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The Rasta philosophy affirms and supports Life. It is the polar opposite of Barhah.

Most of the Rastas of Malton differ from their real world cousins in minor practices.

the Rasta Revive

First: Use your DNA Extractor.

Add them to your contact list.

If the zombie is a rotter go to the next one and repeat step 1.

Second: FAK the Zombie identified in step 1.

Use the name, not just " the zombie".

Third: Revive the zombie.

Use the name again, not just the zombie.

It's 12 ap.

But the client is sure to be free of infection.

Character Development

Some of us have reached the conclusion that the ideal career path is that of the Doctor.

A New doctor appears in a hospital with a couple of FAKs.

They should alter their settings to exclude newspapers then spend the next few days searching the area for FAKs.

If they can see that someone needs a fak, they should apply it.

But there is no reason to leave the hospital yet.

Spend the first day or two searching the area.

Once you get a good load of faks, venture into the street.

Repeat daily until 150 XP accumulate.

Then select Free Running as a first skill.

...to be continued

Dark Building Recovery

The most lingering scars of any Zombie offensive are the Dark Buildings. Banks, Clubs, and Theaters require the application of a generator and fuel can before they can be repaired.

The light makes it easier to clear them too.

But it all has to happen fast enough to get the job done before the zeds and kill the gennie.

It's important to get to these buildings asap after the zeds clear the area.

These places have gotten up to a 150 or more AP for repair in N. Blythesville.

So it's being recommended that we concentrate on the dark buildings after the survivors get back on their feet

First Aid Kits

The humble FAK is the best tool in your kit.

Every application to an injured survivor gets you 5XP, regardless of your skill at using it.

FAKs cure infection.

Apply one to a corpse before the needle, or to your self after standing up at the RP.

FAKs can be used in defense.

When a large occupancy building is breached, zombies still have to chew their way through the people inside before they can ransack.

These people are sometimes called the Meat Shield.

If you enter such a building and there are too many zombies to fight,

heal the injured survivors before departing.

Reinforce the Meat Shield.

The attacking zeds will be obliged to expend precious AP getting things wrecked again.

FAKing Zeds

Many among us feel that Barhah is the vile infection found in so many zombie bites.

It is well known that the application of a FAK to a zombie will clear the virus from them.

The Rasta Revive involves a Fakking prior to the application of the needle.

We are recommending a Fakking for every Zed in Malton.

This might be seen by some as lending aid and comfort to the enemy.

Consider, however, that it deprives the Zed of its Kimodo Dragon bite.

-If you have to leave a building with zed(s) inside, try to fak each of them before you go.

Your DNA Extractor and contact lists can be useful for separating the Zeds.

-If you have many faks and AP to spare, FAK every zed you pass in the street.

It doesn't matter if they're friend or foe.

Survivors headed for the revive point won't come up infected.

Hostile Zeds are deprived of their biological Punch.

-Establish a Fakking Day.

In some lightly held suburbs, coordinated survivor action could completely scrub their local Zed populations of the virus.

Direct, Grafitti, and radio promotion could be used to intensify and coordinate the effort.

Eventually a regular Friday Fak might be a good idea.


We've been using the Danger Building as an operational HQ.

Several Museums have proven useful as front line Rally Points.


We like to select a base mid way between whatever trouble we're fighting and our support base.

From there we move into Zed blighted areas.

Standard Operating Procedure is to clear, repair, and barricade ruined buildings.

We also heal as much as possible.


We have but little organization.

While there are some senior members, we have no commanders or officers.

We are all soldiers in the struggle against Barhah.

If anyone should have a complaint about a Rasta, they should tell the next Rasta they encounter.


Any pro survivor non pker can can join the Rastafarii.

Just Tag Up and act like Almighty Ja was watching.

Revive Capacity

It's important that everyone capable of using them packs 5 or more revive syringes.

Zeds like to take nt buildings first. Be ready with your stash of syringes.

Revive Point

We've been operating the old Black Mesa revive point at Rackman Row in Lockettside.

Be sure to check it when you're in the area.

No reservation needed at the Rasta Revive point. It's all lurch in.

Smart Play

It's true that we must not be afraid to fight the Zeds.

It is also true that we shouldn't be fools.

If it we are taking extra heavy casualties while off line, we're in too close.

It is no dishonor to back off a few blocks.

If a zed organization in one theater of combat singles us out, shift to another area.

It isn't like there was a shortage of troublesome Zeds.

Trans Mortal Tactical Suppression

For survivors, one of the biggest buzz killers in Malton are trans mortal tactics.

A famed practitioner of Trans Mortal tactics is the RRF Gore Corps.

They get revived, slip inside of a barricaded facility, and wreak havoc.

They're particularly annoying GKers around the mall or hospital.

The weakness of trans mortal tactics can be found at the revive point.

If these offenders are added to our contact lists, they can be separated from the regular customers and headshot.

A combination of active revive point suppression and hunting and killing of their living Zed forms should get a grip on the Trans Mortal problem.

Special Building Recovery

Long Ruined Buildings

If Zeds hold a building long enough it can go over 100AP to repair it.

Michelson NT in Old Arkam was at 101AP.

After clearing the zeds select an Anchor Person.

Their job is to hit the "repair building damage" button.

They are going to be there for a while afterward.

Our friend Scaramantua was in Michener three days.

Process the building normally once repaired

to be continued

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