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Back-up Talk

Original version is at RRF/Malton Herald & Sun/BackupTalk and will be moved back here after this is done. -MHSstaff 20:56, 22 September 2010 (BST)

Necrotech and Zombies Unlimited Press Release

As of April 1, 2007, Necrotech has initiated testing of a new "zombie socialization promoting pheromone". This scent attractant is particularly effective against the "young" zombies who have only been dead a short while. The pheromone causes those susceptible to gather in large, docile groups, where they are no danger to nearby survivors. The pheromone has a limited range (about as far as a zombie can travel in a day) and Necrotech has limited supplies and production capacity, though we are looking for ways to produce more.

As of May 1, 2007, Necrotech is proud to announce it's new partnership with Zombies Unlimited, initiated in an attempt to improve conditions for the survivors of the zombie outbreak in Malton. We will be providing this new technology free of charge to Zombies Unlimited, paying all production expenses out of our own pocket and forgoing any licensing fees. In exchange, Zombies Unlimited will (among other tasks) fly, land, and maintain drones planes, using them to emplace and maintain pheromone dispensers at certain key points in the city, in an effort to draw otherwise potentially dangerous predators to those areas and pacify them. The fact that this activity allows our employees (and hence the company and its properties) to benefit by studying a fairly "tame" mass of zombies is, of course, no sway on Necrotech's altruism. Designated target points for this effort are:

Wire Service

The Malton Associated Press, a (relatively) unbiased wire service serving the Malton area, has begun operations. Feel free to reprint stories. --Halocakes 22:41, 20 October 2006 (BST)

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  • Below are the archives of past issues. Please limit the discussion to above this point. Thank you.

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News In Brief

Note: I have no idea what to do with these. -MHSstaff 20:44, 22 September 2010 (BST)

Excursion Destroys SW Malton

  • The RRF's Excursion has laid a path of destruction across Southwest Malton not seen in this area of town since the Big Bash. In a short period of time, the RRF has destroyed Marven Mall, South Blythville, Wykewood, Nixbank, Ruddlebank, Thompson Mall and Lockettside. While the elusive tanning bed has escaped the RRF, the horde has enjoyed Orange Juliuses in Marven Mall, ate Murray Jay's friends in Nixbank, ate the Fake RRF and saw a sneaky bastard in a C4NT van driving away from Thompson Mall to the Southeast....

GMT Breakfast Club Wins Special Olympics

  • It has, in fact, been so long since the last edition of the paper came out that we at the Malton Herald & Sun never got to tell you about the thrilling conclusion of the Ridleybank Special Olympics. After going back and forth for much of the month, the GMT Breakfast Club and Auxunit 10 raced down the wire, each group killing hundreds of harmanz throughout the month. However, as the Olympics came to a close, the GMT BC was victorious. When asked to comment about the victory, GMTer Pookie Romero commented, "Of course we won. We're quite good at killing people."

Mall Tour Rolls

  • After being held up at Stickling Mall for over a month, Mall Tour '07 has been chewing up malls and spitting them out in recent months. Recent victims include Dowdney Mall and Treweeke Mall. Right now the Mall Tour is in the process of destroying Giddings Mall. While their next target is classified information, there have been rumors swirling of the Mall Tour and the Excursion meeting at some point....

Militant Order of Barhah Forms

  • A new horde has arisen under the guidance of Jorm and the Barhah Brigade. The new Militant Order of Barhah has formed under the doctrine of Radical Barhah Fundamentalism. These fundies completely reject any revivification even for death culting and feel that a zombie is corrupt unless it owns Brain Rot. While their stances may seem controversial, no one can doubt the efficiency of this new horde as it has destroyed much of Northeast Malton in the last month.

The United Front of Zombie Propaganda

Special Olympics Update

  • In a stunning upset, RRF legend Papa Petro was defeated in the Pantless Exercises category by Gore Corps upstart Heiki. While many zombies debated whether Heiki's use of ping pong balls was acceptable under the rules of competition, Papa Petro put the event behind him by crushing the field in the Squaredancing Competition. Also, the Packers won the Intramural Football event, sweeping their way past Group H's vaulted defense; Brett Favre was the game's MVP. Several zombies were heard joking that the only championship the Packers could win this year would be against opponents that weren't living.
  • In the all-important group competition, Auxunit 10 and The GMT Breakfast Club have pulled away from the rest of the competition. At the time of publication AU10 had just taken a one point lead on the GMT's, 99-98.

