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Red is used synonymously with Very Dangerous for a suburb status with many zombies. The name has been derived from the Danger map colouring these areas in red.

Such areas usually come into existence when large, mobile zombie groups decide to attack a suburb. They are highly unsafe for survivors.

The high danger level makes red suburbs usually unstable. Survivors flee the danger and dead survivors look for better maintained revive points. Meanwhile, the zombies clear the buildings of stragglers and move on when they can't find any food anymore, leaving a Ghost Town behind.

Red zones are usually only longer lasting when a large zombie group calls the area home. Examples for this are Dunell Hills (The Dead 2.0), Greater Ridleybank (Ridleybank Resistance Front), Gulsonside (Clubbed to Death) and Whittenside (Feral Undead).

The large number of active zombies makes it usually easy for ferals to find active groans and cracked buildings, provided there is still food to find. Survivors, on the other hand, often resort to unconventional tactics as sleeping in ruins to stay alive.

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