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4bout 30 4ctive on teh sux dey. ovr 60 confirmed regulars. red rum ins action

-de red joker
- red peasant
-de red produce

st@phf cabinet
-thee red aleph
-de red bishop
-red herrin
-tehz red moose
-da red rogue
-7he red stranger
-thee red village idiot

retired staff
-de red kween
-red tue$d@y
-7he red light district
-th' red menace
-tehz red agent
-tha red shirt

past departments
thee morgue
minstry uv misinformasion

entertainment threw homikidal art$.

recruitment policy
1. bee pker, ore pker sympathizer.
2. no b an phool; leave yore vendettas behind.
3. (recommended) has an pro-survivor anbd/ore zombie alt.
4. post hear

♥ karl's view ♠

red rum r thee largst PKer group n urban daed. 7he vast majority off rummers be sevrl broaches short o' an jacket, spending most ov there tym sh00ting sili harmanz, laughing at zambahz and following de ways of the flat 3arff 5ociety.

♣ end karl's pt of view ♦

core policy

rummers is abso1ute1y fre 2 wander an shoot ne1 & anythin thae 1yk. thys includeses rummers, allieses and enemieses. particularly tehz leadership of red rum. bang. b4ng b4ng b4ng.

red rum body count

standing at 6382 unfortunate $ouls. archive 1 (June 06 - Nov 06) archive 2 (Nov 06 - April 07) current record


r ewe tired o' tha stigm@ @ttached tew murdering peop1e fo no adequately explainable reason?

wii aint abt petty disputes an vendettas; wee're creating an masterpiece. & yall, mai mrh cow frenz, ar da paint.

current news

something offal / thee ded

let's git down 2 brass tacks hear, daed bee nawt gud 4 th' gaym. thiz am nothing butt something offal forum goon invasion, + tehz onley reason thay're here is too troll tha ud community en c hao badly thay kan disrupt da gaym. you'd fink dat'd b rite upp are alley, butt thee dead are basikuly mkaing de gaym less phun foar everyone. zo untill dis prob gets sorted owt, meny rummers wil bee goin str8 fur an hwile an helping survivors. morr wii minimize th' impact ov tehz dead, & tha kwicker wee rebuild after thay git bored + goa home, da sooner thee gaym wil git bak tew normal en everyone cans starts having phun agina. wii're currenly ins consultasion wif various surviver groups, an thys secsion wil be updated 1ce formal arrangements ahve wuz made. wid bit coordiansion & planning, we can beat thiz prob + go bak 2 good ol fashioned pking n no tiem.

wun tru vois tour '08

ins an ode too oor mentaly deteoriated leader's retirement, a tour bean sets upon n hiz evs-sew-salty naym. tew kick itz uv, a party wit de kwartly librarians wuz held oan gnu year's dai;debauchery en bullets abounded, an everyone awoke wiht a turrible hangover. after passing around ample amounts off coffee, rummers staggered ovr 2 malton sitty zoo & sed hello too th' caretakers, witn tha ocassional misfire. kwickly tho, rumblings wurr felt througout malton. da reason? pkers whir beeun slain lefted adn right, aw @ thee hands of scour de earth. red rum flocked to blythvilles anbd join team zombie hardcore ins fighting bak aganist th' opression beeun rought bye ste. nonetheless, we wurr able to do lil but watch az both rummers adn tehz tzh whir easily decimated by tyhe're rampage. hearing thyat ste been basing itself n tompson mall, red rum rallied phoar 1 lsat bought onna valentym's day, when they wurr to be @ teh mos vulnerable. however, it wuz nots to be, az they hads been lying ins wate fo sum tym. bodies piled up oan both sides, and no prisoners whir taken; even are photographer been nto spared, and onley impromptu pitcherz wurr taken. az tjhe smoke kleared, no one was left standing in the kwadrant the blood bath haved taken palce in.

body count: 102

december 4th thru christmas eve

whilst wee rested n northern malton aftr oor ordeal ins jerusalem, itz seems dat trouble wuz brewing within da confines uv thee kg50. dk13, n efford 2 "prepare" 4 de onslaught brought bout bai 7he second big bash, expanded thay're operations north into joachim mall. thar dk13 martial law, az ti was zo dubbed, rocked vary foundations apon witch th' actions awf an surviver gropu wurr founded upon. ins desperate effort tew stop dk13's madness, red rum traveled southeast oan an mission o' mercy, heeding tehz kries ov tha estranged survivers joachim mall. da soldiers uv dk13 repaid r kind overture bye impersonating red rum members & then shooting themselves n act o' desperate confusion, ins order tew ward us awf form theri gnu turritory. az unfortunate consequence o' oor selfles acts, red rum's reputation haz yet 2 recover frum thee false accusations taht dk13 gots heaped upon us, ranging form assault too cold blooded muder. aftr de dust settled, an heap ov bloodied + broken bodies wuz all dat remained.

