Quartly Lecture Group two

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sarah tonin said "Necroscan reveals:35 Hildebrand SW, 14 Eligius, 6 Quartly ..."
Kebabking said "Scheffler, LCD is currently recruiting in Roftwood - are you interested in joining us?"
Kebabking said "For more info please come to Herbert Building (southeast)"
Kebabking said "thanks for your time, have fun!"
Half and Half said "My main undead was created before the feeding groans and under the old headshot rules. I was lucky and only headshot twice. The second time, I was a fresh level 2 so I didn't lose any real XPs. All dedicated undead players owe Petro and the old RRF elder"
Half and Half said "elders their undying gratitude. I can't imagine how hard it must of been to level up under the old headshot rules. Kevan really did a boneheaded play on that one. Also when feeding groan came out, a second undead skill also came out. I remember the debate"
Scheffler said "*roused from a nap, startles himself as his chair leans forward* I must say that it is rather astounding to me that I was singled out for that membership recruitment drivel."
Half and Half said "on the various forums about the second skill but no one talked about the feeding groan. I had to look the second thing up. It wasn't a undead skill per say, it was the ability to walk inside malls. I imagine feeding groan was forgotten since people rememb"
Half and Half said "remebered the corner of Caiger fell in sept and players wanted to talk about that. Feeding groans have been the greatest aid for young undead. Looks like the % of humans vs undead is still holding."
Hadrada said "Fascinating lecture thus far, Half and Half. Sir Fred, Harald Hardrada (sometimes spelled Hadrada) was killed at the battle of Stamford Bridge in a failed bid for the throne in 1066. Frankly, it's good to be back among the living."
FlickAlmighty666 said "there are 12 zombies at turpin."
FlickAlmighty666 said " Just got word from the Dally Library in Peppardville 10 zombies inside who know how many out. to the southwest the police station got like 4 zombies in it. Sweet Irony was killed as well."
Harry Balzac said "*a voice from a dark corner* I remember the old headshot rules"
Harry Balzac said "It was a nightmare. One tactic we zombies developed was to kill each other at the end of a turn, so that we couldn't be headshotted."
Harry Balzac said "It was a joyous moment when you finally gained enough XP to level up."
Harry Balzac said "Once one levelled up, one was loath to spend anymore AP, because the chances were it would go to waste."
Harry Balzac said "The revision of the headshot rule made paying a zombie fun again."

Harry Balzac said "*checks his profile* ahem-- that's what I heard anyway."
Harry Balzac said "Oh and thanks ffor the heals Marina."
Darrien Creek said "I pretty m-m-much cut my teeth during the FIRST seige of Caiger Mall, myself. I s-spent most of my time healing and barricading, and attacking a-a-any zombies that got in or out. I p-p-pretty much grew up in C-c-aiger thanks to some early YRC members."
Darrien Creek said "A-after the Sieges e-ended and Caiger r-really started becoming popular, I j-j-joined up in Yagoton to h-help really make that suburb just as good. I got a g-great education in using DNA Extractors a-and the like from Morth Babid."
Darrien Creek said "And that was b-back before generators and mobile phones and t-the like started up, and the YRC was flourishing e-even then. Probably since it had such a 'volunteer' program that focused on non-agression and personal choice...few foes b-back then."
Darrien Creek said "W-when mobile phones started up and the YRC w-was bigger than ever, a few of us b-became field agents. Perradin even joined up with C4NT b-back when h-hardly anyone knew a-about Ron."
Darrien Creek said "I p-p-personally think survivors today f-forget how easy t-they have it since t-the bad old days, es-espcailly after reading Morth Babid's journal on the w-wiki about it. Revives c-couldn't be easier."
Darrien Creek said "NecroNet is n-nice, but s-sometimes its j-just easier to root around f-for a good sy-syringe the old fashioned way, like Dr. Babid u-used to. He's m-my he-h-he-her-idol in a way."
Darrien Creek said "A-anyone else f-feel like that? But y-yeah. Been i-in a lot of the more r-recent horde r-related battles m-myself, pr-providing support for l-local suburb g-groups."

Dec 1-4

zoutroi said "thanks for the revive Sir Fred, it was getting cold out there"
Harry Balzac said "I agree with Darrien. I won't have any of this new-fangled syringe manufacturing process. It's easier and more satisfying to look for them oneself"
Harry Balzac said "This building is at VS. What is the barricading policy here? VS or EH?"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh my, keep the cades at EH, our entry is Eligius... great to see you again zoutroi you were so quiet earlier, I was kinda wondering if you left the Library to recover lost notes...."
zoutroi said "thanks for the heal marina"
zoutroi said "just to let people know i should have something to deliver on death cultists for tomorrow night, so if there are any questions, if you could submit them before and ill get through them too"
Goolina said "Ooohhh me, me! *waves hand frantically* If you could kill anyone in the game while you're revived, who would it be and why?"
Goolina said "And let me just say that, while I'm morally opposed to shooting my zethren, if those damn ferals get in again, I'm letting bullets fly. They WILL be quiet in the library, or else!"
sarah tonin said "Thank you Goolina, thank you. It's so hard to get sleep around here the way it is, with all the gun shots and moaning coming from Eligius and the Mall."
sarah tonin said "On a side note, if anyone sees survivors from the Dalley Library or members of McCloud's Pub, send my regards and let them know i have a five pack on ice for them, they're always welcome here."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh the generators and syringes, yes looting is always more rewarding than manufacturing. The intrinsic journey to ressurection begins in a science factory. But if you put a generator into a ransacked NT, you may still manufacture syringes..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "***jumps up and down waving at Zoutroi** Would you describe the Gore Corps as psychological warfare or warfare's inevitable psychological results ?"
Snarfo said "As a performing zombie, mall seiges offer an excellent opportunity to get our name out there and entertain the troops. In fact, our first BZ performance was at Caiger, with over 300 zombies watching."
Snarfo said "There are a couple obvious downsides to mallside performances, of course. Some audience members were too far back to see and hear. There really needs to be a zombie microphone skill that allows all of the audience to hear our shows."
Snarfo said "Occasionally some harman would pop out and attack our audience, but they seemed to leave the performers alone for the most part. In some of our smaller performance venues, we have had to deal with harman attacks and heckling."
Snarfo said "When we did Graahz, in fact, we decided to go majority-harman, with only Grognor (as Danny Zucko) remaining a zombie. Despite posters reminding people not to kill the zombie, we did have to patch him up a few times."
Jimmy Radd said "Such delightful discourse! Three cheers for Sir Fred!"
Darrien Creek said "I r-r-remember that concert. A few p-people got some p-pretty nasty infected b-b-bites during that time. Got a l-lot of First Aid t-training back then."
Scheffler said "For those enterprising among you all who visit Turpin Crescent from time to time,"
Scheffler said "It is worth noting that the new residents of Elgius General Hospital have taken it upon themselves to overbarricade."
sarah tonin said "Thanks for the heads up Scheffler..."
Darrien Creek said "It looks like C4NT is heading back into C-c-caiger. I'd better gather up s-supplies here and h-help them s-sort out t-the rotters from the f-fallen."
Darrien Creek said "G-good luck to you all."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Well, I fer one think at least a couple of us Literate-types should show the flag up at the Caiger. Anybody seen that Mummy fella lately?"
Sgt Sasha 4 said "Zeds gathering outside the mall - flee or give us a hand!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "***laughs*** Welcome to the zombie lecture series, it seems you may have a question or two for our fine guests. I think they'll answer truthfully, Sarge. But, of to revive the locals..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Whew, only one standing at Turpin Crescent, wouldst someone finish the revivification por favor..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ack, I didn't look... do you think it could be a rotter ? Are we a strategic enough group ? We don't fight like the c4nt or mfd, would someone brainrot my RP ?"
A flare was fired 5 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 4 blocks to the south.


