Zombies are very careful about ZTD's"
Goolina said "Ooohhh StrayZombie! I've been waiting for you to show up with your banana. ;) Maybe we can get a bit of privacy and get naughty before DHG wakes up and tries to peep in on us. He's pervy like that."
fire cheez said "what is the RRF doing? who are you guys, care to explain?"
StrayZombie said "Thank you for the heal a happy scientist"
Goolina said "The RRF is the Ridleybank Resistance Front. We bring the barhah to the residents of Malton through the use of claw, tooth, or in the case of the Gore Corps, gun. You can find more information on our wiki, if you'd care to do some reading."
fire cheez said "I see. that explains why some folks are not so happy about you. oh well, thanks for explaining, least I know now. guess that makes this place pretty attractive for bounty hunters and the like."
Jarper said "Hallo all."
bloodhunter10 killed a zombie.
Jarper said "Stand up, pinky!"
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Rahz Baraghagz! Ahm Bahg!"
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Ahbrahrah aahgz nahz ahah!"
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured at itself.
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Nahzz Zahmbah! Nahz!"
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the north-east.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the south-west.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the north-east
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the south-west.
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Rrh!"
Padre Romero said "Newborn angels are gathering to fight off the zombies at fort Perryn...anyone who wishes to can meet up with them at the armory..."
Padre Romero said "as for me, I walk a darker road"
Padre Romero said "*walks out dramatically*"
Padre Romero said "*Turns around and waves...he is grinning*"

Jan 15-16??

Sir Fred of Etruria said "Um, I only recognize one of the zed, Hi Tucker, can someone else speak the profile ? Seems a rotter is blocking the pile..."
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the north.
Scheffler said "A case of Burton's sweetmeal bicuits and lemon curd! Delightful!"
Goolina said "The other zambah attacked some people in here earlier. id=662662"
Dale McGillicuddy said "RRFers, I killed a rotter comrade of yours on the Turpin RP, forgive me, but I needed to to get to Heiki... I must say however that I disapprove of all this hanky-panky in the large print section. Every time I pick up a book there're... unsavory stains"
zoutroi said "who keeps putting the cades up to EH? the zombies won't be able to get in..."
zoutroi said "that was a successful trip to the mall, i now have a full inventory...wait i forgot spray paint...thats always the way isn't it you remember when you get home and settle in..."
Dale McGillicuddy said "What the heck, A member of the Cannonball Crew here? Are things going that well up north, or that poorly out west?"
Sgt Spooge said "Seriously, what's going on here?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Hmm.. I am really not sure what to do about Mz.Sockets here. Has she attempted to communicate with us ? Tucker at least dances, thanks by the way, is Mz.Sockets going to be lecturing in Zombish, Zombese, or sumthin new ?"
Heiki said "YAY! A radio transmitter. -hugs it-"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "If you want to broadcast on the local-frequency, it is 26.17 but please turn in back when you are done... I can't stand the chatter. And I agree with Mz.Tonin, lower the cades for our zombie guests."
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the north-east.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the north-west.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the north-east.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the north-west.
Tucker1Mark the zombie said "Hrrrrh!"
Heiki said "-pokes the zombie- D:"
darwins beagle said "**SIX members of the Apocalypse Horde spotted outside of Hildebrand Mall-- Be Prepaired**"
Goolina said "Dammit, not them again! I think Ghoulius and I had our fill of those tards last time we were here. *loads shotgun* I'm ready for 'em."
Deletion said "Hi Dale. Don't mind us. Any CC you see here are just taking a break from securing the malls. It's quite the scene you've got going here."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "That makes me back, Goolina. That was before the USSR and Pancakes and before the fall and subsequent rise of Caiger... **pulls out tuning fork, hits it on table and hums** Now, memories from cats"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "m!dn!ghb. nahb. a zahnb. h.rahm zah b.ah.ma.nb."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "haz zah mahn rahsb. ha.r ma.mahr!! ?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said " Zha. !z zm!r!ng arahn"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "!n zah ramb.r!ghb. zah h.!zha.ra.b. r!!h.z ghahrra.ghb. ab. mah h.!!b."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "anb. zah h.!nb. ba.g!nz b.ah mahn"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ma.mahr!! arhrh arahn !n zah mahnr!ghb."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Mah ghan zm!r ab. zah ahrb. b.a.!z"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "mah h.az bh!ahb.!h.ar zha.n"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "mah ra.ma.mba.r zah b.!m mah na.h. h.ah hab.b.!na.zz h.az"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "ra.b. zah ma.mahr!! r!h. aga!n"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**bows to the captive audience** thank you, thank you"
Artaxerxes said "Oh no, I guess I must have fallen asleep in the stacks for a while... *yawns, stretches* Padre must have left without me... well, I think I know where he's gone. Bye everyone! *smiles, waves*"
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the east.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the west.