Group 0 Descends on South Blythville

  • In an ambitious attack, Deathbymoshpit has lead the depleted population of the Group 0 horde into South Blythville and Marven Mall. While Mr. Moshpit has acknowledge that Group 0 is facing an uphill battle, he maintains that the horde shall grow and the harmanz of Southern Malton shall make an excellent meal.

Nichols Ransacked for Millionth Time

  • Gore Corps member Stray Zombie became the lucky winner of the Nichol's Mall "One Millionth Ransacker" contest. As he smashed through display cases and overturned fake plastic trees Ed McMahon and a camera crew showed up to give him his prize. Unfortunately Mr. Zombie did not get his award, as he ate Mr. McMahon before he was presented with the award.

Red Guards Eat Zombie Chicken

  • Beloved Gore Corps mascot Zombie Chicken disappeared early Tuesday morning only to have his bones found -- picked clean -- in the Red Guards' HQ. Theories as to why the Red Guards did such a thing range from a Lo Mein noodle surplus to an attempt to intimidate the Gore Corps for the Special Olympics. Red Guard King Romero I, though, offered a different explanation: "Dude, we're zombies, not college students. We don't just eat the same thing every day. Besides, we couldn't find Zombie Dauchsund."

Ruskies, Drago Occupy "Security Zone"

  • With the CMS and PTT both recently crumbling at the hands of zombies in Malton, the survivors have been looking for a new great hope. That hope may have come in the form of the USSR. While little is known about the group, they are every bit as annoying as either the PTT or the CMS and... they have Ivan Drago on their side. In a recent interview Mr. Drago told the Malton Herald & Sun, "You will lose... I cannot be defeated. No man can defeat me. I will fight real champion. If he dies, he dies... I must break you... To the end."

GMT Breakfast Club Takes Early Lead

  • With the Ridleybank Special Olympics underway (see below), the GMT Breakfast Club has jumped out to a quick lead in the team competition. There's still a long way to go before the team competition is over, and even the Malton Herald & Sun newsroom has been the seen of continuous smack talk between Executive Editor Murray Jay Suskind and Staff Writer Goolina.

Ridleybank Cub Scouts Formed

  • For those with a taste for brainz after work (or for those across the pond, before bedtime), the Ridleybank Cub Scouts just may be the strike team for you. Please submit all applications along with a bonewood derby racer to zosoxzepplinzfreak on the RRF Forums.

Shacknews Set to Retire

  • The juggernaut known as Shacknews is officially retiring from UrbanDead. In a period of just over two months, Shacknews lead the charge against the Blackmore Building, Barhah Mall, Stickling Mall and Giddings Mall amongst many other harman enclaves. With the most powerful of survivor strongholds all smashed and ranshacked, the horde had nothing left to prove and has moved onto Nexus War. We here at the Malton Herald & Sun, and everyone at the RRF wishes them the best of luck.

Giddings Falls

  • In the send-off party of the year, Shacknews and many other zombies (including the RRF) ranshacked one final target: The Giddings Mall. The battle was brief and saw a reappearance and another disappearance of the PTT. The brain buffet was massive and zombahz from all around Malton took part in the excellent sampling. However, there were some complaints of some of the brains tasting the exact same...

Barhah Mall Still Filled With Barhah

Other News Sources

  • The RRF is always open to other news sources, even ones that do not adequately cover the triumphs of the RRF due to unfounded perceptions of bias. Because of that, we have posted the Malton Associated Press headlines below.

Shearbank Renamed Shackbank

Stickling Mall Ransacked

  • Ding dong! The PTT's gone, the PTT's dead, the wicked PTT. Ding Dong! The PTT is deaaaad!

Mr. Whippey Tastes Gooooood

  • A contingent of ferals, RRF squads and the Shacknews horde have taken the Whippey Building in Shearbank, a critical Necrotech facility adjacent to Stickling Mall. With other Necrotech buildings being further away and hundreds of zombies smashing against the barricades daily, it's only a matter of time before Stickling Mall, and the PTT, the self confessed defenders of Shearbank, are undermined. Zombie morale in the area is reported to be high, but then when is it not? BARHAH!

