Quartly Study Group/Wolfgang Puck's Address to the Quartly Library

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Quartly Library Lecture Transcript

(Speech By Wolfgang Puck, Translation Frank Biddles)

  • "Grrrrhhhh.... Manah zgaarah harmanz harh. Bagh Rrrgang mahrh zgaarah zambah, az arragh."
  • Frank Biddles said "Mah Zambah Brazzah! Glad you made it!"
  • "Rrrgang z rabrarah m!g! Bagh, an z NAH BRANG BARG Z!NG ANZAGH RABRARAH. Az nah barah naz."
  • "Bagh harmanz arh harh, anzagh rabrarah. Harmanz arh barg z!ngz. Az naz, bagh Rrrgang bananabranz."
  • "Nabarmang. Rrrgang maz gabbah-gabbah."
  • "H! Hrangh! Naz grh z harm--- rrh, harman?"
  • Frank Biddles said "A mixed bag, eh? Don't worry about the refreshments, Wolfie; I'll make sure you're hooked up after the lecture."

  • "Az magrabhan ahn?"
  • "Graaghan, graaghan, ana, zma, zhraa..."
  • "Aham...."
  • "Harrah grazz. Am Rrrgang. Mah zambah gannah graagh ragargan branz."
  • "Manah harmanz z zambahz, gah ZAMBAHZ!!! RANZ!!! An ranz."
  • "Az naz, bgaz rannan harmanz branz arh mahrh naz zan harmanbargarh branz."
  • "Bagh hangrah zambahz gannah barg harmanz, rannan arh nah rannan."
  • "Bananabranz harmanz z zambahz grab branz, an gah ZAMBAHZ ANRAH BARG BRANZ. Az nah ragh."
  • "Branz arh mahrh naz, bagh zambahz arzah barg armz, manbagz an bra-bagz."
  • "RGang zambah mahb gannah grab baarbaz an habbabaghamaz agh Margan Zaah!"
  • "Az nah grabban harmanz! Az grabban anamahz! Aragh, zah baarbaz nah anzagh an habbabaghamaz grab Rrrgang..."
  • "Arh harmanz habbah zambahz gannah barg anamahz? Nah."
  • "Harmanz gah ZANGZ, RGANG ZAMBAHZ! Nah."
  • "Harmanz brang bang-bang. Agan. Azzgrabarz. An harmanz agzg MRH ZAMBAHZ GRAB AZZ!?!?"
  • "Grh zambahz hab barbaga zaarz, zambahz barg manah z!ngz. Barbaga zaarz az naz."
  • "Rrrgang habbah hra hab harman zh!zh-gabab. Zh!zh-gabab az barah naz. Grh barbaga zaarz? Az mahrh naz."
  • "Zam harmanz z Amarah Ragazzah az an Margan. Am nah habbah Rrrgang, Rrrgang nah gah BAM! BAM! BAM!"
  • "Rrrgang barg Amarah Ragazzah grh barbaga zaarz. MAZ hab barbaga zaarz hra barg Amarah Ragazzah."
  • "Rrrgang hag harmanz, nah harm. Grh nah harmanz? Zambahz nah barg manah branz."
  • "Harmanz hab mrh-manz, an zambahz barg agan! Mabah az ah razagrang bragram! Az naz! Baragh zmargh!"
  • "Zah, ramambarh - Mrh! Hag! Barg! An mabah zamgamz habbah hangrah!"
  • "Az mah gabbah-gabbah. Grazz hab mrh?"
  • "..."
  • "..."
  • "Am zambah, nah harman. Rrrgang gabbah-gabbah g!zambah. Am zmargh zambah."
  • "Agharh mrh?"
  • "Man, am hangrah... Zah hangrah... Gabbah-gabbah magh Rrrgang hangrah zambah."
  • "Rrrgang maz zzzz... Mabah habbah hangrah Hranghz branz gamarrah."

