Real Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs

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For other uses of DARIS see DARIS (disambiguation).
Real Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs
The flag of DARIS
Abbreviation: RDARIS
Group Numbers: 120-150
Leadership: Managed through direct democracy
Goals: Independence of Shearbank
Recruitment Policy: Membership is exclusive
Contact: Unknown

The Populat Awakens

On December the 24th, 2009, Shearbank would be liberated by any means necessary. On this pledge RDARIS emerged from dormancy. The Populat are the highest law of the land. Their strength and determination unmatched. And such is the duty of these free people to use their means to squelch the tyranny unjustly imposed upon themselves, and their homes. To that end the Democratic Armed Republic of Independent Suburbs does claim the homes of its citizens, consisting of the suburb of Shearbank, as its territory, for now and for ever.

The Populat Speaks

Article the Fourteenth: All support of alien nationals entry or settlement of Shearbank shall be punishable by execution by firing squad, regardless of territorial boundries and the nature of the support provided.

In accordance with article 14 cells of RDARIS nationals have commenced with sporadic attacks that shall continue until such times that all aliens and invading forces are clear of RDARIS terrirtory.