Mascot Stolen

  • Unit pride and esprit de corps took a turn for the absurd on Friday, December 08, when the RRF Group H strike team, Auxunit 10, kidnapped the zombified mascot of Group 2(currently serving under the combined banner of the RRF’s Group 0), Pickles the Elephant. The inter-unit prank was spearheaded by Auxunit 10 member, pyromonkey, in order to add the putrefying pachyderm to the strike team’s already considerable menagerie of zombie-animal mascots. Immediately after his successful kidnapping, Pickles joined AU10 in their assault of the Nisbet building in southern Shearbank, apparently assaulting the harman barricades with great gusto. It remains to be seen whether Pickles will remain with his new caretakers or if the Group 0 strike teams will offer a counter to AU10’s jovial assault, inevitably plunging the RFF’s many units into a costly war of Mutually Assured Distraction (it is reported that the Gore Corps zombie chicken is already under extra guard, due to the Red Guards' desire to make Cashew Chicken brainz).

And The Blackmore Building is Toast! Again

  • With great heroism on both sides the Second Battle Over Blackmore is over the building is smashed and the party has begun. One particularly religious meal wrote "If there is a god, he has no power in Ridleybank..." on the wall before swan diving into the horde
  • This reporter managed to get in only hours ago but even then the situation was deeply hopeless, a growing number of 100 zombies vs a paltry shrinking 50, atlast the strain was to much, the final survivors, broken men, laid down their guns and were overtaken. The Malton Herald & Sun was on hand to hear a statment by Tenebrys who was heard to exclaim:
  • "No, there's no use in fleeing, I'll just stay here, I can't take it any longer!" Cockroaches every one of us, cockroaches! We have no place fighting them, only in hiding from them. I only wish my bretheren had understood they never did they kept coming back here! Now, we are crushed once more! I can't take it any longer! I'm not going to take it any longer!! This time, I'm never going back, I'm never going to be human again, I've... lost my faith in humanity! All of you here, those who still draw breath, I say this to you: All ye survivors, serve your god well if he ever decides to call our souls to him as he once did, he'll honor you. Until then, I offer my flesh to the hordes"
  • Tenebrys died shortly thereafter

Shacknews Levels Yagoton

  • Shacknews, the shining young zombie group that has taken Malton by storm, completely leveled Yagoton this week. Included amongst the ransacked ruins of the suburb were Bale Mall and the Yagoton Revivification Clinic. The latest intel indicates that Shacknews has moved onto Shearbank to take on arguably the most powerful survivor stronghold left in the city. It remains to be seen whether the PTT and company can hold out longer than Barhah Mall did.

Barhah Mall Still Ransacked

  • The efforts of the CRF and other ferals have left the Barhah Mall in a state of ransack for over two weeks. What was once the survivors' greatest beacon of harmanity is now nothing but smoldering ruins, occupied by only zombies. It truly is a beautiful sight to behold.

Caiger Resistance Front Formed

  • In the aftermath of the stunning collapse of Barhah Mall, a new zombie horde has formed, dedicated to keeping Barhah Mall out of harman hands. Formed largely from RRF alts, Rezzens members, Brainstock Members and Big Bash members, the Caiger Resistance Front is rapidly becoming a zombie horde in Malton on par with the RRF and even the massively destructive Shacknews horde. Formed by the striking Fidel Castro (who bears a striking resemblance to Papa Sonny), the CRF shall make sure that the Barhah Mall stays the Barhah Mall.

Game Stats in Balance, Survivors Throw Shitfit

  • With the revitalization of the RRF, sweeping success of Shacknews and the rise of the new CRF, a truly remarkable event is about to take place... actual game balance in UrbanDead.
  • This has not sat well with harmanz. "Come on! 50-50 balance between zombies and humans! That's not fair at all!" Exclaimed one distraught harman.
  • "If things keep going like this, there has to be a survivor walkout," explained a trenchcoater. "I mean, an even battle? That's just disgraceful."