  • "I'll be translating for our guest. Is the mic on? Testing, Testing, 1,2,3"
  • "I'm Wolfgang Puck. I'm going to spill my rotten brains (?) Many humans see zeds and scream ZOMBIES! RUN! and Run"
  • "It's nice because running human brains are more nice than human-burger-brains. But hungry zombies are going to eat humans, running or not running. Crazy humans see zombies grab brains, and say Zombies Only Eat Brainz! It's not true."
  • "Brains are nicer, but zombies also eat arms, testicles and breasts. The RGang group was going to grab porpoise and hippopotamus in the Malton Zoo."
  • "It's not grabbing humans! It's grabbing animals! Alright, the porpoise wasn't there and the hippo grabbed me. Are humans happy zombies plan to eat animals? No."
  • "Do Humans say Thanks, RGang Zeds!? No. Humans brought guns. Again. Wankers. And humans wonder why Zombies attack them!"
  • "Why zeds have BBQ sauce? Zeds eat many things. BBQ sauce is nice. I've had a human sish-kebab. Sish-kebabs are nice. Why BBQ Sauce? It's nicer!"
  • "Some humans say Emeril Lagasse is in Malton. I'm not happy. I don't go BAM! BAM! BAM! I ate Emeril Lagasse with BBQ Sauce. You MUST have BBQ Sauce to eat Emeril Lagasse."
  • "I hug humans, not harm them. Why don't humans do the same? Zombies don't eat many brains. Humanz have Necro-Techs (Revive Men) and zombies eat again! Maybe it's a recycling program! It's nice! Very smart!"
  • "So, remember - Live! Hug! Eat! And maybe someone's eating!"
  • "That's my speech. Any questions?"
  • "..."
  • "Wolfgang, I have a question. Why did you choose to remain a zombie, rather than be revivified in a NT Building?"
  • I'm a zombie, not a human. I speak kiZombie. I'm a smart zombie.
  • "*Ahem* Well, wolfie doesn't seem to want to answer that one, so, Other questions?"
  • "Man. I'm hungry, so hungry. All this talk makes me a hungry zombie."

Remedial Zombese With Wolfgang Puck

(Translations by SweetIrony)

Wolfgang enters the library:

A zombie said "GRRAAAAH! Am zgaarah zambah!"

"GRRAAAAH! I'm a scary zombie!"

A zombie said "Bagh... Rrrgangz bananaz m!zz!ng. Zah Rrrgang nah grab harmanz."

"But... Wolfgang's banana's missing. So Wolfgang won't grab humans."

A zombie said "Rrrgang nah gannah b ramman harman azz, grh Rrrgang nah hab banana!"

"Wolfgang isn't gonna be ramming human ass, if Wolfgang doesn't have a banana!"

A zombie said "Az nah harh-harh. Zambahz maz hab bananaz!"

"It's not funny. Zombies must have bananas!"

A zombie gestured at SweetIrony.

A zombie said "Az mah hranz."

"It's my friend."

A zombie said "Zah. Rrrgang harh, Zambahz gah rrrhh-rnnrrhh--grrrhh.... Nah graagh raagh."

"So. Wolfgang heard, Zombies go rrrhh-rnnrrhh—grrhh.... Not speak right."

A zombie said "Man, az bananabranz. Nah abaan zambahz gan anarzgan, rrrrhh-rnnrhhh-grrrgh. MAZ GRAAGH RAAGH!"

"Man, it's stupid/crazy. Not even zombies can understand, rrrrhh-rnnrhhh-grrrgh. MUST SPEAK RIGHT!"

SweetIrony said "Hah Rrrgang, rargam an zah r!brarah! Nah barg zah baagz, arragh? Harh harh..."

"Hi Wolfgang, welcome to the library! Don't eat the books, alright? Haha..."

A zombie said "Zah, Rrrgang b rannan zambah, ran hram Graagh Haaghz aaaaaaaahhhh zah rah, gam z z!z zabarb."

