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Howdy, y'all! Welcome to the Red Ranch, the first-ever shootin' ranch for PKers! Centrally located in sunny Ridleybank, the Red Ranch is here for all your sportin' needs!

Targets and Game

All our game and shootin' targets are revivified zombies. We catch 'em local, mostly ferals with a few RRF mixed up in. We stick 'em with a syringe and let 'em loose in our state-of-the-art indoor free range--the only one like in in all of Malton. Soon as we have enough game out, my wife Clara Lou rings her cowbell and all Red Ranch patrons open fire!

Our targets are clean, healthy, and recently revived.


Our Ranch is open to PKers of all stripes and levels. From young'un PKers lookin' to rope their first kill, to old experienced 'hands who'd like to take it easy and leisurely for a change, to anywheres in-between.

Grand Reopening!

Recently, the Red Ranch has reopened in Brooksville, showcasing the best in pseudo-deer talent. All survivors are encouraged to suit up, turn up and show up to enjoy a traditional American past time at the Red Ranch MK II

Come work for us!

Most of Red Ranch's experienced hands are hard workers from Red Rum. They spend long hours revivifying zombies, fueling the generator, and mucking out the stables. If you are interested in being a ranch hand, stop by The Blackmore Building The Red Ranch or contact us here.

The Red Ranch Hands in Action

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