Red Guards Threaten PTT For No Real Reason

  • Chairman Suskind of the Red Guards (Full Disclosure: This is the same Suskind that runs the Malton Herald & Sun) recently made some bold, saber rattling comments to the PTT. "Shearbank is rightly a part of greater Ridleybank. In fact, we do not officially acknowledge the existence of Shearbank. Any harmanz claiming that our land across the straights of Roachtown is a seperate suburb called 'Shearbank' will be re-educated in a most brutal fashion." While the comments are quite bold, analysts say they stem from a Maoist's natural rivalry with anything from Taiwan. The Red Guards are currently in Ridleybank and appear not to be making any serious moves to Shearbank.

Zombie Shot Twice in Head, Gets Mad

  • Bruno Tattaglia, a zombie shambling around the Blackmore Building, flew into a rage earlier today when he was headshot twice in one day. "Damnit! Now I have to stand up twice!" shouted Tattaglia. "I mean, I'm only gonna be able to attack with 38 ap tomorrow." When asked to describe his assailants, he simply said, "Uh... they were wearing trenchcoats. And one of them was carrying a sword for some reason."

Caiger Ransacked

  • In a building with infinitely more real worth and infinitely more symbolic value than the Blackmore Building ever will be, the harmanz have suffered perhaps their greatest defeat. Last night the Caiger Mall was ransacked due largely to the efforts of the Shacknews horde, but also due to considerable help from area ferals and a small RRF presense. In celebration there has been extensive partying, square dancing, BARHAH! and Appleflappin... whatever that is.

Caiger Re-Christened

  • In a brief cerimony on Friday morning attended by massive numbers of the Shacknews horde and various ferals, the RRF officially re-christened the Caiger Mall, Barhah Mall. The name is fitting, as this its fall exemplifies the single greatest moment of Barhah in Urban Dead history.

Ridleybank Attacked

  • Harman insurgents attacked bases and zombese offices in Ridleybank, in central Malton, and then dispersed throughout the city, reports say.
  • Heavily-armed insurgents fired shotguns, pistols and distress flares from the buildings and then briefly occupied several main buildings, residents told the Malton Herald and Sun. Ridleybank has been a zambah stronghold since the early outbreaks.
  • AU10 spokeswoman Strike Commander Elizabeth Vignelli told the Malton Sun & Herald that the militants had simply fired a hand held distress flare at a joint RRF/Feral Undead observation post at 0930 (0630 GMT). "As of 1400 (1100 GMT), there were no signs of any significant insurgent activity anywhere in the city. The surrounding buildings have been barricaded and the harmanz are free running back to their one defensive structure." SC Vignelli accused the militants of exaggerating the scale of the attack. "They're claiming that they have liberated Ridleybank! They're all holed up in one Necrotech facility! This is clearly a sign of how desperate insurgents have become."
  • With the sound of feeding groans echoing around the suburb, coupled with the sounds of small arms fire, the skirmishes appear to be dying down. "You only have to look at the sheer number of Comrades policing the streets to see how far their 'liberation' has actually got."

Blackmore Building Renamed "Green Zone"

  • At a short dedication ceremony on Wednesday, a number of harmanz triumphantly renamed the Blackmore Building the Green Zone. "This is our bastion of freedom in Ridleybank," said one survivor. "We have liberated this land." The occupiers of the Green Zone have been completely unable to secure the rest of the land they claim to have liberated, being subject to frequent, devastating attacks everywhere else in Ridleybank. "At least the Green Zone is secure... except for the occasional attack," confided another survivor.

ZK'ers Continue to Waste AP

  • Earlier this afternoon, undead residents of the Blackmore building and surrounding area noticed a suspicious zombie lurking around the premises, attacking other zombies and leaving them critically injured. The RRF constabulatory has tracked down the identity of this asailant through blood and tissue samples left at the scene. Thier name is One Angry Zed. When the constabulatory arrived at his last known whereabouts, he was nowhere to be seen. Be advised, this is one angry zed, and will attack without provocation. Members are instructed to use keep extreme caution when this zombie is spotted.

New Strike Team Formed

  • There has been an increasing presence of Maoist Red Guards in Ridleybank, striking in the early afternoon, GMT (morning in the States). They are noted for their ideological devotion and their ever-present copies of the Little Book of Barhah! The Malton Herald & Sun will continue to watch this team's development.