"So, Wolfgang is a running zombie, ran from Grigg Heights aaaaaaaaall the way, to come see this suburb."

A zombie said "H! Babah! Az naz rabrarah!"

"Hi baby! It's a nice library!"

A zombie said "Nabagah bang-bang mah zambah, zah mabah Rrrgang hang harh."

"Nobody's shot at me, so maybe Wolfgang will hang here."

A zombie said "Az manah zambahz azzagh. Arh grabban harmanz?"

"There are many zombies outside. Are they grabbing humans?"

A zombie said "Rrrgang maz zzzz. Nah bang bang zzzz zambahz!"

"Wolfgang must sleep. Don't shoot sleeping zombies!"

A zombie said "Grh harmanz bang bang mah zambah, Rrrgang nah gannah b habbah."

"If humans shoot me, Wolfgang's not going to be happy."

A zombie said "Zah nah bang-bang Rrrgang, arragh?"

"So don't shoot Wolfgang, alright?"

A zombie said "Grh harmanz MAZ bang-bang mah zambah, brang azbrh!n arzah."

"If humans MUST shoot me, bring asprin also."


Charles Darwin said "Some of these zambahs are a little bitey. Mr. Shinito, if you can't listen politely, then I'm gonna have to ask you to leave."

Charles Darwin killed a zombie with a pumpkin.

A zombie said "Ammmmm.... Harman zmagh zambah grh ah bambg!n?"

"Ummmmm.... Human smacked zombie with a pumpkin?"

A zombie said "Az nah barah naz... Bagh marh naz zan zmagh Rrrgang grh ah bambg!n."

"It's not very nice... But more nice than smacking Wolfgang with a pumpkin."

A zombie said "Harmanz agzg Rrrgang barah naz... Rrrgang, gam an graagh ag zah rabrarah. An Rrrgang ran harh. Rrrgang nah gannah gah zzzz azzagh. Az brrrrh azzagh. Mabah zzzz azzagh z!z zammarh."

"Humans ask Wolfgang very nice... Wolfgang, come and speak at the library. And Wolfgang ran here. Wolfgang's not gonna go sleep outside. It's cold outside. Maybe sleep outside this summer."

A zombie said "Bagh mabah zzzz brrrrh azzagh, razzarh zan hab azzgrabarh harman zmagh Rrrgang grh ah bambg!n."

"But maybe sleep cold outside, rather than have an assgrabber human smack Wolfgang with a pumpkin."

A zombie said "Barraghagz arh nah naz anahah."

"Barricades are not nice anyhow."

A zombie said "B-zagz, harmanz maz hab hagz!"

"Besides, humans must have hugs!"

A zombie said "Harmanz nah hab hagz, harmanz nah b habbah! Hagz arh naz!"

"If humans don't have hugs, humans won't be happy. Hugs are nice!"

A zombie said "Agah. Nabagah graagh harman anamarh. Anrah graagh zambah."

"Okay. Nobody speak human anymore. Only speak zombie."

A zombie said "Harmanz maz z zah zambahz. Harmanz maz B ZAH ZAMBAHZ."

"Humans must see the zombies. Humans must BE THE ZOMBIES."

A zombie said "Zamarrah, ahh harmanz maz hab bananaz. An graagh anrah zambah. Mabah zan, zambahz azzagh nah harm harmanz!"

"Tomorrow, all humans must have bananas. And speak only zombie. Maybe then, zombies outside won't harm humans!"

A zombie said "GAH! Rrrgang maz zzzz agan!"

"GAH! Wolfgang must sleep again."


A zombie gestured at MAJOR TOM B.

A zombie said "Hah! Nah bang bang mah zambah!"

"Hey! Don't shoot me!"

A zombie said "An annazzarh harman zmagh Rrrgang grh an agz. Bagh zah harman nah harh namarh."

"And another human smacked Wolfgang with an axe. But the human isn't here anymore."

