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Memorial Wall

To our fallen team mates, that died in action and not been located for revives. Team mates listed as MIA have not made radio contacted for 2 months and haven't been located by team members.

Memorial Wall Missing in Action Presumed Dead
Operative Name Position Assigned Last seen
Vincent S Price Medic Alpha Group Lerwill Heights
ZombiRedNeck Scout E.R.S-1 Reganbank
Donnavon Lebraski Commander Omega Group Darvall Heights
Psycho? Scout Omega Group Darvall Heights

Omega Group

Omega Group was ambushed in late 2008 after being betrayed by a civilian claiming to be guiding them to a stranded group of survivors, He happened to be a zombie sympathizer leading the group into an ambush. The only survivor from the expedition was the Necrotech specialist Drjekkle, whom is currently active in guiding a research group in the Heytown area. As of the 16th of November 2008 RBDU retired the Omega call sign, although they are still actively searching the MIA members of the team. it stands as the biggest loss of life in single Operation.

Operative Name Position Duty Status
Donnavon Lebraski Commander MIA
Brad Vickers Radio Operator KIA
Zombikilla Medic KIA
Psycho? Scout MIA
DrJekkle Necrotech Researcher ACTIVE
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