Tucker1Mark the zombie gestured to the east.
SweetIrony said "Ok, I'm back! Dalley seems to be doing well. I see we have more zombie guests. Hello, Mr. Mark!"
SweetIrony said "Hmm... I can't scan our other new friend. Can someone introduce me?"
SweetIrony said "And oh! Hello IAmRisen, I remember you from the Blackmore siege. Those were the days, weren't they?"
Father Leary healed you for 10 HP.
IAmRisen said "Hey, doodz. I'm down to 2 AP right now, so I can't say much. Tomorrow, I'll be giving a speech on PKing in support of an attacking horde during a siege. Y'know, when I have the AP to do it. And yes, that was me at Blackmore."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Welcome back Mz.Irony, our new 'friend' is a Deep Sockets (id=662662) and a Rotter as well... Mr.Risen, welcome to the library. Or as Mr.Unicorns (who's still outside) would say H.a.rghahm b.ah zah Zb.ahb.! Grahb."
Jarper said "I enjoy the Quartly Library."
Jarper said "No, wait.. I enjoy Quartly Library."
Jarper said "On that note, back to work."
Ghoulius Caesar said "Ugh, seriously, the Apocalypse Horde were such a pain. I'm almost considering helping to hold down Hildebrand, just to spite them.. ALMOST... Damn Apocalypse Horde."
Heiki said "So why do you hate the Apocalypse Horde?"
fire cheez said "If any of you guys spots the one moose [id=617807], can you please let me know?"
Heiki said "Ah! Dale. I never said thanks for the revive."
Shadowean said "*bows with respect to the QSG*"
Shadowean said "Can anyone point me in the direction of DHG's usual hangout?"
sarah tonin said "IAmRisen!! You read the writing on the wall! Nice to see you, do you remember eating my brains three days in a row at BBB2?"
Shadowean said "Darn it. I got confused. I meant to ask where Protomorph is. Sillyness. Was reading the wrong list. *sighs*"
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 7 blocks to the south.
Deep Sockets the zombie attacked you for 4 damage.
The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.)
Deep Sockets the zombie said "Rh rrh brrh rrrrnrh!"
IAmRisen said "'allo everyone. Sarah, I don't think I was at Blackmore 2. After Blackmore fell to the RRF/Shack, I proceeded to Ackland to hit the refugees' revive system. Then I went to Caiger to help hold down the ransack, and finally hooked up with Shacknews at"
IAmRisen said "Stickling. By the way, I just got bitten and infected by Deep Sockets (662662) there. I'm seriously considering ventilating and dumping him/her, but I understand that this is against the rules. What should I do about this?"
xeose said "It would appear that this Deep Sockets has bitten half the room!"
xeose said "It would appear that we have some USSR visiting the library today. Welcome! *waves*"
Mark Brandon Read said "*salutes Shadowean*"
Mike Madman Calwert said "Huh. There you are, my (un)dead friends... Nice place you've find to attack Hildebrand."
Biagio said "Greetings Gore Corpse. And those brain-rotted zombies right there, are they your friends?"
xeose said "One of them is our friend, a guest speaker, the other (id=662662) has no use to any of us headshot or undead"
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 10 blocks to the south. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again.

Jan 16th: Deep Sockets' bites and IAmRisen's Speach

A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 10 blocks to the south. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again.
fire cheez said "well, it seems deep sockets has been biting a lot of people. lots of folks at 56HP here. I dont think that is according to the rules."
fire cheez said "deep sockets, if you dont stop attacking people, you will be killed. as far as i am concerned, the rules only apply to those who obey them as well."
Mike Madman Calwert said "We-heh-hell... And 7 Gore Corps members, is it according to the rules? You know, QGS, your policy made some... problems."
fire cheez killed a zombie.
fire cheez said "too many hurt and infected here. i dont think this zombie wanted anything good in here."
fire cheez said "15 people bitten and infected. enough is enough,."
Goolina said "The GC members in here are here as guests of the library. I've taken care of the misunderstanding with QSG policy on my end. Maybe the USSR should speak to their members about the necessity of not reviving without DNA scanning first."