Dec 4th

A zombie destroyed the generator.
Garth Rannz killed a zombie.
Garth Rannz said "I hope he wasn't one of our esteemed guest lecturers..."
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Munchie Magee killed a zombie.
Ghoulius Caesar killed a zombie.
Iron Can said "Marina is RRF. Really should be killed..."
sarah tonin said "Sxza i see you have 'revive me' in your profile please report to Turpin Cresent a few to the south...."
Scheffler killed a zombie.
Scheffler said "Why on Earth would a stranger, a fellow about whom we know nothing, expect us to take seriously his advise to commit murder against a guest, someone whom we've invited, and whose company we enjoy?"
irishgangster said "anyone have a spare weapon?"
irishgangster said "i could trade a fa kit...."
Marina said "Well, I'd rather he suggest that I be killed than actually taking it upon himself to do so, I guess..."
irishgangster said "like a pipe? an axe?"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again. ...and again.
Iron Can said "Marina - perhaps changing your group..."
A zombie killed Father Leary.
A zombie killed Marina.
Goolina said "Why are you guys attacking the library when there's a perfectly good mall being besieged? Goddam."
Goolina killed a zombie.
Snarfo said "Oh, bugger, one of Marina's colleagues in the RRF has gone and infected me. And it seems her killer is one from her own troupe; I do hope that she asked for him to do that. Otherwise it's just rude! Anyone have a boo-boo kit for me?"
Snarfo said "Oh, those are your friends, aren't they Goolina? I guess they'd insulted that they weren't invited? Come on, Gore Guys, we have plenty of barbargar zaarz, if that's what you're after. Just shamble over to the refreshments table!"
Snarfo said "::digs in pockets and takes out a few crumbled cookies:: Nilla wafer, gents?"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
The zombie grabbed hold of you!
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
The zombie lost its grip.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie said "BANGARANG!!"
A zombie dragged rip shaw out into the street.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Dale McGillicuddy killed a zombie.
A zombie said "BANGARANG!!"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Dale McGillicuddy said "I told you, NO EATING in the periodicals!"
A zombie said "Gag ahn mah banana, bag grabbarh. BANGARANG!!"
Snarfo said "Hmmm, well. I'm not certain that I can involve myself in the killing of zombies, being a zombie myself most days. But HOW RUDE of these interlopers! Getting brains all over the Encyclopaedias!"
Garth Rannz killed a zombie. ...and another. ...and another. ...and another.

Bloody December 7th

You are inside Quartly Library. The building has been very strongly barricaded. Also here are Garth Rannz (52HP), Jimmy Radd (60HP), Scheffler (60HP), Goolina (60HP), sarah tonin (49HP) and Ghoulius Caesar (60HP).

Somebody has spraypainted All visitors please read: http://tinyurl.com/sney6 onto a wall.

There is a group of seven zombies here. You recognise clydeoosky amongst them.

There is a dead body here.
Since your last turn:
sarah tonin said "there we go... lights are back on. Damn these Zed, knocking over the water cooler and running all the ink..."
A zombie killed ikeacatalogue2007.
FlickAlmighty666 healed you for 10 HP.
Lochiel said "The good news is, the cades are back up. The bad news is, we lost our Ikea catalogue. Possibly the only evidence that life on the outside is still as we know it"
sarah tonin said "NOOOOO!!!!! Won't someone think of the plastic swivel chairs!"
Ghoulius Caesar killed a zombie.
A zombie said "Mrh?"
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie killed Lochiel.
A zombie destroyed the generator.
A zombie killed truffleshuffle.
A zombie killed zoutroi.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
A zombie dragged MoreThanDork out into the street.
A zombie dragged Stella Artois out into the street.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
A zombie said "NAH HARM HARMANZ!!! BAH NAHZ!!!"
A zombie said "Mrh"
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie gestured to the south.
A zombie said "Mrh"
Munchie Magee said "Man you zombies are assholes....why attack the library, when you have a whole mall to kill....dumb ass bitches"
Munchie Magee killed a zombie.

Bloody December 8th

A zombie attacked you for 4 damage.
The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.)
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
A zombie killed Ghoulius Caesar.
A zombie said "Hahahahahahahahaha!"
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
A zombie gestured at Garth Rannz.
A zombie said "Hahaha! Rrh hrman rrh!!! Banana!"
A zombie gestured at itself.
A zombie said "Hrrh rmrarh!"
A zombie killed Garth Rannz.
MoreThanDork said "oh man... it doesn't look good. What do we do? clear out, wait a day, gather syringes, revive the librarians and retake the library, hoping the zeds have lost interest?"
A zombie killed al duck.
A zombie killed MoreThanDork.
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
A zombie dragged Goolina out into the street.
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
The zombie grabbed hold of you!
The zombie lost its grip.
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
The zombie grabbed hold of you!
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again.
The zombie lost its grip.
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
The zombie grabbed hold of you!
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage. ...and again. ...and again. ...and again.
The zombie lost its grip.
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
The zombie grabbed hold of you!
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
The zombie grabbed hold of you!
A zombie attacked you for 3 damage.
You are dead.


Dec 9th lots of work

Nobody has a screenshot of the Library's reclamation...

