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Quartly Study Group Summer Tour 08


The Eden museum, the Charbonnier museum, the Chaffin building, St. Matheo's Children's hospital, the Harrold museum, the Bridge museum, St. Theresa's Church, the Ashford arms, Ackland Mall, the Husted building, the Rhoades building, James general hospital, the Cundham library, Lascelles Library, St. Maxilillian's Church, St. Cyprian's Hospital, Boorman Way Police Department, the Frappell Building, St. Chad's Church, Timewell Drive Police Department, the Griff Museum, The Giraffe House, Mickleburgh Way School, Alner Mansion, Slape Way School, Hollwey Street School, the Gillman Museum, Whitten Place Fire Station, the Browne Building, Cape Avenue Police Department, Denis General Hospital, NE Hildebrand Mall, Vere Cinema, Kilt Store, Pound Place School, Thomas General Hospital, Burdekin Alley Police Department, Butson Boulevard School, Rason Auto Repair, the Jelley Museum, the Peach Museum, the Corben Museum, the McMullen Museum, St. Elisabeth's Hospital, St Mark's Hospital, Skilliter Library, The Bear Pit, the Bridle Museum, Club Bu, Sheehan Lane Police Department, Headford Way School, Notley Walk Fire Station, the Organ Museum, the Heddington Museum, Veal Lane Police Department, Acourt Library, Pound Place School, the Moseley Building, a junkyard, the Byfield Museum, the Lewen Museum, Rather Library, the Eden Museum


To travel and educate the city of Malton.


Through the end of summer.


Mob race.jpeg Summer of Evil And Literacy
QSG Summer Tour 08
Fort of Literacy.jpg Quartly Tour 2008
This user/group exemplified the Quartly Librarian's spirit of adventure by taking part in a summer tour of more than sixty unique locations.

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