A zombie said "Rrrgang hag harmanz. Nah harm, anrah hagz. Bagh harmanz arraz brang ganz an bang bang mah zambah, magh Rrrgang nah habbah. An barah hangrah."

"Wolfgang hugs humans. Not harm, only hugs. But humans always bring guns and shoot me, make Wolfgang not happy. And very hungry."

A zombie said "Zammarah, Am gannah zang. Mabah Baham!an Rabzabah, grh harmanz naz."

"Tomorrow, I'm gonna sing. Maybe Bohemian Rhapsody, if humans are nice."

A zombie said "Arh mabah, zaz mabah... Zah Azgarh Maharh zang."

"Or maybe, just maybe... The Oscar Mayer song."

After some violence from some unruly zombies:

A zombie said "Hrrrm. Zambahz. Z harmanz? Raarn grh graagh zambah, an gabbah-gabbah az harman arh zambah!"

"Hrrrm. Zombies. See humans? Learn to speak zombie, and speak as human or zombie!"

A zombie said "Ammm... Brazzahz? Mah zambah graaghan grh zah harmanz. Grab ah azzbag, an Rrrgang gannah hab zambahz graagh raagh. Nah gah, Mama... Arh rrrrh-grrrn- AZ NAH ZAMBAH! Az bananabranz! B zmargh zambahz, grab ah azzbag an graagh ragh!"

"Ummm... Brothers? I'm speaking with the humans. Grab a seat, and Wolfgang's gonna have zombies speaking right. Not going, Mama... Or rrrrh-grrrn- IT'S NOT ZOMBIE! It's stupid/crazy! Be smart zombies, grab a seat and speak right!"

A zombie (Cobalt Manticore) said "Grab an nrm nrm rn hra hrh hrman hambrrgrrh." ??????

A zombie (Cobalt Manticore) killed Father Leary.

A zombie (Cobalt Manticore) gestured to the west.

A zombie (Cobalt Manticore) said "Rrh grh anna Rrrrh Mrh? Mrh? Mrh!?!" ??????

ZinnyStardust began to rebuild the barricades, using some freestanding shelves.

A zombie (Wolfgang Puck) said "Gang! B naz."

"Gang! Be nice."

A zombie gestured at itself.

A zombie said "Zambah."


A zombie gestured at MonkeyLibrarian.

A zombie said "Harman."


A zombie gestured to Quartly Library.

A zombie said "Rabrarah, ahrh R!brarah."

"Library, or Library."

A zombie gestured at SweetIrony.

A zombie said "Rabrarh!an."


A zombie said "Zambahz nah harm rabrarh!anz."

"Zombies don't harm librarians."

A zombie said "Zambahz an harmanz maz graagh Zamgrh."

"Zombies and humans must speak Zamgrh."

A zombie said "An zambahz, NAH ZMAZH HANG!NG Z!NGZ. Hangang z!ngz arh naz."

"And zombies, DON'T SMASH THE DECORATIONS. Decorations are nice."

A zombie said "Ahh zambahz, harmanz... Graagh aggarh Rrrgang"

"All zombies, humans... Repeat after Wolfgang."

A zombie said "Z zambah. Z zambah ranz."

"See zombie. See zombie run."

A zombie said "Z harman. Harman z zambah. Z harman ranz."

"See human. Human sees zombie. See human run."

A zombie said "Z habbabagamaz. Habbabagamaz z zambah. Z zambah ranz agan."

"See hippopotamus. Hippopotamus sees zombie. See zombie run again."

A zombie said "Zambahz barg harmanz, bagh habbabagamaz barh anazzang."

"Zombies eat humans, but hippopotamuses eat anything."

A zombie said "Habbabagamaz hab B!G AZZ!"

"Hippopotamus has a BIG ASS!"

Charles Darwin rose from the dead as a zombie.

A zombie brought down the last of the barricades.

