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Rawktrooper UD.jpg
Abbreviation: RAWK
Group Numbers: 5 (?)
Leadership: None
Goals: Currently, helping maintain and staff revivification points in North and South Blythville; active members of the Blythville Gang
Recruitment Policy: http://www.RAWKed.com/
Contact: Contact any member with a RAWK tag (if you can find them!)


The Few. The Proud. The RAWK. Once numbering more than 40, the number of RAWK members has dwindled to a mere handful of stalwarts. RAWK is a coalition of friends who have made a name for themselves in many forums and online games, spanning all manner of interests. They are a dominant force in the online game Ogame, and have spread into Space Pioneers and other games, as well. Once there was a large contingent of RAWK players roving the streets of Malton, but as time went on, there interest dwindled. Now the RAWK flag is worn by a mere handful - it is believed only five of their members remain. These members, however, are committed to the salvation of Malton and refuse to abandon the RAWK name, wearing their colors with pride. Urban Legend has it that these friends had met for a real-world get-together at the the Whitmarsh Arms in Lockettside. So inebriated were these warriors for great online justice that it took them almost three days to sober up enough to realize the end of the world had arrived. Since then most of their numbers have, amazingly, escaped Malton (there has been talk of building an armada of rafts from bath-tubs looted from several Malton high-rise apartments, but this is of course mere hearsay). Those who remain are likely the most mentally unstable, having gone this long without internet access, and should probably be approached with caution (though if you have satellite internet, they would love to be your friend).


Knowing they are but a small force in a much larger battle, the remaining members of RAWK have joined forces with 9th Infantry and other groups, and are committed to the protection and maintenance of revivification points at Gee Avenue and Park Walk in the suburb of South Blythville. Members of this group have also been seen working the clincs at Shallet Crescent in North Blythville and Corless Way in Dartside. Enemy activity in or around those areas is also tracked utilizing the Blythville Gang's DNR List as a point of reference. This is only possible due to the coalition that has formed and become known as the Blythville Gang.

9th Infantry and RAWK

The beginning of the Blythville Gang took place in the vaults of Harnap Bank, in January of 2006. Members the 9th Infantry and RAWK took up residence there and, along with various unaffiliated survivors, started an impromptu revive clinic at Gee Avenue. These survivors also began to work together for the common defense of South Blythville.

The Blythville Gang is Formed

The first steps the survivors of the Bank Massacre - those who would become the nucleus of the Blythville Gang - took was to seek out and revive their fallen comrades. After this was successfully completed, Mcbride (one of the Gang's founding members) established a message board for the Gang to coordinate on. The primary function of this board is for zombies seeking revivification to have a forum to do so. Another important aspect of this board is its "Do Not Revive List". This list contains links to the profiles of known criminal individuals and/or groups who are to be killed on sight and not revived under any circumstances. The people/groups listed on the DNR List are confirmed PKers, GKers, and/or RKers, which are all considered serious crimes against humanity based on the current situation in Malton.


When the military re-opened shortwave radio frequencies for use, the Blythville Gang immediately began setting up radio transmitters and the means to power them. Predominantly maintained by The 9th Infantry, but also used by RAWKers to dispense vital information for the area, 'Radio Free Blythville' now operates using 27.44 MHz.

Known Members

As mentioned, the RAWK numbers have dwindled considerably. At present these are the known RAWKers stalking the streets of Malton:

Other RAWKers may still be present and acting as solo operative in other sectors of Malton.

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