Dec 10th

Snarfo said "Huzzah!"
Snarfo said "I'm sure everyone's tired from the zmombies, so I thought I'd read you a little bedtime story."
Snarfo said "Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She was a very happy little girl and her mommy and daddy loved her, even though she wasn't like the other little girls. You see, this little girl had a taste for BRAAAAAAIIIIINNNNSS!"
Snarfo said "She and her parents were from a faraway land, you see, where eating brains was...well, not exactly normal, but they were considered a delicacy. Every once in a while, if you were good, and if you saved up all your pennies, you might be able to afford..."
Snarfo said "a plate of delicious brains. But hard times fell upon the family, and they had to move far, far away from their home to a new place...somewhere around Lerwill Heights, I believe. Of course moving cost them"
Snarfo said "quite a bit of money, and they did not expect to eat brains, or much else besides oatmeal and bread, for quite a while. But the girl was picky. After only a few weeks of oatmeal, she began to grow fussy."
Snarfo said "Zombina, her mother pleaded. Why won't you eat your oatmeal? Icky, the girl replied. Want brains. But we haven't any brains. Brains are too expensive. We must eat oatmeal, the mother explained."
Snarfo said "'Don't like it,' the girl fussed, and she closed her mouth up tight. Try as she might, Zombina's mother could not get the child to eat her oatmeal. She made it hard and lumpy, and the girl would not eat. She saved her pennies and bought tofu and"
Snarfo said "food coloring, and still the girl could not be fooled. Zombina's mother despaired. There were no brains to be bought in the new country. But her daughter insisted, and would eat nothing else."
Snarfo said "Seven days and seven nights passed, and still the girl had not eaten. She was growing thin and weak, and gurgling came from her stomach, and she moaned constantly, and yet would take no nourishment."
Snarfo said "Now, you might wonder where the girl's father was in all of this. Truth be told, he was working in Tarasius General Hospital. He worked very hard all day, and often worked late hours cleaning up after patients and messy doctors."
Snarfo said "He worked very hard, because he knew of his daughter's persistent longing for the sweet taste of brains, and he was determined to get some for her and end this long hunger. He thought, if I can only save enough pennies, I will buy brains for my little one"
Von Luthius said "Sir Fred of Eturia, thankyou for the warm welcome and link to the forum you use. You may know of one of my alts - Ram Rock Ed First, the leader of The Gingerbread Men? Anyways, despite what the wiki says, they are still active and running around these"
Snarfo said "and all will be well. But no matter how hard he worked, it did not matter, because there were no brains to be had in all of Lerwill Heights. He travelled to the neighboring suburbs, but no market in all of Malton sold brains."
Snarfo said "SHHHHH! I'm telling a story!!!!"
Von Luthius said "Sorry Snarfo, I'll try and keep it down, just a historical note from me to add to the immense archives here! Also, I'm re-pairing cades down to LB! Also, Sarah Tonin, here is a pot of glow in the dark ink to help you read any manuscripts transposed!"
Snarfo said "Zombina's father searched his soul day and night. He had tried everything he could think of to get brains for his little girl, save one thing. It was dangerous, illegal, and very, very foolish. But this was his little girl, and he loved her very much,"
Snarfo said "and he feared that if he did not act soon, she would perish from starvation. And so, even though it pained him to do so, he stole from the hospital a scalpel and a bonesaw."
Snarfo said "These he brought home and solemnly handed to his wife, for she too, had had the same thoughts though she found them to terrible to speak of. But she too loved Zombina very much, and could not bear to see her daughter waste away."
Snarfo said "Mother and father set out a plate of oatmeal and waited all night, hoping that it would be enough, for they had no other food."
Snarfo said "Father fell asleep, watching, but mother could not sleep. And finally, finally in the wee hours of the morning, a moose came by and began to lap up the oatmeal. With a mighty swing of her axe (oh, yes, she had an axe too, did I forget to mention that?)"
Snarfo said "Zombina's mother cut off the moose's head. Then quickly, while it was still warm, she woke up her husband and together they tore back its skin and sawed open it skull and harvested the brains. They woke their daughter, who gobbled them down at once,"
Snarfo said "even without any condiments to flavor them. The warm brains were delicious, and moose, having large heads, have enough brains to feed a very little girl for a week. The little girl was happy again, and with their new surgical implements and moose-trapping"
Snarfo said "skills, the family was able to enjoy sweet delicious brains nearly every night. Sometimes the little girl even ate oatmeal as a side dish. Word spread throughout Lerwill Heights of this strange family, and soon the community was gathered around the house."
Snarfo said "'What shall we do?' asked one woman. 'We must do something,' others insisted. 'To live this way is unthinkable,' a man agreed. And so they knocked at the door. Once, twice, thrice. No answer. Pounding on the door now. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! 'Come out!'"
Snarfo said "Zombina, her mother, and father had been found out at last. If they did not open the door, surely the townspeople would break it down! So the father bravely went to the door, opening it slightly. He looked at the mob, then looked down, ashamed of what"
Snarfo said "he'd done. He swallowed the lump in his throat and asked, 'Yes?'"
Snarfo said "The man closest to the door opened his coat, producing a small knife and a wooden bowl. How much for a serving? he asked. The father smiled, named his price, and served the man. Soon everyone was eating brains, seasoning them with their favorite topping"
Snarfo said "and chatting gaily. Malton's first restaurant was a success! The father soon had enough money to quit his job at the hospital, but not before making a small donation to its charity fund, which was just enough to purchase a fine new scalpel and bonesaw."
Snarfo said "::tucks the blankies around QSG members and kisses them each on the forehead::"
al duck said "you guys need an entry point close than that hospital 3 ap away... that pretty much 1 kills ap wasted. oh well"
Marina said "*waves* Gosh, it's looking empty in here..."
sarah tonin said "*yawn*... *awakes slowly* ... i don't know what was going on in here last night but i dreamt of this most beautiful little girl and her parents restaurant...."
Scheffler said "The good Doctor Fallout is still at our revive point. The fellow's corpse hasn't yet stood up, however, so we'll need to wait for that to happen."
MoreThanDork said "yay! it's a party again!"
Hadrada said "Now that was a story well told--perhaps the arts of broadway are not dead after all--mayhaps they are merely undead. I'll raise my mead horn to the skald in the bathrobe!"

Dec 17th

Flickman666 said "Hey look at that I can play again. OH and if any one wants to know I Checked on an Alt. of mine he is at Giddings mall and he is dead with 344 other zombies around him."
Marte the Moocher said "*drinks another glass of champagne* ."
Marte the Moocher said "Canb I punch anyone? As a zombie I don't know of a better way to express my love. No one understands me when I try to speak anyway."
Marte the Moocher said "Dont't tell my mother you've seen me like this. Now I'm gonna dance."
Marte the Moocher said "Damn it, I'm a human without the ability to dance. I miss my zombie life."
Marte the Moocher said "*drinks another glass of champagne*"
Lochiel said "Snarfo no need to explain I know you did not have any part in killing my family, I would recognise those hideous killers in an instant by their big red noses and floppy shoes."
Lochiel said "Oh dear Marte has passed out in the ancient history section"
Snarfo said "Marte, I agree with you. I do miss being able to gesture to the sky, to the ground, to the sky."
Willie Clinton said "I feel sad that we can't express ourselves in dance, like in the undead times... **clears the floor in front of the podium**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the West**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the East**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the West**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the East**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the Sky**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the Ground**"
Willie Clinton said "**gestures to the Sky**"
Willie Clinton said "Graaaaah !"
Willie Clinton attacked you for 3 damage.
Snarfo said "I would like to thank everyone here for the hospitality, good times, and brains. I'm off to the Zoo now; seems they haven't any liquid assets to implement some needed improvements. Wherever there are pantsless monkeys, the Broadway Zombies must help!"
Snarfo said "::hugs everyone warmly::"
lozam healed you for 5 HP.
Flickman666 said "I'll miss him to bad he couldn't dance for us."
Flickman666 said "Where did all the zombies go? I want to shoot somthing. **Pouts and kicks an empty champagne bottle.**"
Flickman666 said "Outside not in here. I like everyone in here. Unless Kip Gillum comes in."
Dale McGillicuddy said "Anybody lookin' to take out a zombie or two might be advised to head up to Neal Cinema (2N, 1W). There's a small gang who appear to like dirty movies."
Flickman666 said "I took out one of those filthy porn watching zombies. **Then he starts to think why is that so much fun to do.**"

