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Rebels of Malton Underground
Abbreviation: Rebels
Group Numbers: ???
Leadership: no leader yet
Goals: Fight authorities
Recruitment Policy: read this page
Contact: No?

The Rebels of Malton Underground is a group dedicated to kill every authorities in Malton and destroy any order in the city, including organized zombie groups.

Group History

Once the city erupted in order, the free people of Malton decided to fight back the freedom. They liked killing, looting, raping and mass madness and hate any order. They don't like mindful zombies, who organized into controlled groups. It is our Malton, they say. And we don't believe in false salvation. First rebels were few and lonesome. But Freakazoit created first fighting squad to kill every authority personnel in Malton in June 12th, 2010.

Anarchytemp.jpg Anarchism
This User or Group supports the concept and ideals of Anarchism, and will fight against all kind of oppression and groups that want to establish the old capitalistic order.

Group Goals

  • Destroy any order in Malton

How to join Rebels

  • Everyone can join.
  • Put "Rebels" in your character's group.
  • Try to follow group rules.

Group Rules

1) Kill'em all
2) Loot and destroy Malls
3) Spam radio (but don't forget about rule 4)
4) Destroy enemy communications: Radio and genny's
5) Fight against RRF and other organized zombies, if possible
6) Fight in any stance - human or zed
7) Make your safehouse
8) Forget about these rules

Group Operations

"Rotten Wave", Rebels have taken active part in destruction of Roftwood, having finished off its last defenders. After that, there has come calm, devastation and dead silence. June - Jule 2010

Rebel Radio on 26.17 Mhz

Rebel Radio translations includes:

  • Music
  • Poetry
  • Bad words
  • Propaganda
  • Other spam
  • Rebels do not follow RTCP but they trying to tune trasmitters to current local frequency
  • Also, 26.08 frequency can be used for Dulston

Group squads


Group Gear

These items are recommended to all Rebels members: (Hover over item for more info)

Grants a 20 percent damage reduction against attacks that deal 5 damage or more.You should have something to brake barricades and melee fighting. Must have Axe Proficiency.Knife is a good to destroy radio transmitters and generators (50% to hit, better than 40% with axe)A radio tuned to 26.17 MHz or local frequency.Revification syrgine to revive your friends and let them infiltrate into survivor safehousesSpray Can to write on the wall anything you want
Also, try to use firearms rather than melee weapon.

Rebels Gear
Clothing Code Building
Gas Mask (or another) Fire Station
some collar or else anywhere
Coat, robes or jacket anywhere
Any T-shirt Ackland Mall
Skirt, kilt, jeans anywhere
Steel Toe Capped Boots Factory

Remember that gas mask will not let you do bite attacks in zombie stance.


Rebels icon.gif Rebels of Malton Underground
{{{User}}} {{{blabla}}} Rebel of Malton Underground.



This flagbox takes two variables:

  • "User" where you should enter Your username.
  • "blabla" where you should enter any other text.

For example, if you were to enter "[[User:Example User|Example User]]" and "is a" using this code:

{{Rebels|User=[[User:Example User|Example User]]|blabla=is a}}

this would produce

Rebels icon.gif Rebels of Malton Underground
Example User is a Rebel of Malton Underground.


Rebel poster 1.jpg

Rebel poster 2.jpg

Rebel poster 3.jpg

Rebel poster 5.jpg

Another info

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