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-The Red Pants
-The Red Peasant
-The Red Raconteur
-The Red Tuesday

Current Nobility
Definitely More Than One.

Depleting Malton's Ammo Stores: One Mall At A Time.'

Body Count

Recruitment Policy
We ask only the following:
1. Shoot people that take the game crazily seriously,
2. Shoot the leadership,
3. Shoot malls and shit in coordinated attacks,
4. Leave your vendettas behind.
5. (Recommended) Have a pro-survivor and/or zombie alt.

♥ Neutral Point of View ♠

Red Rum's Gentlemen's Club is almost certainly the most visible department, as it focuses on gathering Rummers to inflict the most horrifying casualties within an immensely short time span, and then devastating whatever remains of the area.

♣ End Neutral Point of View ♦

Department Aims

Our aims are pretty damn simple- attack, and cause mass casualties. Warnings are often given before an attack, though they tend to be somewhat cryptic in nature.

Department History

The Gentleman's Club was formed from the ashes of the Strikers and Berzerkers. Comprised of the most elite murderers in Malton, any suburb subjected to the wrath of this group is sure to encounter murder, misinformation and malpractice. Although we're all jolly folk, really.

Such is the speed and brutality of this division, whole suburbs have been known to fall under its sway.

Department Leader Profile

Current Leader

DevilAsh (aka "Red Pants") is the current dictator tyrant whip-snapper democratic leader of Red Rum's Gentlemen's Club.

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Feel free to purchase a lapdance, but be prepared to pay with your life, for this user is a member of Red's Gentlemen's Club.
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