Dec 18th

Von Luthius said "Scheffler, Sarah Tonin, and Dale McGillicuddy! Good to see friendly faces again! I've decided to dedicate my life, at least for several months to reading and studying full time here in Quartly, so I must amass some books, Where's Darwin's Beagle? Charles?"
Von Luthius said "Schffler, as Head Librarian, you really should change your group name to Quartly Study Group! Maxed out on Texts now, time to read!"
sarah tonin said "Always good to see you too Von Luthius,... as for our token boat, he ran off to help with Caiger, sure are quite a few Library in that neighborhood."
sarah tonin said "Currently, he's on the same pile of zed as Sir Fred,... loving not fighting i'm afraid. Just dancing and Brnhr'ing away."
Game News: Significant new game features have been added since your last move. Read Game News
Charles Darwin said "My Beagle is missing? Oh no, I hope it makes its way back here soon. Now where did I put my reading glasses?"
Charles Darwin said "I found us a Christmas tree! See, this is what paper looks like before it gets made into books. ;)"
Scheffler said "I tried, but I wasn't able to find any lighting strands with which to decorate."
Willie Clinton said "Whew, productive, 3 crowbars, a pocketknife, and white x-mas lights..."
Willie Clinton said "Oh my, I have 98 experience.. that means I need two more. Well, I could wander far and wide to find a zombie to stab for 2 points of damage... that would be risky, if only there was some holiday miracle which would give me 2 exp ? **winks at you**"
A flare was fired 12 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the south. ...and again. ...and again.
Dale McGillicuddy said "Well, damn, you guys.. it's a honest-to-goodness real Christmas tree. And I just did a quick circuit around the Mall and there's not a Zombie in sight. This si shaping up to be the best Christmas since the War for me. ::sniff::"
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, just who is this 'JP' and how exactly do they suck?"
A flare was fired 7 blocks to the east and 12 blocks to the south.
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the east and 3 blocks to the south. ...and again.
Tim Tim Tim said "I've forgotten the way to the mall since I left. Can anyone offer directions? Accurate please . I dont want to end up in zombie town like last time I got directions."
Dr Ransom said "Ah, JP.... well he's a guy... a guy who sucks. A lot. It's hard to convey the true level of his suckitude. Of course if you listen to him, it's Dan Baker who sucks, not JP. But why listen to a guy who sucks? That's what I say..."

Dec 19-23

sarah tonin said "Welcome Chi Vai Hunters!!! How goes the fight in Chudleytown?"
Scheffler said "South through the Fire Station, then Southwest through the hospital. You can see the Mall from there."
Willie Clinton said "I'd forgotten how peaceful the nights in a fine literate haven are. I'm surpprized zombies don't attack libraries more often, they are my favorite place to hide. And museums, whenever a library has been ransacked I feel museums are just as fine... but I'm"
Willie Clinton said "a semi-literate. And only people without freerunning sleep in resource buildings. Except for necrotechs that is, no newbie cares about an NT. Why would they, revives are done by mystical guardian angels... Like who revives level one humans, honestly..."
Willie Clinton said "Oh, and JP Sucks because of his nonregulated contributions to republican re-election funds."
Tim Tim Tim said "Thanks comrade. Off to the mall!"
kip gillum destroyed the generator.
kip gillum destroyed a set of Christmas lights.
sarah tonin said "oh... Kip, Kip, Kip ..."
sarah tonin said "....*sigh* ... I'll go get some more lights, here's the power in the meantime."
sarah tonin said "... no red, i can replace the white though..."
Flickman666 said "Okay now where is Mr. Beagle? He has some work to do. ** Looks very menacing. Then smiles.**"
henri6 said "Happy xmas"
sarah tonin said "Mr. Beagle is over in Chudleyton helping out with the Caiger situation."
Abin said "Vaihah sarah! The fight is going well. Daily raids are being conducted at the mall. As of the moment there are about 30 of em left. The CVH has been tasked to keep the revive lines going."
Charles Darwin said "*worries* I sure hope my boat is ok in Chudleyton. He better not spring a leak or anything."
Tactical Grace said "Dude, Marina, weren't you a zed that I killed at blackmore?"
Marina said "*smiles sweetly at Tactical Grace* I suppose that's very likely indeed, but I got killed so often I didn't keep track of the names..."
Dale McGillicuddy said "If anybody care, I got a little revenge on kip... Found him at the Frayne Walk Fire Station. Collected another Overdue fine from him. Also, there's a nice fight up at Tynte for yer trenchcoatin' fix."
Willie Clinton said "Hell yes I care ! He smashed our pretty christmas lights ! ***grumbles something under his breathe about republicans** Can't believe anyone would interfere with an honest to god attempt to bring a little cheer to the suburb of Malton... I actually feel"
Willie Clinton said "sorry for the zombies. They don't get to light christmas trees, they do celebrate the barhah-mas, but you can't actually decorate with corpses. They just lie there. Oh, happy barhah-mas... here's a corpse. It's the same thing we had for halloween, corpses"
Charles Darwin said "They do get to sing Christmas Moans tho, that's always quite moving..."
Charles Darwin said "*settles in a corner with a big red leather book*"
Flickman666 said "Yeah I found some red lights. Horrary now I want some egg nog."
Willie Clinton said "Hey Einst, you are 57% zombie, that qualifies you for the zombieguest speaker position ? Would you say that you'd intended to be a nice scientist, but it is just more fun/easier to play a zombie ?"
Screw Names said "Howdy all!"
Dale McGillicuddy said "Corpses for Halloween, corpses for Thanksgiving, corpses for New Year's, corpses for Groundhog's Day, but what do we get on Easter? No fucking corpses, that's for sure."
Willie Clinton said "Oh my, who is this fellow ? http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=705536"
Abin said "Damn your nachos is a member of the Church of the Resurrection. Currently inside Philpotts Towers."
Willie Clinton said "Oh, Screw Names... there's a bounty on you, just a small one. Please contribute to the zombielectures this time around..."
Willie Clinton said "Oh my, church of the ressurection ? Thank you for the warning...I've never fought the Church of Ress. What do the CVH know about them ? By the way, how goes the hunt doc ?"
Abin said "And Marina here is a member of the RRF. http://urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=15955"
Abin said "We've had our tangles with them, mostly at Molebank. This particular zed killed our leader Qin Ming. I'd shoot him myself right now if I had the AP. Trek from Tynte Mall exhausted me"
Charles Darwin said "*leaps to his feet* What? A member of the RRF here? Won't someone do something?"
sarah tonin said "I'll do something **Stands firmly in front of Marina* she is a quest of ours, as are many other career Zed."
sarah tonin said "All in time you'll probably see RRF, Gore Core, The Broadway Zombies and others, speaking at the Zombie Lecture Series. Please refer to : http://wiki.urbandead.com/index.php/Quartly_Study_Group/Zombie_Lecture_Series"
sarah tonin said "I couldn't help but notice that theres a bounty on both Screw Names and Willie Clinton, is it true love?, perhaps a new lecture?, or worse yet... pistols at dawn?"
Flickman666 said "To all the Quartly study group. I have decided to join you. I have Enjoyed this time I have spent here. I want to help every one around here. There is also alot of zombies. It makes things fun.*Grabs a book and retreats to the corner.*"
Abin said "Ah... This humble shmuck has been enlightened. *Puts away his shuriken and machine gun*"
al duck said "morning, i see a couple of you without a group. would you like to join the malton rangers? we're allies of QSG (amongst others) if you want to join put 'malton rangers' in your profile and come onto the forum: http://c4nt.proboards104.com/index.cgi"
Marina said "I can't pretend it's not a joy to watch passers-by freak out when they take a closer look at me... but the joke is wearing a little thin. I hope you'll have me as a proper member now ;)"
Charles Darwin said "Ah well, I see...pardon my ignorance. *helps himself to more Sponge cake*"
Charles Darwin said "*pages through a book on zombie classification*"
Willie Clinton said "I am totally outta syringes, this suburb seems like a peaceful place on the surface, but every day I bring three voters back. My the undead republican horde is crafty..."
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
A flare was fired 9 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
sarah tonin said "I'm speechless; Flickman, Marina,... thank you and and a formal welcome. Viva Literacy!!"
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the west and 14 blocks to the south.
Dale McGillicuddy said "Well, I for one belive the Head Librarian would be proud if he were here today... Speaking of which, did anybody ever find the BookMobile™?"
sarah tonin said "If anyone is wondering what to do with them selves in this Green*thats right i said it and it should be* burb, the Dalley Library in Peppardville is in shambles and could use a pile of needle toting literates at 78,41 also there are at lest six libraries"
sarah tonin said "near Caiger that are sadly under barricaded. Sir Fred and Mr. Beagle sure do have their hands full..."
Screw Names said "I'd love to speak at your lectures kids, but I'm just a killer, not a zombie. I should take my leave now anyway. Thanks for the good company!"
Screw Names said "Hm... seems I'll be extending my stay after all, if you folks dont mind. Oh, and could someone tell Sir Fred that the NMC will miss him?"