Barhahween Costume Contest Winners Announced

  • The RRF is proud to announce the following winners of the first ever Barhahween Costume Contest.
  • First Prize goes to the Herald & Sun's own Exham for his "French Maid"
  • Second Prize goes to Pyromonkey for his truly scary "Michael Jackson"
  • Third Prize goes to the Herald & Sun's own Murray Jay Suskind for his "Giant Centipede Trenchcoater Voodoo Doll"

ZK'ers Waste AP in Blackmore

Barhahween Tomorrow

'Tiz the hour for Barhahween
  • With the upcoming Barhahween festivities, the harmanz have grown increasingly confused as zeds have started shambling about Malton in various tattered Barhahween costumes. The harmanz may be confused, but the RRF knows exactly what they're doing and may come by to explain the holiday with a good ransacking or two.
  • Also upcoming is the RRF costume contest. Be sure to submit your costumes on the RRF Forums by the end of Barhahween for your chance to participate and win lame prizes!

All Quiet in Caiger, Latrobe Attack Repelled

  • After reports of over 70 zombies in the Latrobe Necrotech Building near Caiger Mall, the CMS demonstrated some of their legendary defensive prowess by clearing and rebarricading the building within an hour. While the RRF certainly lends its moral support to the Shacknews effort to plunder Caiger, we can't help but wonder our zombah comrades' eye sockets did not get too big for hole at the end of their esophaguses.
  • Almost immediately after the below post, our disgraced correspondent redeemed himself, calling the main H&S offices in Ridleybank. "Latrobe Building... Necrotech... Next to Caiger... Under attack! There are hundreds of them! Ahhhhh!!" From the sounds of it, Shacknews has struck next door to Caiger Mall as the initial blow of their attack. More to come.
  • 23 October -- The standard strike times of the Shacknews horde have passed without incident. A Malton Herald and Sun correspondent on scene says, "Things are a little quiet here. A little too quiet." He was fired on the spot for using such a horrible cliche. In other news, the Malton Herald & Sun is looking for a new Caiger Mall correspondent....

RRF Lays Waste to Central Malton

  • It's hard to imagine that a few weeks ago, Ridleybank was the only "red" neighborhood in Central Malton. With survivor resistance shattered and attempting to regroup before the "invasion" of November 5, the RRF has taken to cleaning up all of suburbs neighboring Ridleybank. Barricades lay smashed and most buildings are now ransacked in Pimbank, Roachtown, Stanbury Village, Roftwood, Barhahville, Galbraith Hills, Tollyton, Shackleville and Mockridge Heights. One zombie, surveying the scene from a hilltop, was heard to comment, "Wow! I haven't so much beautiful wreckage since Malton's last soccer riot!"

Caiger Mall Actually Threatened

  • With the ascendance of the zombie group Shacknews, the survivors' own eternal stronghold, the Caiger Mall is under genuine threat for the first time in months. When a Herald & Sun correspondent showed up on the scene, he thought the mall had already been overrun as it was filled with pale, misshapen bodies lurching about, but he was mistaken. "Oh, that's just the Rickets," explained one CMS member, "some of us haven't been outside in over a year. Hey can you see anywhere that I can add to the 'cades?" When asked about the specific threat of the Shacknews horde another survivor commented, "I Robocade X394P2392ZX1. Insert plastic tree."

Barhahween is coming...

  • With the ransack of Tynte Mall and its famous costume shop, the RRF has decided to hold its first ever Barhahween costume contest. The rules are simple: tell us what your Barhahween costume is (zombie werewolf, zombie vampire, etc.) and describe it in your UD profile. Link that profile to the RRF's message boards and the War Council will judge who has the best costume in various categories.
  • While the ultimate determinations will be made by the written description in your UD profile, it cannot hurt (and it will certainly be more fun) if you include a picture, drawing or photoshop of your idea while posting your submission. Also, there will be a few lame prizes awarded (special RRF forum titles! Special signature pics! Mention in the Malton Herald & Sun!) because we at the War Council are cheap and don't want to buy a nice prize and pay for postage to ship it.
  • Categories include: Best Trenchcoater, Most Sexy, Most Disturbing, Funniest, Most Bizzare, Best Caricature, Best Overall
  • All submissions must be made by midnight GMT Barhahween (October 31st) with the winner announced shortly thereafter.

Anti-Caiger Falls

  • The RRF followed-up their victory in Blackmore with a convincing rout of the Anti-Caiger Mall. The zombies were overhead groaning "Barhah" and talking about how their new opponent was much less up for a fight than the Blackmore Bastard Brigade. However, this is another definite feather in the RRF cap. The harmanz of Malton need to look out, because the RRF is back and firing on all cylinders.