A zombie (ChrisJSF) said "Zahrah raz"


SweetIrony said "Zangz Rrrgang! Zah raz naz. Gam an zambahz an harmanz, graagh zambah an graagh raagh! Nah gah rrrrrh rrrrrh grrh. Zambah haz A B H G M N R Z an !. Zmargh zambahz gan graagh annazang an zambah! http://tinyurl.com/zamgrh"

"Thanks Wolfgang! That was nice. Come on zombies and humans, speak zombie and speak right! Don't go rrrrrh rrrrrh grrh. Zombie has A B H G M N R Z and !. Smart zombies can say anything in Zombie!"

Wedge Type Character said "Colt 45 and two zig zags!"

SweetIrony said "Gam an abrabazzah! Graagh zambah! Zambahz gah, Banana! Manbagz! Zambahz grab harmanz! Harmanz grab azz! Z!z !z ah r!brarah. Harh arh zah baagz! Manah baagz. Zambahz, nah harm zah baagz. Raag zah baagz! http://tinyurl.com/rrrgang"

"Come on everybody! Speak zombie! Zombies go, "Banana!" "Testicles!" "Zombies grab humans!" "Humans grab ass!" This is a library. Here are the books! Many books. Zombies, don't harm the books. Read the books"

SweetIrony said "Oh hello Mr. Wedge! Do you speak zambah? We are having language lessons right now. Zambahz an harmanz gan bah hranz! Zambahz hag harmanz, harmanz hag zambahz. Harmanz an zambahz raag zah baagz an zah r!brarah. Abrabazzah az habbah!"

"Zombies and humans can be friends! Zombies hug humans, humans hug zombies. Humans and zombies read the books in the library. Everybody is happy!"

A zombie said "...bagh Rrrgang b mahrh habbah, grh Rrrgang nah hangrah."

"...but Wolfgang would be more happy, if Wolfgang wasn't hungry."

A zombie said "Ah, Gaz-zammagh! G-zaz mazzan grh Rrrgangz brahrzarh! Mabbah zang annazarh gah."

"Oh, God-dammit! Jesus messing with Wolfgang's browser! Maybe sing another go."(??)

A zombie (ChrisJSF) said "Zaa ahrahnah, agh mah za zbagh bazah zambah!"

"Sweet Irony, ??? to speak better zombie!"

A zombie gestured at a hungry T rex.

A zombie said "Grh zambahz z B!G barraghagz? Gah, ABRAGABABRA! An ram. Namarh barraghagz, mrh?"

"If zombies see BIG barricades? Go, ABRACADABRA! And ram. No more barricades, mrh?"

A zombie said "Harmanz nah hab barhah, zah harmanz nah habbah. Zambahz maz zang, g!b harmanz barhah, an harmanz gannah b habbah agan."

"Humans don't have barhah, so humans are not happy. Zombies must sing, give humans barhah, and humans are gonna be happy again."

Leon Silverblood said "*pats T Rex on the side and bolts* Good luck. S'all I can do here! I'll be making myself useful at the rp, though."

A zombie (Cobalt Manticore) said "Hrman arrh Hamrrh marh rh am rrh nrbrrh hambrrgrrh."

A zombie (Cobalt Manticore) said "Nrh! Rrh!rh mrh! Rrh rrrrh hra grnna grh Grabbrh an B!!"

A zombie said "Graagh raagh, arh nah graagh. Mrh zah hag raz zag??? BANANABRANZ!"

"Speak right, or don't speak. Mrh zah hag raz zag??? STUPID!"

A zombie said "Gah, Am zambah. Hrh zambah. Abarabagah zambah. Agzab harmanz, bgaz harmanz arh hambargarh."

"Go, I'm zombie. You're zombie. Everybody zombie. Except humans, because humans are hamburger."

A zombie said "MAN! Mrh Rrrgang gannah magh zambahz graagh raagh? Z zambahz harh, nah barah zmargh. Nah gah Graagh Haaghz, zambahz. Graagh Haaghz harmanz gannah harh-harh agh zah bananabranz zambahz."