Dec 24

FTG3 said "Screw Names is a pker"
28.34 MHz: "http://tinyurl.com/y6ztkq this game is fun"
Marina said "Well, we've all got our faults..."
A flare was fired 1 block to the east and 2 blocks to the south. ...and again.
Willie Clinton said "FTG3, welcome to the Quartly Library... We of the QSG desire to learn from each different lifestyle we find in Malton. You are a couple weeks too late for the peak of our Zombie Guest Speakers, but some career zombies remain our dear friends to this day."
Willie Clinton said "While the Librarians have not proclaimed a PKer discussion series, I know that I would appreciate it if Screw Names would be willing to answer some questions and/or give a short lecture about the motivation behind player-killing..."
Willie Clinton said "And how could I forget ? Happy Barhahmaz to everyone ! Please remember to hang your stockings up next to the chimney..."
Screw Names said "FTG, I realize I have faults, but I havent killed anyone here, and if you make the mistake of killing me without proof of my PKing, I'll report you."
Screw Names said "Yeah, it's a bitch, but I'm not hurting anyone anyway. As for an interview, I'd love to give one. Just name a time. And merry Xmas everyone!"
Von Luthius said "Wow! Look at the 4 shiny new books Santa Left Me! Including a brand spanking new copy of Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Hard Back, leather silken (RL This is the bomb!). Merry Christmas Quartly!"
You heard the thrum of a helicopter flying over the building.
A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 3 blocks to the south.

Dec 25th

FTG3 said "Screw Names, I watched you kill two people yesterday, your right I didn't get a screen shot."
FTG3 said "You'll do it again, and I'll continue to follow you."
FTG3 said "People like you can't resist."
A flare was fired 13 blocks to the east and 10 blocks to the south.
Dale McGillicuddy said "Look, if yer gonna try to collect his bounty, just do it and quit yakkin about it. He's in the Rogue's Gallery."
dickhole spy said "Weyllp, We retook caiger, so I'm gonna go restock, merry Christmas everbody, and remember, barhah is for bitches"
Willie Clinton said "**cough, cough** Ok, my pants are torn, my clip-on tie was eaten, and I can't find my portfolio... Did I miss anything ? Oh, both Screw Names and FTG3 are alive... it's a Barhahmas Miracle ! **grabs cell phone, dials** Hey Michael Moore, yeah it's willie."
Willie Clinton said "**listens to phone for a few seconds** No, it was like that when I loaned it to you. But Mikey, I need you to contact your friends in the liberal media **listens to phone frowning** StonePhillips is in your back pocket, that'll do. Just tell him there was"
Willie Clinton said "a Barhahmas miracle. Yes, a real miracle, angels and forgiveness and dark prophecies... great, send your limo. Bye Mr.Moore **hangs up phone** Oh, um Screw Names and FTG, do you have an agent yet ?" (2 hours and 12 minutes ago) Von Luthius said "FTG3, Screw Names didn't kill anybody here in Quartly, else we would have all seen it. As far as I'm concerned stop whining about it and next time you are out and you see her willfully kill people, then execute them right there and then."
Von Luthius said "If you don't have the guts to take the bull by the horns and kill a PKer whilst in the act of PKing, then shut your cowardly mouth up and stop bitching and whining."
Von Luthius said "*Slaps FTG3 across the face*"
Von Luthius said "Now, see that Everybody! I just punched FTG3 for 1 point of damage ON PURPOSE! If I'm suddenly put down on the bounty hunting list of wherever the fuck the so called main UD forums are these days, for aggravated and willful assault, then blow me,"
Von Luthius said "I'll commit bloody and noisy murder right here inside Quartly!"
Von Luthius said "*Mutters incoherently*"
Von Luthius said "FTG3, you had the power to collect the bounty on Screw Names, without screenying her, but meh, you were gutless and didn't do it whilst she killed right in front of you! So STOP YOUR WHINING AND BITCHING YOU YELLOW CUR AND LET US GET BACK TO THE STUDYING!"
Von Luthius said "I apologise to everyone here for the noise, but honestly, I can't stand all this pointless bitching. If you're gonna act, then act. Personally, Screw Names has been nothing if not well behaved and polite whilst a guest with us and I thank her for being"
Von Luthius said "such good company. I would like to extend an invitation to Screw Names to join us here in Quartly as it is really quite nice here. I've added Screw Names, FTG3 and all QSG members here to my contacts, please do likewise if not already. Thankyou kindly."
26.17 MHz: "Murray Jay Suskind - a PK'er eliminate at sight"
A flare was fired 6 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
26.17 MHz: "I wonder what it was too. Though now that I think about it.."
26.17 MHz: "the helicopter could have been 'santa' flying overhead."
26.17 MHz: "But gosh I hope it was something that could help us."

