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Survivor Tactics
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Random Tactics

Random Tactics

Random Tactics are a set of questionable tactics originally (and as far as they know, solely) employed by the survivor group The Randoms, intended to entertain the marauding horde and their would-be victims alike. There is no pattern to speak of (and certainly neither rhyme nor reason), though themes are often employed against a particular attacking group for a sustained effect, and alcohol of some variety is usually involved at all stages of the planning and implementation. Unless a particular prank specifically calls for abandoning an area, this tactic directly opposes River Tactics, often incorporating meatshielding and/or sustained counter-assault.


The chief advantage to Random Tactics is that they are fun; this tactic, rather than taking survival or defense too seriously, injects humor into the too-often stressful and drama-filled mall-sieges or suburb sackings. In some cases, Random Tactics (in combination with other survivor tactics have proved effective in stopping opponents, when zombies stopped their destructive rampage to dance or sing, or attacking only locations alleged by the defenders to contain the iPhones the attackers are (supposedly) looking for, but for the most part the goal of this tactic is not to survive necessarily, but to have fun while being torn asunder.

When it has been effective, part of the reason for the success is that the defense strategies are completely unpredictable. There is no way for the zombie horde to plan for what might be waiting for them when they reach their target. Will they be met with huge rushes of survivors or with small groups? Will the survivors devote their AP to holding hands and shouting slogans, or will they be stocked to the gills with ammunition for the Great Trenchcoat Re-enactment of '07? Will slain survivors be revived quickly, or will the victims ?rise to ZHANG and ZANZ their AP away? This unpredictability enables the defending group to surprise the attackers and gives a lot of freedom for improvisation.


As of the time of writing, there have been no major disadvantages discovered in either the planning or use of these tactics against zombies or PKers, unless you've got a morbid fear of death or something.

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