Goolina said "That is, after all, how myself and another of my team got revived. But no matter, as the QSG would have revived us so we could continue part two of our lecture series on undead love. Part 1 is on the Malton Herald & Sun page, if you'd care to read it."
Goolina said "ANd fire cheez, thanks for taking care of that rotter. I thought DHG made it very clear that she was to stop the biting. Looks like there's quite a few infected in here. Ms. Tonin probably need my spare FAK more than anyone else, so I'll give it to her."
Heiki said "Wouldn't it be nice to be able to merge ammo all into one pistol. Then I wouldn't have 3 of the damn things."
Goolina said "Shotguns are the real pain in the butt. They take up extra space, and I've found the search rate is better for pistol clips than for shells. However, the damage is higher, so it's a trade-off one must make."
Heiki said "Shotguns are easy to get rid of though. Two shots and you can just drop the things. So your only wasting 2, not 6 rounds."
Heiki said "Anyway... Real Life sleep is looking PRETTY nice right now... Although I don't trust Biagio as far as I could throw him... -eyes him weariliy-"
Heiki said "-sighs- IP limit, AGAIN."
Heiki healed you for 5 HP.
Biagio said "*shrugs* Well, I haven't reasons to trust you either. Good night."
fire cheez said "*counting his stuff* 12 shotguns, 8 handguns...i need to more clips though..."
Marina said "I think I have to go back home for a while... Don't follow me, I intend to stay for a while. I'll come back someday, there's still plenty that I want to read... *hugs Sir Fred and reshelves a few books*"
toreador said "Hey cool, a pet Zombie!"
IAmRisen said "Alright, I've got AP. I'll do my speech thingy now. Prepare for conversation spam!"
IAmRisen said "Howdy. I'm IAmRisen. Y'all may remember me from Blackmore-1 and the sieges of Stickling and Giddings Malls. I'm here to talk to you about what I did at those three sieges, namely PKing in support of an attacking horde."
IAmRisen said "First of all, why bother to coordinate with a zombie group? Why not just find a nice green suburb and blast people there? Well, because if you work alongside a horde, you can do more damage. Face it: you're pro-zombie. PKers do the same thing that zombies"
IAmRisen said "do, namely turn breathers into zombies; they just use different tools to drain the HP. In essence, you're a zombie that happens to be breathing. And can use guns. So it follows that you should add to the mass of a horde that already has a bunch of"
IAmRisen said "holed-up survivors near the breaking point if you really want to change the course of history."
IAmRisen said "If you decide to get your PK on in a major siege, expect to get killed. There is simply no way around it. No matter what precautions you take, no matter how well you think you've covered your tracks, you are going do die."
IAmRisen said "If you stay in your target building, there will be swift and deadly retribution for your hi-einous crimes (and doing this is preferable to running, as will be discussed later)."
IAmRisen said "If you duck out after a kill, it's still entirely possible that you'll be hunted down, and a zombie is likely to munch on you anyway. Besides, hit-and-running depresses your kill count. The AP that you spend fleeing could instead be spent murdering."
IAmRisen said "So what's the first thing I think you should know about this kind of PKing? RULE 1: A competent PKer is a competent zombie first."
IAmRisen said "Max those claws. Have Memories and its dependant skills ready to go. Be able to Ankle Grab. Simply put, you should be able to get up and continue functioning after sucking down a few pounds of buckshot from the local self-righteous bounty hunter."
IAmRisen said "As a matter of fact, for those of you looking to start a brand-new character and have him be a PKer, I'd recommend starting as a zombie. If you're rolling with a decent horde, you'll be able to gain experience at a reasonable rate, and you'll be doing"
IAmRisen said "for the zombie cause than you would if you'd have started as, say, a Scout and FAK'd your way up the ladder."
IAmRisen said "On top of that, being a competent zombie will enable you to parachute, which I'll be discussing later."
IAmRisen said "Alright, back to the siege. A siege, as we all know, is a war of attrition, plain and simple. The zombies are trying to crush the survivors under the weight of their combined AP. It follows, then, that you should be doing things to burn away as much"
IAmRisen said "defender AP as possible. And it just so happens that the most ruthlessly AP-draining activity you can engage in... isn't PKing."
IAmRisen said "RULE 2: A competent PKer is a competent GKer second. Anti-materiel operations are where it's at. This is simply the most AP-efficient thing you can do in a siege."
