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Very good friends with Hammerhead Joe, and affiliated with Radio Free Malton. He began his journey in Gibsonton, bent on revenge, and set out to murder Officer Daxx. upon arriving at Oram Walk Police Dept. and discovering it had been long abandoned, Filthy began to simply explore Malton. One day, stumbling into an abandoned bar, Filthy met Hammerhead Joe and they hit it off straight from the start due to their love of drugs and alchohol. They shared a common dream, to explore. Through the help of their Radio Free Malton buddies Officer A. Shaw and Barry Bravado, Filthy and Hammerhead have set up an Oddyssey-esque Series where they report their exploits across Malton.

Filthy has appeared and/or has been involved in:

1)Acid Trip in the Zoo

2)Haunted Mansion: Gentlemanly Debauchery

3)The long gone, SLA (Shearbank Liberation Army)

4)Radio Free Malton.

5)The Sale of Drugs throughout Malton

6) Forming of several violent gangs

Officer Shaw and Filthy met in a Spicer Hills Alleyway before the whole zombie thing factored in, when Filthy attempted to mug Shaw for a couple dollars. they've been friends ever since.

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