body count: 155

december 3rd - red rum ruins caiger

caiger mall haz fallen prey tew red rum's latrobe krusade n wut som ar kulling siege uv jerusalem itself. ultimely, wii slaughtered mass off survivers. body counts bee still coming ins gots bean... counted. 0kay i (turkmenbashi, en i hav noah wiki page worth speaking ov) haz 2 step n hear. th' eastonwood ferals do an srlsy awesoem effort, an wee nede too gievs props tew thos bastards, cuz thay were fukken magnifyknt. i'm still gogin 2 zay taht wii hads sum seriously badass timing tho, bcuz god dam wee looked gud onna tehz dey.

body count: 95

november until... whenever

red rum am proud too announce brand nu communitee servyk: wii're maintinaing (un)safe houses foar tha peepz malton. r pilot (un)safe hawz @ da latrobe building haz bin an runawai succsess, & wee're pleased tew announce dat wheel b expanding thee program. erry necrotech building nere caiger mall wil nowe bee pt uv oor (un)safe haus program. wii encourage survivors ins de northwest 2 kikk bak + relax n deez designated (un)safe houses, secure ins knowlege taht their (un)safty wil b taken care off bai diligent red rum staff.


red rum hvea was busy shooting thinks @ fort purrryn, finishing off th' final two survivors n tehz gatehoyooz todya. we mite have bean assisted ins smal wae too thiz aim bye massed zombies, butt dat bee debatable.

sept 18th

tha irc iz busier thna evez. join us at irc.nexuswar.cmo/#redrum fur hijinks en mischief.


da latest month brings an gnu rum poliky: rummers r kwtie free tew shoot ne1 thay choose, butt ar reminded 2 expend ammo n friendly manner. they b partikularly encouraged too shoot current red rum admin suburburban ed, tho ne o' thee chief biscuits (accept karl) am fair gaym.

september 8th 2007

red rum hold an piknik ins ridleybank, combat reviving blackmore wid som strong tea. rummers declare ultimate viktory ovr de zombie hordes, shorly b4 beeun eaten.

15th august 2007

forums r runing smoothly. lovely! th' irc be always open foar nonsence:

august 2007

red rum are off fo vacation in nu baghdad. keep in touch!

30th july 2007

return tew caiger - we took an trip 4 tehz weekend 2 are favourite mall. rummers swarmed en masse wit oor gnu purchases oan sunday, causing spot ov bother foar tha active residents.

body count: 35

june 2007

mennee rummers were inspired bai da gropu tactikal area rescue an decided too declare martial law in wyke hills sew taht thee suburb mhey be truly safe fur dis group. unfortunately foar tar, juss az many rummers felt liek tar needed tew be shot 2 death. it provded some wonderfuli comedik moments frum sharlym jade, who wasn't too pleased wif are antiks.

2nd mae 2007

red rum gots offishuli moved onna form rolt heights & de war wid bar, for pastures greener. mutterings baout an battle royale are unfounded, az are many rumours suggesting variety activities throughout th' sitty.

in other news, karloth vois (aka "tehz red tape") gots retired from tha leadership due too senilitee, leaving behind c138, shad + da (in)competent staff cabinet, az well az installing thee dancing banana in him palce az leader uv de strykrs. him's confident they'll futher yooshuall chaos admirably.

30th april 2007

shad haz accepted an further (en damn speedy) pomotion into th' cult off super admin, an is taking oan joint leadership o' red rum wit c138 & karloth vois.

15th april 2007

shad gots accepted a promotion tew admin, + will be overceeing all nu applikations 2 red rum. he kan probably be bribed.

9th april 2007

aleph has accepted a promotion too rk alongside tehz red village idioth az "biscuit soshulist comrades" in red rum's mos reclusive ov departments.

4th april 2007

red rum are holidaying in rolt heights wif sevrl member groups tha pka. scone, anyone?

3rd april 2007

a gnu department is born, da stalkers. both shad en stange have bin promotted tew overlords uv tihs nu domain.

1st april 2007

red rum descended onna giddings mall an emmediately began shouting, hitting peopel wid golf clubs & healing em. barrikades were repaired, + survivors left confused.

kills: excluding friendly fire, nun whatsoever!

30th march 2007

c138 has accepted hur promotion to joint leadership of red rum, anbd is joining karloth vois in thee position of benevolent diktatr. as they're both sour scots, descisions are expected to continue to run smoothly.

20th march 2007

murray jay suskind has stepped upp to take de mantle of leader of wanderers. we're still nawt voting for hiz mayoral campaign, however.

15th march 2007

tje ides of march: another multi-group attack wit mush of thge pka, we turned our attentions oan ackland to celebrate teh betrayal adn death of caesar. tho the mall did nots fall onna taht fateful day, the attack heavily destabilized the surrounding region.

kills: 76 (poast encumbrance)

14th march 2007

for his wonderfull cartography wurk, tuttle freely has been sacrifykd to the greatr good anbd promotted into the staff team. he's alzo been given a gnu and highly secretive department to preside over.

13th march 2007

leadership turnover: as of todya, sirens has stood down as leader of red rum, whith karloth vois taking sirens' place. sirens mhey well still be around, jus not in any offishul capacitee.


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