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know what you are talking about Short-wave Radio Info
This group or location has a dedicated radio frequency.

Frequency: 27.66 MHz
Transmitter Coordinates: 46,72

Reach (meaning "Triumph against our enemies") was created April 2, 2010 and is the main stronghold of the Red Resistance and founded by General of the Red Resistance, Rogue Medic in the suburb of Tapton. Reach is comprised of the Haag Plaza Police Department, the Morrhall Drive Fire Station, the Douglass Park, the Byfield Museum, the St. Luke's Hospital, the Kentisber Plaza, the Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station, and the Wagner Building.

  • Reach's armory: Haag Plaza Police Department - The HPPD serves as Reach's armory; it supplies Red Resistance soldiers stationed at Reach with everything a normal fort armory would supply (except for binoculars).
  • Primary Revive Point: Douglass Park - The Douglass Park is a revive point for Red Resistance soldiers that were killed in or near Reach. Although, the Douglass revive point isn't exclusive to just Red Resistance members, any zombified survivors can stumble over to Douglass Park in need of a revive.
  • Secondary Revive Point: Kentisber Plaza - The Kentisber Plaza serves as a second revive point if the Douglass Revive Point isn't avaliable. *In case of brain-rotters if Douglass Park, please use Kentisber Plaza.
  • Primary Entry Point: Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station - WBFS serves as Reach's primary entry point and will stay at VSB++ at all times for any new player to have a place to sleep.
  • Secondary Entry Point: the Byfield Museum - Entry Point if the Whittaker Boulevard Fire Station is either destroyed, over-barricaded, or over-crowded.
  • Reach's barracks: the Wagner Building - We all know most buildings in Malton are apartment buildings. Because of this, this is where Red Resistance soldiers and survivors sleep.
  • Reach's Infirmary: St. Luke's Hospital - St. Luke's Hospital serves as an infirmary for wounded, dying, and infected survivors in the suburb. Many of our medics hang out here to ensure that survivors are cured of their injuries.
  • Third Entry Point: Morrhall Drive Fire Station - Third entry point for survivors.