"MAN! When is Wolfgang gonna make zombies speak right? See zombies here, not very smart. Don't go to Grigg Heights, zombies. Grigg Heights humans will laugh at the stupid zombies."

A zombie said "Am zah angrah! Am gannah gah magh zam hagg!z."

"I'm so angry! I'm gonna go make some haggis."

A zombie (Silas Goad) said "Rh! Hra rh ha grnrh rn ra!"

A zombie (Silas Goad) said "Rh hrn rh an hra rarn hra arabrh rrn hrrrh."

A zombie (Silas Goad) said "Rh an brh rrrn!"

A zombie (Silas Goad) said "Rh an brrh hra brrrh rmrrrrh!"

A zombie (Silas Goad) said "Rgrhrrh!"

A zombie (Wolfgang Puck) said "Ah mah Gaz."

"Oh my God."

A zombie said "Grab an azzbag, brazzah. Mah brazzah maz hab razzanz!n Zamgrh."

"Grab a seat, brother. My brother must have lessons in Zamgrh."

A zombie said "Razzan. Rrrgang graagh. Harmanz anarzgan. Zambahz anarzgan."

"Listen. Wolfgang speaks. Humans understand. Zombies understand."

A zombie said "Bagh mah azzgrabban, bananabranz BRAZZAH gah, rrrh..nrrrh brhh... AN NABAGAH ANARZGAN!"

"But my assgrabbing, stupid BROTHER goes, rrrh..nrrrh brhh... AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS!"

A zombie said "GRAAAAAHHH! GRrra....... Am agah... Am arragh. Rrrgang maz barg Amarah Ragazzah agan, grh barbagah zaarz, arh mabah maranara... An Rrrgang gannah b agah."

"GRAAAAAHHH! GRrra....... I'm okay... I'm alright. Wolfgang must eat Emeril Lagasse again, with barbeque sauce, or maybe marinara... And Wolfgang will be okay."

A zombie said "Azzgrabbarh."


A zombie said "Man, mah brahrzarh grazh, an Rrrgang nah z ANAH gabbah-gabbah."

"Man, my browser crashed, and Wolfgang didn't see ANY talking."

A zombie said "Arragh, am gannah zang. Aham..."

"Alright, I'm gonna sing. Ahem..."

A zombie said "Mammaaaaaaa! Zaz grgh ah maaaaan! Bag mah gan aganz haz hag! Barh mah graggarh nah haz graagh."

"Mammaaaaaaa! Just killed a maaaaan! Put my gun against his head! Pull my trigger now he's dead."

A zombie said "Mamaaaaaa! Rab hab zaz bagaaaaaaan! Bagh nah Ahb gaahn an zhraan ag ahrrrh arraaaaaaah!"

"Mamaaaaaa! Life had just beguuuuuuun! But now I've gone and thrown it allll awaaaaaaay!"

A zombie said "MAMAAAAAA! Rrrrh-rrrrh-rrrrh-rrrrh! Z!zn maan grh magh hrh graah!"

"MAMAAAAAA! Rrrrh-rrrrh-rrrrh-rrrrh! Didn't mean to make you cry!"

A zombie said "Grh Am nah bagh agan z!z zaam zamarrah, garrah aaaaahn garrah aahn... Nazzang rarrah mazzgaarz..."

"If I'm not back again this time tomorrow, carry ooooon carry oon... Nothing really matters..."

A zombie said "Baham!an Rhabzabah! Man, mah zambah rab zah zang."

"Bohemian Rhapsody! Man, I love that song."

A zombie said "Gan annazzarh zambah zang Azgarh Maharh zang? Rrrgang maz zzzz agan."

"Can another zombie sing the Oscar Meyer song? Wolfgang must sleep again."

A zombie said "Arh anah azzarh zang."

"Or any other song."

A zombie (Otty Sanchez) said "Rah! Nazzang rarrah mazzgaarz"

"Right! Nothing really matters"

winkart rose from the dead as a zombie.