Dec 26th

MoreThanDork said "Sweet Irony! How good of you to make it. Never met you in game before. How exciting. Hope you're as sweet as they say."
MoreThanDork said "Nice Tree. I found a revive syringe a little more than a week ago and decided to try it out on myself whilst already alive. The results were faaaaaaantastic! I highly recommend it."
MoreThanDork said "I found that it tripped me out for a whole WEEK! Then I fell unconcious it seems for a couple days before waking up healthy as a bird. I halucinated a trip to Hawaii on a cruise ship! It was just like the real thing. You all really must try it."
MoreThanDork said "But best to use it in a highly secure area, I'm grateful for waking up still human. I suppose I have all of you to thank for that. So, thanks!"
MoreThanDork said "And I've never even been ON a cruise before! The experience really was memorable and totally unique."
MoreThanDork said "By the way, anyone see where Marte went?"
26.17 MHz: "Grayside Demons call all enemies of STARS 4 winter offensive"
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, did somebody attack Charles Darwin, or has he just been out giving some Illiterates Christmas Cheer? In any event, I'll be a good guy and patch him up, he's always returned his books in good shape and on time."
Dale McGillicuddy said "If'n anybody has a needle of two and a desire to use 'em, there's a trio of zombies (including a RRF-Gore Corps(e)Man by the name of zoutroi [#591024] who seem to be a'waiting. I'm plum out, and the Good Doctor Fallout is nowhere to be found."
26.17 MHz: "Standard PKer removal"
Willie Clinton said "Ok everybody FTG3, Mr.McGurk, and Flickman666 are the youngest survivors in here. Flickman was in July, and FTG3 was just in october... do any of our Zombies has advice for our younglings ?"
Willie Clinton said "For like my good man VonLuthius I am a man of action ! I'm loaded to the teeth with pistols and sho'guns... but this doesn't work for every new player out there. They spend a lot of time between RPs and sometimes can't get alive for days... What can they"
Willie Clinton said "do to gain exp while dead, other than being mrh-cows"
Willie Clinton said "Wow, Screw Names has been busy fighting in our backyard http://ud-malton.info/PK_list.cgi?State=Reports&id=474377"
Willie Clinton killed Screw Names.
Willie Clinton said "You think you can do that next time instead of spamming our lecture halls ?"
Willie Clinton said "But these members of the GoreCorps are invited guests, only Nervous Harold is allowed to attack the gorecorps within these walls. **winks at Goolina**"
SweetIrony said "Hello MoreThanDork! Nice to meet you. =) I do believe I once punched a zombie with your initials..." SweetIrony said "Everyone, things seem to be a little overbarricaded around here! Dempsey PD was the only entry I could find... anyone got a crowbar and some spare AP?" dickhole spy destroyed the tree.
dickhole spy said "Bah Humbug"
dickhole spy killed Goolina.
dickhole spy said "THAT'LL TEACH YOU TO MOCK MY IN GAME SPEECH. The shit is Bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I ain't no hollerback girl. Grab My banana goolina, grab it and give it a tug. Artaxer, glad to see you, but goolina made the estrogen levels in this room too high"
Willie Clinton said "Why God Why ??? Take me instead **screams to the heavens** Wait, where's her body, we can administer first aid... wait, you dumped her outside ? You animals ! You'll toss me out the first chance you get ! Ack, xeose could you tell her that I'm verysorry ?"

Dec 27th

StrayZombie said "dickhole spy pk'd Goulina"
SweetIrony said "*stands in shock* That little bastard!! Killing an honoured guest in our library!?! I'll kill him, where'd he go?"
SweetIrony said "*calms down a bit* MoreThanDork, I have heard reports that Marte has been spotted at the cemetery in Quarlesbank, near the Pitman Mansion, where, if I am not mistaken, your friend Dr Ransom has gone as well."
SweetIrony said "Ha, luckily I just happened to have a spare tree...."
Von Luthius said "Dickhole Spy is soooo gonna get a scalping when he gets back here, I'm sorry for any mess in advance , I'll clean it up, I promis"
Von Luthius said "Where's the Revive point again? I've had 14 NT Syringes on me for an age and would prefer to do some healing again, so need to get rid of them. Question: Will the RRF Gore Corps be turning undead and giving lessons in Zombese? That would be totally cool!"
asshole doctor said "hey ropes and the rest of the QSG. sir fred asked me to stop by and lend a hand please contact via the NMC http://c4nt.proboards104.com/index.cgi?board=range"
Scheffler said "As has been noted many times before, a full home at Christmastime is a busy and noisy place."
A flare was fired 6 blocks to the west and 2 blocks to the north.
Goolina said "Asshole doctor! *hugs* I'm going to be Rodney King. Check it out!"
Goolina said "Can't we all just get ALOOOOOOOONG?!?!?!"
asshole doctor said "but of course... here have a boob job."
asshole doctor said "LOLz"
asshole doctor said "so where did all these ruskies come from?"
A flare was fired 10 blocks to the east and 5 blocks to the south.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again.
Simon Willian Garth the zombie dragged Goolina out into the street.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by. ...and again. ...and again.
Mr Garth the zombie destroyed the radio transmitter.
Mr Garth the zombie destroyed the generator.
Mr Garth the zombie destroyed the tree.
Mr Garth the zombie tore a set of Christmas lights down.
Radicand the zombie dragged StrayZombie out into the street.
You heard a low groaning from very close by.
You heard a loud groaning from very close by.
Marina said "I know it's a little tacky to have lights and Christmas decorations up too late, but... *looks sadly at the spot where the tree used to be*"
FTG3 killed a zombie.
Marina said "*takes out a shiny new never-been-used-fire axe* Zambah Baby Jesus help me, I don't know if I can go through with this..."

Dec 28th

dickhole spy killed a zombie. (5 hours and 34 minutes ago) ...and another.
dickhole spy said "Teach you to mind your fucking manners. God, we should like give them their own drinking fountains or somethings."
Von Luthius said "*Wakes up suddenly* Weren't we gonna kill Dickhole Spy for wiping out the genny and stealing christmas and killing Goolina?"
Von Luthius said "Melani, my very good friend; http://www.urbandead.com/profile.cgi?id=185284 - is in the FS below, she may be up here shortly. Please make her feel welcome. She simply rocks it and was the singer from the band."
Screw Names said "Now, that was not nice. I made my intentions very clear. I was hurting noone, and I think I was being pretty nice. I'm not even gonna retaliate, since I know you are a great bunch, but FTG, watch your ass."
Screw Names said "You kept attacking me to low health. And I never, ever struck back. Well, no more miss nice girl, you my friend, are fucked. Leave Roftwood, and quickly."
Screw Names said "...Not quick enough."
Screw Names killed FTG3.
Screw Names said "I'm sorry I had to do that, but he *really* deserved it. I can forgive Will, cause he's QSG, but that guy was a prick. Anyway, I better leave now."
Screw Names said "And thank's for acting like a civil being Von Luthius. Your one of the good guys."
MoreThanDork said "This place is turning into chaos! What's with all the murdering and zombies and cursing everywhere? It's been so lovely and peaceful here for so long :("
MoreThanDork said "Dickhole Spy, I think it's best that you leave. You've demonstrated that you don't respect the QSG by destroying the beautiful Christmas Tree and the ugly gen and the informative Goolina."
MoreThanDork said "Though, during your (DHS) brief absence earlier today it was decided that you're no longer welcome here and have been OK'ed to kill on sight, I think there's been enough PKing for one day and I'm offering you the chance to leave of your own free will."
MoreThanDork said "You have 20 hours from now. But I can't promise no one else will kill you before that."
Von Luthius said "Ooops, watch the Books there dickhole spy, they are quite loose in those stacks! Screw Names? Where's screw names go! Someone needs to get our telephone mast back up and running! I want Screw names back, so quiet and polite!"
StrayZombie said "Last time I visited Quartly, I got killed by zombies. This time, I got killed by zombies. Ironic, isn't it?"
Marina said "*hugs Sir Fred*"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Darth Malak, I came as soon as I heard.... welcome."
StrayZombie said "DHS, Keep your grubby meathooks off of my woman. BAM! Feel MY Thunderous Cockslap !! BIIIAAAATTCH!!!!"
SweetIrony said "Sorry, I'm afraid I have a bit of a temper. I said I would kill this little bastard and I'm always true to my word!"
SweetIrony killed dickhole spy.

