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The crown of Player Killing- we all move to a suburb for a massive fight, one-on-one. The final survivor standing wins. This time, it's being run by Special Agent Mulder and outsiders are allowed in for a chance to fight.


The Battle Royale will be held in the suburb of Dulston and will commence at 00:00 GMT on 20th May 2007, for the duration of the tournament anyone who is participating is not permitted to leave the confines of the suburb.

Tournament Rules

The way the Battle Royale is in tournament format, everyone will receive their target via U2U between 22:00GMT & 00:00GMT May 20th and from that point on you have 72 hours to kill your target. You must not start hunting your target until 00:00, to give everyone a chance to receive their target and get ready.

Once you have killed your target you must post a screenshot of your kill in this thread as proof and the screenshot must show your name and also the line "You fire at Mulder for 5 damage. They Die.", if it does not I will not accept the report as I'm mean like that.

If you are killed by the person who's target you are then you are out of the tournament although you can still hunt your target for revenge and to slow them down.

If you are not killed within the 72 hours then you will be issued a new target but you must still kill your original target otherwise you will not be able to win the tournament.


We will 21 participants so every now and then we will have someone who gets a bye to the next round. In the first round it will simply be a name out of the hat to make it fair.

For future rounds, the person who kills AND reports their kill the quickest will receive the bye. It's no good killing your target if I don't know about it.

Also, if we reach a round where there will be an even number of people there will be no bye! You will have to get it on with someone else and dance to the death.


If you are killed and want to breath again then just turn up at MacKlin Park (93, 5) and you will get tagged sooner or later. I can revieve maybe 4 or 5 per day and there may be other people helping so just be patient.

The Final...

The Final will be contested between the 4 finalists. The way it will work will be more true to the battle royale itself. There will be no time limit and the winner will be the first person to kill all of the other finalists so that's 3 kills that have to made!


  1. psychedelicphil
  2. c138
  3. Ghost Guard
  4. Evillain
  5. Talia Darkholme
  6. Jennifer Thrush
  7. TheAleph
  8. Sohee
  9. Arkbird
  10. Demon Warlord
  11. Midevi
  12. ChromeGirl
  13. ChopperReid
  14. Billy K
  15. Stetsov
  16. Sadie Mae Glutz
  17. The Dancing Banana
  18. Sgt Beebus
  19. Bartemius
  20. thekooks
  21. Shadowean

Round 1

1. Bartemius swiftly murdered a sleeping Sohee
2. Arkbird was 33 seconds quicker than psychedelicphil
3. Shadowean made a banana smoothie out of The Dancing Banana
4. Ghost made a meal out of Talia Darkholme
5. Sadie Mae Glutz dirt napped and then killed Jennifer Thrush
6. Billy K killed the important Demon Warlord
7. TheAleph congratulated his target, Stetsov
8. thekooks has no idea what killed c138
9. ChromeGirl smoked a cigarette after smoking Midevi

Round 2

1. Arkbrid knocked off and knocked out Billy K
2. Shadowean threw his knife at thekooks
3. Sgt Beebus triumphed over Ghost Guard
4. TheAleph beat the RNG to kill Sadie Mae Glutz
5. Evillian finally hunted down Midevi
6. ChromeGirl Progressed as Zebranunpuncher was AWOL

Round 3

1. ChromeGirl felled Evillian 2. Shadowean avenged Ghost by killing Sgt Beebus
3. Bartemius ended round 3 by killing TheAleph
4. Arkbrid got a bye


1. Arkbird killed ChromeGirl & Bartemius
2. Bartemius killed Arkbird , ChromeGirl & Shadowean
3. ChromeGirl killed Bartemius & Shadowean
4. Shadowean killed Arkbird & Bartemius

The Winner

Congrats to Bartemius who is the first winner!

BR winner b.png

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