A zombie (winkart) gestured at itself.

A zombie (winkart) said "H! Am nah zgaarah zambah"

"Hi I'm not a scary zomnbie"

A zombie (winkart) gestured at itself.

A zombie (winkart) said "Am naz rh!brarh!an zambah"

"I'm a nice librarian zombie"

A zombie (winkart) said "AH hab barah naz bra- bag.... Z?"

"I have very nice breast.... S?"

A zombie (winkart) said "Am ganna zanz zanz-zanz"

"I'm gonna dance dance-dance"

A zombie (winkart) gestured at the ceiling.

A zombie (winkart) gestured to the east. ...and again.

A zombie (winkart) gestured at the ceiling.

A zombie (winkart) gestured to the west. ...and again.

A zombie (winkart) said "Zanz zanz-zanz"

"Dance dance-dance"

Duckspeak injected a zombie with a syringe and it slumped to the floor.

A zombie (Wolfgang Puck) said "Agah, zah Azgarh Maharh zang."

"Okay, the Oscar Mayer song."

A zombie said "Mah banana haz ah grhz naam! Az Ah-Z-G-Ah-R!"

"My banana has a first name! It's A-S-G-A-R!"

A zombie said "Mah banana haz ah zagan naam! Az M-Ah-H-Ah-R!"

"My banana has a second name! It's M-A-H-A-R!"

winkart stood up.

A zombie said "Ah rab grh grab azz abarah gah! Grh harmanz agzg Am gannah graaaaaagh..."

"I love to grab ass every day! If humans ask I'm gonna saaaaaay..."

winkart said "Come, Mister tally man, tally me bananas"

A zombie said "Gaz Azgarh Maharh hab ah rah gah H-Ah-R-M-Ah-N-Z!"

"Cuz Oscar Mayer has a way with H-A-R-M-A-N-Z!"

winkart said "Daylight come and me wan' go home"

A zombie said "Grh?"


A zombie said "Gam mazzarh garraman, garramah bananaz.."

"Come mister tallyman, tallyme bananaz.."

A zombie said "Ah maam maam an grh rannah ran ham!"

"????? wanna run home!"

A zombie gestured at winkart.

A zombie said "Harman m!zz Rrrgang zangang Azgarh Maharh."

"Human missed Wolfgang singing Oscar Mayer."

A zombie said "Harman raz zzzz. Rrrgang zzhhhhhhh."

"Human was asleep. Wolfgang sshhhhhhh."

A zombie said "Man, zambahz zmazh hangang z!ngz. Ah rahb hangang z!ngz. Am nah habbah."

"Man, zombies smashed the decorations. I love decorations. I'm not happy."

A zombie said "Zrang raaaaah. Zraag zharh!ah. Gamman grh garrah mah haaaaaam!"

"Swing looooow. Sweet chariot. Commin' for to carry me hoooooome!"

A zombie said "Zrang raaaah, zraag zharh!ah. Gamman grh garrah mah ham."

"Swing loooow, sweet chariot. Commin' for to carry me home."

A zombie said "Az baaarn... Ah baarh bragh babah. Gamman grh garrah mah haaaaam!"

"???? Comin' for to carry me hooooome!"

A zombie said "Az baaarn, ah baarh bragh babah. Gamman grh garrah mah ham."

"???? Comin' for to carry me home."

A zombie said "Rrrgang... Hangrah."

"Wolfgang... Hungry."

A zombie fed on a corpse. ...and again.

A zombie said "Ah. Nah hangrah namarh."

"Oh. Not hungry anymore."

A zombie gestured at winkart.

A zombie said "Hab zam rh!bz?" ...and again.

"Have some ribs?"

winkart said "Well , I admit your version is better(grin)"

A zombie said "Zambahz gannah grab haz branz. An haz rh!bz. An haz man-bagz. An haz armz. Zambahz gannah habbah-hangrah!"