Dec 29th

StrayZombie said "My Thunderous Cockslap hangs Enormous, the way you'd think of God's as big."
A flare was fired 11 blocks to the east and 1 block to the north.
A flare was fired 8 blocks to the east and 13 blocks to the north.
A flare was fired 2 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the west and 1 block to the south.
Charles Darwin said "Thanks for the heals Dale and Dork, it was indeed FTG3 that attacked me! I was quietly reading in the corner and they started shooting me! You blackguard!!! *slaps FTG3*"
Charles Darwin said "Oh and here we go. I have been carrying around this plastic Christmas tree, I know it's a little late, but it does add a certain cheer to the room."
Charles Darwin said "Thank you all for your Holiday kindness and generosity."
Flickman666 said "Hi there Ropes. It sure is nice to see ya."
Flickman666 said "Wow I did my first revive at Turpin. It feels kinda nice to heal a zombie."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "It is grand to be home, but I find my suburb much changed. Turpin is very dangerous, how about Cator drive with Philpotts as an entry ?"
Harry S Organs said "Fred, do not turn Philpotts into an entry point. It is the only tower in the area and makes a good watch point for zeds in the area"
Dale McGillicuddy said "You can lookout from the Kirkby Building, too."
Harry S Organs said "if people are overbarricading Elegius then simply warn them that as a resource building it should be only barr. to VS++, then remove barricades to that level"
asshole doctor said "crap where did the gore go?"
asshole doctor said "it's the noobs that are over cadeing."
Dale McGillicuddy destroyed the tree.
Dale McGillicuddy said "Please note that I have replaced the Christmas 'tree' with a *real* tree. All is well again."
Harry S Organs said "one zed outside of Pratly Road PD andone outside of Membry Lane FD 2E,1NE, i'm out of AP"
Ropes McGurk said "word has come in that mummy mum is in roftwood and in danger with 9 zombies in close range"
Ropes McGurk said "location 69,54 wotton building"
Goolina said "Sir Fred, I think you have the perfect opportunity here to ask me and StrayZombie questions about undead love. Try to keep in clean though - we're not into the dirty talk."
MoreThanDork said "Sweet Irony, you are sweet indeed. Thanks for taking care of that problem for us."
MoreThanDork said "Undead love? You've found undead love? As a zombie I found this near impossible as everyone time I feel for a fellow zombie, they turned out to be my own sex..."
MoreThanDork said "And kissing with no lips is really awkward"
MoreThanDork said "How do you express your love for one another?"
MoreThanDork said "And how did you meet? I frequent all the zombie hang outs but it's always crammed full of guys trying to get some quick satisfaction. No zombie I know has shown the patience for an extended relationship"
MoreThanDork said "My greatest love, Marte the Moocher, is always wandering off on me. It seems the groaner is always meatier on the other side of the street"
Goolina said "Well since we play as death cultists, we tend to stay fresher than the average zambah. Thus, we have full use of our lips and um other parts."
Goolina said "Also, we were a genuine couple before he started playing, so you can say I lured him into the undead world and on to my strike team. There's something sexy about a woman who's not afraid to take command, if you get what I'm saying."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "But how do zombies couples look out for each other ? How do zombies pine for each other ? I wish I could recognize a zombie from more than a block away ! Through familiarity I should gain the ability to recognize the feeding groans of my beloved undead..."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "but alas, cupid seldom visits Roftwood. And when he does his arrows yield not amorous intentions, but instead zombie incursions. The tangling grasp yields more tenderness than any zurvivors greetings, and an axe expresses more succinctly than any word"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "whose true meaning is fleeting. For only through the cold machinations of a powered cell phone tower can I contact my distant librarians, whereas the zombies sense of smell will always reveal fellow companions"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "**Ghoulius Caesar killed Enormous Fro. Goolina said Enormous Fro, you shouldn't attack zombies waiting at the RP. Especially not when they're RRF Gore Corps.** I guess we should be glad you didn't kill my squadmate, but the zing _after_ the kill... hmm"
Goolina said "That was justifiable homicide, Sir Fred. He attacked Ghoulius and killed me while we were both standing at Turpin Crescent. If he was QSG, I would have taken it for a lapse in sanity. But he wasn't, and I made it a point to check before issuing my revenge"
Goolina said "That's the price they pay for killing one of ours now - as well as one of yours. Remember the Apocalypse Horde zombies who got in here last time? Still have the listed and color-coded. When I see them again - headshot city, baby!"
Goolina said "Anyhow, Sire Fred...StrayZombie and I watch each other's backs. Remember the thunderous cockslap he gave DHS? That's just one of the many examples of his manly protectiveness."
StrayZombie said "I wanted him to feal my Thunderous Cockslap, no one messes with my woman, whether undead or not."
Goolina said "Just like I feel his tunderous cockslap, though in a totally loving and consensual way of course. Yes, Virginia, there IS undead sex. And it doesn't consist of lying there with your eyes closed, waiting for it to be over."
StrayZombie said "But there is a lot of moaning and feeding groans, so it makes it really hot."
Goolina said "Though truth be told, StrayZombie, you're not one to share this hot dish with the rest of the horde. He doesn't mind the occasional zambah girl dropping by for a little menage, but other than that it's a totally mongamous undead relationship."
StrayZombie said "Yeah, I'm waiting for that little red headed undead girl you mentioned to wander back to Ridleybank."
Goolina said "Oh my *fans self briskly* it's getting a little hot in here, isn't it? Perhaps we should retire to a cool, dark spot to lie down a bit? What say you, StrayZombie?"
StrayZombie said "Any spot you choose is fine with me, barbah."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh ha ha ha, I can no more change the Gore-Corps actions than I can alter gravity or the tide or lemmings. I was just pointing out that you zinged him _after_ the kill. I thought it was traditional to taunt before the kill... otherwise they won't hear."
Goolina said "Yeah, well someone got the kill before I could get the words out. He didn't get dumped until after I came out with the zing though. DHG made the mistake of dumping me before he zinged me. I guess he thought I'd pull a ?rise on him and eat his scant brainz"
SweetIrony said "Ahem... Goolina and StrayZombie, may I recommend the Large Print Annex? *wink, nudge*"
tvjunk13 said "1 zed out front 20hp 3 zeds in train plaza 1 block NW"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Ah, yes... the large print annex. It is the one place in the library where we politely warn peopple 'pants back on' before entering. Let he amongst you who doesn't need a little privacy snap the firsy polariod..."