IAmRisen said "If you're hitting a mall, the first thing you should do upon entry is destroy every last generator in that mall, and the attached NT if the mall has one. In fact, de-power that NT first. Syringes are the most important item to the survivors during a siege"
IAmRisen said "because they enable dead defenders to get back to defending again. So kill those gennies, and then kill the radios."
IAmRisen said "Now, how does one become a competent GKer? The answer may surprise you: Knife + Knife Proficiency. The Knife's recent makeover, while going largely unnoticed by... well, pretty much everyone, was a decent boost to GKers. Here's how it breaks down: a Knife"
IAmRisen said "with proficiency has a 50% chance to hit, which results in a 25% chance to take down a generator or radio (or barricade level, but if you're inside, you should be killing fleshies and not attacking cades). Compare that to the axe: 40% at max, halved to 20"
IAmRisen said "Or the crowbar: 20%, not halved. The knife wins. Get one and get good with it."
IAmRisen said "Killing generators not only messes with the search rates of every defender who would have otherwise been able to search with the lights on, costing potentially hundreds of AP from the time the genny is taken down to the time a new one is put back up,"
IAmRisen said "but they're hell to put back up, as the PTT had complained during the siege of Stickling; a genny and a fuel can aren't THAT easy to search up. I believe that the PTT's official position was that powering a square cost about 50 AP, while de-powering one"
IAmRisen said "costs about three. They were considering going on strike over this. I'm not about to argue with their numbers, and I highly recommend that you exploit the hell out of those numbers."
IAmRisen said "Alright, so far I've got you PKers doing a bunch of stuff that isn't PKing. Time for the actual killing stuff. RULE 3: If you aren't in a siege, you're getting ready for the next one."
IAmRisen said "Urban Dead is a 24/7/365 game of cat and mouse. Ideally, you wouldn't even bother waiting for a new siege to start up and just bounce from one to another, but it's simply a reality that there is downtime."
IAmRisen said "What to do during that downtime? Search for ammo. Load your inventory screen up with life-ending instruments. Don't go on a shooty rampage and use up all that ammo; you never know when the next siege will start and you'll be able to do some REAL damage."
IAmRisen said "RULE 4: Don't bother preparing for a siege once it starts. Because it's already begun, duh. If you've been revived and there are zombies howling at the gates, you should be actively helping them, not two suburbs away searching for ammo."
IAmRisen said "The siege could very well be over by the time you get back. And you might miss a critical point in the fight where you could have tipped the scales to the breaking point, the result being that the siege could continue for days or weeks longer than it"
IAmRisen said "otherwise would have, or even that it might end in a survivor victory when the zombies could have taken the place down if you had been there actively contributing."
IAmRisen said "Okay, I'm AP'd out, so this will have to continue some other time. Coming up later: ammo management, parachuting, and false infections."
fire cheez said "so, one of my characters is in the top 20 of hunted pkers...not even a gker. where do you rate :-p"
fire cheez said "i mean, your giving such a nice speech and all, so i'm kinda curious"
thefamily said "its easy to be number one when your a zerger fire cheez"
Jarper said "Morning all.. Just gonna get some FAKs to patch up these love bites."
Jarper said "That's most of 'em.. APed out though. Going back to sleep now."
IAmRisen said "Where do I find my rating? I'm on the PTT's Red List for GKing and impersonating a BBB member, for what that's worth."
fire cheez said "ah, well, i didnt check there. most common would be the rogues gallery, http://ud-malton.info/PK_list.cgi, but your not even listed there :-D"
IAmRisen said "I'm STILL not on that damn thing? Geez. That might be because I don't actually kill that much, but I do more with GKing and false infections. Meh..."
fire cheez said "yeah. ya know, killing bounty hunters really boosts your rating ;-)"
Goolina said "See, if I was in a PKing mood and was guilty of everything Protomorph accuses me of being and doing, I would have just killed him inside Eligius. I almost wish I had killed him...but I have the love for Sir Fred and I won't bring the problems to Quartly."
Goolina said "If any of you knows Foobarosa, id=546808, tell him he's on the Gore Corps hit list for defacing the library walls. I know it was him because he was active when I logged in and when I refreshed, the paint had been changed. I took screen shots to verify."
Goolina said "I'm tired of these whiny bitches who come in here and cry about us being in here, but don't do anything about it when they see us out and about in the suburbs. They're the same ones who ZOMG zombie spie!eleven when we're PKing, but run, not fight."


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