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Radio Transmission Conduct

It would be useful if radio communications followed a common pattern. Such a policy is currently being debated on the discussion pages.

A first draft policy by Sensodyne suggests that each station is held to identify itself on each broadcast, that all radio personnel should give their GPS coordinates before they speak, and a second set of coordinates if addressing another station, a third set of coordinates to indicate a designated target. (Malls may use their name instead of specifying coordinates.)

26.00 MHz: "12,27 PK sighting at 13,25"
26.00 MHz: "15,23 12,27 13,25 has been cleared"
27.35 MHz: "Caiger to nearby safehouses. Report Status."

This is under debate, as many players consider broadcasting their coordinates a security risk.

(To add the radio banner to your user or group pages, use the wiki code {{Radio}}. Or, if you prefer to share your radio callsign, use the wiki code {{Radio2|your callsign here}})

Know what you are talking about.
Malton Citizens Broadcast
This user or group follows the
Radio Transmission Conduct Protocol
Know what you are talking about.
Malton Citizens Broadcast
This user or group follows the
Radio Transmission Conduct Protocol, and uses the callsign KMG-365

Another, alternative policy concerning radio protocol is the URCP.

Radio Transmission Codes

These codes suggest a system to help spot important messages. Here are some example codes that you could use:

  • APB
    • All Points Bulletin - Used to ask for the location of persons for a particular reason
    • FREQS: 2666/2866/LOCAL
    • Typically to be used by anti-PK forces, or by folks wanting to find friendlies.
    • FORMAT: APB NameOfPerson/Profile#/Reason
  • TGT -
    • Used by PKERs to broadcast the names of people needing to be killed.
    • FREQS: 2654/LOCAL
    • Similar to APB, but to be used only by PKers.
    • FORMAT: TGT NameOfPerson/Profile#
  • SEEN
    • Person has been seen at this location
    • FORMAT: SEEN NameOfPerson/Profile#/Location/Coordinates/Time
  • PK
    • Notification of a PK event
    • FREQS: 2666/2866/LOCAL
    • FORMAT: PK NameOfPKer/Profile#/NameOfVictim/Location/Coordinates
    • A request for location status
    • To be used once per day, or more frequently in the case of a seige
    • FORMAT: STATUS? Location/Coordinates
  • COPY
    • Confirm reception of transmission or to reply to status
    • FREQS: Any
    • Can be used to confirm the reception of any report. Can also be used to reply to a Status request.
    • FORMAT: COPY TypeOfReport/InfoFromOriginalTransmission/ReceptionLocation/Response
  • SOS
    • Distress Signal from Malls
    • FREQS: 2715/2803/LOCAL
    • Used to let people know of zombie invasion, fallen barricades, FAKS for infected folks, or other dire emergencies
    • FORMAT: SOS Mall/Coordinates/Issue
  • CQD
    • Distress Signal from buildings other than Malls
    • Same as SOS, except for buildings other than Malls.
    • FORMAT: CQD Building/Coordinates/Issue
  • NEED
    • A broadcast request for a particular item -- not an SOS or MAYDAY situation
    • Generally used for asking for fuel, transmitters, beer, FAKS for non-infected folks, etc., at a particular location. Can also be used to arrange for revives.
    • FORMAT: NEED Item/Building/Coordinates
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