Dec 30th

A flare was fired 4 blocks to the west and 2 blocks to the south.
Von Luthius said "Stray Zombie and Goolina, I must say, your display of zombie loving is quite inspirational to and educational to the rest of us, it's a shame there aren't many scribes amongst us, else we could get this recorded for posterities sake, but that said,"
Von Luthius said "Sweet Irony, thankyou for despatching the dispicable Dickhole Spy on behalf of the rest of us."
Von Luthius said "*Brings Melani forward from the background*"
Von Luthius said "Everybody, I would like you to meet a very special uyoung women, Melani."
Von Luthius said "Melani and I are very close, and have played at all the great locations of the early 2006, late 2005 era of music in Malton with my very own Malton Lonely Hearts Club Big Band. Though the band disbanded after we were forced to play to small audiences."
Goolina said "Pleased to meet you, Melani. Welcome to the funhouse respectfully known as Quartly Library."
Von Luthius said "Anyways, please make her welcome as she has been everywhere and done most things in this city, and you don't want to hear her banshee like wailing of vocals! It even drowns out me squealing the super notes of my horn!"
Von Luthius said "Goolina, thankyou for your greetings. Here, Have a flower, I found a few outside a few blocks away. Should brighten up the plavce a bit."
A flare was fired 3 blocks to the west and 11 blocks to the south.
Von Luthius said "Stray Zombie, that's all I can do for you right now, But I shall send princess Leia this way as she is awfully close and maxed on FAK's. a la la la alts are fun, except when they inadvertently end up in the same territory, but i don't zerg..."
Princess Leia said "There you go Stray Zombie! Least I could do for the fellow who with Goolina smit Enormous Fro with a Huge Cockslap! Well done. Hey Von, Hey Melani, Hey Quartly! Toodley Pips for now."
Dale McGillicuddy said "First and foremost, what's this about a red headed zombie, StrayZombie? I'd jomp out of the Kirkby for a shot at a red headed undead. I'm what the young'uns call a 'redophile.' Send 'er to Turpin and I'll give 'er the needle. And revive her, to boot."
Dale McGillicuddy said "So, fellow Literates, I'd like to extend a welcome to tvjunk13, he's a newcomer to town here, but very much a friend of Books. I've issued him a library card and shown him how to use the night drop. Treat him well."
Dale McGillicuddy said "If'n anybody has a few AP and a good heart, the factory 2N1E of here has one zombie inside and is in need of some 'cading. One box of late 80's Boy's Life back issues to anyone who helps."
Charles Darwin said "Dale, the factory has been taken care of, what ho? I rid the place of undead influences and healed the surviors. Now I think I need a bit of a nap."
Ghoulius Caesar said "I got the cades up a bit, anyone with the AP to spare is going to have to take it from here."
checkmyfish said "I finally made it. *Slumps down on the floor* Here is my library card. *hands library card, name Mr. Dobbs.*"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Oh, PyroMonkey has returned. I always shiver when both the RRF/GC and the RRF are represented. It just reminds me how we have neighbors with such a grandiose history... and has anyone seen Rockby ? I've gone searching but 'twas all for not."
Goolina said "Don't worry about the GC, Sir Fred. We're going to peruse the classics section, then be on our way tomorrow. Thank you for hosting us once again. I hope you enjoyed the talk on undead love. BARHAH! to you and the QSG for your kindness and hospitality."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Truly, the pleasure is all mine. Ghoulious Ceaser, please say hello to Nervous Harlod for me."
checkmyfish said "So when is the next zombie speaker coming in? I need to know more about this Braaaagh!"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "I guess introductions are in order. GhouliousCaeser, StrayZombie, and Goolina are death-cultist and/or PKers. Pyromonkey is a member of the biggest zombie group in the game. MoreThanDork is a groupmember of a quartlymembers alt, so a second cousin."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "And the delightful Marina enjoys the zombie cause to greatly, she has the brain-rot skill. Please Mr.Myfish, ask away..."
tvjunk13 said "6 Zeds roughly 2N2E, hospital's been sacked"
Ghoulius Caesar said "Hah, it's been so long since I've seen Nervous Harold. I wouldn't mind running into him again."
Invid said "StrayZombie is a zed spy kill it!"
Melani said "Still Making fun of my singing Von. I'd yhink you'd have gotten over you jealosy by now. 8winks* Nice to meet everyone."
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Gosh, how can anyone actually get anything done around here ? It seems the locals just run around tossing random accusations of zombie spies and PKers... StrayZombie is probably safe, unless he becomes too nefarious. If he ransacks the orphanage he's out."
Mr Garth the zombie killed Pyromonkey.
asshole doctor said "fred we gotta do something about the over cadeing. i wasted 10ap just trying to get in somewhere. or at elast update the graffii"
Sir Fred of Etruria said "Did you see that ? A zombie just killed Pyromonkey then left us alone. Do we have a zombie seriel killer ?"
asshole doctor said "zombie hit squad.... cool"
A Velociraptor said "Charles! Long time no see! What's up?"

Dec 31st The Arrival of Pink Unicorns

pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie said "Hrrh rrh rrrarh!"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Hahh"
Marina said "Harrah, mah zambah brahzhah. What a pleasure it is to have some dancing, and will you play the harp for us too, please?"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zzzzng zznggg zzzngng zng zg"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zzzngzz gzzngzzz gnnzzz"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Nnggggzzz ngzzzz nzzzng"
pink unicorns the zombie said "Z!ng"
Dale McGillicuddy said "I'ma liking your style, pink unicorns [the zombie]. Here, have a cup of coffee. Just promise you won't mess up mah desk, I still can't find my medals from the war after those ApocHorde dicks ransacked the place. Speaking of whom, has *anybody* seen"
Dale McGillicuddy said "those assholes lately? They'be been MIA so long, I'm almost done getting this place set up on the Library Of Congress Classification System."
pink unicorns the zombie said "Zggghg zgggghg aaaah"
checkmyfish said "That is one smart zombie."
checkmyfish said "what else can we learn from this zombie? Or should we deal with it?"
Marina said "It's too late to ask if he knows any good Christmas carols..."
asshole doctor said "well he's a rotter. we can't revive him here."
Flickman666 said "Wow I had to waste a whole lota AP on trying to get inside. I made a statement telling them to keep the cades at VS."
Flickman666 said "At the hospital I mean."
Jarper said "HAPPY NEW YEAR, Quartly!"
asshole doctor said "yeah i know. it's making it hard to go do revives"
asshole doctor said "so can we string lights on this zombie?"
asshole doctor said "there is a lone zombie here it's has been decorated with red and white lights and a fancy three point hat"
Karloth Vois said "Good day, zombie"
Jarper said "Should auld acquaintance be left to rot, and never brought to mind?"
Jarper said "Should auld acquaintance be left to rot, and auld lang syne?"
pink unicorns the zombie said "!bang. Zambah z!ngz."
pink unicorns the zombie said "!bang. Zambah zgangz"
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the north.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the south.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at itself.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the north.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the south. ...and again.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the west.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured to the east. ...and again.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured at the ceiling.
pink unicorns the zombie gestured down at the ground.
pink unicorns the zombie said "!mrh. Zambah zambah."
Tarantur killed a zombie.
Marina said "*cries for the loss of their zombie bard*"
Charles Darwin said "*shakes hands heartily with a velociraptor* I do say old boy, it's cracking good to see you, what? How have you been? Please watch your claws on the marble."


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