"Zombeis gonna grab his brains. And his ribs. And his testicles. And his arms. Zombies gonna eat!"

A zombie said "Zangz. Rrrgang maz zzzz agan. Zaamz raagh Rrrgang arrahz zzzz."

"Thanks. Wolfgang must sleep again. Seems like Wolfgang is always sleeping."

SweetIrony rose from the dead as a zombie.

Charles Darwin rose from the dead as a zombie.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured at itself.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured at one of the zombies.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured at the ceiling.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured at winkart.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured at the ceiling.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured to the east.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured to the west.

A zombie (Charles Darwin) gestured down at the ground.

winkart injected a zombie with a syringe and it slumped to the floor. ...and again.

A zombie killed winkart.

The lights went out in Guilford Avenue Fire Station.

A zombie said "Am gannah gah azzagh, zah harmanz gan hab ham bagh."

"I'm gonna go outside, so humans can have their home back."

A zombie bit SweetIrony to death.

SweetIrony rose from the dead as a zombie.

The Argonauts injected a zombie with a syringe and it slumped to the floor.

A zombie said "Gang, gan zambahz ran Graagh Haaghz, harb Rrrgang grab haz ham agan? Harmanz grab mah ham. Rrrgangz Bag Man Barn."

"Gang, can zombies run to Grigg Heights, help Wolfgang grab his home again? Humans grabbed my home. St. Wolfgang's Hospital.

A zombie said "Harmanz grab zah Mrh?-zhan Mrh Barn, arzah! HARMANZ MAZ NAH HAB ZAH MRH-ZHAN!"

"Humand grabbed the Necrotech Building, also! HUMANS MUST NOT HAVE THE NECROTECH!"

A zombie gestured to the west.

A zombie said "Graagh Haaghz! MAZZAGRH ZAH HARMANZ!"


A zombie said "...arh nah. Bagh Rrrgang zangz haz brazzahz hrh mazzagrh Graagh Haaghz harmanz."

"...or not. But Wolfgang thanks his brothers who massacre Grigg Heights humans."

SweetIrony stood up.

SweetIrony said "Ah mah gazh. Zambahz harm mah, bah bah Mz. Ahranah. Zhan, harmanz mrh mah zambah, bah bah Mz. Ahranah! Ah gan nah harh zah graaghan, arh zah zangang, nazzang! Ahm nah habbah. Zambahz, nah harm mah! Harmanz, nah mrh mah zambah!! ARGH!!"

"Oh my gosh. Zombies harm me, bye bye Mz. Irony. Then, humans revive me, bye bye Mz. Irony! I cannot hear the talking, or the singing, nothing! I'm not happy. Zombies, don't harm me! Humans, don't revive me! ARGH!"

A zombie said "Nah mazh graaghan harh."

"Not much talking here."

A zombie said "Zambahz gam grh Rrrgang, zmazh Graagh Haaghz?"

"Zombies come with Wolfgang, smash Grigg Heights?"

A zombie said "Harmanz hab barraghagh mah gramma an zah bazman!"

"Humans have barricaded my grandma in the basement!"

A zombie said "Am gannah b rannan zambah, gah Graagh Haaghz an mazzagrh harmanz! HAHAHAHA!"

"I'm gonna be a running zombie, go to Grigg Heights and massacre humans! HAHAHAHA!"

A zombie said "Harmanz gah, zgaarah zambah Rrrgang nah harh namarh, Graagh Haaghz Harmanz BARHAH!"

"Humans go, scary zombie Wolfgang isn't here anymore, Grigg Heights Humans BARHAH!"

A zombie said "Rrrgang gah, BAZZANG! Zmazh Graagh Haaghz an magh naz barbaga rh!bz."

"Wolfgang goes, BAZZANG! Smash Grigg Heights and make nice barbeque ribs."

A zombie said "Zan harmanz gannah gah, Mrh? Mrh? Mrh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Then humans will go, Mrh? Mrh? Mrh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"