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Attention. The Reanimations have settled in Williamsville in late September of 2007 as the Williamsville Horde of Organized Zombies.

Abbreviation: How can "Reanimations" be abbreviated?
Group Numbers: It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight inside of the dog that matters.
Leadership: Shaman Secruss
Goals: Magnificent slaughter, human sacrifice, and having fun.
Recruitment Policy: Must be a zombie, PKer, or death cultist. Newbs accepted. But not n00bz.
Contact: The WHOZ

"Sometimes, dead is better." -Jud Crandall

Since Herbert West began research on reanimation in the early 1900s, reanimation has survived in form or another thanks to the endless curiosity of man. The reanimations are among the most grotesque and good-looking creations to ever walk Malton. These creations prefer to feast on human flesh, ruin buildings, and mabye have a few parties while doing it.

History of Reanimation

In the early years of the 1900's, Herbert West, a medical student from Mistakonic University, discovered a chemical formula that was able to revive corpses and bring them back to life. However, this process was not perfect; these abominations were imperfect, unintelligent, and highly aggressive. These reanimations killed their creator and most of West’s life works.

Herbert West

In World War II, the Nazi scientists tested the reanimation serums on holocaust victims with some success. Most of the Nazi scientists were captured at the end of the war by the Soviets or escaped to America. The scientists captured by the Soviets experimented on captured German soldiers and victims of Stalin’s purges. Those that escaped to America founded the Umbrella Corporation in the 1960s with Ozwell E. Spencer, Edward Ashford, and James Marcus. All three were originally Nazi scientists.

Fast forward half a century to Chernobyl: the site of a “Nuclear disaster”. The Chernobyl disaster was not the result of a nuclear accident, but a zombie outbreak. Captured Nazi and Russian scientists, in desperation to reverse the course of the Cold War and send Russia back to the height of world power, created a communicable form of reanimation based on West’s work. This strain was potent and specimens affected by their reanimations could only be destroyed through complete dismemberment.

A Nazi scientist is consumed by one of the more monstrous reanimations.

April 25th, 1986, 8:16 PM, the reanimations escape. The horrible creatures slaughtered all of the scientists there; then every corpse stood back up and began marching to the town of Chernobyl. The local Russian military commanders recognized the dire situation and ordered the nuclear power plant scuttled and Chernobyl evacuated. Luckily, the beasts were all killed by radiation which caused their tissue to degenerate to a basically liquid form.

By1998, the Umbrella Corporation, employing defected Russian and Nazi scientists, had synthesized the T-viruses. Essentially, viruses are chemical compounds that replicate inside of and destroy living cells. These two strains of virus were contagious, as opposed to West’s incommunicable chemicals. These viruses escaped the lab where they were being produced and devastated Raccoon City. The zombies and other abominations created by the T-virus were wiped out by nukes before the monsters could escape and spread further.

A mob of angry zombies.

After the disaster, the Umbrella Corporation dissolved. That was not the end for Umbrella though. The company was rebirthed in the city of Malton in the early 21st century. In early July, 2005, the latest version of the T-virus got loose. A combination of the Russian’s nearly indestructible version of West’s creations and the contagiousness of the T-virus, the zombies rapidly overwhelmed the city.

The rest is yet to be written.

Dude, the Zombie Hamster

On a routine mission, Resident was held up in a pet store at Dowdney Mall. Dozens of bounty hunters were hunting one man with a fire axe, pistol and attitude. He searched through the store, hoping for a tool with which he could slay all the survivors.

Unfortunately he didn’t find the thermonuclear warhead he was looking for. But he did find one thing which astonished him, a zombie hamster! Amazed at this creature he picked it up. Out of Resident’s eye, he saw a bounty hunter turning the corner about to put down Resident and end his miserable existence. Thinking fast, he threw the zombie hamster at the bounty hunter.

So cute! So deadly!

The bounty hunter was horrified to find this tiny monstrosity burrowing into his skull to find the nutritious brains... Half-a-minute later, Resident and his new friend escaped to kill another day.

The zombie hamster, Dude, and all his cuteness is handed over to the MVP (Most Valuable Psycho) of the latest operation.