Blackmore Falls

  • The RRF with considerable help from Shacknews (a shining new Zombie group), Feral Undead and Red Rum finally crushed the resistance at the Blackmore Building. It should be noted that victory wouldn't have been possible without these groups and the RRF sincerely thanks them. At the same time it was a member of the RRF that scored the final ransack, fittingly defending the Zombie homeland. While Shacknews has followed the Blackmore Bastard Brigade to the Ackland Mall, the RRF has decided to let the Bastards regroup after an excellent battle and are currently tearing apart the Anti-Caiger Mall (aka Tynte Mall).
  • Look for a full report later in the week.

Barhahween Coming

  • The RRF is preparing to bring Barhahween to Malton. This holiday is very similar to the only enjoyable harman holiday of "Halloween." On October 31st, look for zombies dressed up as other "monsters" to lurch up to neighborhood barricades, knock, and groan "trick or treat" in their native tongue.

RRF Anthem

Here is where you can find the official anthem of the RRF (click on the "re your brains" link to hear it).

Also there is an amusing YouTube video for the song made by someone with even more time on their hands than our Executive Editor.

Moved - Olympics

Group 0 Changing Hands


C4NT "Arrogant and Stupid" in Ridleybank


Better Know an Ally


Better Know an Enemy

Quartly Study Group




Vito the Don


Herald & Sun Editorial



Let us work together to bring Malton more Barhah!

Letter From the Editor




A piece of my mind



  • Cancelation: The Thanksgiving Survivor Bash at the Blackmore Building. Due to unforeseen circumstances this function cannot go ahead. We apologise on behalf of the NMC. Admission will be refunded.
  • Sale: Going out of business sale! Huge price cuts on lab equipment, computers and medical supplies! All items sold as-is. Items may be viewed at the Blackmore Building. Contact the Blackmore Bastard Brigade, Channel Four News Team, or Malton Rangers for details.
  • Found: 600 Revivication Syringes. Will Take Best Realistic Offer Or What Have You? Contact Braggledorth, Blackmore NT.
  • Sale: Nichols Mall After Thanksgiving Sale! All harmanz slashed. Brainz will be first-come, first-served. Doors open early for your shopping convenience.

Target Practice: A harman by the name of Dickhole Guy has offered himself up as a practice target for the RRF. The brain has an unusually bitter flavor, but it's still a great opportunity for zombahz to get their kill on. He, along with numerous zerging alts, may be found in or around the Blackmore Building and Blomfield Grove Police Department.

For sale: Firewood salvaged from former barricades at Blackmore Building. Will consider trading for C4NT or BBB brainz. To claim, simply step out of Blackmore.

Found: One small dog. Has name tag that reads "Baxter." Contact Goolina to identify and claim. Will punt if owner not located in reasonable time.

  • Personal: SWM rotter seeks fellow like-minded F companion. Hobbies include shuffling, groaning, and brains. All limbs a plus, but not necessary. Call 867-5309.
  • Goods for Sale: Mahogany coffin for sale. Made from Ron Burgundy's apartment ransack. Unwanted gift. Will consider reasonable offers. Call 555-1234
  • Events: Want To Learn To Square Dance? Lessons Held Every Saturday Evening, 6PM GMT, at Blomfield Grove Police Department [57,44]. No Experience Necessary, All Levels Catered For. BARHAHmas Gift Vouchers Available.



New Heights in Trenchcoatery


Trend Watch


Veal Brainz: Cruel Practice or Nice Meal?


Zombah Love


Mistakes Were Made!


Excursion II: Son of Excursion


24 Hours of Pure Barhah


Sweet Zombie Dreams


Harmanz Take One Building, Claim Victory


Zombie Looks to Win Congressional Race


Better Know A Horde - Group 0


Better Know A Papa


Better Know a Strike Team

Better Know a Strike Team - Red Guards Moved

Better Know a Strike Team - GC Moved

Better Know a Strike Team - GMT Moved

Better Know a Strike Team - GBP Moved

Better Know a Strike Team - AU10 Moved

Better know RB Moved

Good mmmmmmmmmmorning Ridleybank!


Barhah History Month


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