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Several of you have asked me why Malton, the greatest zombie city in the world, has struggled recently.

Deep down, we all know what the answer is. It pains us to say it, but we all know the dark truth:

Humanity came.

Early on, a few of us believed that humans and zombies could coexist peacefully. We believed that we could become one united community, built on the ideas of freedom, truth, and the complete eradication of the human race.

And now you see how these humans have repaid our kindness. They barricade our houses. They trash our streets. They lash out at us with violence.

But we are stronger than that. We will bring back what was once great about Malton. Happiness, and prosperity will be ours once again, one human life at a time.

This city will be free once again.

-Speaker for the Undead

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