Current holder: Resident, for his mass stabbings and shootings in Spracklingbank!

Sign On Up, Dead or Alive

Reanimations accepts both PKer and death cultist applicants. Zombies are preferred.

Why Dine Us?

The undead which roam the streets feel a hatred towards the scientists which have revived them. The Reanimations are a group of the most deformed zombies, sick, twisted murderers, and depraved death cultists.

To repel the harman invaders from zombie soil and liberate oppressed zombies everywhere! Freedom for the ferals!

The adventure! We have no homeland, we trek all across Malton, leaving a wake of destruction and bodies.

Experience, there's no better way to get XP that to join a clan.



May 26th, 2007. Reanimations founded. Operation: Sticky Python begins. PKing around Caiger Mall starts off the whole thing. Two are killed in SW Caiger Mall.

June 12th, 2007. Campaign: Book Burn finished. The Featherstone Library in Pescodside and its inhabitants are destroyed. Confirmed Reanimations kills are two, with one enemy was severely injured. Much thanks to the volunteer zombies who helped destroy the building. Victory!

July 6th, 2007. After a long campaign, all the banks of Gibsonton are robbed. 13 are killed and 4 are wounded. Now we have money, gems, and gold stockpiled...

July 24th, 2007. The Reanimations close Beer Run. This op comprised of the ransacking of both the Gummer Arms and Goodson Towers of Rolt Heights. Both of these goals were accomplished with maximum enemy casualties. Good show my friends!

July 29th, 2007. As part of Office Party, all the generators of Dowdney Mall and the Dewes Building are destroyed at once by the wretched leader of the Reanimations, Secruss, aiding the LUE in their attack on Dowdney, several hours later. Also, on the 30th the Oxley Building was emptied of life and ransacked. The next day, the Gaskell Building was destroyed. During the entire assault, 8 are killed and 1 is wounded.

The Ruined Hospital.

September 18th, 2007. As part of a general attack on Spracklingbank, the Reanimations assist the feral siege of the Cornelius General Hospital. The building is brought down as Reanimations and ferals break in and wipe everyone out in one glorious strike. The long siege ended happily. Not for the survivors (or ex-survivors) within though. The Hickling Auto Repair was also destroyed by the Reanimations. Final body count for the campaign: A lot.

This massive victory marks the end of the Reanimations and their settling in Williamsville to become the WHOZ.


Even the forces of chaos must have rules and laws to guide them. These laws were handed down from the first generation of reanimations to the current one.

Reanimations General Manifest

1. Kill harmanz. Any harmanz. Preferably:

---Anyone with the skill "Necrotech Emplyment". This does not include our members. Some of the NecroTech employees we have are individuals who have decided to repent.

---Bounty Hunters.

---Everyone inside Necrotech Buildings.

Reanimations in action.

2. Put "Reanimations" in your tag for what group you have.

3. Please use good grammar. "txt tlk" should be reserved for instant messaging. Swearing is usually acceptable. However, thou shalt not use the Lord's name in vain.

4. Do NOT:

---Zerg. Only one character is allowed to be registered to the Reanimations. Zerging is cheating.

---Make stupid comments in game. Example: "Your mom" jokes, 1337$p34k, accusing opposing groups of things they have obviously not done. "Text Raping" is also not permitted.

---Have a very inappropriate name.

---Kill fellow group members. Zombie or PKer, don't do it.

---Use bots. These are CHEATING.

---Be an ass. (See above)

---Breaking any of these six "DO NOT" commandments is punishable by two-week suspension MINIMUM.


Not as effective as one might hope.

---NT employment allows you to spot NT buildings.

---Flak jackets lessen the amount of damage taken from guns

---Body Building raises your max HP from 50 to 60

---Ankle Grab (Subskill of Lurching Gait) allows a player to stand up for 1 AP

Tags and Supported Policies

Killer.jpg Player Killer

This group is a PKer group and supports the act of Player Killing.

Dudetemplate.JPG Reanimations
This user or group has killed random people with Dude, the zombie hamster and thoroughly enjoyed it.