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General Guidelines

  • Moving diagonally is generally superior to moving along a cardinal direction - it allows you to see five previously-unseen blocks as opposed to three and also to travel a greater distance for the same amount of Action Points.
  • Try not to end your day in St. Patrick's Church or any of the following building types, as they are high-profile targets for even lone zombies:

Ideal Equipment Load

(Roughly in this order; adjust for your character's focus.)

Tactical Conditions

Condition Green

Minimal zombie presence throughout the suburb, negligible revive traffic.

  • Other medics may leave with patrol groups or wander the city alone, so long as one medic remains at base.
  • When returning from a patrol, a medic should inform his comrades in the medical corp waiting at base that they stand relieved, and afford them the opportunity to leave base if they so desire.
  • Otherwise, wandering medics are to adhere to Condition Green patrolling protocol.
  • Combat patrols are encouraged under Condition Green, and may consist of solitary or groups of soldiers.
  • If a group is patrolling together, is advised that a leader be appointed by democratic vote before leaving base.
  • Before leaving, please advise a commander or comrade of your party, your route, and when to expect your return.
  • Maintain barricades and actively kill zombies until the threat is convinced to move on.
  • The commander has the prerogative to recall all soldiers back to base or to set the condition to a higher level.

Condition Yellow

More than twenty-five zombies nearby, more than fifty in the suburb, or considerable revive traffic.

  • Guards should be especially vigilant within church grounds, ensuring that their defense is top priority.
  • Revivification staff should be cautious in their revivification, making certain not to revive brain rotten zombies or other hostiles. Make use of the following resources to this end:
  • Expect steady revives - nearly all medics will be required at base.
  • Provided sufficient staffing levels and the commander's leave, medics may be dispatched to assist other survivors under attack.
  • Medics not at base should be extremely attentive to their radios or mobile phones in case their presence is again needed at base.
  • Medics should plan not to be away from base for more than a day.
  • Combat patrols are discouraged under Condition Yellow, and require the commander's permission.
  • During a siege, the soldier's top priority is to reinforce essential barricades.
  • Provided barricades are sufficiently strong, soldiers are encouraged to leave the safety of the base's indoors in order to attack hostiles outside.
  • During the winter, be mindful of the possibility of leaving a clear trail where you will be spending the night and avoid doing so.
  • Your priorities during a siege should be as follows: barricade, heal the infected, dump bodies, heal the wounded, and kill hostiles.
  • See the following articles for advice and useful guidelines for siege defense:
  • While most soldiers should be at base, the commander has the prerogative to recall all others back to base, dictate tactics, or to set the condition to Red or Green.

Condition Red

More than fifty zombies nearby, more than one hundred in the suburb, or heavy revive traffic.

  • Expect heavy casualties - all medics will be required at base, and if afield, are required to return immediately.
  • Under no circumstances (excepting a general call to abandon posts) should medics leave the base.
  • The dire circumstances will often require a strict division of labor and efficient use of action points. Medics are advised to use their action points almost exclusively for barricading, reviving, and healing.
  • Combat patrols are forbidden under Condition Red - all soldiers' top priority should be to reinforce barricades.
  • Once barricades are at proper strength, soldiers are encouraged to investigate nearby buildings and forcibly eject any hostiles, ensuring that the body is deposited safely outside upon completion.
  • Soldiers may want to supplement the medical corps in such a time of crisis.
  • Remember, zombies can't truly be killed, only outlasted. Only by exhausting their enthusiasm for the fight or removing their targets can we win.
  • If losses become too great and the battle looks to be lost, the commander will call on all soldiers to evacuate the base and switch to River Tactics. If a meet-up point is not specified at time of evacuation, stay attentive to normal communication channels for further orders.
  • It may be advisable to initially fall back to Blesley Mall, provided it is not already fallen.
  • Your priorities during a siege should remain as follows: barricade, heal the infected, dump bodies, heal the wounded, and kill hostiles.
  • Soldiers may want to keep a reserve of approximately ten action points in order to beat a hasty retreat if the fight seems to be going poorly.
  • The commander has the prerogative to dictate tactics, call for the evacuation of base, or to set the condition to a lower level.
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